Development of S.E Games (Including KH)

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  1. Xaldin ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Latest Autumn 2006 Magazine, has given off information on the latest progression of plenty of game series, as a couple Square-Enix ones were also added to the list. We shall wait till the full scans are out to give you complete detail, however here is what has been confirmed in the development process so far. Development meaning in both cutscene, gameplay and final adjustments

    Final Fantasy 13 - 13%
    Final Fantasy Versus 13 - 1.3% (Wow Square-Enix just....Wow)
    Strike for DS - 50%
    Final Fantasy 12 RW - 40%
    Kingdom Hearts II FM+ + COM:Re - 130% (This counts for both games seperatly, so averaging it out it'd = 65% Completion alltogether

    This itself shows Nomura is dedicating alot towards the Final Mix, and COM:RE remake, as it's already been halfway done!
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Xaldin, Oct 26, 2006.

    1. Crais
      That's excellent! I just hope it comes to the U. S. and we'll get to experience how well it truly works.
    2. ryan9234
      They better make Final Fantasy 13 a great game since they showed that phenomenal trailer at E3 this year, I think their just saying that their not focusing on KH but on FF so they don't piss of the FF fans, but its kind of obvious that he likes KH better then FF because of some of the stuff he said.
    3. Inasuma
      (If you're wondering why it says "edited by Darkwatch" that's because I edited some small typo's)

      YES! Just...70% more? lol Looks like they've been working on these since last year. :P

      1.3 percent on FF vs. 13?! O.o I would've imagined much more. Oh well, that's not my biggest excitement feeder...

    4. Mari
      Wow, no wonder Maiki was mad about 1.3% about something. I really cant read katakana that well, but now I know its FFvXIII @_@
    5. EvilMan_89
      well, FInal MIx 2 is probably has so much progress cuz the majority of the game is already made. and maybe the extra scenes may have voices since the Chain of Memories game will and they could just be like "hmm, since ur here, why don't u voice these scenes for us?