Dengeki Interview with Nomura on 2.8

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    Nov 2, 2011
    In a new interview with Dengeki Playstation, director Tetsuya Nomura discusses the final remaster before Kingdom Hearts III, where he further clarifies the difference between X[chi]/Unchained X[chi] and Back Cover, how the decision to make 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue came to be, and some hints on what to expect from 0.2 Birth by Sleep (including how it was originally planned to be included in KH3!). The fully translated interview can be read below:
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Meilin Lee, Sep 23, 2015.

    1. tamale
      Interesting to hear that Back Cover will be using KHIII technology as well!
    2. libregkd
    3. Menos Grande
      Menos Grande
      (...)I thought about how I wanted to package KH3D's essential story with a product that was a part of KH3 and its technology. In result, it was inevitable that the console would be the PS4.

      (I love how this makes no sense, so it was inevitable to ignore XBOX ONE, because of reasons)

      The Foretellers aren't really characters that can be fit into the timeline somewhere, so we are dedicating their story to a theatrical production.

      I am actually bothered by this, sure they do a " fake time travel thing", but they are on the past aren't they?

      Just as I explained in your previous question, we won't show the whole thing of the initial concept, but we decided to show it ahead of KH3 as a short episode.

      I am happy they didn't just cancel it, as BBS 2 would probably be better than all those DS games, but I am worried about being just one world, hope it comes back full in KH 3

      --Could you please tell us precise release dates, as well as the progress in development at this time?

      (An answer is unacceptable, they skipped the ps3 gen >(!)

      --Can you tell us more about what you've had to change for KH3D, such as going from two screens on the handheld to one on the console, etc.?

      Nomura: Since everything in the original was developed with the idea of having two screens, we're having to reproduce everything so that it fits one screen, so it's much different than the other HD releases, as it is more of a “remake.” Since the original design for the 3DS was a lot of fun to play with, in order to keep that same fun while remaking it for the PS4, we're having to cover a lot of ground and make lots of changes. I will have more details in the next interview, so please wait until then.

      I really hope they get this right! Until now in the games I've played the touchpad was almost useless would trade for my start button any day.

      Nomura: That's right. Aqua is the main character, so the story will follow Aqua through the realm of darkness. However, the flow of time in the realm of darkness is different, so it's not simply ten years that have passed. (...) this short story will be about the length of one world in the usual KH series.

      Why do you torture me with a such tiny game?


      I am kind of underwhelmed. Even though Kingdom hearts 3D is important plot wise, it must be the shortest Kingdom hearts games ever , even those games at Nintendo DS that are fillers in comparison have more gameplay to it, 358/2 goes out of its way to give us multiplayer (and the ability to play as Donald duck, that was my main reason to buy KH I), Recoded have those hacking gimmicks and such (even though It was boring replaying KH I one more time). So It is a short game bundled with a movie, and a demo... I had high hopes for BBS as It was an actual new game promised for ages, so I don't see why this collection will have a full price tag.
    4. Explode
      Figured that 0.2 was originally intended to be a part of KH3. Though it sounds like part of it might still be, which is pretty exciting that there may be more. Maybe this way they can tell most of the story that they wanted to, but without bothering those who only want to play as Sora (which still baffles me, but I digress).

      Kingdom Hearts 3D is not a short game. I believe my playtime of the main story was 38 hours first time through. 60, after doing most of the optional stuff. Knowing what you're doing, you could probably casually beat it in about 20-25 hours. For context, my most recent playthrough of Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix was like 18 hours, if you include cutscene time.

      Also, consider DDD is a newer game compared to the other games featured in previous collections, there's more that they have to do to port it, and it's being released on a current gen console. Coupled with the fact that there's completely new stuff, the price isn't unreasonable. FFX/X-2 Remastered is $50 on PS4, as is FF Type-0 HD. Both are older than KH3D (one by 11+ years) and feature no new content (aside from FF XV demo with pre-order of Type-0 HD).

      That being said, this could just be a placeholder price that they change later. I think $50 would be smarter, but for what's included, they're well within their rights to charge $60.
    5. Patman
      I assume he meant they' ll barely be brought up in KH3. At least not with a good enough excuse to throw a powerpoint presentation summarizing what they did back in Chi for those who missed it (so pretty much everyone).
    6. Chad Thundercucc
      Chad Thundercucc
      A little disappointed by the length of BBS0.2.