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    Hey guys, I'm looking to see if anyone has ever read Dear. I've never been able to find anyone considering it's only published in Japan. If you've read it, I'd love to have someone to talk to about it; if not, you should check it out. It's published by Square - Enix and is currently on volume 12. I think it's actually farther, but the scans are often times months apart so that's where it's at with the translated version.

    The series features seven main characters in the cast: Kisara, Chiruha, Komomo, Subaru, Purino, Kurenai, and Carol. The first couple of volumes are exclusively about Kisara and Chiruha because the others are from the prequel Watashi no Ookami - san. Don't remember which volume exactly the other five are actively introduced, I wanna say three or four. The art in the beginning is kind meh, but it gradually gets better as time goes on. It's very character based. You read it for the characters, not the story. It's published in a Shonen magazine, but is really very Shojo.

    Basically, it's about how the world is split into two continents -- the human continent, and the demon continent. Kisara is part of an army force responsible for fighting demons. Most demons are animalistic in appearance, but the ones that have a conscious mind are in the shape of humans. They can think and act for themselves. Lycanthropes are believed to have been entirely wiped out, save for our main character Chiruha who is the last of them. Komomo is a young girl born on the human continent with magical abilities. That type of thing only happens on the demon continent, so she is viewed as a dangerous witch. The last four are demons -- Subaru, Purino, Kurenai, and Carol. It's an interesting group of characters that everyone loves. Kurenai is definitely my favorite.

    Below is a review I found that best describes the series and I wanted to share it with everyone.
    If you decide to read it, I suggest Mangahere. Mangafox will tell you it is licensed and unavailable. Lastly is a picture of our cute crew [ as seen in volume 12 ].