D23 Expo Japan 2018 KH3 Trailers

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    As expected, a new KH3 trailer was released during the Kingdom Hearts event at D23. Check out the epic new trailer below:

    In addition to that trailer, a shorter trailer previewing Utada's new song, “Don’t Think Twice”, was also released:

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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by ~Master Xehanort~, Feb 10, 2018.

    1. Arch
      I'm already half hype. Riku's new outfit looks even better than Sora's.
    2. Truly Mad Moves
      Truly Mad Moves
      Fantastic new theme song, and the new footage is spectacular. Although if Hercules is the only returning world AND the only traditional-animation world, that's... well, it's a bit lopsided. I'll be a bit put off if that's the case. Also if it's the only world with one guest party member. I mean, having Woody and Buzz along simultaneously is great, but Mike Wazowski is someone I'd class as a non-combatant. I'd have gone with only Sulley. And also only Rapunzel.

      And I just about laughed out loud when I realized Sora, Donald, and Goofy completely don't recognize Marluxia. Never even learned about him after the fact, eh? And Vanitas and Sora finally get some interaction... I can't wait to hear Haley Joel Osment knock that out of the park, he's so good and unique in both roles.

      And did I spot an Ariel summon? Intriguing...

      This year, people. It's really happening this year...
    3. Krowley
      i was a bit sceptical about the monsters inc world, but the more cutscenes I saw, the more excited I got. Boo is as adorable as ever associating Donald with Mike because of the one eye.

      they've only shown 4 Disney worlds, and I'm still hyped for everything they've shown us. Riku's new look, expansive fighting styles, character interactions- even the dialogue seems to have matured.

      I'm curious to see how they'll remix the new utada theme...
    4. Iskandar
      So now we've got Twilight Town, Tangled, Olympus, Big Hero 6, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc. As confirmed worlds. Here's hoping we've got way more on the way. Also glad we get Marluxia back. There was no way that guy's personality wouldn't get him in with Xehanort. Enjoy Riku's new look too, though I wonder what he'll use to fight with now.

      Edit: Oh, I just saw that Riku's keyblade was broken. Hard to see that on a phone's screen. I didn't even think keyblades could break.
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    5. phoenixkh93
      it's getting close!! Riku looks great (hair really reminds me of Noctis though?) monsters inc world I imagine would work really well what with doors to other worlds and all that. I thought Sully's fur and facial animation looked a bit poor to be honest (especially considering how spot on toy story characters look), but it's still a work in progress so I won't bash it for that. Fur is mad difficult to animate in any case.
      Sora has no pants on in monsters inc
    6. Lauriam
      Eeeeeeh Marly is in the Tangled world! <3 That's fitting lol XD

      I agree about Sully's fur, but I'm looking forward to seeing the final project once it's done. It's gonna be so awesome!

      Really wanted to see something TWEWY but there's still time. XD
    7. Day~Dream
      Welp, I'm about to get shot for this but here goes nothing, I'm excited and at the same time I'm not. Idk if my hype has slowly worn off over the years or what, but idk I feel like there was too much going on in the trailer. It was a bit overwhelming. I'm hoping the game play won't be TOO different from past games. It's a little too much for me. (I shall try and give it the benefit of the doubt since it's just a trailer and they had to put dem boom pow scenes/game play in it to show it off)

      I am however very excited to see Sora and Vanitas finally interact. And don't get me started on those graphics, and outfits (sploosh fest is all I shall say.) As for the song, I like it but I'm still not 100% on board with it. I'd have to hear more of it.