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    Hey everyone, today we're releasing the first batch of Kingdom Hearts III cutscenes in 4K / 60FPS, at Max PC Settings.

    You'll definitely need a beefy hard drive to fit these, as this set alone is nearly 40 GB, and KH3 as a whole will probably be around 130 GB once it's done! As you can imagine though, the quality is stunning; it looks nearly identical to playing the game in real-time on a high-end PC. I understand this isn't feasible for everyone, so we'll be uploading them to a YouTube Playlist as well. The quality won't be quite as good, but for those who want the next-best thing, it's there.

    Going with our recent trend, these scenes have 2 audio tracks, one with background music and one without. And thanks to the USMToolkit made by Rikux3, even most pre-rendered scenes can have their music turned off. Those pre-rendered scenes have a few caveats on the music-less tracks: it uses mono audio, so no panning effects, and a lot of sound effects are missing due to how the 5.1 surround was divided up. But dialog is all good: think of it as a cool bonus ;)

    You can download them here:
    Kingdom Hearts III Cutscenes (4K)(60FPS)

    This set goes from the start of the game to Kingdom of Corona. I'm doing it in parts because of how much space the raw capture files take up. If I did everything in one go it would fill up my hard drive haha, so I'm moving them to an external drive every now and then. Plus I figured it's better to give people access as soon as possible, what with how long this takes. Hopefully the next part will come out a bit faster.

    You can check out our full Cutscene Archive for the rest of the series. See ya around!
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Explode, May 2, 2022.

    1. StarWolf2
      what about birth by sleep 4k cutscenes music toggle?
    2. Explode
      Coming eventually.
    3. StarWolf2
      and how did you make music toggle?
    4. Explode
      I turned the music off in-game, then manually added the soundtrack back in, using my editing software.

      Then exported two different audio tracks, and used ffmpeg to add both of them to the video.
    5. StarWolf2
      what editing software its called? i got kingdom hearts games on ps4 but there's no music or sound or subtitles to turn it off
    6. Explode
      I use Adobe Premiere Pro. PS4 versions unfortunately don't have those options (though KH3 does have a subtitle toggle). The options are only on PC, and even then require a bit of modding to turn it off completely.
    7. StarWolf2
      i got adobe premiere pro and how do i turn subtitles off? i can only download the videos from
    8. Explode
      I'm not sure what you mean. They can't be turned off in Premiere, since it's baked into the video. They must be disabled in-game. For KH3 you turn off subtitles in the menu. For a lot of KH games there's no option, so they need a mod to remove them.

      Subtitles are off in our newer videos, but not in many older ones.
    9. StarWolf2
      and what about the cutscenes of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ and Dark Road?