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    Hey everyone!

    Two days ago marked the 19th anniversary of the original Kingdom Hearts game's release in North America. And with fortuitous, only slightly delayed timing, I just finished my most recent project: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix cutscenes in 4K! Just like our recent 358/2 Days and ReCoded releases, they have some really cool features: no subtitles, and an additional audio track that has the background music turned off, so you can isolate the dialog/sound effects.

    And since this was captured from the PC release I took advantage of a couple texture mods. I used the HD Textures mod by TieuLink to make things look even crisper, and the Vanilla Heartless mod by DaniZaya to restore the Heartless to their original, non-Final Mix color palette. Also of note, the music toggle was made possible by TopazTK's Re-Fixed mod by allowing the game's volume sliders to fully mute the BGM when set to 1). And I personally created a mod to Disable Subtitles.

    And finally, the pre-rendered Opening, Ending, and Secret Endings have all been upscaled to 4K using machine learning software (Topaz A.I. Gigapixel V3.1.1). Meaning the overall quality should be higher than in the actual game!

    Due to the larger file size of these vids, we couldn't include the option to download all of them at once. You will have to download each individually. Apologies for the inconvenience, but I promise they're worth it ;) You can download these absolutely stunning scenes here:

    Kingdom Hearts Cutscenes (4K)(no subtitles)(music toggle)

    I'm particularly excited about this release as it's a bit of a turning point for us. From here on, our focus is on high-end videos with the absolute clearest quality. 4K resolution is a huge part of that, but we've also moved on to a new video codec. The H265 codec uses a more complex form of compression, which gives us a massive boost in quality without having unreasonably large files (though don't get me wrong: they're still 3-4 times larger than our 1080p vids).

    Unfortunately this makes them a bit less compatible. I highly recommend using VLC Player for viewing purposes. If your video editing software is on the older side (more than 5 years old) it may not support them. If this is the case you'd either need to upgrade your software, find a plug-in that fixes it, or re-encode the videos to H264. If you go with the latter, Handbrake is an amazing video encoder (in fact it's what I used for these cutscenes). It can even preserve multiple audio tracks (which most/all future videos will have, in the form of the music toggle). Just go to the Audio tab in Handbrake and click Add Track>Add All Remaining Tracks for each vid.

    Had a lot to cover there lol The next announcement will be more brief.

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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Explode, Sep 19, 2021.

    1. Cia
      Awesome work!!
    2. Cloud Dino
      Cloud Dino
      Ooooooh thank you sooo much!!! I am working on a video essay and this is SUCH a huge help.
      I was wondering if or when the "No music" birth by sleep cut scenes would be released? :')
    3. Explode
      I do have plans for it, I'm just not sure when. It'll either be the next one I do or the one after KH2. KH2 is giving me a little grief cause it has stuttering issues, and BBS may or may not have its own set of issues.
      Either way it will be at least a few months away, as it takes a while to record and edit.
    4. Cloud Dino
      Cloud Dino
      Ohh I see, I completely understand. That is alright, it does seem like a massive project to undertake. Is there a mod which you use to remove the music from cut scenes and then record or is it a separate process overall?
    5. Explode
      It was a mod I created (with a lot of help from more competent people :P). There's a version for most games, including BBS. You can find the download from my nexus page.
    6. StarWolf2
      what about birth by sleep 4k cutscenes without subs?