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    1. In Kingdom Hearts, what determines how much Cure, Cura, and Curaga will heal?
    2. In Kingdom Hearts II, what determines how much Cure, Cura, and Curaga will heal?

    Trying to figure that out here because a discussion was started when I removed info about Curaga completely restoring health, because it doesn't:
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    The one for Kingdom Hearts sounds plausible. Though maybe Cura = (Max MP x 3) + 18, and Curaga = (Max MP x 3) + 27. Just a guess, so take that with a grain of salt.

    At level 100, Max HP is 111, and max MP is 19 (these include equipment enhancements and beginning of game choices, so you can't have both). It takes 2 curagas to heal completely. (20 x 3) = 60. 60 + 27 = 87. 87 + 1 (for second chance) = 88/110.

    Most people don't maximize their MP though: on average it's probably about 10 MP at that level. So Curaga would do (following the same equation) 57 HP, rather than 87.

    I can't do it since my PS3 is busted, but if you or anyone wants to try, you can test it pretty easily. Go to the coliseum and fight sephiroth with the Oblivion keyblade (and second chance). Let him hit you until you have 1HP left, then pause and exit the match. If memory serves, you should have the same HP as when you forfeit. Heal yourself and see how much you get back. Then equip the Oathkeeper and repeat. See if there's a difference in how much HP you get back (with Max MP+2, compared to Oblivion). If you have a save file from when you just beat Hollow Bastion first visit, that's ideal, since you can try it with Cura first, then again when you get Curaga from Aerith. Just make sure you don't level up in between.

    I'm a bit hazy on KH2, but I think it always restores full health. At the very least, I can't recall a time when I used Cure in KH2, and it didn't heal me completely, so they spaced out your Cure upgrades in such a way that it corresponds perfectly with your HP upgrades. That seems to be the case for Sora at least. In this video at 0:40, Sora uses Cura, and it heals completely with maximum (or at least very close to maximum) possible HP.

    Donald's might be different (for sure in the Pride Lands, since he heals 3 times, for smaller increments). I can't recall if Donald heals for max HP. If not, it may be based off of a static HP number, and maybe combined with with his magic stat. I think the difference between Cure, Cura, and Curaga, for Sora is the range of the spell. In other words, how far you can be from your party members for it to also heal them. Not sure though.