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    Jul 27, 2017

    So, does anyone else watch Curb Your Enthusiasm in here? It's a show on HBO that's been on since 2000. Season 9 just started, and while I plan to watch that, I want to watch a few more earlier episodes before I watch Season 9.

    Here's a general synopsis:
    The show is about Seinfeld creator Larry David, and his semi-fictionalized retired life with his wife. In the show, it usually centers around Larry David's faux pas, annoyances with other people, and general troubles with people in general, where he screws up something (or something screws up for him, as in a mistake or misunderstanding), causing people to react poorly to him. It takes place in Los Angeles, and is friends with some very famous celebrities, including Richard Lewis, Ted Danson, and so on. Sometimes, cast members from Seinfeld also appear on the show as well, such as in season one, where Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who played Elaine in Seinfeld) in an episode.

    It's a pretty funny show, though there's a lot of adult/inappropriate humor in it. I recommend the show, and is on Amazon Prime Video currently. Check it out!