Awaiting Feedback Couple of suggestions for the Munny system

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    SO a new update! Munny is back (wait did we have it before?) and it comes with a lot of cool stuff to buy! Of course, new features don't come without a few things I need some feedback on as well as some suggestions that may make things nicer for everyone.

    1. In the Shop, put an indicator on pins you've already purchased.
    2. Let us at least earn just 1 munny in the spamzone, haha.
    3. Sort the pins by cost? Or perhaps give us the option to sort them?
    4. An easier way to get to our pins. I may be missing it, but the only way I know how to get to them now is to go from my profile.
    And just two bugs I've noticed so far.

    1. The spot for the munny under our avatars is not within the infobox. It appears next to Money: x Munny
    2. The newer pins are of varying sizes, so they do not appear lined up on our profile pages.
    Welp, that's all I got now, but others are welcome to suggest something and I'll compile them in this post for the staff.

    More research has shown that you gain munny by the amount of content in posts, so that suggestion about spam zone may be ignored.
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  2. cstar stay away from my waifu

    Dec 19, 2008
    I just wanna ask, since I don't know if staff already discussing it, if there are going to be new ways added to get munny? As far as I'm aware the only way you can get it at this time is from like achievements and from post achievements... but once those points are used the munny is kind of... gone? I haven't reached all the posting achievements but I've definitely reached all the "like" ones and used up pretty much all my munny day one.

    Is it going to be something given out for events? Are there new landmarks you can hit to get munny? I'm REALLY hoping this isn't a "hey guys you want more munny? uuuuse your money" things cause that's just... bad.

    edit: I JUST found out from this post that you get munny from posting so there's one part answered maybe
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  3. Aelin Best Waifu

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    There are ways for you to earn munny back on top of the mile stones. Posting, creating threads, having your post liked etc will count towards it. As we work through this project and see where the flaws are and how things are working, we will be working to update things like how to get munny. Perhaps we can look into implementing munny rewards for participating in events as well. We do plan to post a thread introducing all of it, just no one has quite had time to create the thread yet. And there is no plans for you to spend any of your own money to get munny on KHV, it will be earned completely through activity on the site.
  4. libregkd -

    Sep 30, 2006
    Since users can buy pins for other people, the idea was to make this available on the purchase pop-up. Which is does currently as if you buy a pin you already own, the pop-up won't have the option for you to buy it for yourself, only someone else. Will be working on some indicator on the main shop page.

    EDIT: There should now be a green check mark on pins you have purchased for yourself (you can still purchase said pin for others if you choose to do so).

    Currently not implemented But will will start working on this. No estimated time for this at the moment.

    Click on your pins in any posts you make will also take you to the pins you have.

    This was an error and not suppose to show up. This has now been removed.

    This seems to be affecting newer pins made (looking back, it seems the recent Valentine's event pins also are slightly larger) so I'll talk to the pin makers about slightly adjusting size.

    As already mentioned there are multiple ways to earn Munny, as of which involved being active on the site in some way, from makings posts and threads, to having your content liked, to simply logging in every day. I've made a post with a run-down of both the Pin Shop and Munny system here:
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