Webcomic Comics that start off subpar...

Discussion in 'Literature' started by Ars Nova, Nov 5, 2013.

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    Nov 28, 2009
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    Instant thumbs-down, or can you endure if it gets better?

    A lot of webcomics get their start when the artist isn't very good - some even intended as practice - and end with jaw-dropping scenery and visually charming characters. What's more, many comics start with a simplistic premise or with no clear goal in mind, and ultimately settle into a consistent and enjoyable narrative, or gradually become more complex until they bloom into storytelling masterpieces. Question is, can you stand the wait?

    Are you all right with a comic that takes time to get its bearings, or do you stick to stuff that's solid from the get-go? What comics, if any, were you previously unable to get into because of a slow start? Do you consider it worth the trouble if the story picks up and the artist learns a thing or two about anatomy? Do you ever prefer to just skip the mediocre bits and get right to the good part? Or do you find a comic's humble beginnings to be delightful in their own way?
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    I'm the kind that if I don't like it at first, then I probably won't be into it until someone I know tells the magic words, "Oh yeah, but it gets better later in the series! You just have to endure the boring part first for the sake of story!" If I see that it has a good solid plot from the very beginning, then I give it a chance. Other than that, it has to wow me or at least have unique aspects that catch my attention.

    A good manga was "Shaman King." Obviously when I was younger I was into Shonen Jump, but I didn't really get into it until my cousin told me about it which is when I REALLY started to pay attention to it. What really got my attention from there was when Zeke was introduced into the series. I mean...Spirit of fire!? That thing looked like a FIREY GUNDAM!! It was epic, and the battle scenes really wowed me; back in the day, especially the concept of Spirit fusion, 100% spirit fusion, and Oversoul! It was like a down to earth version of the dragon ball series, except it didn't run for a ton of seasons. It had it's plot, and when it finished it finished. Aahh, those were the good ol' days of being in middle school.