COME in my life

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  1. Beau Hollow Bastion Committee

    Jan 11, 2009
    countless times i’ve been asked
    ‘how did you get such an amazing life?’

    if i’m honest, i’m not quite sure
    ‘i was just born with it, i guess’

    at this point, they usually roll their eyes
    ‘i don’t think you realize how lucky you are’

    if i’m honest, it’s not all that great
    sometimes it gives me a big ego
    other times it gets me some action
    most times it just gets in the way

    sometimes it gets lonely
    sometimes it loses its perkiness
    but that changed
    when i found you

    if i’m honest, i didn’t think much of it then
    but later i realized my life needed you in it
    to fill it to the brim with joy
    to make it feel complete again

    you knock on my apartment door
    ‘can i come in?’

    if i’m honest, i didn’t expect you to be here
    ‘yes . . . please’

    you exhale
    raspy breaths
    as you enter

    i squeal
    tears in my eyes
    ‘i need you . . .

    COME in my life!’