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    [I originally wanted to make this into a roleplay, where people could bring in their original characters from OTHER roleplay's. However, the fear of people quitting on the roleplay before it even got going persuaded me to write it by myself instead. As a result, I actually will have a couple characters from a roleplay I participated in called "Keyblade Wars" by Phisoxa. So I hope you enjoy! This is a story of battle and betrayal.]


    The wind blew strongly against the sandy battlefield. Each grain of sand had been stained with blood, blood which had long since dried. The field where warriors had struggled for victory had long since been unused and the stands lay equally lifeless. Each seat was vacant, the entire place was left without a sign of life. Even tree's which had been used to contrast the yellowish hue of the coliseum had withered away and died. In the skies above the coliseum, only maelstroms circled and darkened the land below. While lightning lit up the area occasionally, and thunder gave sound to the empty place, the life giving properties of rain refused to fall. In the center of the coliseum sat a throne and in the throne sat the only being to live in that desolate place. The being sat in silence and in shadow, refusing the lighting's request to illuminate him. This being after sitting in silence for what may have been an eternity outstretched his hand and suddenly furnaces that had not burnt for centuries lit on fire again, giving light to the coliseum. With another gesture of his hand a magical light appeared in the center of the coliseum and exploded, kicking up the dust from the arena grounds. There, in the center, unharmed by the light, were eight people. All of the people looked around curiously and in surprise of their new surroundings.

    Before any of the could speak, the man in darkness said to them "Welcome warriors, to my coliseum." The attention of the eight newcomers focused on the man sitting in the throne. "I am God and you shall refer to me as such." said the man "I have gathered all of you from different time periods and dimensions to battle each other, here in my coliseum. The rules are simple, if you are knocked out, forfeit, or are killed you lose. I shall make the match ups and the winner proceeds to the next match. The winner shall get the ultimate prize, the power to change your fate and the fate of your world. You are all excellent fighters who, for one reason or another, ultimately failed to make a difference. I will now give you the chance to change that." The man then gestured with his hand. "I have made it possible for you all to communicate with each other. Language barriers are no longer present. Tonight you will sleep soundly, but by tomorrow's end, the victor shall be named."

    The eight fighters looked at each other.

    "He can't be serious? He wants us to fight? Why?"

    "For his own pleasure of course... some god."

    "Did he say 'killed'? I'm not the kind of person to do that."

    "I don't see any reason why we should listen to this so called 'God'"

    "Everyone, relax, I think we really should introduce ourselves first and figure out why we are all here, I'll go first. My name is Amber." said a young girl with auburn hair. She had a sword sheathed around her waist and no other obvious weapons. "I was a police chief in charge of stopping a terrorist threat. The terrorist claimed he could wipe out the entire solar system with a bomb. He was a mad man. I almost had the man we had been searching for when he suddenly caught us off guard by detonating an explosive. I was so shocked that I wasn't able to use my defensive magic quick enough to save my men or myself. Then I arrived here... I think the fact that I'm alive right now is a miracle, as long as this ins't hell."

    "My arrival here was similar." said a large man carrying a massive blade on his back and a pistol on his side. "My name is Anthony, however, my teammates called me Goliath. I was leading the moral support of my army. Many said that without me, they wouldn't know how to keep fighting. However, one night, I was seduced by a woman, and betrayed when my guard was down. It must have been an assassin, sent to create a weak link in my army. I knew many wanted me dead, but I didn't think my fall would be by a woman. After everything blacked out, I arrived here, same as you all. I only hope my army is doing alright without me."

    "My name is Arthur. I am a king of the Warsaw Country." said a boy, with no visible weapons on his person. "A sorcerer by the name of Merlin captured my family as revenge against me for expanding my kingdom into his forest. He claimed my expansion was a declaration of war and he quickly cast me out of my castle and captured my family. I began an adventure to find my way back home. After many trials, I successfully reached home. However it was all in vain. Despite learning a great deal of magic, I was still no match for the sorcerer, and my kingdom has become his, and my people his slaves. He decided to finish me off that time too. If there is anyway for me to get back, I shall, and reclaim what is rightfully mine."

    An older gentlemen then stepped forward "My name is Gram. Compared to your stories, I'm not sure why I'm here. I died with my family around me. However, my two sons were headed off to war very soon. Perhaps that is what I am worried about the most. What if they need my guidance? Some of your stories sound very important, but I won't hold back. For my children's sake.

    "Good luck gramps, you don't look up to speed for this kind of contest." said a young man, who carried an odd looking blade. "My name is Dreed, I died like the rest of you, but I was simply a gun for hire who got in over his head. If I won, and I do intend to win, I will definitely enjoy all the riches ultimate power can offer me! And certainly no foolish old man is going to stand in my way." said Dreed as he got right in Gram's face.

    "Knock it off." Said a man who then grabbed Dreed and pushed him away from Gram. This man also carried a blade. "I have a feeling we're all in over our heads here. My name is Raxtion. I was once a rogue who couldn't find my place in the universe, but the universe moved on without me. Countless wars that raged one after another kept me busy, always kept me trying to find the good within war. It became apparent which side to fight for when a creature race known only as the consumers appeared, destroying worlds in their wake. Covering all of the galaxy in their toxin. They eventually cornered all life into one part of the universe and were closing in. Due to other circumstances, I met my end. Leaving the fate of my friends a mystery to me. If I had that power, I would go and end the consumers. Then maybe the universe could find peace again."

    One man leaned against a wall and lit a cigarette. The man carried a large, almost bazooka like, gun. "My name is Jack and not unlike mister greed over there..."

    "The name is Dreed!" the young boy interrupted.

    Jack smiled and said "Of course, Dreed." paused for a bit and let out a puff of smoke. "Like him, I'm a bounty hunter, however I made a mistake when I turned noble and lead my crew into a battle field to expose the government of doing some horrible genetic experiments on people. The masses got the message and my crew survived but I didn't make it. I guess my use of the power would be to take control of the government quickly and change things for the better."

    Amber turned to the lone man who hadn't spoken yet. "I guess that leaves you. What's your story?"

    "M-me? Oh, well... I'm nobody really. I've always been afraid to step out of the shadow's of my superior's. But... I guess I have no superior's now." The man paused for a moment to reflect on his position before continuing. "My name is Frank, and I was a soldier who did just what I was told. I fought many rebels who simply thought that the outer planetary colony's were just free from our rule! They just thought they could run anarchy and do anything they want! I hate that! I prefer order and stability. If I were in charge of things, they wouldn't be able to blink without me telling them too! But I'm getting ahead of myself... I know some magic and my aim is pretty good, but I don't think I'm ready for this kind of battling!"

    "ENOUGH" boomed the God sitting in the coliseum's throne. "Tomorrow shall be the moment of redemption for you all. I suggest you prepare by getting a good nights sleep. There are many beds beneath the stands. I shall watch you from here."

    The contestants looked at each other warily before heading towards the stands.

    From his throne, the man stayed perfectly still all night. Concealed by the darkness, that the lightning could not pierce and the thunder could not shake.
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