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    Aug 21, 2009
    Being disrespectful towards any member of this forum is against our most basic policies; participation in any sort of harassment or bullying is a clear violation of our rules and will be handled with a zero tolerance policy. We will apply punitive action if we find you promoting or supporting member harassment or bullying. Being part of the problem will make you just as accountable as the person who began the problem in the first place.

    If you are seen bullying or harassing another member, then you will be given an infraction; continued offenses, or one severe offense, will result in a ban. No questions asked. There is absolutely no need or justification for participation in such activities.

    Because in the past it has proven difficult to outline definitive bullying behavior, here are some guidelines which we believe to be typical examples of bullying behavior:
    • Insulting, harassing, or otherwise demeaning other users
    • Targeting an individual or a group of users
    • Creating hateful threads about other users
    • Purposefully creating problems on the forums to make the job of the staff more difficult
    • Beginning or participating in toxic public arguments
    • Publicly shaming or ridiculing other users
    In the event that you should need an example of bullying,

    Disrespect includes, but is not limited to, the above actions. We cannot possibly outline every unacceptable action. Above all, use proper judgment before posting. Every user has as much of a right to be here and post as you do.

    If you do disagree with another member, do so in a civilized and amicable manner. Demeaning their intelligence or otherwise purposefully making curt replies towards them will not be tolerated. This includes, and is not limited to: name calling, insults delivered textually, verbally, through video and/or images, making them the butt of the joke in threads they post in, and other such exhibits. Should the member in question be harassing you, do not add fuel to the flame; contact a member of the staff, and we will deal with them personally. Contributing to any form of harassment or bullying yields a chance that you may also face punishment.

    Should you be punished for any such behavior, disrespect towards the staff will not get you far. If you are found to be repeatedly pestering a staff member, your punishment may be escalated. We take this issue very seriously and our judgment on it is not up for debate.

    We do not take kindly to bullying and harassment, and our community should not be forced to endure it. Be mindful of the members around you; they are just as much a part of the site as you are.

    Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

    Best regards,
    --The KH-Vids.Net Staff