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    Hopefully I used the right phrase.

    I'm watching Code Lyoko again, and I'm liking the transition cards they use at times, so I've been trying to find pictures of them for avatars.

    I've already found one of Jeremie, from season two, though I think his hardly changes, if at all, until season four, so it was actually season one where it started.

    27. Jeremie (27).png

    However, I can't find any of the others--any good quality ones, anyway. I'm also looking for the final result of the transition, by which I mean that if you watch an episode, you'll notice it starts with the character moving and then by the end there's a freeze frame. That's what I want--the ending freeze frame. If that's still confusing, let me know.

    I'm looking for the transition cards from each season. I know in season four, they definitely change because of the new looks, but I think they also change slightly for season two and season three or seasons two-three (as in, they both use the same ones). They may even vary slightly within a season, and I want all of them, of course. In addition, from season two onward, there are two transitions for each Lyoko warrior: one without their vehicle and one with their vehicle, with the exception of Aelita who has no vehicle of her own, but she also has a transition on the overwing, at least, from what I've seen.

    There's an example at 3:56 here (S2 E17):

    I can take care of the editing myself, I just need someone to find the images for me.

    So I'm looking for transitions cards for the following:

    Character Seasons
    Jeremie 2-4
    Aelita All
    Aelita on Overwing 2-4
    Ulrich All
    Ulrick on Overbike 2-4
    Odd All
    Odd on Overboard 2-4
    Yumi All
    Yumi on Overwing 2-4
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