'Classic Kingdom' Mini-Game from KH3 Coming to 'Union X [Cross]' with Version 3.0.0

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    As hinted in recent interviews with Tetsuya Nomura, it has finally been confirmed that 'Classic Kingdom', the mini-game that has been teased for 'Kingdom Hearts III', will finally be making its appearance in 'Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross]' with the release of version 3.0.0 to commemorate the game's third anniversary. This update will be available in Japan on September 6th (no word on when the international version will be released).

    In addition to the arrival of the 'Classic Kingdom' mini-game, it has also been revealed that for a limited time, those who complete a certain high score with the mini-game in 'Union X [Cross]' will receive the Starlight Keyblade from the mobile game in 'Kingdom Hearts III'!

    Lastly, to commemorate this news, Tetsuya Nomura himself left a message for fans which you can check out below (rough translation / will provide a better translation once available):

    UPDATE 9/5: The Starlight promotion has been confirmed for the global version of the game in a Square Enix Twitch stream today! No date has been given, but it will be coming west soon! Players simply need to achieve a high score threshold to obtain the Keyblade; it isn't a competition like other events in the game.
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Meilin Lee, Sep 3, 2018.

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      . : tale_wind
      I've been psyched about the Classic Kingdom minigames coming to KHUX since the announcement at the Dandelion Meeting, and now it's even sweeter with the promise of Starlight making the jump to KHIII through it! Not just because I'm a sucker for KHUX and want to see it integrated into the rest of the series, but also because Starlight is just such a nice-looking Keyblade. I kinda miss its basic form in KHUX. now i just have to get an xb1 or a ps4 and khiii
    2. Ability King KK
      Ability King KK
      The big question though; will there be a way for those without KHUX to be able to get the Starlight Keyblade? This could actually be the first signs of DLC for KHIII.

      Also, still waiting for actual new Disney worlds in KHUX, Nomura.
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      I'm pretty sure the point of the promotion is that it's a special gift for KHUX players. As far as Disney worlds, I believe there's a brand-new world coming in this week's story update for Japan.
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      . : tale_wind
      A Square Enix stream just confirmed that the Starlight promotion will be coming to the global version of the game! More info has been added to the OP.
    5. Mixt
      The global app got updated on Friday to include this. So that went live much sooner than I expected.

      I suck at these games though. Not sure if it's the games themselves or my ongoing dislike of controllers on touchscreens.