Chuck Norris Vs Kingdom Hearts

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    Chapter One:
    Sora jumped back from Xemnas, Riku and the King next to him, “how many times has Xemnas come back from the dead now?” he asked.

    Riku laughed, and pointed his keyblade at Xemnas, “I think we are on seven or eight,” he said.

    The King said nothing, and leaped at Xemnas, keyblade reverse-gripped in his hands. Sora and Riku followed him, each using their own fighting styles.

    Xemnas shot a wave of black and white thorns from his hands, “this time I will finally end you, now that Organization XIII has fully harnessed the Power of Kingdom hearts!”

    Xemnas swept his arms back, standing over the white castle world that was directly below a gigantic red heart floating in the black sky, lighting flashing all around. Fighting was breaking out all over the newly made “World that Always Was.” Kairi and Namine were fighting Laxerine, each wielding flowery keyblades, red for Kairi, white for Namine. Roxas and Xion were battling as well, Roxas with Oathkeeper and Oblivion, Xion with a Kingdom Key. Yuffie was in combat with Zexion, and Leon was fighting Saiix.

    Cloud was exchanging blows with Lexanus. Donald and Goofy were battling Deymx. Sid was flying around in a gummi ship, blasting away at Xaldin, who was ridding on a massive dragon nobody. Tifa was beating up Luxord, and Aerith was fighting Vexen. Axel was engaged in heated combat with Murlaxa. And a legion of all of Sora's friends and allies battled Xigbar, along with a massive army of Heartless and Nobodies of all sorts.

    Xemnas grinned, “your insignificant attack will not destroy me this time, and Kingdom Hearts has seen fit to restore me for an eleventh time,” he said.

    The King stopped, “but you've only been revived ni-” he was cut off by a laser sword hitting him.

    “KING!” Sora and Riku cried out, as Mickey flew through the air, and hit the ground, hard.

    Riku ran over to the King, but Sora continued to fight Xemnas. Sora slashing with the Ultima Weapon, Xemnas using his laser-swords and twilight powers


    Roxas brought up Oathkeeper and Oblivion, blocking Xion's keyblade, “Xion, stop! I don't want to hurt you!” he said.

    Xion's face was filled with rage, “HURT ME?! YOU ALREADY HURT ME! WHAT IS WITH YOU AND THAT BLONDE CHICK?!” she screamed, sending a ball of fire from the tip of her Kingdom Key.

    Roxas deftly back-flipped out of the way, “Xion, please, you died, and Namine-” he was cut off.

    “I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! YOU'RE ALWAYS LIKE, NAMINE THIS, NAMINE THAT! I'M TIRED OF IT!” Xion yelled in rage, bringing her keyblade up to slash at Roxas's face.

    Roxas leaned backwards, avoiding the keyblade, “Xion, you have to listen to me, Xemnas is manipulating you! Just like he did when we fought in twilight town!” he yelled.

    “I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!” Xion replied, and charged in with her Kingdom Key.


    Murlaxa was angry, real angry, “I thought I was the treacherous one! Not you!” he shouted to Axel.

    “Yeah, you missed my glory days of traitorism, I actually helped the keyblade master!” he yelled back, “and I still am!”

    “I can see that,” Murlaxa muttered.


    Simba leaped at a Twilight thorn, clawing at it's eyes, and Tarzan was stabbing at it's foot with his spear. Mulan ran through a crowd of Samurai nobodies, slashing with her sword. Aladdin, Auron, and Jack Sparrow were back to back, trying to fend off Xigbar with their swords, while he blasted his arrow guns at them.

    Hercules was busy rolling a Darkside up into a ball, and Stitch ran through the battlefield, blasting away with his guns, shooting countless nobodies and heartless. The beast tackled a Behemoth heartless, grappling with it's horn.

    Jack Skellington used his claws to destroy countless heartless, but more continued to rise up from the shadows. Peter Pan flew around the battlefield, and struck at flying warp-snipers, who were shooting at the battlers below.


    Cloud jumped back a few feet, dodging Lexanus's blow with the Tomahawk, they were battling on a platform that jutted out from the main castle, only a bridge keeping it from falling into the darkness below. Lexanus charged forward, dashing accrossed the platform, and smashing his Tomahawk into the ground where Cloud had been a second ago. “Not going to get me that easy,” Cloud said from above him, and brought his sword down to meet the Tomahawk.


    Kairi blocked the flying kunai with her keyblade, while Namine ran forward and slashed her keyblade at a Laxerine clone, which dispersed into sparks, but another one rose up in it's place. Kairi and Namine slashed and fought to their hardest, destroying Laxerine clones with every slash of their blades, but the real Laxerine kept making more, and they were getting tired. A kunai flew out of one of the Laxerine clones, lightly scratching along Namine's face, leaving a cut accrossed her cheek.

    Namine put her hand over her cheek, “Kairi, we aren't going to win if she keeps this up, we have to think of something else!” she said.

    Kairi back-flipped out of the way of a kunai, and landed back-to-back with Namine, “oh, really, and what do you have planned?” she asked.

    Namine continued to fight, “uh... you have a point there,” she said.


    Goofy fell over backwards, he had been hit by a flying water form, “gosh! Deymx, don't you think if you didn't hit people so much, that they might appreciate your singing?” he said.

    Deymx ignored him, and played another tune, “dance water, dance!” he shouted, and one hundred forms rose up and attacked Donald and Goofy, while he began to count off seconds. “sixty, fifty-nine, fifty-eight, fifty-seven...”

    Donald shot a blast of thunder, destroying some of the forms, “why did we have to fight him?” he wondered aloud.


    Leon rushed in, meeting Saiix's attack with a block from the gun-blade. A screech of metal on metal, or more precisely, gun-blade on claymore, split the battlefield. “You're good, but not good enough,” Leon said, as he and Saiix grappled with their weapons in a deadlock.

    Saiix just looked calmly at him, “you are a fool for resisting us, we have already freed Kingdom Hearts from it's prison, and it now is absorbing power, soon we will not only have our hearts, but be the rulers of the universe,” he said.

    Leon groaned, “quit it with the monolog!" he yelled, swiping the gun-blade at Saiix's head.


    In cyberspace, another battle was raging, Tron, along with digital copies of Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Leon's gang were infiltrating the computer system of The World That Always Was, though the stealth part of their mission had failed, they were still trying to shut down the power drain from Kingdom Hearts into the main power supply. If they could do that, then the entire fortress would begin to self destruct.

    Tron jumped back, the data clones were not exactly smart, but neither were the cyber-guards they were fighting. “Defense formation A-31B!” he shouted, sending a pre-programed battle order to the data clones, and they immediately began to defend him.

    Tron began to hack down the firewalls of the computer mainframe.


    Chuck Norris watched the High-def TV, while he beat up several ninjas with one hand holding a cheeseburger he was eating. The TV was showing one of his favorite commercials, one with him in it!
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    Yet another amazing spectacular story. The action was tremendous. The drama stupendous. And the part with Chuck Norris, absolutely comic. This has got to be one of the most epic stories I have read in a while. Keep up the great work. There it is, seriously this was amazing :cryinganime:
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    Chuck Norris VS Kingdom Hearts
    Chapter Two:

    Namine noticed a walkway splitting off from the platform she and Kairi were battling Larxene on, and the walkway happened to go right over where Deymx's army of water clones were. “Kairi, follow me!” she yelled.

    Namine slashed through two Larxene clones, and dashed out onto the walkway, followed by a bewildered Kairi. The Larxene clones, with the real Larxene somewhere in their midst, followed, until everyone was on the bridge. Namine slid to a halt next to Kairi, “I want you to cast Firega on the bridge when I say now,” she said.

    Kairi nodded, as a Larxene clone got too close, and she slashed it into sparks. Meanwhile, Namine was running, strait at the group of Larxene clones, then she jumped over them, spinning around in the air, several of the Larxene clones threw knives at her, but Namine just ignored them, “BLIZZARD!” she shouted

    A beam of ice shot out of her white and flowery keyblade, freezing not only the knives that were flying at her, but also several of the Larxene clones, and the section of the bridge they were standing on. Namine landed, facing the Larxene clones, and the frozen segment of the bridge, and shouted, “NOW KAIRI!”

    Kairi and Namine both cast Firega on the ice-covered segment of the bridge, which shattered from the explosion of heat, sending the Larxene clones, and Larxene herself, plummeting down to Deymx's battleground.

    Suddenly, Kairi lurched backwards, the platform on the other side of the bridge was falling! Without thinking, Kairi ran and jumped towards Namine. She flew through the air, over a fifty foot drop to the battlefield below. Air rushed by Kairi's head, she wasn't going to make it, but then, suddenly, Namine's hand was wrapped around her wrist, and she was dangling over the perilous drop.

    Cloud parried a strike from Lexaeus, the massive tomahawk bouncing off his own large sword. The platform they were fighting on began to tilt, as Kairi and Namine broke the bridge holding it in place. They did not let this interrupt their fighting however, and they clung to the floor of the falling platform, as sparks flew from their clashing blades.

    Yuffie jumped in the air, avoiding the laser-beam from the heartless robot. The purplish ice-cliffs were coated in massive amounts of heartless. No, how did I get back here? First I was fighting that young organization member, then I was here? She thought, almost collapsing to the ground from exhaustion

    Aerith jumped back, narrowly avoiding an ice crystal. Her staff whirled around as she knocked aside several smaller ice-projectiles. Vexen let out a horrible laugh, as more ice crystals formed. Aerith quickly healed herself, then continued to fight the chilly alchemist

    Tifa jumped off the wall she had been backed up against, and she brought her foot down on a giant card, tearing it in half. Luxord jumped back, his remaining cards swirling around him. “it appears that I must work on my game,” he said, not really talking to Tifa.

    “Shut up, you lunatic!” Tifa barked, as she destroyed yet another card.

    Luxord used several more cards to block Tifa's next round-house kick, “don't confuse me and Saiix,” he said tauntingly.

    Cid spun the gummi ship to avoid the incoming blasts of energy from the massive dragon nobody. Xaldin was ridding the nobody, directing it's attacks. Beams of energy flashed by the windows of Cid's ship, the highwind. Sirens wailed as the ship's shields took damage, red alarm lights flashed throughout the ship.

    The entire ship began to shake as Cid lost control, and it flew at frightening speeds towards the giant Dragon Nobody.

    Tron felt his disc return to his hand, and the last Cyber-guard dissipated into data. Tron took a few steps towards the computer terminal, and began to send waves of data into it, while the data-clones guarded the pathways into this particular circuit. “Almost there... almost there,” he said under his breath, as he hacked down firewall after firewall.

    Suddenly, right before hacking down the last firewall, a floating program entered the room, it looked like a dusk nobody, with red markings, and six floating high-tech laser cannons rotating around it. The being was followed by no less than a dozen cyber-guards. A monotone voice filled the room, “I am the admin of this server, leave now, or be deleted,” it said.

    Tron readied his disk, but before he could do anything, the Data-Goofy dashed in front of him, holding up it's shield, to block the incoming blast from the gun. A shard of what appeared to be glowing red crystal embedded itself in the shield. It seemed, for a moment, that this had been sufficient to stop the attack, before the shield vanished, and a blankness, lack of solidity and color, only leaving a frame behind, shot up the data-Goofy's arms, until only the frame remained, before it shattered into shards of data.

    Tron looked at the Admin, he hadn't prepared for this, the admin was supposed to be distracted by the false attack, a second group of data-clones that had attacked the motherboard directly, instead of using the side path Tron had used. “Your previous attack was too small, and they did not fight with tactics and strategy that I would expect from you, the legendary Tron,” the monotone voice said again.

    As the Admin spoke to Tron, the Cyber-guards and Data-clones were battling each other. The Admin's six laser cannons rotated around, aiming at different targets, “Tron, you are smarter then most AI units, especially those of your class of program, no one could have theorized that a security program could achieve what you have, the MPD was a great opponent, so you must be intelligent enough to know that you can't possibly survive this encounter. So leave now, unless you wish for me to delete you,” it said.

    Tron's disk glowed with a blue light, “I understand something that you could never, I understand friendship, emotions, and morals, my user friends have tought me this, and I will never forget it, if I am deleted today, or in a thousand years, I will always value these lessons learned,” he said, releasing the disk.
    The disk shot around the room, taking down cyber-guards and making a few attacks at the Admin. The disk then shot down towards the last firewall, crushing it like it was nothing.

    When the firewall vanished, Tron was able to see what he had known was behind it, a glowing yellow data-port, which lead strait to the mainframe of the computer system. “A1 and T1, stay behind and guard this door, don't let anyone through!” Tron yelled, while the data-Tifa and the data-Aerith got into a fighting stance, while Tron, and the rest of his surviving data-clones charged into the portal, zooming away at the speed of light.

    Sparks flew around the battlefield, as Gun-blade on Claymore clashed together, Saiix's normally calm demeanor was gone, replaced with a berserk state of mind, where he simply charged Leon, no though involved, just pure strength coming from the red moon above. Leon knew that now was not the time for talk, just dodge, block, and fight, so he said nothing, as he and Saiix let loose all of their combat skills, both only an inch from the death of falling from the high tower.

    An ethereal blade slashed through the air, parried by the wide blade of the Ultima weapon. Xemnas' orange eyes blazed with fury, as Sora's blue shimmered with intensity and concentration. A quick leap backwards onto the four-foot wide walkway broke the grapple, as Xemnas charged after Sora. Their blades met again in combat, swipe, block, stab, deflection, slash, and counterattack, so went the battle between the key that connects all and the superior of the in-between.

    Despite the Ultima weapon and another year of training, Xemnas still pushed Sora back, farther out onto the walkway, and over all the other battlegrounds. “You are still too weak to face me on your own,” Xemnas said.

    Sora replied, “I am never alone, my friends will always be with me in my heart.”

    Xemnas laughed his evil laugh, “that will not always save you, it may have allowed you to defeat my heartless, but it will not aid against me,” he said.

    A bead of sweat dropped from Sora's face, the Ethereal blades were both pushing down hard against the Ultima weapon, then how do I stop him? Sora wondered.

    Axel grabbed his Chakram as it flew back to him, “You know, Marluxia, you haven't got any better at fighting since the last time we fought,” he said.

    Marluxia brandished his scythe, “neither have you, flame head,” he said.

    They both charged back into battle.

    Chuck Norris was running on a treadmill set to the highest slope and speed, not even breaking a sweat, as he swatted away more ninjas with the pinky finger of his left hand, he was talking on the phone, “what? You say this guy wants be to be in his video game? What's it about? Oh, well tell this 'Nomura' that I'm not interested, if he wants some exercise world in this game of his, he can just go stick his head in the sand!” he said, smashing the phone.
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    The different combos of characters fighting each other were rather interesting. XD Random, drama, action, and comedy all mixed into one. Wow. ^^ Keep up the good work.