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    For those of you who know.... you know... =P
    Okay, this was my first story that I wrote with my character, Cheal. I wasn't that good at writing and took a Creative Writing class the next year. Well, after rereading it I made some corrections and here it is. C&C, please.

    Someone once told me that 'space is only as big as you can imagine it', well right now space is endless. A tear that had fallen off my face floated by. I just looked at the sphere shaped drop as it flew past my nose. Another tear rolled down my cheek, as I tried to figure out how someone like her could be so evil. I remembered the look in her eyes as I was launched into space. Her calm, sky blue eyes had shifted to a deep, blood red. How could she brutally kill everyone for whom I loved.
    After an hour I decided to start today all over again in my mind. I guess it started this morning.

    "Cheal, wake up. Wake up you lazy bum!" My mom yelled flipping me off of my bed.
    "What?!" I asked, while trying to hide from the light.
    "Liha leaves today. Aren't you going to say goodbye?" She reminded me.
    "What time is it?" I asked, picking up my clock which unplugged it.
    "Oh...quarter past one." She said as she walked out of my room.
    "Huh? In the morning?" I looked out the window.
    "No, in the afternoon." She popped her head in to say.
    "What?! She’ll leave in a couple of minutes! Why didn't my alarm wake me up?" I shouted, shaking my dead clock.
    "Well...I let it go on for about twenty-three minutes. You wouldn't wake, even when I tried to wake you up." She fixed my mattress.
    "Now I won't be able to give her my going away present!" I yelled to her while getting dressed.
    "She’s going to love it. What time did you go to bed?" She went off the subject as she set the box back down.
    "Wha...I don't know. I'm trying to hurry!" I ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth.
    "I told you to not to go to bed too late, but did you listen. I bet you went to bed at four or five in the morning." She shook her finger in my face.
    "I don't have time for this. Liha will be leaving in only...five minutes!" I grabbed my vest while running out the door.
    I ran down the hallway towards the teleporter when my holophone rang. I hurried down the steel walled hallway of the port, I picked up my phone.
    "Yeah?" I asked, waiting for the person’s figure to show up.
    "What's your deal?! I was trying to talk to you! I looked at the clock wrong!" She said while she kicked something invisible.
    "What do you mean 'looked at the clock wrong'?" I asked as I poked her holographic figure.
    "Stop that! It is only one-o-clock, so you have some time to get to her. Come home right after okay? Bye." Her miniature sized self disappeared.
    I shook my head in disgust. As I started to look around, I wondered which gate she her flight was at. I dug into my pocket, searching for my pocket p.c.
    "Hey, Frog. Which gate is Liha's shuttle departing at?" I asked the computer image frog.
    "Gate 29. She would be getting on the shuttle right about now. You'd better pick up the pace." He told me, as he pointed to the left.
    "Okay. How far is it?" I asked walking to the closest floor escalator.
    "You’re only ten minutes away." He said with a calculator in his hands.
    I got on the second escalator from the left, taking me straight to Gate 21. I started to run again towards my destination, Gate 22, 23, 24, and 25, past me in an instant. I looked ahead of me trying to see the gate where she was about to take off.
    "There it is" I shouted, pointing at the five meter away Gate 29. I ran up to it, the woman at the desk shouted for my return. I got onto the ship, searching for the maroon haired girl. " How many people are here Frog?" I asked searching for her through the crowd.
    "There are forty-three people registered for this flight." The frog said going through some papers.
    "I think I can see her. Liha! Over here!" I shouted, not realizing I had shouted in a mans ear.
    "Uh...we are about to take off. Please take your seats and fasten your seatbelts." The pilot said over the raspy speaker.

    I took the closest seat to me that was untaken by one of the many people in the crowd. The planes engine's started up as I buckled my seatbelt. I glanced over at the girl next to me, she was reading a book. Her blue eyes were the first things that I noticed when I saw her. She had smooth, light brown skin and dark cinnamon brown hair. She wore purple lipstick and black eye shadow. She looked over at me in the corner of her eye, I turned away.

    "You may now move about the cabin." The hard voice came back on.
    In a flash I was out of my seat and moving towards the back of the ship. Then I saw her, dressed in her business type outfit. It was a gray suit with navy blue cufflinks. She was looking out the window, her maroon hair covering one of her light brown eyes.
    "Hey, Liha. Liha over here." I called out from a few seats away.
    At first she didn't know who called her, but when she saw me her expression changed from puzzled to angry.
    "Cheal! What are you doing here? Are you trying to get me fired on the first day?! The Delegates called me to come in for a secret mission." She yelled at me, everyone turned to stare at us.
    "I wanted to..."
    "I'm going to call for a round fare ticket so you won't be caught without one. You know some people say they once threw a man out into space for not having a ticket." She said with a smirk on her face.
    "Right...well here." I said with smirk on my face, I handed her a box all wrapped up.
    "What? For me?" She said snatching the box out of my hands.
    She pulled on one of the strings, which caused the bow to pop loose. She opened up the box and her face lit up like a Christmas tree.
    "Oh...thank you Cheal it's beautiful." She said holding up a bright silver necklace with a darker colored pendant." But you know giving me this doesn't change anything. You are still going to be in a lot of trouble!" She shouted, shaking her finger violently in my face.
    "Whatever! Ungrateful brat!" I said under my breath, as I shifted away from her.
    I ended up falling asleep half way through the flight and I don't really know how much time past.
    "Cheal, come on, wake up. We’re here." she said, shaking me awake.

    I got up and cracked my back as I rubbed my eyes. We walked off the shuttle and headed to the nearest information desk. I looked all around me, the buildings roof was glass, showing the deep darkness of space. There were many floors to the building and all of them seemed to have people rushing around.
    "Come on. We have to go over here real quick." She said pulling me along at a fast pace. A few minutes later she came out of the restroom, saying that now she was refreshed. She had switched her clothes to an all white pair of pants, white shoes, and a white and blue long-sleeved shirt.
    "Oh yeah, I had the lady at the information desk call the delegates. They told me to take you along. When I received my mission info and my outfit they gave me this too, to give to you." She handed me a federation outfit, a bow, and a bag of arrows.
    "This is cool, but I'm not here to fight, and I don't wear uniforms." I said with a puzzled expression on my face.
    I looked at the bow and arrows thoroughly. The bow had no string and the arrows were silver rods with a silver head.
    "Well... I sort of made a deal with them. I said that you would fight along with me, since you have done some training with a bow. Oh...and you have to wear that, it's mandatory" She said trying to hide her face from me.
    "What!! You signed me up with the federation army! I wanted to go to college first! Did you know that I wanted to be a novelist, not some military puppet!" I yelled at her.
    I got over it after a while, but I wouldn't forget how she made me wear this stupid uniform. She led us through the crowds and into some halls.
    "Are we there yet?" I groaned, as I swung my arms.
    "Does it look like we’re there?" She growled back.
    We walked around for a little bit longer, when we ran into an old guard. He looked ancient, a white mustache and eyebrows that grew over his eyes.
    "Excuse me. Can you tell us which way the Delegates meeting is?" Liha asked the old man. He didn't answer. "Sir, can you help us?" She asked again, shaking his shoulder. The old man let out an unacknowledging snore. "Hello!" She shouted in his right ear.
    "What? What? Who are you?" The old man asked, acting like he was aware of them the whole time.
    "I'm Liha Garm, here to see the Delegates. Oh...yes, and this is Cheal Berts, my...ehem...bodyguard. Can you tell us where the Delegates are holding their meeting?" She asked again to the old man.
    "Oh...oh right. You go down this hall, take a left, a right, another right and it's the twentieth door down on the left." The old man explained, as he pointed the way.
    As we started to go down the hall, I forgot the directions.
    "Umm...can you tell us those directions-" I stopped. "Were did he go?" He had just disappeared.
    "He probably went on his break." Liha said, not realizing that the hall was really long. The man must have ran down the hall and he didn't look like he could run that fast.
    "Oh well, you might be right." I said shrugging my shoulders.
    We walked down the white walled hall, took a left, a right, and another right. As we entered another white hall. We looked at all of the doors, the same white color going on for miles.
    "Which one is it again? After all of those turns I don't even remember my name." I said, looking at the numbers on the doors. They started at one on the left and two on the right, and they continued from there.
    "He said door twenty, or was it twentieth? No, it was door twenty." Liha said, not being all that sure.

    We walked down to the door with a twenty painted on in black paint. We opened the door revealing an all white room and an out of place brown desk. We walked in, and right as we did I got a bad feeling. There was no one in the room, no windows, and only one door, which we came through. On the desk was a phone, but it was very old. Then it began to ring wildly.
    Liha picked it up slowly, "Yes? Who is this?" she listened, her face change quickly. "What do want!" She hung up the phone, grabbed my hand and we were running out the door back into the white hall again. We ran about ten doors down and came up to door number thirty-one.
    "What's here?" I asked, wondering where was the fire.
    She opened up the door into a small hall with another door, when two guards stopped us.
    "What do you want, punk?" One guard said to me.
    "Who are you?" The other one said to Liha.
    "Move it! I need to see the Delegates, now!" Liha shouted, struggling to get by them.
    "Liha, what's your problem?!" I asked her, trying to pull her away.
    "Someone's trying to kill all of the Delegates. Don't make me get mad!" She pulled out her blade.
    The guards backed away, both put their left hand behind their backs. They brought their hands out, both having a large pistol type gun.
    "Let's see some identification or we'll shoot" The two guards said in perfect synchronicity.
    Liha put away her blade and gave them her card, I did the same. They looked over the cards carefully, being very meticulous.
    "Liha Garm, age: 23, profession: government." The first guard read.
    "Cheal Berts, age: 20, profession: what's this? None? What is your profession?!" The second guard asked me, waving my card in my face.
    "Right now, I'm in school to become a...novelist." I said.
    "What?! A novelist! Who do you think you are? There are no such thing as novelists, they are just myths!"-One of the guards shouted.
    "Well...I'm going to be one of the first to start writing stories of dragons and wizards. Then I will be remembered forever, as one of the greatest writers." I said very confidentially.
    "We will ask the Delegates if this is exceptable." The guards said.
    "Forget about it, someone plans on killing the Delegates! Let us through!" She brought out her sword and slashed the guard’s weapons in half.
    "No you don't" The guards started running for Liha.
    Then one of them went down as I shot one of my arrows in his leg. Liha slashed the other guards arm clean off. The guard, now with only one arm, came rushing towards her once again. The guards weren't really humans, but androids. I shot another arrow at the guard, this one going through his chest, but he didn't give up.

    "Stop!" A man said, coming out from the Delegates room. "That's enough. I made the guards attack you two. I needed to see how well you could do in combat. Please, follow me." He said, inviting us into the new white hall. We walked down this hall and into the boardroom, where many men and women were arguing.
    "Quiet! Quiet! Miss Liha Garm has finally arrived." The man sitting at the very front desk called out to the other delegates.
    "Sir! You must all get out of here! Someone is trying to kill all of you." Liha shouted, pointing to the door.
    "Liha have you already opened your mission files?" He asked her with an angry face.
    "No, not yet. Why?" Liha asked, holding up her mission files.
    "Well...that's the whole reason why we called you. Have you not noticed..."He asked, pointing around at empty chairs.
    "Who did this?" I asked, out of terms.
    "This says that it's still unknown. But they think the same person has done it. All of the murders had the same weapon used, a silver dagger. By any chance would that be an Atlandian silver dagger." Liha asked, searching through her papers.
    "We believe that the sole purpose of these killings is to get through to our Atlandian vault." The chairman said to us.
    "The Atlandian vault! How would they do that, I mean, security is so tight." I shouted, pointing out the guards that almost killed us.
    "Sir! You have to evacuated the building or all hope is lost! The demons will have all the Atlandian metal they need to make the most powerful weapons. We couldn't stay at a stand-still anymore, we will lose the Great War!" Liha grew impatient.

    Then the door opened and another guard came through." Excuse me Delegates, but there is a call for Liha Garm." He said with a phone in his hand. We walked out and Liha picked up the phone.
    "Yes? You again, why don't you leave us alone!" She screamed into the phone.
    I snatched it out of her hands and put it up to my ear. "Who is this?!" I yelled.
    "This is the last voice you will ever hear." A robotic voice said, when the phone went dead.
    I knew that we had to get back in, but with her in this state I had to comfort her.
    "Liha, snap out of it!" I shouted, after I smacked her, the red mark still on her face.
    She looked up. "Cheal...she's going to kill all of them." Another tear rolled down her face.
    "Let us back in!" I yelled at the android guard. He didn't budge." Not again! Come on, I don't want to play a stupid game, now let us through!" I pulled out my bow and picked out three arrows. In an instant, I shot all three at the guard, each one piercing his mechanical body. He was more persistent than the other guards.
    Then the room was filled with horror as the screams of the Delegates came upon me.
    "No!!" Liha screamed, picking up her sword. She ran towards the guard, blade up in the air and with one swing of her sword she destroyed the guard. "Let's go!"
    We smashed in the door, revealing a blood-splattered room. At the front of the room was a screaming Delegate and the killer standing over him.
    "Stop right there!" Liha shouted at the demonic being.

    It turned around, revealing a silver faced being. It’s glowing red eyes, blaring at me. "Who?! Ah...the two little brats from the port! Oh you don't recognize me? How" It transformed into the same girl from the shuttle. "Or how" It turned into the old man.
    "Burn in Hell!" I said pulling five arrows and shooting them.
    "Stupid human!" The psychotic robot said, as it swayed it’s hand to the side. My arrows dropped flat to the ground.

    Liha stepped forward, dropping her sword. "You did this...all of this, just for some metal. But why...why did you kill nine innocent people?" She asked softly.
    "All of those people came in contact with Atlandian metal. Oh...and another thing, I've killed ten innocent people, maybe you know this one" It said with a twisted smirk on it’s face. Its head spun around, when it stopped its face had changed to my mothers.
    "No!! Mom! You killed my mother you-"
    "Cheal! Don't do it!" Liha yelled, she grabbed my shirt. "I want you to get out of here. Go! I can handle her."
    "But Liha..."I said, wiping the tear from my eye.
    She slipped something into my hand. "Now get out of here." She pushed me out the door, slamming it shut.

    I ran down the white hall, searching for an exit sign. Then I found the escape pods, a rush of goose bumps came upon me. One of the pods was already gone and two were out of order. The last two were still unused, so I jumped into the closest one. I started up the engines and ejected the pod from the station. As I circle the floating building, I saw the horrible sight of the two fighting. Their blades clashing against one another in an all out style. Then the cyborg slashed Liha, casing her to fly accorded the room and hitting the window. She turned around, putting her hand up against the window and tried to talk to me. She seemed to say, "Brother, I love you and I hope I see mom and dad soon." She got up put up her sword and ran straight towards the demon.

    I could only hope that I will see my sister again someday, I stared at the necklace, but right now I have to hope that I'll live long enough to see her again. Another tear rolled down my face. I have no fuel, no food or water and I'm sick of all of this floating around in space.
    "I hope someone can find me before…it’s all over?" I asked myself, hoping that a passing ship could help me.

    BTW, after two years of that class I tried again and it turned out better, but I'll post that one next. :D