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    Hey kids, the day you've been waiting for (or in some members' cases, dying over) is finally here!​


    There were some pretty major hoops to jump through for preparation this year with the XenForo move, the unexpected downtime and all, but we've been working hard to get it to you! Especially Chevalier; the poor taco has wracked his brain to get it done as soon as possible, so be sure to give him many thanks! And thank YOU for the patience, and we hope you will all enjoy!​
    Anyway, for those who may not know how Castle Oblivion works:​

    What is Castle Oblivion?

    Castle Oblivion is one of the Christmas events that happens on KHV (alongside Secret Santa). in this event, members venture into Castle Oblivion and must find different clues to solve riddles and reach the end to find a Christmas stocking.

    Along the way, you will also learn some ~STAFF SECRETS~ that shed some comical light on how we usually work.

    At the end, you will obtain the Castle Oblivion Pin for partaking, alongside the SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME gift stocking.

    We hope you enjoy, and are having a fantastic holiday and New Year!
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Plums, Dec 23, 2012.