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    Well, since Blood of the Cascade has been finished, I guess we need a sequel? So this is the sequel to that -- and will end with this story. Some of the elements I am using are based off Homestuck, Steins;Gate, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica (with an occasional reference to hipster-ish music). For those who do not know anything about those, at the end of each update I'll do a brief summary of what happened and explain things. xD

    Basically, all you need to know now is that the Misty traveling to the alpha timeline after the DBE is the beta!Misty, who comes from the timeline in BotC. The Alpha Timeline is the primary timeframe, and pretty much dictates the spinoff ones (also called alternate and/or beta). It is also the timeline that is completely canon, meaning it is based on KHV in its current state.

    As such, there will be two Mistys, one from the beta (our protagonist) and the alpha Misty (who we have not seen yet). Also, everyone is alive in the Alpha Timeline.

    Chevalier and Stardust are Super Mods
    Ty and Mixt are Reporters
    Claw/Jayn/Enzy/Me are Section Mods

    GS and Llave are Premiums

    and so on.

    I will try to keep things updated and consistent with KHV, but that might prove to be a bit impossible, so aherkherk.

    Other than that, I do not know how long this will be, or how long it will take to finish.

    BotC took about 10 months, and things are about to slow the fuck down at school for me in late January, so I may be finished in no time flat (aka a couple months). Or longer. Depends.

    Anyway, shutting up now and here is the Prologue. :B


    Sunlight vomited over her body. The warm rays tickled her skin, sliding up and down the length of her body. Greenery spread across the horizon, flowers reaching up to soothe the sun. Besides her, vines of grapes rose and fell into the earth, the purple and green specks of fruit resembling a wave.

    She could feel her insides tingle a bit as she rose to a sitting position, staring straight ahead. In the distance, she could see two large wooden doors pierce the heavens above. The girl put a hand to her air, straightening out the ruffles from her fall. She had a mission to accomplish; she knew it had arrived a little while before her, and that she needed to stop it before it spread.

    Catch the Rain’s dying wish was entrusted to her. The place she knew as home, now forever shunning her name, needed her. The girl rose to her feet, brushing off her jeans. A DBE threatened the balance; as an Admin, she would not let such that happen.

    She gulped, her feet inching her closer to the doors, to the city.

    It was time for Misty to return home.


    The alpha timeline wasn’t too drastically different from her native timeline. The same birds fluttered, the same trees towered above. Even the same sound of joy and happiness hung over the city. The only thing so far that was a drastic difference were the metallic warriors positioned in front of the gates, their armor almost as sharp as the spiked maces in their hands. Misty approached them, feeling herself shrink with each step forward. The eyes of the armor on the right lit up, a metallic voice spilling out of its helmet.

    “Welcome to KH-Vids.Net, Your Ultimate Source for Kingdom Hearts Media. Would you like to Register to become a member today?”

    “But I’m already—“ Misty clasped a hand around her mouth. Dammit, I almost forgot. This is a different timeline; there is going to be another Misty already here. The girl cleared her throat, the glowing red eyes of the armor locked onto her.

    “I mean, of course, I would love to register. I would love to use some of these high quality videos for my AMV making.” Misty had to stifle a laugh as the armor pulled out a circular disk; her making good AMVs was about as legit as knowing Nouveau Nova’s gender. A small film of light poured from the disk, scanning her up and down. It disappeared into the disk once again, only for a digital screen to appear before her.

    “Please fill out the required fields here.” A cyber keyboard popped to life before her. She pressed her fingers, the screen lighting up before her. Using Misty as a username would definitely be a no go. She pressed a finger to her cheek, tapping it in an effort to think. She smirked, her fingers flying over the keyboard. After a few seconds, she pressed the Enter key. The keyboard and the screen disappeared back into the disk. A CD drive opened in the armor’s chest; it placed the disk in there, closing it and processing the data.

    “Your email is *****mighty**@***, and your Referrer was Misty, correct?” The girl nodded, as a small plastic card ejected itself from the armor’s helmet. She took it in her hands, the armor on the left opening the double wooden doors.

    “Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your stay, Miss.” Misty pressed her hand into her head as she walked through the doors after the armor was out of site.

    “Out of all the names, I just had to…ugh, I should’ve stuck with MegaMisty.”


    The city was much different than she expected. Monorails hung over her head. The streets were wide, all encompassing; even a few cars sped by her. Mountains rested in the backdrop, hiding beneath the masks of clouds. The alpha KHV was much larger than the KHV she was from; maybe the alpha RvR wasn’t as lazy as his alternate self. He still probably takes a liking to lolis though. She chuckled as a group of people walked past her. Makaze stood in the center, Saxima’s hand wrapped in his own. Zter walked on their left, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

    “Again, I still say those new mods are pointless”.

    “Chill out Retz. They do a pretty good job if you ask me.” Saxima looked over at him, glaring a bit.

    “At this rate, you two are beginning to make talking to Aqua seem quite soothing…” Makaze rubbed his temples.

    “Hey!” The word escaped from your mouth. They trio turned around, their eyes ogling you as if you were some freakish creature.

    “And what do you want?” Zter looked at her, blowing smoky circles into the air.

    “I was wondering, who are these new mods?” Makaze let go of Saxima’s hand, adjusting his glasses.

    “I’m going to assume you’re new here, and merely tell you to go read the Staff Biographies in the Rules Forum. Although, this happened nearly five months ago, so it’s inexcusable that you have no idea. But alas, what can you do about people…” He took Saxima’s hand again, the group resuming their stride off into the bowels of the city. Saxima turned around, glancing back at Misty.

    “The Rules Forum is on the right when you go up that street! It looks like a big library, so you can’t miss it!” She waved to the girl, and then rested her head against Makaze’s shoulder. Misty turned, running up to the street to her right. Just as Saxima said, there was a large library straight ahead. It reminded her a bit of the castle from Radiant Garden as she entered the door.

    “Why, hello there.” Misty had to stop herself. A boy stood in front of her. He was tall; he wore what appeared to be an Ash Ketchum cosplay, a stuffed Pikachu hanging loosely from his shoulder. He held his hand out to her. He began to speak as she shook it.

    “My name is Amaury. May I ask what your name is?”

    “Mi- I mean.”

    “That username sounds great, haha! Anyway, you appear to be new here. You should post a thread in the Introduction Section!” he smiled.

    “Thanks, but I think I may do that later.” Misty smiled back, hesitancy clawing at the corners of her mouth. To be perfectly honest, she didn’t even know how to post in the alpha KHV, let alone create a thread. “Right now I was just trying to find the Staff Biographies.”

    “Well you’ve come to the right place. Here, follow me.” Amaury grabbed her arm, leading her up a set of stairs. Paintings of Deathspank lined the walls, each depicting a different view of the man; in one, he wore a crown, his face smug and uninviting. In another, he held up a pitchfork, a speech bubble reading the words “VIVE LE KINGDUM HEARTS 3” bursting from his mouth. In the last one, he wore a head over his face, staring out into a blackened sky. Misty felt her legs stop moving as Amaury let go of her hand. A pedestal stood in front of the couple, an iPad and stylus sitting flat on the surface.

    “Here you go. This contains information on all of the Staff, both past and present. I look through it every now and then and chronicle the updates, haha! It is my goal to one day record all of KH-Vids’ history, and this is quite an excellent place to start.” He handed the girl the stylus, motioning with his hand for her to step up. Misty moved up to the iPad, hitting the “Current Staff” selection. Her mouth dropped with surprise when she saw the results.

    “Chevalier and Stardust, Super Moderators. Clawtooth, Jayn, Ienzo and Plums…Sectional Moderators?!” She could hear Amaury guffaw behind her, his laughter rebounding across the room.

    “The last four have been Sectional Moderators for a few months now. As for Chevalier and Stardust, they have been Super Moderators for an even longer amount of time; I believe since the middle of March. You almost sound surprised, haha.” Misty looked at the records. Her face was pale, yet the smile spreading across her face was warm.

    “Yeah, I guess you can say that.”


    A boy was running. He couldn’t feel the vinyl carpet beneath his feet; it was almost as if he were flying above it. A meeting had been called earlier, and he did not want to miss it. His open red zip-up hoodie flowed in the wind, the black shirt beneath it clinging to his person. A door came into sight, a stain glass imprint of Makise Kurisu lining the window. He sighed, too caught up in his stride to facepalm at the site. He pushed open the door with his left hand. A round table sat in the center of it all, fifteen chairs scattered around the perimeter. The boy took the remaining seat, sitting between a boy with a long pony tail and a girl whose hair was tied in a bob.

    “Nice of you to join us, Plums”. The man at the front of the table looked at him, his eyes darker than soot.

    “Sorry about that everyone, I got a bit busy helping Loxare with her story.”

    “It’s fine, Plums. No need to worry, lol.” A girl with a bandana over her head looked over to him, her Monkey Island shirt a pain on his eyes.

    “Anyway, what’s the sitch, RvR?” A boy to the right of the girl looked at the man, a hat with an image of a taco sitting idly upon his head.

    “Chev, first of all I never want you to say that ever again. Secondly, I want you all to be on your guard. Apparently, there’s been some…incidents happening around the city.”

    “What kind of ‘incidents’?” A girl sitting next to the boy with the ponytail looked up, her clawed fingernails tapping against the table.

    “Most of them have just been members getting riled up, mild damage to our Forum Modifiers, and some increased bot activity. However, I don’t think these are necessarily a bunch of freak accidents. I think something else is going on in the works here, something that I have a bad feeling about.”

    “Do you know what’s causing it?”

    “Not yet. That’s why I’m asking you guys to stay on guard. Chev, Wolfie and Star, you guys keep a check on the members. Sabby, Fork, Jayn, Claw, Enzy, Plums, Mixt, Mike and Ty, I want you to keep a closer eye on your sections.”

    “What about me?” A black haired girl next to RvR spoke up.

    “Misty, you, me and Tie are going to be checking over the Forum Modifiers. Make sure they’re doing their job. Also,” RvR leaned next to her, whispering in her ear.

    “I need to talk with you outside really quick. I don’t want the others to know about this yet.” She nodded. The pair stood up and walked out of the door.

    “I’m not sure how it’s possible, but the Registration Modifiers alerted me to someone with a similar IP structure to you registering today.”

    “What? How’s that possible?”

    “I’m not sure. But they may be the one causing it. There might be even more of them. Make sure you keep your guard up especially well.”

    “Do you know their username?”

    “Yeah, it’s.” Misty’s gaze shifted over to the city, the buildings before her eyes standing beautifully in the sunlight.

    “got it.”
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    Ohhhh Brother!!!! I love loved it!
    I’m in love <3 I was laughing my ass off when Ama came in… I just OMG couldn’t stop laughing xDDD He was just so Amaish xD
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    Ahh! This looks so super exciting. I'll be reading, for sure. I'm a bit glad this story isn't over yet.
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    You should read the story that comes before it if you haven't. Things will probably make more sense if you do.

    As for the story, I'm liking it so far. Nice to see that you're going to be writing in third person from now on. While the original's second person wasn't bad, it was odd at times and it felt weird to read personally. I can't wait for my entrance :B I'm also loving the name.
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    Broski... ;~;

    I'm loving this already. Your little bit with Zter, Makaze and Saxima was pretty realistic as well as mildly entertaining. I just hope you find the time in your schedule to make it as awesome, if not better than BotC.
  6. Jayn

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    Aha. Awww, Saxima and Makaze were adorable.

    But I have to admit...

    I laughed hysterically when Star used "Lol."

    Anyway, can't wait for more. Keep up the good work.
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    Omigosh Plumsy, my face . . .


    You did a great job though, and I love it~ I'll be looking forward to the updates from here on out. c:
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    Sorry. This story, too, must be perfect.

    put a hand to her hair

    she would not let such that happen- Uhh....rephrase?

    hand into her head-rephrase this too

    out of sight

    The trio turned around

    wore a head over his face-What?

    facepalm at the sight

    to yours registering

    Some minor things to touch up on. Otherwise, I'm loving it. The parts with Makaze and Saxima were just so cute. XD

    Lols. Only hold her hand if it won't make things awkward and if she wants to.
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    Near, far, Jafar.
    Just amazing.
    Once again I bow down to your writing skills dear~
    I can not wait until the next part of this epic saga <333333333
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    Yaaaaay a story where I am not the ***** queen!
    I very much enjoyed this Plums. <3 though wtf

    I think you really have come far as a writer though, you did a very lovely job of describing the city and all that was going on. Although I must admit that I was kind of picturing it as Coruscant, lol.

    I also liked the tiny digs at the members who appeared (monkey island shirt), haha.
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    *Adjusts glasses*

    I will keep reading if you keep posting. Good work.

    Oh, good, P's in this one-

    I visibly and audibly convulsed upon reading this.
    I have to remember to hold her hand in real life at some point.
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    Now on my list of subscribed threads.

    That bit with Retz made me crack up.

    Now I just have to find out how to be a bigger attention whore to get into this story.....
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    I have all of the questions. ALL OF THEM. Why is there a picture of Makise on the window??

    This is really well written, I want to see what happens next.
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    Chapter One: BotS and BanS

    “Is there anything else I can help you with?” Misty felt fingers wrap around her shoulder. She could feel Amaury standing behind her. She could feel his breath flow over the top of her head, escaping the door much like she wanted to herself. She had spent the past three hours with him, talking about her interests, aspirations in life, hopes, and dreams -- all of that jazz. Whenever she mentioned a musical group, he had asked her to describe their music, who they are; all in all, she found herself tired of sitting around. Even when it came time for her to describe Xiu Xiu, she couldn’t muster the joy she anticipated in spreading the godhood that is Jamie Stewart.

    “No thanks, I’ll try to find my way around on my own.” Misty slipped from the boy’s grip, descending into the streets below. She looked back at him, a look of dejection spreading across his face like a disease.

    “Though... if I need any help, I’ll be sure to drop by you first.” She flashed the boy a quick smile. Amaury’s eyes widened, delight pouring from them like a waterfall. It’s not like he’s a bad guy or anything, but I just don’t have time to goof around right now. Even if the DBE hasn’t done anything yet, that doesn’t mean it won’t soon. Misty turned away from Amaury, her eyes locked onto the world ahead of her. The smell of fresh plants, of baked goods, of hope -- wavered through the air, basking under the glow of an orb that still shined, still hung above the air.

    “I have to stop it soon, before this world is ruined too.”


    Screams poured in from her left. Misty could hear the clamor of feet before she even rounded the corner. According to the signs she ran into earlier, she was around the Creativity Corner, which, in her own timeline, was one of the few sections that suffered the most spam. However, spam in her KHV was never too big of a problem; it was simply some weeds that sprouted up on the ground, and removed by the Staff as they went along on patrol duty. In fact, most had known them as the “Gardening Squad”. But this was something she could not fathom.

    The source of noise ran into her. The members toppled on top of her body, forming some kind of misshapen human totem pole. She recognized a few of them; Gabr, Daxa, Feenie and some other faces she didn’t recognize.

    “Gabr, watch it! I don’t want to get caught by the spam before I get to see a Tim Curry concert!”

    “Excuse me miss, sorry, sorry.” Gabr looked down at Misty, his cheeks reminding her of budding roses.

    “What’s going on here?” They ran off without answering her, leaving her to the ground. Misty rose to her feet, brushing off her jeans as she heard a snap beside her. A hand cold to the touch grazed her arm. She jumped backwards in shock, almost tripping on her feet. A purple Heartless-esque creature stared at her, its eyes nothing more than flashing binary code.

    “What is this thing?” Misty gasped as two more followed behind it. They stared at her for a moment, as if she were some foreign germ. The one on the left jumped at her as she raised her fists.

    “I didn’t want to do this until I found the DBE, but...” Misty raised her hand into the air as a coconut smashed into the beast. It dispersed in a fog of purple smoke, the coconut lodged into the ground. Misty and the other creatures looked up. A boy landed to the ground on his feet. A black t-shirt rested on his torso, clashing slightly with his red shoes. Misty felt all the breath escape her in that moment, knowing the boy before he even turned around.


    “I leave to do something really quick and a bunch of Spam pops up.” He waved a hand over the two remaining creatures. Vines wrapped around them, squeezing their bodies like a stress ball. Their eyes popped out, their bodies fading into the same purple haze.

    “That was amazing.” Plums turned toward the girl, smiling. His grin was wide, the warmth of the motion overshadowing the slightly dulled teeth.

    “Thanks, but it was nothing. It was just some Spam, after all.”

    “That was spam?”

    “Yep. It only happens with some of the stronger Spam though. Typically it comes from repeat offenders, but...” Plums’ eyes traveled to where the Spam had come from. Misty could hear the shuffling of something within.

    “I think this one may be a bot.”

    “But bots aren’t that dangerous.” She covered her mouth as Plums began to laugh.

    “You newer members are a bit hilarious, I’ve got to admit. But to be serious, bots are pretty dangerous if they’re not handled in the right way. Typically, if we Sec. Mods find one along the way, we’re...” Plums inched his hand over to his pocket. He looked at the girl, sighed and retracted his hand back to his side.

    “But I am sure I can handle it.” He stepped forward, putting his right hand to the side of his mouth.

    “Hey bot! This is Plums, Sectional Moderator of the Creativity Corner! I demand you come out immediately or face permanent expulsion!” A whirling sound echoed through the street. It grew louder as a fan shaped arm hit Plums in the stomach. He reeled backwards, clutching his chest in pain. Misty watched, horrified, as it crawled out from its hiding place. It ‘s body was shaped like a regular human’s. But it’s face was completely metallic, shimmering within the sunlight. It had tentacles for arms, fans resting at each end. Plums struggled to his feet, staring at the monstrosity before him.

    “Get out of here! This is too dangerous!” Misty wanted to tell him to shut up and let her help him; but it wasn’t her place. If she helped, he would figure out her secret and bring her to the staff. And knowing herself, her alpha counterpart wouldn’t allow her to go after the DBE., wouldn’t allow her to avenge the KHV she came from. Misty clenched her fists as Plums was hit again, the bot smashing him into the side of a street sign. A small line of blood fell from Plums’ mouth as the bot closed in on him, the fans beginning to turn on. Plums stared at it, mumbling beneath his breath and motioning towards his pocket. The bot launched one of the fanned fists toward Plums as he threw a yellow star shaped marking into it. The star caught itself between the blades, halting the spinning. The bot began to shake its fist in frustration, the star remaining immobile. The bot raised the arm above the boy. As it fell, she could hear an aggravated voice pierce through the air:

    “What did I say about asking for help when you need it, child?” A chartreuse beam of energy stabbed through the bot. Three more beams penetrated its arms and legs, leaving it to hang like a scarecrow. It began to flail its arms, helpless, as a golden sphere bounced against its head. The bot began to light up in a bright gray light, turning into pure energy. The energy flew into the sphere, the whirring of the fans dying down. Plums rose to his feet, his head lowered to the ground as another man walked into the intersection. He wore a piece of armor over his arms and his left shoulder; a sword hilt lay sprawled behind his back. Misty stared at the new person, his brown eyes piercing any defense Plums hoped to put up.

    “You never answered my question, you know.”

    “What do you want me to say?”

    “Probably how much of an idiot you were being.”

    Alright, well, yes Chev, I am an idiot and could have been seriously hurt.” Plums’ eyes stayed glued to the ground. Chev sighed, placing his hand against his forehead.

    “You mean, you both could have been seriously hurt.” Chev pointed at Misty. The girl’s eyes moved between both of the people before her, ghosts of her past life, now fully alive and better than well. She had to hold back a tear as they continued to talk.

    “I’m disappointed in you.”

    “I thought I could--”

    “You know the protocol. The minute you see a bot, you are to use the Infraction Stars to alert us and bring our attention to it. Your powers are limited to spam control and infracting only. I’m not saying this to be abrasive Plums, but you need to learn your place.” Chev trailed off for a second, waiting for Plums to respond.

    “...I don’t want to see you get killed out here. Neither does Star or Misty or Claw; all of us want you -- and everyone else, to remain safe. This is your fifth month as a Sectional Mod, Plums. You’ve got a bright future ahead of you, kid. Don’t make it your last.” Plums looked up at him at last, his face flushed. He gave a small smile, and nodded to Chev.

    “I’ll try to keep that in mind next time. ...And thanks, Chev.” Chev smiled at the boy. He walked over to Misty, her eyes still shifting between the purple and red pair.

    “Sorry you had to see that, by the way. Hope you don’t get too deterred from remaining here a while longer.”

    “It’s fine, haha. It was my fault too. I mean, I saw a couple of people running past and I should have taken the cue from them.”

    “Which people?” Chev frowned.

    “I think one of them was named Gabr. And there was a girl with him that liked Tim Curry.” Chev put his hand against his forehead again, cursing under his breath.

    “Ugh, don’t tell me Voxli was involved again.” He glanced at Misty once again, regaining his composure. “Anyway, since you’re new here, and I think I saw you over by the Rules Forum earlier today, you should explore the site a little bit more. Get to know a few faces here or there.” Chev snapped his fingers twice, pointing over to Plums.

    “Plums, do you think you could”


    “here around?”

    “Yeah, sure. But what about Creativity and Lit? Claw said he went through quite a bit of spam earlier today and he asked me to finish up for him.”

    “Don’t worry about Creativity. I’ve been meaning to post a story for a while now, so I’ll stick around for a bit. I think Stardust is around in Lit somewhere, so don’t worry about that either. Just take a breather for a while, okay?”

    “I guess.” Plums shrugged, his face hosting the same wide grin once more.

    “Good. Now then, Cass here will need an introduction to the Forum. Personally I think you should pop into Forum Assistance and Suggestions, so she’ll know a bit more about the basics. You could also stop around Forum Families too.”

    “Implying it’s still alive.”

    “Well, you know Lulu.” Both of them laughed. Misty could recall the name; she had barely known Lulus_Moogle, but the girl had been quite an advocate for the Forum Families section. The alpha version is still probably, and hopefully, the same.

    “But yeah. Just give her a quick tour. I’m sure Sabby and everyone else is running around, so you may run into them. I think Misty’s somewhere near Forum Assistance right now, actually.” Misty could feel her heart skip a beat. The prospect of meeting her alpha self was something she did not want to risk -- at least, not right away.

    “Actually, I think someone named Amaury told me to go post an Introduction Thread?”

    “Ah, yes. How could I forget about the Intro section?”

    “I think a lot of people have never made a thread there. But anyway, sure, I’ll take you over by the Intro Section now. People should flock there pretty quick, so I guess that’ll get you noticed pretty quick.” Plums laughed.

    “Alright, so I guess I’ll take my leave of you two now. Don’t have too much fun together, kids.” Chev giggled as he walked off into the distance. Misty made a face to his back as Plums glared at him. When they saw the other one’s face, they laughed.

    “Anyway, I’ll get you over to the Intro Section now.”

    “Sounds good to me.” Plums walked ahead, the girl trailing directly behind her. Although the DBE was still fresh in her mind, hanging out with her friends once again was a feeling she refused to forget. Nor one she refused to lose, either.


    “Analyzing Member 006 -- Misty.” The computerized voice bounced throughout the room. Misty sat before the massive monitor, her eyes staring holes into the machine. Even though the secret Admin room in Forum Assistance had some of the fastest computers in the city, they were not going fast enough for her satisfaction.

    “Come on you lousy piece of poop.” She tapped her fingers against the screen. Normally she would never deface her technology, but she was too annoyed to care about machine rights. There was someone else in KHV with a similar IP Structure to her. If they figured out how to access the same areas she could...

    “Analyzing Member 60000 -- .” An image of the member pulled up on the screen; she had black hair, as opposed to Misty’s own dark brown color, but other than that they looked the same; same facial structure, same eyebrows, even the same creepy smile.

    “Results compiled. and Misty: 100% Identical.” The screen cracked the moment she hit it. It wasn’t a large crack, only about an inch wide. The only real crack, she thought as she wiped the glass off of her bleeding hand, was her fury. This “” was supposedly her down to the wire. And yet it wasn’t, because Misty, her hand caked with shards of glass and speckles of blood, was the only Misty. There was a chance it could be a bot, but for one to gain that much power...

    A beep on the monitor made her jump in her chair. A small text document reading “Re;” popped onto the screen. Misty clicked it, her right hand a flaming scarlet color. The document filled the screen, the letters written in a light blue font.

    Misty deleted the document without even making it past Ienzo’s name. She looked around her, the air charged with a foreboding that sent a shiver down her spine.

    “I don’t know what this means...but I do not like it. Not one bit.”
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    the void
    plums, hero of fruit
    also the forum families will exist as long as zhe axelrifics survive!!!!

    The plot thickens! I love how this is set up, and the way all these characters are working so far! Everyone is pretty true to themselves, from how I know them, at least. Not so patiently awaiting more.
  16. Heart ❤ Enjoy every moment with all ya got

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    Another good chapter Bro <3
    Lol P Trolls of Volts and Luxord Lord of Rice xD

    Wolfie hero of Fire the Hero should be uppercase but other then that thats all I saw <3

    Shall be awaiting the next chapter-and you reminded me- To Voxli I go~~~
  17. Makaze Some kind of mercenary

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    The Matinée
    You need to add the opening quote.

    I like it, but what makes you see P as a troll? Other than the obvious, I mean.
  18. ShibuyaGato Transformation

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    This is so good. I think it's only slightly more addicting than BotC though.

    I also love the little touches you added with the e-mail and the secret admin section.
    You got so many details here right and I can't wait for the next chapter.
    but why did KELLY get a title along with all the staff!?
  19. Plums Wakanda Forever

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    Plums: Answer Questions/Brief Overview

    Not an update, just answering some things.
    ...Though I am working on an actual update. >_>

    It was in fact the obvious that made me pinpoint him as the "Troll". *shot*

    But for a serious answer, I had been thinking of these titles for a while now -- in fact, around the time the BotC narrative sifted to Wolfie.

    Considering the porn section suggestion, his old Canned Reply, and dat test tube thread, it was obligatory.

    P did t- *shot*

    And it would probably take a while to give EVERYONE titles. xD
    I guess I can do that sometime today.

    Note to everyone: Do not post here asking for one, or it will be treated as spam and get a coconut to the face be deleted. If you want some place to, then spam up my VMs and remind me to do it there. :B

    Anyway, may/may not have the next chapter up today, if not tomorrow.

    Also, since it it getting to that point, I think i will start referring to beta!Misty in the story as simply Cass rather than Misty as I have been doing. If the two Mistys meet up...gog, that would be such a confusing dialogue.

    The alpha Misty will be referred to as Misty still, though.
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