Brand-New Worlds, PvP, and More Coming to Kingdom Hearts Union χ!

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    The Kingdom Hearts news just keeps coming this weekend! Thanks to KHInsider's Saken, we have some details on the future of Kingdom Hearts Union χ straight from D23 Japan!

    First off, player vs. player battles are coming this spring! Though they won't be real-time, they're bound to be pretty intense! The developers intend for this to be a Coliseum-esque game mode. Make sure to prepare your best Keyblade decks!

    Secondly, Union χ is going to start blasting forward with its main story very soon! This is bound to be especially exciting for players of the global version of the game, with the most recent events that transpired with the Dandelions...though we know from the Japanese version of the game that we still have a lot of Agrabah to get through first. But fear not! Once we get out of that desert for good, all Disney worlds in the game from there on out will be brand-new to the series!

    On the subject of story, this one goes out to all you Kingdom Hearts conspiracy theorists out there—the Ventus you encounter in the game? He's "that Ventus." Look forward to Kingdom Hearts III for some resolution on that front!

    That won't be the only link between Union χ and Kingdom Hearts III, either. Tetsuya Nomura says that the two games will be tied closely together, in something he calls Project Xtrace. We'll find out more later this year, apparently. But there's another, more literal tie between the two games—Kingdom Hearts III players will be able to access some kind of special surprise by connecting their game to Union χ!

    In addition to all this news, there's the previously reported crossover collaboration between Union χ and Final Fantasy Record Keeper. The collaboration also includes a special minigame that unlocks in-game rewards for players of both games, depending on the cumulative score players around the world achieve!

    What are you most excited for? Any new worlds you hope to see? What do you expect from the PvP mode? What are your crack theories for the story? Let us know in the comments below!

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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by tamale, Feb 10, 2018.

    1. ~Master Xehanort~
      ~Master Xehanort~
      Glad to see that they're opting to use new worlds from here on out. Wonder if this means we'll get to experience some of KH3's new worlds in Union X before exploring them in the actual game.
    2. Ability King KK
      Ability King KK
      We'd still have to finish Enchanted Dominion first after Agrabah, but I'm glad the game will finally continue. I look forward to seeing what NEW worlds will be added to Union X.

      Though I hope that one day, once the game is 100% complete, Union X will get rereleased on a handheld or console as Re:Union X. Have it play like an actual KH game, have all of the side stories (like collecting Gummi Blocks for Donald and Goofy) from the mobile version be actual side stuff, the medals can be collectables in the game that can grant prizes if you complete certain sets.