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    Hahahaha! It's that time once again, friends! Welcome back to Halloween Town! It's so wonderful to see you! It seemed like you lovely Keyblade-wielding folks enjoyed our dress-up fun last year, so I arranged for us to once again hold the Unchained C

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    (whisper whisper)

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    ...Sorry? "Union...Cross"? What's... Oh, never mind; that sounds silly! Welcome back to the Unchained Costume Spooktacular, everyone!

    As you might imagine if you've not participated before, this is a costume contest! We will have five categories for entry: Coolest Costume, Silliest Costume, Cutest Costume, Scariest Costume, and Strangest Costume! Dress up your avatar in Kingdom Hearts Union x to fit whichever category you want to enter, take a screenshot, and post your picture in the respective thread! Oh, but don't be lazy and just equip an existing costume set for your entry! We all know what those look like; put a little creativity and effort into your entries! Mix and match things up! You can only enter one costume in each category, but you can enter in as many categories as you'd like! You'll have from today until 11:59pm Pacific Time on October 28 to submit your costumes! And on Halloween night itself, October 31, the winners will be announced!

    You site members as a whole will be able to select their own winners by casting votes with Post Ratings! You can use a Like to give an entry one point, or a Creative to give an entry two points! Your votes are limited, however; you can only cast one Creative and two Like votes in each category! Costume voting will end at 6:00pm Pacific Time on October 31. While this goes on, we've rounded up five judges who will judge your entries as staff selections! Say hello, everyone!

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    Hello! It's lovely to see you again!

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    Arf arf!


    Heheheh! Got any candy for me?

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    Yes, yes, hello. Where did I leave that scalpel...?

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    Hi there!~ How's it going?​

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    Some of our judges may also be submitting costumes, but will only be eligible for the Member Selection, to keep things nice and fair. The top Judge and Member Selections in each category will win this handsome-looking pin to add to their collections!


    And let's be honest, who wouldn't want this lovely piece of memorabilia? Hmm?

    Remember, entries are open from today until 11:59pm PT on October 28! Use the 29th, 30th, and the beginning of the 31st to cast your votes! Put together the most perfect costumes you can and submit your entries here! I can't wait to see what you come up with!
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by . : tale_wind, Oct 18, 2017.