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    Here and There.
    ~Chapter One~

    The boy had skittishly walked up the hard cement steps of his new high school. The boy's name was Ryder and he was currently 17 years young. Ryder had moved in with him mum after his father had went to jail for yet the fifth time in one year for drug possession. It sickened Ryder to the core of his bones to think that someone can just sit around all day and smoke meth or snort cocaine. As you could probably tell, he was never the type to do drugs, and he planned to keep it that way.

    Ryder flipped his dark brown hair out from him pastel blue eyes and tightened his grip on his backpack strap. Starting a new school in the middle of the semester was never easy, especially when it seemed like every pain of eyes you passed was locked onto you like moths to light.It made him feel like more of an awkward person than he already was. So what if he was a new student, why couldn't they just let him be. He was human after all. At least at the end of the day. As of now, he was the 'New Kid.'

    "Ryder Mathews." The boy mumbled to the secretary in order for him to get his schedule and locker number.

    "Here you go." The petite women, who always had her long blonde hair straightened and pushed back with a simple black headband looked around the office. "Miss Jones should be in that room. She is going to be like your guide until you feel comfortable enough to find all your classes on your own. She seems to be a mirror image of you, quite odd actually, so we paired you two up." The blonde smiled and went back to her constant typing into the computer and taking every so often phone calls from faculty members or parents.

    Ryder walked back behind the desk into the room the women had instructed him on that would hold the girl in which would show him around. He was kind of nervous at first. Mainly because he was worried she might be the staring type. Most girls in his past had come onto him rather quickly for his looks, and it made him feel awkward all over again. Uncomfortable even. Another feeling he had deep inside was that this girl was going to be different. Let's hope his senses on this are right and he won't have to deal with a "freaky" girl.

    The boy slowly approached the cracked door and knocked lightly on it. There was a girl with thin, brittle, light brown hair that sat at the table, drawing in some sort of notebook. She seemed to be deep into the project, so Ryder had knocked again. The girl looked up this time and smiled softly.

    "You must be Ryder?" The girl asked in a hoarse tone.

    Ryder tried not to stare at the bony girl. Her skin was so ... transparent like. Her skin looked like it was tied back over her face and neck. Her collar bones were visibly in sight and she looked like a ghost. She must have been a ghost, and Ryder would have believe just that if she didn't get up and waver her bony hand over his eyes. Ryder turned a shade of red and shook his head.

    "I'm ... uhm ... I'm sorry ... Kind of tired ... Dazed." Ryder rambled, trying to come up with a logical excuse for his staring.

    "It's ok." The Ghost Girl smiled as if she was reading his mind. "A lot of people stare. It's ok though."

    Ryder cleared his throat uncomfortably and showed the Ghost his schedule. She looked over everything with close examination as if she were trying to even remember her own to see if they had any classes.

    "Well ... We have all but first seminar together. I might as well show you there." The Ghost smiled and somewhat "danced" out of the room. Her step was so light and it looked as if she were gliding. Ryder had tried not to stare at her lack of figure. Bones. That's all he could think of when he looked at the girl. And he felt sympathy for the girl, wondering how she had gotten in that stage to begin with.

    "Uhm ... Wait!" Ryder called after the girl. She turned in mid-step and looked back at him, raising her thin eyebrows.

    "Yes?" She asked curiously.

    "What's your name?" Ryder asked, weirdly hesitant.

    The Ghost giggled and looked behind her into the hall full of crowded students. "You will hear of me and when you do you might not think of me again. Don't worry. It happens all the time. Believe all the stories you want. But remember the key concept of story telling. There is their side. My side and the right side."

    Ryder was left speechless for a moment as the weirdly happy girl who looked in such bad shape danced into the hallway. He found the will to move after her as she guided him to his first class.

    One thing would be something he wouldn't be able to get off of his mind; Who is this Ghost Girl? And why was she in this sort of "abnormal" state?