'Big Hero 6' Producer interviewed about Kingdom Hearts III

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    Polar Tang

    Roy Conli, the producer of Big Hero 6 (which will be included in Kingdom Hearts III), was interviewed by film website, Collider, about various projects including Big Hero 6, Born in China (Disney's newest nature documentary), and Kingdom Hearts III.

    The following questions involving Kingdom Hearts III can be found down below and be sure to check out the rest of the interview here.

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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Heart ❤, Sep 2, 2017.

    1. Day~Dream
      Lmao, love this guy. Embraces his inner Xehanort.

      I really hope this experience with working on KH3 with the team inspires him to do a sequel for BH6 sometime in the future.
    2. Ability King KK
      Ability King KK
      Maybe if we're lucky the upcoming Big Hero 6 cartoon series will have a special episode with Sora. Both the cartoon and KH3 do take place after the movie, so it is a possibility.
    3. Sebax
      Oh great. Just what we needed. ANOTHER F***KING XEHANORT!
    4. Beep Boop
      Beep Boop
      LORD XEHANORT lmao that's good.

      Good to see these two wonderful teams of Big Hero 6 and Kingdom Hearts working together well to make a great, final product.