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    For the past eight years, fans (including myself) have dubbed many scenes, promos and trailers from Kingdom Hears 2 Final Mix+, 358/2 Days, Birth By Sleep, Re:Coded, and 1.5 HD Remix. Our goal is to release a couple of scenes or trailers (originally Japanese) and dub it in English before it's official release in North America and Europe. It's a way to hold fans over until the title releases. For years, I've been casting members from here, KH-Vids, KHInsider and KH-recharged. We have well over 80 videos and growing daily.

    We're currently looking for an Aqua. We're also known for original scripts. We create original stories with most of the characters from the series. We keep the storyline the same, but we extend the "what if" scenario. For an example, what would Aqua tell Ventus and Terra after ten years being trapped in the realm of darkness? This is where the characters communicate telepathically.

    Examples of our work can be found below.

    Line 1: I can't help it! You two would make the weirdest brothers.
    Line 2: I made us good luck charms.
    Line 3: Somewhere out there, there's a tree with star shaped fruit. And the fruit represents an unbreakable connection.

    * I'm looking for someone who sounds like Willa Holland.

    If you join, you must be active. We also need to stay in contact.

    The deadline will be set for Thursday, August 7th. This can change.

    Please send the lines as an MP3. Please do not file it as .rar or winzip. Simply attach the two clips as single mp3 clips.
    Save the lines as aqua_username_line1.mp3

    When you send the email, please include your first name, username, short bio and your lines.

    All auditions must be sent to me at

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing the auditions.
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Mike, Aug 4, 2015.