Ask out best mates ex who he JUST broke up with?? BIG PROBLEM complicated PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Help with Life' started by rIkUsBlaD3_999, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. rIkUsBlaD3_999 Merlin's Housekeeper

    Mar 1, 2008
    Twilight Town
    My best mate was goin out with a girl, who I happen to really really like..We fell out for a bit but we made up and everything was okay - i was nearly over it...

    Then about a month ago she told me she really liked me in THAT way, more than HIM, and i was really happy... but then she changed her mind that weekend.

    I got over that, and i was alright...then she told me it again recently..and we snogged..WHILST she was goin out with my best mate. we all had a giant argument but she settled with the story that she didnt love me and it was all a mistake - she loved he forgave me, becos it was mainly her fault..and they got back together....

    Then yesterday, they broke up, because he said she didnt trust him blah blah...and he told me he broke up with her for me, so everything could go back to the way it was before...cos since we met her our friendship has just been messed up...

    But i still really like her. I like everything about her, and i really really wanna ask her out. Quite a lot of my friends want me to, including someone very close to both my best mate and the girl...but i'm not sure i should..
    Theres also of her ex's also wants to ask her out...but he doesnt know the news yet, and i think maybe i should just catch her on the rebound and get her straight away..see how it goes...also, i think the main reason she changed her mind after i is cos i kissed her really badly, because my mouth was incredibly dry and i was really if i could kiss her well, straight might work out...

  2. DarknessKingdom The Kingpin of the TV

    Sep 30, 2006
    Dude, it sounds the relationship is based on satisfying a need. Not a need for a partner but for just making out. You should ask yourself; do you seriously want to be in a relationship like that? Have you heard the saying 'love is blind'? Do you really 'like everything about her'? If she backstabbed your friend, who's not to say she wont do the same to you? Do you really know her as well as you think you do? If you like her so much then you wouldn't manipulate her when she's just gotten out of relationship and attempt to make yourself a 'better kisser'.

    You know the more I read your post, the more I think you just want her, not because you like her as a person.
  3. Catch the Rain As the world falls down ♥

    Apr 2, 2007
    The Labyrinth
    To be honest love, I would advise going near this girl in that way. She is clearly quite fickle and doesn't seem to have much care of other's opinions from the way she has treated both you and your friend. It sounds more like you want her because you can't have her, plus the competition makes her more appealing.

    In the long run I think this would only cause more trouble for you. I think instead you should concentrate on getting your friendship with your friend back on track.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    Also, don't kiss your friend's girlfriend/boyfriend in future, that is just a huge NO D:
  4. daxma Hei Long: Unrivalled under the Heavens

    May 14, 2007
    Ireland somewhere
    You like don't you???If thats the case then ask her out.Screw your so called friend.You
    Like her and thats it.If stops being your friend then he wasn't really your friend.I asked one
    of my friends ex and we are still friends.She's actually his friend aswell because of me.
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