[APRIL FOOLS] Kingdom Hearts 3: "Project <3"

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    Square recently held a private conference at GDC with some news we think you guys are really going to flip over! We haven’t got all the details yet but this seems to finally be it—Kingdom Hearts 3!

    kh3_phonepic.jpg kh3p3log.jpg

    • Release sometime after KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX
    • Production has been going on in secret for a while now
    • Codename “Project <3”
    • Rumored locations:
      • Agrabah, a Kingdom Hearts classic at this point
      • Andy’s Room, from Disney & Pixar’s Toy Story. Buzz and Woody models were found in Kingdom Hearts II (though they were unused), so it’s unsurprising the next numbered Kingdom Hearts title will feature them!
      • More Pixar worlds are hinted to appear
    • The title will feature Sora, Riku, Donald, and Goofy as main party members (no word on whether the previous three character limit will be adjusted). Kairi is rumored to be a playable character but little is known about the role she’ll play.
    • New Final Fantasy characters from XII and XIII will make cameos
    As some of you guys are probably aware Square is going through some tough financial times—the announcement and development of Project <3 does seem very sudden, so I was skeptical at first, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were going to try to put out some titles they know will sell well in order to make up for losses.

    The big question is, though: PS3? PS4? Multi-platform?

    Whatever it is, this is the biggest news we've had in years!

    Source: Eyes on FF, KHWorld
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Misty, Mar 31, 2013.

    1. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩

      I am literally jumping up and down right now! I can't wait until it's released!
    2. 61
      Wow, this is unexpected. Here I was thinking it was a normal day and we get this kind of news.

      How sweet, "project <3", love it.

      Interesting that development has been going on in secret, they must have really been keeping it under wraps.

      Released sometime after 2.5 puts is at a lot closer release date than I was expecting.

      Loving the rumored FFXII characters appearance. Was really not expecting that, though XIII characters is not surprising at all.

      Not sure how I feel about Pixar, but this isn't surprising at all because of the Toy Story models we already knew existed. I just hope they keep it limited to the ones that are closely tied with Disney.

      Anyway, I will need time to take this in, this is all so sudden.

    3. Arch
      Lol. Until my calendar reads April 2nd I'm going to assume this is a prank. Square can't be trusted.
    4. Amaury
      Any information on what the gameplay will be like?

      Will it be like in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II where, for example, Donald and Goofy (and world character if available) are CPU-controlled and such?
    5. Misty
      It could just be weird timing--this is also the 10th anniversary of their merger.
    6. Anixe
      Well, I'm certainly <3-ing this announcement.

      But alas, I shall wait patiently for more details.

      Edit: Well, now realizing that it's the end of March and all... still keeping my eyes peeled.
    7. DuelRoxas16
      I am speechless i cant even sit still im pacing around my room right now smiling like a fool
    8. Krowley
      Aww, I was gonna post it...
      Nice to see they finally got into the Pixar possibilities like Nomura wanted. Really excited to hear more on this and I doubt it's KH3, but anything that moves forward is always good!

      Awesome news Misty!
    9. Guardian Soul
      Guardian Soul

      I want to believe this is true but I'm going to remain skeptic for now. Didn't Square say that they wouldn't start on KH3 until Versus XIII was done? If this is true, I guess Versus XIII will be announced soon.
    10. tamale
      ...This would be a mean April Fools' prank, because this actually has me really excited because I can see it actually happening. >:|

    11. Sumi
      aaaaa how very exciting!! i can't wait for more news! eargerly awaiting articles to translate for y'all lol 8)
    12. Applepiegirl222
      :D Yay! Finally news on KH3!
    13. reptar
      Sounds like an April Fools joke
    14. RifleRiku
      Guardian brought up a good point. I want to believe it but if Versus XIII isn't announced soon it's gotta be an April Fools Joke. Unless for some odd reason they decided to work on this at the same time.
    15. Plums
      Well, at this point, counting only FFXIII and KH entries, Square's released 5 Kingdom Hearts games and 3 XIII games (2 more than anyone ever planned >:LLL). If they'd keep putting KH3 off until after Versus XIII is finished, we'd probably not see it for a while, which would defeat the hype train that's getting started again because of the HD remakes.

      It'd be an even worse than usual business move from Square not to release KH3 before Versus at this point.
    16. Miles
      I hope this isn't part of an April fools joke becuase there's only 2 days left...
    17. sonicfan23

      Well this is just AWESOME! I hope this isn't an april fools joke. That would stink!
    18. benjizz
      FINALLY!!!!!!!!! I have been literally waiting 6 years...6 BLOODY years !!!for something like this geez i am so happy!!:) WHY ???WHY THE **** Agrabah tough i have been there 3 times already!!!Ain t anybody got time for that!
    19. A Zebra
      A Zebra
      meh, I'll wait for E3 when Square actually announces something rather than focus on an april fool's joke