(April fools) KHV's Top 10 Most Wanted KH3 Disney Worlds

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    KHV's Top 10
    ~Most Wanted KH3 Disney Worlds~
    Disney has offered us many selections to choose when it comes to possibilities for Kingdom Hearts worlds. From the early 1900s to today, Tetsuya Nomura is able to pick and choose between 100 years of history along with the ever growing franchise that Disney continues to buy. Below are the top 10 choices your community has mustered up for you!

    #10) Frozen
    Votes: 4
    Average Ranking: 7.0

    Haha, very funny guys. This one is probably the least likely on the list, having no real value in the Kingdom Hearts universe. What's Sora meant to do here anyways, build a snowman? Luckily the rest of the list has better possibilities.​

    #9) Howard the Duck
    Votes: 4
    Average Ranking: 6.3
    With Disney's purchase of the Marvel universe, many new possibilities came into play. One such franchise is the ever so popular "Howard the Duck." Why bother with tightly clad superheros when you have a duck filled world with social satire around every corner. We haven't seen a lot of him since his 1986 film, but Kingdom Hearts could be just what this character needs to get back out there.

    #8) The Mighty Ducks

    Votes: 4
    Average Ranking: 3.0

    A heartwarming classic about a out of work lawyer who has to teach some zany kids about the fundamentals of hockey. The possibilities are endless as Sora and company can join up with Coach Bombay and help the Mighty Ducks achieve hockey greatness! In my opinion, it's a way better choice than Frozen. Seriously guys, does Frozen even have Emilio Esteves?

    #7) Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

    Votes: 5
    Average Ranking: 4.0

    The sequel to one of the greatest Disney films of all time, Papi and Chloe now have 5 new pups, where nothing is proving easy. With plenty of romance, laughter and even a bank heist, there is plenty to explore and many family lessons to learn.

    #6) Planes

    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 6.5​

    Dane Cook as a plane. Endless possibilities! The above is possible concept art for what Donald Duck could look like as a plane. I don't know about you guys, but I'm sold!

    #5) Beverly Hills Chihuahua

    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 5.5

    Many BHC fans I see. This classic tale surrounds Chloe; a pampered dog who gets kidnapped and must escape the many dangers of Mexico to get back to her owner. A simple plot, but the journey alone is worth the watch. It may not fit into the story as well as it's sequels, but it's a nice story nonetheless.

    #4)Dog with a Blog

    Votes: 6
    Average Ranking: 5.2

    Disney Channel has had a lot of stinkers in the past with Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb, but Dog with a Blog, helps bring it back. Never before has such involving plot and well written scripts kept the viewer interested in what happens next! A talking dog story may sound old hat, but Stan knows whats what. A dog with the ability of speech, the humor never ends. Not being much of a good battle partner, he could perhaps make a good summon, distracting lower enemies with his amazing ability of being able to talk.

    #3) Mars Needs Moms
    Votes: 7
    Average Ranking: 5.6

    An unfortunate box office flop, this motion capture film bankrupted the studio, but not without touching a few hearts though. Mars needs Moms follows Milo; a boy sick of his own mother. Wishing she would go away, he gets his wish when Martians try to abduct her. Tagging along for the ride, he has to get her back to Earth for fear of what they could do to her. Plenty of new environments to explore, it's a shock Kingdom Hearts hasn't already incorporated it.

    #2) The Star Wars Holiday Special

    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 5.9

    Nothing says its the holiday season like Star Wars. While we haven't seen much of the franchise in Kingdom Hearts, plenty of characters have been inspired by it. Heck, the keyblade is practically a lightsaber equivalent. But the Christmas special would be the best storyline to incorporate here. Han Solo and Chewbacca plan to celebrate Life Day on Chewy's home planet of Kashyyyk, but getting home in time for the holidays proves to be a bigger task than expected. Plenty of space battles, this could be the best chance for Sora to use the keyglider and fight alongside the millennium falcon! Praised very intently by @Misty

    #1) Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3

    Votes: 11
    Average Ranking: 4.8

    Was there ever any doubt? The sequel that surpassed the first two, there should be no excuse for this film not to be next in the series! With triple the action and family fun from the first, I don't even need to explain why this needs to happen. I mean let's be honest, I'm pretty sure everyone on earth has seen this film. And by everyone, I mean probably very little. I have never seen any of the films and didn't even bother searching up detailed premises, so I hope you enjoyed this little April's Fools countdown because it hurt so much writing it. Look forward to the actual list later on this week!

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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Apr 1, 2014.

    1. Sebax
      Add one more vote for Howard the Duck! I need more variety in my Party of Ducks. Can you imagine running around with two ducks, side by side? OMG 4 REALZ! #votehoward #2dux1key
    2. super_rocker_90
      i have a feeling its april fools lol btw what the hell is up with this adult cat finder on the site ????
    3. Allen Tor
      Allen Tor
      Up until Dog with a Blog I thought you were being serious. I shall now go sit in the Corner of Shame.
    4. Shuhbooty
      Oh wow, I'm very surprised at this list! Only one animated movie is listed. >>
    5. Railos
      This makes no sense to me, guess I should've voted, but how the heck did some of these get in here. I can't even begin to imagine how this will work. Anyway, this is a really surprising list.
    6. Shuhbooty
      Thats what i said as well. It's... interesting. I'm surprised Frozen didn't make number one also.
    7. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Very...interesting list. Do I detect fury behind your words, Krowley?
    8. Twero
      DARN! I'm late!
      But Howard the Duck and Planes worlds would be a genious idea! Everybody from old school would insta-buy the game. :p
    9. Ienzo
      And here I thought the orginial Beverly Hills Chihuahua would win! I am shocked xD

      In all seriousness, I suspected foul play here >:3 good, subtle April fools joke Krowley xD I look forward to actually seeing the list.
    10. tamale
      Krowley, you fiend. I don't know how I didn't expect something like this. XD

      Nicely done, friend. Can't wait to see what the real results are, though. :P
    11. Zeroxys
      Dog with a blog & beverly hills chihuahua? no thanks thats just outright stupid as hell. all the beverly hills movies were stupid & dog with a blog is ungodly unbearable. Give me back Deep Jungle & add Toy Story. thatll be suffice with everyone im sure.
    12. O.KnightofTwilight
      Yeah, I don't hate dog with a blog, but it's not better than Phineas and Ferb, and it would be terrible in Kingdom Hearts.

      As for what you put under Frozen; that movie was practically made with KH in mind. It might not be in KH3, but I would be surprised if it wasn't in a KH game in the near future.

      So this was a very well done April fools joke. Good job Krowley.:)

      EDIT: Oh yeah, and putting any Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie is pushing it. Nevermind all three.
    13. Loxare
      Two animated movies. Frozen and Mars needs Moms.
    14. Krowley
      Hope this was enjoyed, because as I said, every word hurt to write :)
      Actual results should be up this weekend. Feel free to look at the current topic to keep your mind occupied!