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    Hello, friends!
    Welcome to Apherosy's Lesson on ShibayanRecords.
    In commemoration of Shibayan's release of the latest remix album "Disco Metric," today we will be learning about Shibayan in general.
    ShibayanRecords is a Circle that makes mostly Touhou Music. And Touhou music, as you know, is fantastic.
    Although Shibayan did make a Miku Hatsune album before anything Touhou related, titled "Sugar Particle", which in of itself is addicting and fun to listen to, we will focus on the Touhou aspect in today's lesson.
    Shibayan's Circle usually only consists of Shibayan, but is also sometimes accompanied by 831 and a variety of other artists on the "TOHO BOSSA NOVA" series, with reappearing singers 3L, yanagiri, Chie Fukami, and my all time favourite Nachi Sakaue.

    Let us begin with the first Touhou Album, an "Assortment of Sense". This album was produced by Shibayan and 831 exclusively, I believe. Only one song actually has vocals, which will change in due time as in the newer albums, instrumental songs are the minority.
    Our only singer on this album is longtime ShibayanRecords singer 3L, who has a super high-pitched voice that's so freaking adorably cute like oh my god. The song Gap Paradise, is equally cute. A remix of Yukari Yakumo's theme Necrofantasia, the lyrics include the singer musing about how cute Chen is.
    > Gap Paradise Ft. 3L
    The rest of the album itself is very...magical sounding, if I could pick a word to describe it.
    You can tell from just songs fof and Welcome to the Owen House that the music seems chimey and fragile like glass, yet impossible not to dance to.
    > fof
    > Welcome to the Owen House

    The album Crystal Stone featured all but one songs from the game Subterranean Animism.
    Though personally, the album is my least favourite, it still has one of my favourite piano pieces I've ever heard.
    > The Former Deserted Hell

    The next album, Kiseki Impulse ~ Emotional Feedback is 100% Shibayan, and where the benchmark addictive Shibayan sound finally appears.
    Filled with heavy "Nu-Electro" beats and beautiful singing by Chie Fukami, 3L and yana, it is definitely the first stellar ShibayanRecords album.
    Just listen to how impossibly catchy this instrumental of the often over-remixed UN Owen Was Her?:
    > CRASH ME!
    And no ShibayanRecord album is worth mentioning unless you bring up the A+ 3L track, in this case, a very synth heavy beat.
    > That Which You Wish For Ft. 3L

    Otome Cute goes back to the quality of the first album, with more light and catchy songs rather than heavy synth ones.
    The highlight for this album is a fun remix of Patchy's beloved theme, Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room.
    > His, Her, and My Story Ft. yana

    And now we come to my favourite album personally, Kokoro Vibration.
    Here we hear the heavy synth that I so love from Shibayan with extremely ~sexy~ singing by all of the featured singers.
    > Thorn Castle Ft. Chie Fukami
    > The ABC's of Floral Ft. yana
    > Candle Magic Age of 11.3 Ft. 3L
    > Rabbit Explosion Ft. Nachi Sakaue

    If you only listen to one album, and if you love dead sexy singing voices, this is the album for you.
    That scream in Candle Magic. Oh, my! Gets me every time. How 3L can scream but stay in perfect pitch is beyond me.

    Speaking of sexy singing, the album Musou Materialise also features another sexy singing song.
    This album is pure heavy Nu-Electro synth. Not a single risk was taken with this one, I think, and it honestly pays off.
    > I Don't Need Any Oznei Haman Anymore Ft. yana
    That "ow" at the end of the second part. So fun~
    Also, Nachi Sakaue is back with her own Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room remix.
    > Cinderella is a Magician Ft. Nachi Sakaue
    Patchy's theme is my favourite in terms of seeing how well they can be turned from the original into something wild.

    (Now, I said this specific post would be about Shibayan in general, but I'm going to skip the Bossa Nova albums for now.)
    After two Bossa Nova/Light Jazz albums, Shibayan returned to the Nu-Disco/Electro basics with an album that parodies Nosia's Split the Atom with Magico Catastrofe.
    The album itself features what is known as Shibayan's most popular song, a remix of Rumia's theme A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry.
    > Fall in the Dark Ft. yana
    Coindentally, the album features my favourite ShibayanSong by the sweet sounds of Nachi Sakaue.
    > Rain Lira Lira Ft. Nachi Sakaue
    And you can't go anywhere without that standout 3L song, another remix of Patchy's wicked theme.
    > ・-・・ --- ・・・- ・ - Ft. 3L
    It's morse code for LOVE. Aww <3

    That's it for today's lesson, but later I will get into the beautiful Bossa Nova and Jazz sounds of Shibayan that riddle a few albums, and all ofthe Myon's you can handle.