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    Jul 23, 2011
    A Fire Inside​

    Any AFI fans here?

    Burials is my favorite AFI album. When I first listened to Crash Love I didn't like it, thought it was kinda bland, but man was I wrong. Crash Love is great. Decemberunderground is alright, if not a little disjointed. There are some songs that seem very out of place and detract from the atmosphere of the record, something AFI normally does masterfully. I still can't get into Sing the Sorrow that much. I may come around to it like I did with Crash Love, though. Before this past year, I only listened to Burials and December and a little Art of Drowning, but I've since been listening to a lot of their older stuff as well and really liking it. What's more, David is a great personality and one of my very favorite people in music. I have immense admiration for the ideals he openly subscribes to. (It's also very cool that he was an English major.) Great band all around.
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    Sep 16, 2008
    I like them and I've seen them live once but I'm not a fan per se. I'm not up to date with their newest work, I think. My favourite songs are "Medicate" and "Girl's Not Grey".