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    • One account per member. This means that an account may not be shared by multiple people, nor may one person control multiple accounts. If both you and your friend would like to be a part of KH-Vids, you both must create accounts. Sharing accounts for any period of time will have consequences, ranging anywhere from a small temporary ban to a permanent ban.
    • If you have forgotten your password or login details, contact an Administrator and we can help.
    • Creating a new account because you do not like your username or you would like a fresh start is not allowed; if you would like to change, simply change. Usernames can be changed after 300 posts and five months of membership for normal members; for Premium members, every two weeks. If your username contains personal information (e.g. your full name), a username change will be permitted without the requirement.
    • Sharing accounts with a banned member is expressly forbidden.
    • Members are reminded that the staff (and the rest of the site, unless you change your privacy settings) can view visitor messages. Follow the rules you would when you are posting in threads; your messages are still public.

    Due to our shift in forum software from vBulletin to XenForo last year, "Reputation" has been replaced with the "Likes" system. As such, there are quite a few substantial changes to the system:
    • If you are a returning member from the vBulletin days, the current number of Likes you have is based on the number of times you received Reputation on vBulletin. Reputation comments were, unfortunately, lost in this process.
    • Members now have the ability to "Like" the post of another member. This function the same as Reputation, but rather than everyone having their own point value (e.g. Misty can give/take 45 Reputation Points, and libregkd can give/take 12 Reputation Points), the value of any one member's Like, regardless of join date, posts, Likes, and ranking, is the same -- 1 Like.
    • There is no way to currently give out "negative Likes".
    • The staff is currently looking into upgrading Likes into a more expanded system. While this may not be done for some time, you can read more about the system we are considering by clicking here, and be sure to look out for updates as they come!
    • Registered members are only allowed one image in their signature; Premium members are allowed two. In the case of multiple sprites/small images in a signature, it may be interpreted on a case by case basis, but a staff member has the right to request removal if they deem it excessive. Click here to see an example of a small sprite.
    • Your entire signature (including images, text, etc.) may not exceed a length of 500 pixels and a width of 700 pixels. Click here to see an example of a signature of the maximum size.
    • Embedded videos are not allowed in signatures, even if they are hidden under spoiler tags.
    • Only one .GIF (moving image) is allowed per signature. Said .GIF may not exceed 1000KB for Registered Members, and 1200KB for Premium Members. We also ask that you take other members into consideration and do not use images that flash or move rapidly.
    Content rules also apply to signatures; exceedingly violent or sexual signatures are not welcome. For more in depth information, please read more here:
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