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    Apr 15, 2008
    Final Wish

    Even though I know I have to
    I'm not ready to let you go just yet
    Once I tell you how I feel you'll disapear
    I close myneyes and see you taking off
    All I see is the plane taking you away from me
    I don't know if you'll ever come back
    You don't know if you'll make it to your destination
    We don't know what we'll do to survihgve another lonely night
    I'd give up everything to have you here with me

    The years have slowly been passing by
    I gave up long ago hoping that you might return
    I lay here on my death bed
    I wait for you to rush in
    There's nothing more I want than for you to be the last thing I see
    But my eyes close and you never came
    What a waste of a final wish I made

    Sound is empty and hollow inside my head of scattered thoughts
    No news no updates about you
    Somehow a sign will be revealed
    Good or bad I just need to know
    We could've made it work somehow
    The best memories are the ones we never got to share
    You never did understand why we were together
    There's not enough time to explain
    If only time had stopped and made you decide to stay

    Repeat chorus

    Only now do I think of what my final words to yu should've been
    Keep me in the back of your mind
    Don't deny don't deny the forces keeping us far apart
    Don't forget don't forget how you once felt about me
    Everything around me is dying with you gone
    I dont get to be an exception

    Repeat chorus

    Its kinda about loving someone but they have to leave and you never had a chance to see if you could have a future together. You wait your entire life for them to.come back but they never do. Suddenly, you're on your death bed and all you want is to see them before your eyes close for the last time. But it turned out to be a waste of a widh because your eyes close, never to open again, and they never showed up
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    Apr 15, 2008
    Ok I'm bored so I'll post another


    Don't turn off the light
    I'm afraid of the dark and the night
    Its not the same as during the day
    Everything changes when the sun and moon trade places in the sky
    There's no telling what could be lurking in the shadows
    How could you leave me alone like this?
    What are you planning tonight?

    I keep hearing noises outside a closed door
    Its too hot to close the window
    The screen can only keep away so much
    Can anyone help me put my fears to rest?
    Probably but I know they'd betray me too

    This would be so much easier if I could fall asleep
    The problem is I'm not even safe then
    Instead of dreams all there are are nightmares
    There's no such thing as a good night sleep anymore
    The answer to why has to be around here somewhere
    Too bad I'm afrqid to look
    You left too soon and I'm about to find out why

    Repeat chorus

    Of course I stupidly trusted you
    Worst mistake I could've made
    No turning back now thanks to you
    Suddenly my eyes fly open
    I break down in tears finding out it wasn't real
    There's noone here to protect me

    Repeat chorus

    About being afraid of the dark. Idc how old I get.the darkness is freaky!