A small preview of My KINGDOM HEARTS 3 story

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  1. Love Kingdom Keeper

    Dec 14, 2006
    In a world where the sunset casts slender shadows
    It start's back on Destiny Islands where Riku is celebrating his 17th birthday along with Sora and Kairi. The party seems to be going great when suddenly Riku has some flashbacks of a lonely girl sitting in a dark room with a white rose in her hands & crying.Riku suddenly starts to feel dizzy and hits the ground. Riku wakes up and finds Sora in front of him yelling his name. Riku jumps up and says white winged ! Sora says "What are you taking about? You just blacked out man !" And Kairi runs over and says", It's getting late, We should hit the sack Riku." After saying their goodbyes the went back to their homes. Riku later has a dream about the girl he seen in his vision. He finally remembers who she is. Angels are calling, and the holes are lighting ......