A List of X-Blade users

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    Given Xehanort's obbsession with X-Blade, I decided to attepmt to gather a list of possible X-Blade users. So far the list would include:

    Ventus and Vanitas The obvious choice, pure light, pure darkness.

    Terra and Aqua They're not pure light and darkness, but they could make one, given both Aqua's giant amount of light, and Terra's large amount of darkness. Perhaps Braig wanted them to make a X-Blade and mess with Xehanort's plans? Food for thought.

    Riku and Kairi OR Vanitas and Kairi Not exactly possible, but kairi is a princess of heart, and has no darkness. You just need enough darkness to match that, and you have a X-blade.

    Roxas and Vanitas Roxas is like Ven, alhough he is a nobody. Throw anything at him, and he'll fight beyond death to win. Add Vanitas? You would have a very unstable X-Blade on your hands.....

    Did I miss someone?