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    Lost in the Rockies
    Day 3, 9:15 a.m.

    The winding dirt path swayed further ahead, skidding around low hanging palm branches. The sounds of the beachfront slowly dissolving into the distance.

    The members trudged deeper as tropical birds chirped and danced among the tree line. A flashbulb lit up the path causing Coco, Michael and Vakh87 to turn.

    Mexony giggled as she analyzed her cell phone. “Awesome, I got the parrot!â€

    A breeze chased from behind, causing the leaves to shake; sending Fearless racing past the group. “Don’t let them touch me, those geckos will never take me ALIVE!!!â€

    Michael smirked and returned to walking forward, each step the group took, the beating of drums grew in intensity. “Come on gang, it’s obvious that we aren’t alone here.â€

    They trudged on, as nature watched from above and below. Hidden amongst a low hanging palm branch, a lone parrot sat perched gazing down the path. A mechanical whirl emanated as a telescoping lens expanded from its eye socket.

    On a view screen beneath the graveyard, Sebax grinned, as he adjusted a controller as he zoomed in on the group as they vanished into the islands heart.

    9:25 a.m.

    Base raced east, crossing a wooden bridge and delving into the world of tomorrow. The buildings housing the rides seemed unfamiliar, but his feet refused to stop, relying on the countless times he had trodden this path back on Earth. As Base ran, the device in his pocked chimed and began spewing forth more information.

    Welcome to Tomorrowland, home to possibility and technological marvels. Perhaps thrills are more your speed, if so make sure to check out Space Mountain; a roller coaster that is out of this world. Race against family and friends at the Piston Cup Autopia or enter Star Command and battle alongside Buzz Lightyear as he combats the evil Emperor Zerg. No matter your taste, Destiny Island calls to you.

    Base skidded to a stop, unsure if he had just heard what his device had stated.

    A Disney World exclusive, travel with Sora, Riku and Kairi as they fight Heartless and try to reclaim their world. This is one roller coaster you can’t miss.

    “No blanking way.†Base geeked until his eyes saw his goal unfolding before him: Stitch's Great Escape, home to Alien Encounter back on Earth before the Disney Imagineers decided a milder ride was more suitable. Base walked toward the rides entrance. This rendition was also taller than its earth counterpart, resembling some sort of Galactic Council Headquarters from the Lilo and Stitch movies. Ever so cautiously, Base entered.

    It was pretty much the same inside as the one on earth. Television screens littered the ceiling, and soon all clicked to life the moment the heavy doors wheezed shut. Captain Gantu appeared in all his glory and began speaking directly to Base, staring him down with beady eyes.

    "Halt, intruder!" He threatened.

    Base chuckled nervously. "I'm not an intruder, I just came for the Dunkin' Donuts advertised outside!" Base lied. Gantu didn't seem to fall for it either.

    "Nice try, Earthling. We only order Banbury Cross donuts for our meetings. The one you call Dunkin gives the Koswanian Baron gas." Gantu added disgustedly.

    "What's so wrong with that?" Base asked interested.

    "You try working towards inter-galactic peace while a leader from a planet of Fire-beings nearly blows the entire council chamber down." Gantu bellowed darkly.

    "Ouch." Base added accordingly.

    "Now leave Sector B before I am forced to annihilate you for attempting to steal important data!" Gantu ordered, and Base could hear the click of a firearm directly behind him, the barrel of a laser blaster on the end of an extendable, robotic arm pointed at the rear of his head.

    Base, looked behind him at the door. What he saw in bold white letters above the doorway caused him to question something. He raised his arms to signal defeat, but spoke almost confidently back to the many screens as they watched his every movement.

    "I'm in section A, Captain." Base spoke congeniality.

    Gantu looked over Base's head and indeed saw the Earth boy was right. He immediately lost his own confidence, looking quite confused and sounding quit different than his usual tempered self. "Then who's escaping right now to-"

    "AHA!" Came a high-pitched voiced from the door leading onward. He was quite pint-sized, with pearly white hair, long ears, a squat body, and a red flowing cape above a puff-ended tail on his backside. He also happened to be carrying a fair amount of sheets of paper written in prints hard to read for human eyes.

    "A Gerbil?" Base asked jokingly, his arms still raised since the arm behind him had not deactivated.

    Base knew very well who the small-type freak was. Dr. Jauque VonHamsterveil. Self-proclaimed evil hamster genius of the entire galaxy. Little did the Evil hamster know, he wasn't really anybody's type of anything.

    Base's question sparked frustration, as planned, and Hamsterveil began pounding at the ground with his feet in aggravation. "Hamster! HAMSTER!" He fumed.

    "He's right, you know. You do look like a Gerbil." Came Gantu's voice from the screens.

    "Well, you former fish-headed minion, it happens to be a birth defect I was born with a longer tail and a puffball at the end." Hamsterveil cursed back angrily. "It runs in my family." He then pulled a picture of a family of beings who looked just like him, except one with long blonde hair and the other with a mustache, and Hamsterveil himself must have been the bratty looking infant whining in the Mother's arms. Hamsterveil put the photo back and grinned devilishly.

    "Now then, with these document-type papers, I will rule the galaxy!" Hamsterveil added victoriously.

    Like he HAD to say it? Base thought to himself. And even worse, it looked like Hamsterveil was going to get away with it too. Base had a firearm locked on his skull and it wasn't like Gantu could reach through the screen and strangle the living daylights out of the gerbil-looking hamster.

    But just as all odds seemed fixed, a blur of blue fur rocketed into the entrance room from the same way Hamsterveil had come. Hamsterveil gasped and tried to make a run for it, but the blur landed in front of the exit, looking tough, though only slightly taller and fluffier.

    Base couldn't believe his eyes....again! His favorite Disney Character was saving the day! It was 626, better yet known as...

    "Good show, Stitch!" Came Gantu's joyous deep voice from the screens.

    Hamsterveil looked knocked off balance, but not defeated. "Aha! I Aha in your puny pathetic faces! For I, Dr. Jaques VonHamsterveil-"

    "Is there any need for intros, hairball?" Base interjected smartly.

    "-Eh? Do not interrupt me while I am revealing my devious-type plan set ahead of time, you stupid brand-slave human!" Hamsterveil spat back, pointing at the insignia of Hollister on Base's shirt.

    "Now then where was I.." Hamsterveil seemed lost in thought.

    Stitch hadn't even bothered to apprehend Hamsterveil while he was distracted. Apparently 626 had been distracted as well by Base's occupancy of space. "Oh yes, I Doctor Jaques VonHamsterveil have in fact hacked into the security systems and forced them to track 626 by his DNA!" Hamsterveil laughed deviously after revealing the plan.

    "Is that it?" Base interjected again.

    "Is what it? It's a good plan." Hamsterveil pouted, turning towards Base.

    "Well I'm just saying, all Stitch has to do is chuck a loogey and your the one fired."

    "Hmmm...Well I guess you're right. Eh? Uh-oh..." Hamsterveil instantly lost his confidence as he heard rattled inhaling from behind him. He turned around sheepishly and shrieked as green goo came flying at him, forcing him to release the papers in his hand.

    Base felt the blaster behind him retract backwards into the ceiling and focused on the wet, ashamed looking Hamsterveil. "I will be back, puny pathetic beings! I will inform the leaders, they will know--†A plasma bolt cut into the ground right at Hamsterveil’s feet, and the evil mastermind left so hurriedly he left a goo trail all the way through the door.

    "Well done 626, and if I might inquire, how do you know my name?" Gantu asked blankly, trying to size up the fourteen year old.

    "And how you know Stitch name?" Stitch's unique voice came from behind.

    "Does it really matter?" Base asked. He didn't want to explain that those he that he spoke with currently weren't even supposed to be real in his world.

    "I suppose not." Gantu grumbled, and the screens around the room clicked off and remained black.

    Stitch began leaving too when Base suddenly caught his blue fuzzy shoulder with one hand. "Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for saving my neck back there."

    "It nothing." Stitch replied modestly, and turned to leave again.

    "Wait!" Base caught his shoulder again. "I'm beginning to think Hamsterveil was after something besides just those papers. And if he is referring to Leaders…†Base quieted as his mind flashed back to the message from his other.

    Stitch yourself a team of two, then wait for further gripes.

    This seemed to catch Stitch's interest, because the small furry blue alien went into a moment of thought. A moment later, he smiled a evil looking on the outside but a warm smile back at Base. "Okay. We find out Hamsterveil, together." Stitch agreed, and handed one clawed hand for Base to shake.

    "Partners?" Base asked, taking the hand in a steady shake.


    10:02 a. m.

    The branches slowly dissipated as a once beautiful fort lay before the wandering kidnapped members, lay eroding away as support columns were replaced with shattered rumble and palm trees supporting the dilapidated structure. The gang walked forward carefully, skirting the ruins until they came face to face with an oddity all it’s own: a fifteen foot high set of oak doors blocking further advancement. A series of chains twisted and twirled around the handle, stuck together with a minimum of ten heavy padlocks.

    TCO walked forward, surveying the door and locks as the others stretched and relaxed. Fearless remained still as she gazed at the door nervously. The drumbeats roared from beyond the obstruction.

    “Well anyone have any ideas on how to pick a lock…or ten?†Demi asked, brushing a spot of dirt from her top.

    “We could try knocking.†Vakh suggested.

    “Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but knockings not going to help. Even if we could remove the chains, what’s to say the door isn’t locked on the other side. We would have to find a fallen palm tree or something we could use as a ram.†Cupcake pointedly announced.

    A flock of birds took to the sky, soaring high overhead. Destiny Star’s expression shifted from puzzlement to instant revelation. “Ok guys I have this great idea: What if one of us climbs up that palm tree,†she began, pointing behind her to a palm tree resting against the ruin wall. “Shimmy to the top and use our weight to bend it down. Then we fasten rope and use it as a slingshot?â€

    The group remained silent. Michael nodded slowly. “And what do you plan to use as rope?â€

    “Human hair. From my head.â€

    “First: This isn’t a cartoon. Even if one of us were to get all the way to the top, there is no way we would be able to bend that tree far enough to use as a bridge. Second: Gross. Sorry Gilligan, but we might as well make a bamboo bomber plane.†Michael snickered.

    “Did you see any bamboo lying around? We could use it as a javelin.†Mexony mused, the cogs and gears roaring to life in her head.

    A resounding slap drew the group’s attention as Coco removed her hand from her face. “ We could try knocking. I mean what’s the worst that could happen?â€

    Everyone stayed quiet as they looked at each other before all at once the jungle erupted into a single voice. “NOT IT!!â€

    Demi glared at the other’s as she was a split second off. “Fine you babies.â€

    She stood and walked straight towards the door, slamming her fist into the oak as three booming knocks echoed into the jungle. Demi turned back towards the group sneering. “See I told you it—“

    Demi tore into the forest as three responding knocks startled the group. All eyes turned and watched as the chains fell away and the left door slowly creaked open, allowing TCO to pop his head out from the other side. “You rang?â€

    “But how…you…when…†Coco stumbled to make a complete sentence culminating in a fit of laughter from TCO.

    “While you guys took a break I walked back into the forest and found a crack in crumbled section that I was able to squeeze through. The lock was all for show, see?†He stated, holding up the locks and banging them together. Instead of the familiar metallic click, the locks bounced off of each other. “They are rubber.â€

    Mexony picked up one of the locks, gingerly rolling it around in her hands. “But why would anyone put rubber locks on a door?â€

    “To keep the outsider’s out!†A voice roared from behind TCO as a flurry of figures raced through the underbrush, encircling the group.

    Panic erupted as the sudden aggressors moved forward, their faces hidden behind a mask of pink feathers, their hands clutching whittled down tree branches as spears. Michael’s eyes narrowed on the voice as a figure his height approached from the doorway, his face hidden behind pink feathers as well but he was dressed in an auburn colored tuxedo. “What do you want with us?â€

    The tuxedoed man turned, flashing a mysterious smile. “Why, the Queen demands only the best protection.â€

    “The…Queen?†Coco asked.

    The man’s smile faded away as he motioned for the other aggressor’s forward. “Enough questions. The Queen demands to see who has threatened her kingdom.â€

    One by one, the member’s realm faded to blackness as cloth bags descended upon their heads.

    11:00 a.m.

    The immaculately restructured replica of Philadelphia’s 1776 Congressional Convention meeting hall rose up above the small New England Mansions and vendors as the cobblestone path lead Kay and Riku past Edison Square and onto Liberty Street. The path finally ended at a set of white Federal-style doors shaded by a beautiful porch that encompassed the entire front of the building.

    The door swung open with out a single creak, as the entrance hall lured Riku and Kay deeper inside as busts and paintings of the United States history and Presidents adorned the walls. The two cautiously walked about the room, eyes scanning every corner and shadow, prepared for the unexpected. By all intents and purposes, the building was as silent as the grave.

    “ I don’t like this Kay. This feels like a trap.â€

    “Let’s just find the president and be…†Before Kay could finish, twelve doors hidden flush against the wall silently yawned open. Riku flipped around, drawing his keyblade.

    The doors remained silent as completely darkness oozed from within. Slowly, a single pinprick of light illuminated within the new room. A slight wind blew from within as voices and whispers traveled on the current. Kay stepped up, pressing her side against the door as Riku mirrored her on the opposing door. A cold calm sunk into Kay’s bones as she centered herself, one hand clutching a raindrop keycharm. Riku flexed his hands around the hilt, feeling the adrenaline stir within. He made eye contact with Kay and nodded once.

    They burst into the room, ready to parry or strike but nothing leapt from the shadows to challenge them. They stood in the isle of an open auditorium adorned with rows of red velvet clad chairs. The single light they had seen earlier descended from a series of stage lighting hidden behind a dark curtain, culminating in a single shaft of light that shown onto the stage, directly onto an empty chair.

    “What is this? This doesn’t make any sense?†Kay whispered.

    Riku’s eyes scanned the auditorium, trying to find any object out of place. A shuffling of feet from beyond the silhouetted chair drew his full attention as a the faint outline of a man stood just past the light. “It appears as though we have some distinguished guests to entertain this fine eve.†A man warmly announced, stepping into the light and bowing curtly.

    Kay gasped as the man materialized. He wore a velvet blue overcoat draped over a white puffed out shirt and darker blue vest. His visible golden hair imprisoned behind his head in a tight ponytail. Another movement drew their attention, as the faint squeaks and metallic protests of a wheel chair rolled forward, accompanied by a faint trail of cigarette smoke. The occupant sat calmly, a gray wool blanket draped across his legs. “Andrew, are you planning on ascertaining more of this nation for mere trifles?†The wheelchair man chuckled, taking a long pull from the cigarette.

    Laughter burst force, nearly rocking Riku and Kay to the floor. “Did we take a wrong turn somewhere?†Riku whispered as more and more figures slowly came forward. “I thought these building was empty.â€

    A hesitant grin was all Kay could manage as the history footnotes and tests flashed by in her memory. “I guess it still is? But if they are animatronics, these are some freaking intelligent machines.â€

    Another man stepped forward, dressed in a conservative suit waved his hands at Andrew Jackson and FDR while a kind smile grew on his wrinkled face. “Pay these men no mind my friends, please come closer, share with us your story for a moment.â€

    “Come now Ronald, we can not go gallivanting and performing our stories if you request the stories of others to be heard. We have a job to accomplish and that—†The word ‘Watergate’ began to chant around the auditorium from a handful of presidents, effectively silencing the marble filled voice of Richard Nixon.

    Ronald Regan turned, motion his right hand toward Riku and Kay. “These children are our future Richard. They are not communists,†he paused clearing his throat, “ OR terrorists.†The two words twirled across the stage like bullets, slamming into the pine desk where George W. Bush rested his feet and leaned back silently eating a Twinkie. He waved the comment off with a flick of crème filled frosting.

    “We…we aren’t trying to cause too much of a problem for you…gentlemen. We are just looking for a three-lettered man.â€

    The recognizable faces of Dwight Eisenhower, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy stepped forward curiously. FDR removed the cigarette from his lips, leaning forward slightly. “And what may I ask can we do for you fine children?â€

    “We have been given a mission to silence the three-lettered man.†Riku began.

    Lincoln slowly stroked his thick black beard. “And to what result will be done by silencing us? Each man upon this stage could watch as death could silence them at any time, whether it be from health or villainy. We could easily move a toggle and we would all become silent due to the amazements of electricity.â€

    A murmur of agreement rose up as Riku struggled to understand. “You are not alive?â€

    Lincoln smiled. “By boy, I’ve been gone from this world two hundred years. I am merely a machine. Why I have the ability to communicate is next to miraculous.â€

    Kay tugged on Riku’s shoulder, her voice barely audible. “You don’t think that light…â€

    “What possible historic improvement would be made in removing one of these noble leaders from our ranks?†George Washington asked.

    “To stay alive.â€

    Everyone’s gaze shifted to the rear of the auditorium where AG sat in a row of velvet chairs. His face remained hidden behind the fedora as he slowly rose. “That is why you have travelled to this auditorium. This is why you are here now. You are fearful for a threat looming over you, controlling you. You are here to hunt down the one that is causing so much rebellion, so much chaos, that the only possible remedy is erasure by any means.â€

    “What are you talking about, what is going on?†Kay pleaded, trying to make sense of events unraveling before them.

    Riku remained stone-faced, hands clenching Way to the Dawn impatiently. “You tell us this, while you contradict yourself by helping us rescue our friends and appear out of nowhere. We want answers Ael.â€

    AG’s head rose slowly his lips fused together in a half grimace. “After all this time you think that I could somehow be Axel’s original form? I’m disappointed.†He moved slowly down the isle. “By the way Kay, how has KHI been in my absence?â€

    Kay too a step back, unsure if this was a new tactic or pure honesty. “Who are you?â€

    The coat tails danced and swirled around AG’s legs as he stopped twenty feet from the stage. He reached up, tilting his head as he did so, and readjusted a set of spectacles. “I am Allstar Gamer. I am your three-lettered man. I am your target.â€


    “What do you want me to say Sora? We keep going forward without any idea where to go. Maybe we should turn back or call Rick and Cian. Maybe they—“

    “Even if we could reach them, what’s to say they can’t help us or they are on a separate mission? We have to keep going forward no matter what.â€

    Kairi paused along the waterfront, watching Sora walk with a weight pressing down on him. Something else was eating him up inside, and Kairi didn’t like it. No matter how accidental the kiss, Kairi knew a portion of Sora’s heart had shattered. Slowly, the path ahead diverged and transitioned into the wooden archway of Adventureland.


    Sora stopped, his shoulders dipping slowly as though he were struggling with internal demons. “Kairi. I’m trying to keep you save. I know I’m not going to do everything you might like, but I’m doing the best that I can.â€

    Kairi waved her hands in protest. “You have determination that took you across the universe to keep me save, but when did fear ever overpower your judgment? When was sacrificing friendship acceptable even for you?â€

    “Kai, sometimes friends only slow you down. I needed help to find you because I had no idea how to find my way in the world outside Destiny Island. Now that I’ve found you…keeping you out of harms way is my only objective.“

    “Sora, we’ve gone through so much recently, this…game is turning us against each other. The message told us that we wouldn’t know what was real or fake…what if this message is fake and just trying to remove…us?â€

    Sora closed his eyes, allowing himself to fall into his soul as everything collided inside his mind creating a warzone of contradiction. Two roads diverged in his mind, and he knew that only one would save them…but which…


    “How are you feeling man? Any better?†Rick asked the pain stricken Cian, offering an ice pack as he replaced one to his own face, the ugly blue bruising slowly materializing after the previous days fight.

    Cian smiled half-heartedly. “I’m not sure yet. My head is still killing me. Anything new?â€

    Rick shook his head as he rolled his p.i.d. around in his hands. “No one has come to burst down the door on us so I suppose for that I should be relaxed, yet I’m still apprehensive of not having a mission. It’s been well over two hours since everyone took off. It’s like who ever was pulling the strings wants the two of us to stay out of the way.†Rick mused, pacing back and forth beside the windowed balcony as a light breeze ruffled the trees and courtyard below.

    Cian opened his mouth to offer encouragement but froze as a whisper from within latched onto his soul, slowly pulling him back under the dark blanket of consciousness. Fingers of lightning erupt along his spine sending every nerve into chaos. A stage opened up behind his eyes submerged in darkness. A ring of haunted eyes flicked through the shadows. A keyblade slicing upwards through a coat of maroon forged steel, spilled blood like a river. It flooded on, unrelenting, uncontrollable. The blade screamed for more, each cry becoming more desperate as it twirled and hacked within a set of hands. Cian’s hands. A veil of darkness deepened around Cian as the voice called him closer…and closer…


    Cian’s head snapped forward, lines of sweat streaked down his head and arms, pooling in his palms as the ice pack flew across the room, landing against the couch. Rick rose from the couch, placing a black Composition notebook down on the counter. “You ok?â€

    “It’s…it’s nothing. Just this bad headache.â€

    “I was talking to you for a minute then next thing I know you black out and are crying out for more.†Rick removed his reading glasses, releasing a long breathe. “What happened on the train for you?â€

    “When Sho knocked me off the train, I—I blacked out but I was awake…it was like a really realistic dream.â€

    “I’m not going to lie. I though you were dead.â€

    “ I think I might be.†Cian gulped.

    “What do you mean?†Rick asked, his brow furrowing.

    “Since it happened, I keep hearing this voice, like it’s trying to get me to respond, to do it’s bidding, like I’m a slave or something.â€

    “So when you cut down Sho…â€

    Cian nodded. “The blade took over. It’s the same thing that happened when,†Cian paused, understanding digging from his soul, “when I turned on you.â€

    “Cian, do you remember anything from the fight before you were knocked off the roof?â€

    Cian slowly shook his head, readjusting the ice pack. Rick returned to his room, bringing back the pen. With a flash, the keycharm morphed into Writer’s Block. A flicker of liquid grabbed Cian’s attention as sunlight glistened a patch of dried blood between two of the metal pages. “Cian…this is your blood.â€


    Rick sighed. “When we were on the roof it just got so crazy…â€

    Within a rush, the sounds of battle could be greeted both partners ears. Rick stood shakily, keyblade tucked beneath his arm, barely acting as a crutch. With a burst of speed, Cian leapt from the ladder and soared toward Minamimoto as Rick hoisted the last of his strength and lunged forward, keyblade dead on target. Minamimoto smirked, dropping to his knees as the keyblade passed harmlessly overhead and sliced through Cian’s side, coming to rest wedged in his lower back.

    Blood began to drip and pool at Cian’s feet. A roar of anguish and fear burst forth from Rick. Sho calmly brushed off his shoulder, removing a piece of lint as though the entire accident played right into his hand.
    “One down, one to go. You are taking all my fun!†Sho sneered and with a flick of his wrist, a series of light bullets bombarded the roof in front of Cian, ripping it from the beams and sending Cian cart wheeling through the air and over the side of the rear railroad car.

    Cian began to slowly tumble through the air but his trajectory changed as his body landed on the lip of the walkway leading into the last compartment. He remained their motionless, as slowly, a crimson pool began to form around him as his breathing became slower, more methodical.

    Sho didn’t shove you from the roof, you were blasted off..†Rick finished.

    Cian stared at the blade while carefully tracing his hand across his side, outlining the wound hidden beneath a bandage he had not noticed before. “You did this?â€

    The words shot through Rick as emotions bled from his lips. “It was an accident. You know I would never hurt you on purpose. Things just got so crazy that I made a mistake. I let my anger take control. You know I would never hurt you.â€

    Cian half focused on Rick’s words as a small theory blossomed within drawing him into a dreamlike state. Sho blasted me from the roof and I should have died, but instead I can use a keyblade and hear… Slowly he opened his eyes, hobbling to his feet and began to pace around the living room.

    “I have a theory. Whenever you fought a Heartless or Nobody they were vanquished without a fuss. But what if stabs a human that is uncorrupted?â€

    “Well, Sora stabbed himself with Riku’s keyblade at Hollow Bastion to save Kairi’s heart.†Rick pointed out.

    “But I was accidentally stabbed. It’s just me in here. What if your keyblade gave me my blade?â€

    “I doubt it.†Rick said, shaking his head. “It begs the question if I stab people they will instantly get a keyblade, then why do I have one without being injured? You, Kay and me were bathed in that blue light. What if that is what allows you or me to even wield a blade? We don’t yet know enough about these blades to say that your theory isn’t possible, but what about these dreams you keep having?â€

    “I think that this keyblade has a curse on it.†Cian quietly said, surprising Rick. “I think that it is using me as a means to feast. This blade…I think it lives off of sacrifice.†Cian stated as his face paled again and he slipped into another deep sleep.

    Rick clenched his fists, pain piercing his soul. Cian was suffering and no matter what he could do, Rick was defenseless to help. He walked over to the fallen ice pack and placed it gently on his friend’s head. “Fight it Cian.†Rick whispered as he once again was alone inside the prison walls of the Castle.


    “I am your target.â€

    Kay shook her head, releasing a flock of ginger curls as Allstar Gamer’s words cut through the auditorium. “What?! How can you be the target? We are the only ones from KHV here, how did you get sucked in?â€

    Allstar Gamer gazed around the Hall, accepting her words. “One year ago, I picked up a flier asking for those interested to Beta test a new game Square Enix had in development. Naturally I accepted, hoping to get my hands on Kingdom Hearts 3, but what I found was a game that suffered from a reoccurring glitch. The glitch created an infinite loop of play unless you were erased.

    At the time I’d heard nothing of the other testers until I received one text message when I was erased in game: You have skills the U.G. needs. The resistance is building. I then woke up within an interrogation room, wires bursting from my body into a machine built into the wall. A man stood in the torture chamber holding a file. He asked me what it was I was trying to gain from all this rebelling, asking if I was trying to destroy the game. I told him that I was just playing the game and he warned me not to interfere with their plans. He then told me…that I was never going to receive my fee if I kept fighting his system.

    It took me more than a week of torture and punishment before I was released, more dead than alive. It was only after that that I learned that I had been rescued by a man named Hanekoma and he told me what was going on. Since then I’ve been living in the shadows, trying to sabotage the directors as much as possible but it looks like they are finally willing to play by the rules.â€

    Riku released a low whistle. “You mean to tell me that if Sora and Kairi—“

    “Will be erased if they don’t defeat me, same as you two. No matter what: three of us are not walking out of this auditorium.â€

    “You mean…?â€

    Allstar’s eyes softened, a small smile peeking from beneath the fedora’s brim, as a glisten of metal was withdrawn from his overcoat. A slender keyblade wrapped with gold and turquoise culminating in a tip blended with a tornado chained with a whip. “An ultimate sacrifice, yes Kay. From here on in, we waltz with blades.â€

    His feet seemed to rocket from the ground while the blade swung between hands. Allstar’s leap crest with just enough time for Kay and Riku to raise their keyblade’s to defend themselves.

    11:30 a. m.

    Shuffling feet dragged forward through the thick undergrowth as the eight frightened members were let through the darkness towards an unknown end. The walk felt like miles beneath the hoods as each footstep landed unsure. Mexony cried out in surprise, jolting the rest of the members toward her muffled cry.

    As if on cue, each member was forcefully stopped, feet landing together on a stone. “Remove the blindfolds.†A male voice demanded.

    Light instantly burned into the very souls of each member as they stood vulnerable, blinking rapidly to adjust to the bright surroundings. They stood at the lip of a set of stone stairs surrounded by granite statues of warriors from a distant age. Foliage rustled above, causing the light to arc and twist down through the holes of what little remained of the cathedral designed roof.

    “Here ye, traitors to the crown and foreign enemies to the Realm of Fuchsia. What say you who bow before the Queen herself?†The same voice bellowed, drawing all attention to the top of the stairs where a high backed chair sat beneath banners of faded pink. A tall teen stood besides the chair dressed in a baggy sweatshirt while spots of pink decorated his face. Opposite the chair, stood a blonde haired teen staring hungrily at the prisoners. Situated in the chair sat the Queen herself, her right arm resting beneath her chin as her rusty crown sat perched at an odd angle.

    Coco gaped in surprise. “Wait…O R A N G E?â€

    O R A N G E’s gaze hardened as a twisted smile came to her face. “Why hello Coco. It’s Queen O R A N G E now. Come to try and torture more information out of me again?â€

    Coco’s gaze hardened as a flood of memories from a past war came rocketing back to the surface. “I will never call you Queen. Shades broke you once, he can do it again.â€

    “I don’t think so, because I have leverage this time.†O R A N G E mischievously cackled.

    DestinyStar, Mexony, Cupcake, Demi and Michael stared in confusion. “What the crap are they talking about?†Demi whispered to Cupcake who shrugged. “You got me.â€

    TCO shook his head. “You guys don’t want to know.â€

    Coco shrugged the veiled threat aside. Returning to the focus at hand. “Teal is still the strongest prem color. But that is besides the point, how did you guys get here?â€

    “We received an email.†The blonde girl giggled, resulting in a glare from O R A N G E.

    “Pawn Xaale speaks the truth. I received an email and found myself here, ruler of the great Realm of Fuchsia. My fellow followers joined me on this island to help start a new age. Pawn Xaale, Chief Master Unsaintly Saint,†the hooded boy grinned, “and you’ve already been introduced to General Roxma—“

    The tuxedoed man coughed slightly, interrupting O R A N G E. “It’s General Gatz today. Roxma is vintage grade-A bad ass.â€

    O R A N G E’s glared intensified. “And what about tomorrow? Joker? Rorschach? Shades 2.0?â€

    Gatz shrugged. “Depends.â€

    “Look. We ended up here same as all of you. Now you want to explain to us what goes on from here?†Michael demanded, his patience slowly growing thin.

    “The Queen wishes to bring every inhabitant of this island under her protective might. You will all bow to her wishes or suffer the consequences.†Fearless laughed, standing beside Gatz and another hooded girl.

    Demi rolled her eyes. “Or what? You’ll push us off a cliff?â€

    If looks could have killed, Darth Vader would have contacted Fearless months before construction of the second Death Star. The hooded girl held up her hands as prepared to leap at Demi. “Fearless, you are not to dictate judgment. The Queen has the final say.â€

    Queen O R A N G E smiled. “Thank you Corporalla Random Angel. And I believe it is up to the masses to decide their fate. Do they stand beside me, or stand opposed.â€

    “I refuse to give up freedom of being able to be who I am and I want off this damn island so I can finish Sora and Kairi’s wedding and Switched. I vote no.†Michael declared.

    DestinyStar, Demi, Vakh and Mexony nodded in agreement as TCO shrugged. “I’m not at school. I’m down with whichever.â€

    Cupcake meanwhile, shook her head forcefully. “I don’t…I can’t…â€

    Coco nodded in understanding. “Edward is hot.â€

    Cupcake turned toward Coco, tears of jubilance showered down her face. “You had me at hello!!!â€

    O R A N G E dug her hands into the ancient leather armrests, attempting to maintain her composure as the group of seven rebels stood. “General Gatz, Chief Master Saint, I want these members locked up down in the Swan. It’s treason then.â€

    Coco matched O R A N G E’s stare evenly, a small smile forming at the corners of her lips as the rebellious members were slowly blindfolded once more. “Begun, the second Pink Teal War has.â€

  4. P E A N U T ~*~Never Surrender~*~

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    I love this story! It's so addictive. I'll admit, it took me a little while to get into it at first, since I haven't read over it in such a long while. But the characters, the seperate plot lines...everything fits together flawlessly. I did notice at least two spelling mistakes, one with Riku and one somewhere else (I forget). But other than that....WOW! I look forward to more in the future. =)
  5. Doukuro Chaser

    Jun 29, 2007
    I dunno what to say besides yay I'm finally in the story! Time to kick some ass! >D


    I love it~ Nao start writting the next piece.
  6. Sexy Sheva Banned

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    don't turn around
    ex dee

    <3 i love the part at the end 'you had me at hello' xDDDD <333
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    Nice to see members of the Writer's Family are starting to show up. 8D

    I loved it. Continue.
  8. Cocohints "Up to now, the most discussed topic is global war

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    Hunting for the Behemoth King fffffffff-

    Well wow, finally I managed to enter this forum, sorry for the long wait on reading your stories man. We already spoke on MSN as I was reading, teal pwns

    TCO amused me when he managed to get inside and everyone were just oblivious to it. XD Just.. lulz. teal pwns

    I also took notice of the Bush eating chocolate while CtR and Riku were confused. =D Thank you very much, now I can't get that image out of my head. teal pwns

    And now the KHIer who's into play too.. Now, no matter who defeated the other either Sora/Kairi or CtR/Riku would vanish as a result, am I right? I think it was something like that. Then my bet would be on the latter. o: That'd be very dramatic. teal pwns

    You and Cian may be alone now, but I bet my figurines that won't last for long - for whatever reason. Cian would probably go berserkish as a result. That is my theory. teal pwns

    Of course, I'm reaaaaaally excited to see what Orange is supposed to do... >:3 The pink vs teal war never truely ends. Bring out the big guns I dare yee!teal pwns

    And Stitch is cute. X3 Him and Base.. I have no idea what'll happen. teal pwns
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    In response to Princess Aurora, I will first commence by converting Stitch to Catholicism! Muahahahahahaha! xD A little joke on my status in the Debate Zone. But seriously, my hand in this story is not as big for my character as it was when Base was first introduced into it. I hope Shades will let me write a few scenarios to fit in for Base and Stitch, but, this is afterall, his story, he can eat cake if he wants to. Or kill to birds with a half-eaten twinky or something.

    Speaking of Twinkies, I think I get the implemention of the Twinky in this story. George W. Bush was played by his best impersonator, Josh Brolin, in the movie W., and the same actor got acclaimed regard for playing another Political role where his character eats a twinky, and whatdoyouknow, there's a dead mayor and a dead Gay Guy who was actually a good politician. I am sorry to my Christian brothers on KHV, but you have to admit, there have been worse politicians. *KOFF* Really hard name to pronounciate. Sold Obama's Senate seat*KOFF* I must have ADD or something, I totally sidetracked. Am I right in this guess about this twinky implemation?

    Anyway, great chapter, I was thrilled from beginging to end. And Yoda's voice spontaneously resounded in my head: "begun, the Pink Teal War has." Genius! xD
  10. Destined Working for WDW

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    Lost in the Rockies
    The sound of metal slamming together rippled through the Hall of Presidents as its inhabitants wearily attempted to shy away from the fight materializing at the base of the stage. Allstar Gamer back flipped from the stage, landing silently three rows down. Riku skidded to a halt near the stage’s lip, hesitant of following. Kay stepped toward Riku’s right side, Equilibrium balanced knowingly in her hands.

    “Riku, this probably isn’t the best time to say this, but I’ve never used a keyblade…â€

    Riku’s acknowledged her with a grunt, eyes never leaving the target, knowing that time was precious. “Don’t try to let your strength control your blade. If you can wield a blade then your heart is strong. Use that to strengthen your weapon and the blade will be second nature.â€

    “You really think I can do this?†Kay asked hesitantly.

    “I know you can.â€

    Kay flushed momentarily, shiftng her head so that Riku would not see. Applause rose from the audience. Allstar Gamer stood, lazily resting his keyblade across his shoulders. “All though Riku speaks truth, the heart can also be the undoing. Shall we continue?â€

    In a flash, the Presidents watched in wonder as the teen’s leapt from the stage as one, landing nimbly, bringing their blades to bear. Allstar Gamer swung high, angling toward Riku’s chest. Riku dropped, rolling forward. Kay took a confident step forward, her heart calming as she swung in an upward chop. Allstar Gamer took a step back, bringing his blade down to block while twisting down low, thrusting out his leg and connected with Riku’s leg. Riku grunted, collapsing back to the floor.

    Kay hesitated, shifting to help Riku up, realizing at that instant that her guard was dropped. The momentary hesitation resulted in Allstar Gamer’s first to solidly connect with the side of her knee. Kay buckled, roaring in pain as her vision momentarily blurred. A roar of outrage erupted from the stage as Teddy Roosevelt game the cheap shot a much deserved thumbs down while Bill Clinton chose another hand signal.

    As the fight commenced, few of the presidents noticed the door near left side slowly creak open, allowing two dark forms to enter, disappearing within the shadows. Marcus watched in wonder as the presidents moved on their own accord watching the distant fight with incredibly realistic facial movements and gestures. He grabbed the back of Sebax’s cloak, pulling him close.

    “I thought you were joking about this park coming alive. “ He whispered, his eyes focusing on the combatants. “And that is not Rick.â€

    Sebax pushed aside Marcus’ hand, slicking back his dark hair with the other. “Relax Squints. Rick’s not here right now, but if you want to exact your revenge, watch events unfold.â€

    Marcus hand wrapped forcefully around Sebax’s neck, catching him off guard. “Don’t call me Squints.â€

    Sebax wheezed, hands fumbling inside his robe as he struggled to nod. Instead of releasing, anger surged within as his hand slowly grew tighter. A flicker of metal burst from Sebax’s robe as a twirling keyblade sprung to life, aimed directly at Marcus’s heart. Marcus jumped back, releasing Sebax who fell into one of the auditorium chairs, gasping for air.

    “Just so…we’re clear…don’t touch the hair…either.†He wheezed, sucking in air. “You want your revenge on Rick? Then watch.â€

    The flicker of metal reflected across the auditorium, instantly attracting Allstar Gamer’s attention. He wheeled around, trying to determine the origination point, but was forced to give up as Riku leapt high preparing to strike. Allstar Gamer somersaulted backwards, Riku’s blade slicing through two chairs before striking the empty floor. He centered himself, twitching his wrist, sending his blade slashing forward. Metal pinged as Allstar Gamer blocked four consecutive strikes, giving up ground on three rows. The fifth strike however, connected just beneath his jawbone, sending his fedora and spectacles to the ground. A trickle of blood began to dispense from beneath his ear. “Wrong spot Riku. You want to defeat me, you’ve got to aim for the heart.â€

    Kay struggled to her feet, her left knee protesting. Her vision began to succumb to the pain, but Kay ground her teeth. Her mind focusing through the fog, words echoing in her inner ear.

    An Ultimate Sacrifice.

    “Not if I can help it.†She decided, barring her teeth, Kay watched the fight transition across to the next section of seats.

    Riku shifted to his feet lightly, transferring his weight onto his back left foot as Allstar Gamer brought his blade down, locking the two in a match of sheer strength. The blades clung together, The razor sharp dragon’s wing of Riku’s blade jammed between a twisting section of lasso and metal. Sweat peppered both faces, blood adding a vicious war paint. Allstar Gamer sucked in a lung full of air, grinding his lips together as the adrenaline attempted victory. “You’ve got some spirit kid, I’ll give you that.â€

    “What can I say,†Riku shot back, “I’ve had some practice.†Riku faked a push right, instead fading left, his left hand dropping from the blade’s grip.

    The move succeeded, throwing Allstar Gamer off balance. The momentary hesitation shimmered in Riku’s grimace as a blast of fire erupted between the combatant, bathing the auditorium in a dazzling display of heat and light. The presidents stared in wonderment as Riku’s form materialized through the flickering flames, a cold calm dripping from his gaze. Allstar Gamer stumbled backwards, crashing into a chair, desperately attempting to smother the flames now feasting on his duster, blade dissolving away to nothing. Riku examined his left hand, noting the specks of soot fused to his palm. “Sora gave me a few tips while he was away, figured they would come in handy against an Organization member.â€

    “You forget,†Allstar Gamer wheezed, his brown duster now a death shroud of black while at the very center, scorched fabric revealed his stomach straining against the tattered prison, “ I’m not an Organization lap dog!â€

    His hand ripped forward, seemingly empty a quick glint of metal materialized between his fingers and instantly glowed white hot. Light shot from the object, breaking off into multiple missiles. Riku gasped, trying to deflect the projectiles. Riku roared as pain ripped from his leg, throwing him completely off balance and hard to the ground. Stars protested at the corners of his vision as Allstar Gamer slowly walked forward, keyblade in one hand, pin in the other.

    There was no bittersweet jubilance in his soot smeared face, but solemn regret. “When one fall, both fall..â€


    The word pierced Allstar Gamer’s soul. Memories flooded his senses, transporting him to scenes of snow covered landscapes mixing with mountainous hikes in the foothills of Oregon. Family and familiar faces danced through his mind as he wheeled around, forcing himself back into reality.

    Kay stood against a backrest, favoring her left knee. Auburn hair shaded her eyes as a single tear trailed down her cheek. “Matthew. You don’t…you can’t do this. We don’t like this situation anymore than you do, but if you continue to try and fight, isn’t that better than striking us down in cold blood?â€

    Matthew lowered his head, struggling with his conscience. “I’ve been fighting, and each time, my goal moves further away from me. No matter what I do, the texts continue to come.â€

    “You mean, you are getting texts from the Founders too?†Kay asked surprised.

    “Not everything is as two dimensional as you think Kay. Everything has perspective.â€

    The words burrowed into Kay’s mind, eating away at her, the words remained silent, laced with mystery. “You haven’t followed every mission completely have you?â€

    Matthew said nothing, sinking in on himself. Kay stepped forward, her hand extended, knowing the answer. “Come with us. We can figure this out toget—“

    The chair Kay was using as a support broke, the seatback causing her to collapse backwards to the carpet. Matthew reached forward, attempting to catch her as the Hall of President’s main door burst open, sunlight colliding against the darkness. Sora’s outline blended with the light, creating a menacing shadow surrounded by light, his eyes struggling to adjust to the darkness. Kairi skidded to a halt behind him, panting heavily. Matthew’s momentum shifted, wheeling to see the new challenger. He brought his blade to bear but faltered, emptiness spreading across his face as a glint of silver shot through the auditorium, racing a collective gasp from the stage as the object seized travel two feet in front of Allstar Gamer. The golden handle of the keyblade quivered slightly, the keychain swinging wildly.

    As if my magic, the scene froze. Allstar Gamer slowly fell backwards, his keyblade falling from his grip as his pin flew from his hand. Kay released an inaudible scream her hands clawing for Matthew as he fell away. Riku blinked through the pain, his leg streaming a trail of deep crimson. Sora stood possed in a pitcher’s stance in the doorway, hands empty. Kairi shaking his shoulders, tinged with anger and failed understanding. Suddenly, reality resumed play. Matthew dropped hard to the ground, Sora’s keyblade protruding from his chest. Kairi and Kay’s screams blended together as Kairi pushed Sora aside, running to help. Sora remained in a trance, unmoving, staring at his hands. Slowly he walked toward the bloodbath as a dull whisper began to sneak through the dark shadows.

    Marcus watched from the shadows as Kairi stood over the limp form of the rebel, attempting to find a pulse. He reveled in the scared shock that swept across her entire body as she fell to the floor hard, numb. He turned and released a minute burst of laughing as Sora stood between Riku, Kay and the rebel, unsure what would happen next.

    Revenge never felt so sweet. He withdrew a small device and with a flick of his wrist, the room erupted with a blinding white light. Sebax stood besides Marcus silent, a hoard of Noise lapping at an invisible barrier behind them.

    Sebax clapped loudly as he walked toward the confused group, jumping on stage and casting George W. Bush from his chair. “Looks like we can chalk this win up to the clean up crew. Sora brought his determined destruction of any enemy mindset to the round and you did not disappoint.â€

    Kairi stood slowly, rubbing away a trickle of tears. “What have you done.â€

    “Innocent ol’ me? Why I was just watching the festivities, honest.†Sebax stated, hoisting up his hand. “Your boyfriend brought the rain.â€

    Sora shook his head, trying to regain a moment’s worth of clarity. His eyes turned focusing on the Marcus. “I did what had to be done. You and your Founder’s are trying to turn us against each other and as long as we beat you, we will make it out on top.â€

    Sebax smiled wickedly. “Want to hear a secret? Good ol’ ASG there wasn’t on our team, he was our enemy. You just helped out the bad guys Sora. Keep it up and we might have a rank for you.â€

    The words hammered home as Sora’s mentality shattered. Marcus watched in amusement, extracting a handheld device from his pocket. The movement drew all eyes, including Sebax, who’s smile instantly vanished. “Not yet.â€

    Marcus ignored Sebax as he typed frantically on his device. Sebax turned and dove for the device. “What are you doing?! You aren’t allowed to do anything accept summon the Noise!â€

    Marcus shoved his hands aside, ducking low, and rolling away from Sebax. “I don’t care about your rules and directives. It’s time someone knew what he was up against.â€

    A blinding light exploded as he clicked send.

    Sora unshielded his eyes and as the scene returned to focus, the adrenaline dissolved from his body, replaced by an immense temptation of nausea. “What…what have we done…†He whispered as he stared at where Kay, Riku and the Allstar Gamer had been moments before.

    “No…†Kairi gasped, as the markings slowly vanished into the atmosphere as each president watched with pangs of guilt.

    Kay, Allstar Gamer and Riku were gone.


    Rick jumped as his p.i.d. began to vibrate deep within his pocket. Frantically he pulled out the device, noting the new message icon blinking on the screen. He glanced over, Cian was still asleep, or as asleep as he could be. He heard Cian’s p.i.d. begin to vibrate and momentarily questioned waking his friend up. No. He needs as much rest as he can.

    Rick moved from the living room into the hallway leading to the bedrooms above. He inhaled, pushing accept. The blood drained from his face as a single sentence flashed across the screen.

    Eye for an Eye Rick Osgood. Consider this only the opening act.

    Rick’s brain burst into overdrive, scenarios and instances steamrolling while a single question refused to vanish. How Marcus had entered this realm and what had he done… The door handle below twisted, squeaking. Rick spun, summoning Writer’s Block as he leapt to the doorway to see Sora and Kairi enter. Neither looked at the other. Rick began to forma question but stopped, his eyes falling on the pattern of blood decorating Kairi’s shirt. His eyes turned to Sora, questioningly. Suddenly, everything clicked. Rick’s soul blanched, replaying the text message. Eye for an eye…

    “Are you…Riku? Kay?â€

    Tears glistened in Kairi’s eyes as she raced upstairs, slamming the bathroom door shut. Sora’s mood darkened, but he said nothing. Rick moved toward the living room zombified. He had to tell Cian. As he rounded the Kitchen island, he froze.

    Cian was gone.
  11. Destined Working for WDW

    May 6, 2007
    Lost in the Rockies
    PART 1 OF 2

    All air within the apartment vanished as Rick stared at the empty couch. Cian was gone. The mass of blankets that had surrounded Cian remained, contorting to form a deceiving body curled underneath. Rick’s face froze, unsure where Cian had disappeared too and more troubling why no one had heard his departure.

    Without a word, Rick and Sora tore through the apartment, hoping against hope that Cian had simply awoke, but as the search grew longer, the hope began to dissipate. The bathroom door squeaked open as Kairi reappeared, eyes rimmed with red puffy tears.

    “He’s not here†Sora announced, descending the staircase.

    Neither Rick or Kairi responded. The silence from Rick was understandable, Sora thought. But he knew the betrayal that burned behind Kairi’s tear soaked eyes. He had acted without thinking. He had become what he had been struggling so long to combat. “Rick…â€

    Rick turned slowly, and Sora’s breath caught in his throat. Rick’s eyes burned with an unsettling calm. A calm that Sora knew would require extreme action.

    “Rick. We’ll find him.â€

    It was Kairi’s turn to glare at Sora. “Why Sora? What makes you think that you will be able to magically make him reappear? We have no idea what the Director’s have in store for us except the fact that if we do not accomplish these missions, we disappear. We’ve caused enough tragedy today.â€

    Sora winced at the statement. He knew that Kairi was not incorporating herself with that statement, but was blaming the entirety of the blame on himself, and he knew that deep down, he deserved it.

    Rick shook his head. His voice rising upwards from a hollow soul. “Riku and Kay will be back soon. When they get back, we’ll all go searching the park for Cian.â€

    “Rick…†Kairi hesitantly stepped forward, tears forming in her eyes as she placed her hands on Rick’s shoulders, “Riku and Kay vanished.â€

    The transformation before both of their eyes was so minute that Sora wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t witnessed it. Something deep within Rick shattered. The calm in his eyes faded away to confusion, the smile drained to a non-commital line. “Ohâ€, slid from his mouth propelled forth only by the movement of air conditioning.

    Sora suddenly knew what had to be done. He stood up, hoisting his keyblade and moved toward the door. “I’m going to get our friends back.â€

    “Where do you expect to start Sora? We don’t even know where they vanished to or if they are even still alive. Cian should be our priority right now not a fools mission based on a need to be the hero.â€

    Sora turned the handle, refusing to allow the words to cripple his decision. “I wasn’t being the hero when I fought to find you Kai. I swore I would get my friends back however I could. I’m going to get them back…or die trying.â€

    As Sora opened the apartment door, a slim strip of paper floated from the balcony window, landing next to Rick’s foot. He glanced down, unsure what the note was doing here and read the few visible words. His eyes grew wide, as he plucked up the paper and jumped to his feet.

    “What, what it is Rick?†Kairi asked.

    A smile cracked the corner of his mouth. “A hail mary.â€

    Rick turned the paper around to show Sora and Kairi the six hand written words:

    “Everything disappears within the rabbit hole.â€

    Rick grabbed his pen charm and leapt for the door. “I know where we need to go.â€


    A warm beckoning whispered just outside of the comfort zone of sleep, forcing Cian to open his eyes. The sensation felt estranged, as only a dark emptiness swam before his eyes. He blinked confused wondering if he had in fact opened his eyes or imagined the act. Slowly, he felt a tingle of sensation and found his left hand poking up from the edges of his vision. Little by little the hand grew slender, turning at the elbow before connecting to his chest as his feet materialized as well. It was as though Cian was being reassembled on a molecular level.

    As Cian remained motionless, the sensation of weightlessness took him by surprise. He struggled to move his head, realizing that the couch that he had been resting in for the last few hours was gone, and that his body was instead hovering in a sea of nothingness. Emotions remained extinct. It was as though Cian’s life was merely a theoretical figment of memory.

    Memory…the word failed to register in his minds eye but he felt a throbbing of importance in the word. Cian blinked again, feeling the warmth calling for him. But it wasn’t calling for him in his ears, but through his heart.

    Cian struggled to touch the spot on his chest where the warmth was strongest, but the act was taxing. Cian could not be sure how long the act had taken, a moment, a decade; time seemed to vanish. Once his fingers touched the spot on his chest, the darkness erupted.

    Images and events raced by, struggling to make the spilt second encounter the most important. A castle grew out above the rest, where a group of five stood against a force of thousands. Shadows stood at rear guard, the features lost in the blur of motion. Cian stuggled to squint and froze, realizing the adversary poised before the approaching wave of darkness.

    The figure was himself, but twisted. His brown hair was unkept and streaked with black and gold. His clothes were replaced by a dark crimson robe and cloak. Cian would not have believed the figure was himself if he had not noticed the veiled smirk. His eyes were hollow and bright silver, while a medieval looking keyblade swayed to and fro, hungry for battle.

    Unknown words shot from the other Cian to the group, and were returned in force by--. Cian’s mouth gapped wide as a bloodied and beaten Rick stepped forward, his right arm contorted and arrested in bandages. Rick stood defiant, throwing his keyblade to the ground. Writer’s Block ricocheted off the concrete path, coming to rest beside a bronze statue.

    Within a blink, war erupted before Cian. The shadows and figures mixed together in a symphony of survival. He struggled to close his eyes, but the forces of his heart refused to allow him a momentary reprieve. Instead, his body seemed to hover over the battlefield, as spells and energy ripped through the air, passing often times through him without injury. The energy within his heart beat stronger as it approached Writer’s Block, and Cian could see blood…his blood painted to the keyblade.

    “It is unknown just how strong the lure of villainy can influence our pathes, but with a strong heart, villainy can never truly take over.†A weathered voice announced prophetically.

    Cian spun around, preparing for an attack but instead spared at an empty courtyard. The battle that had been raging moments ago had disappeared, replaced by a quiet street and the slow hiss of gas powered streetlamps awakening.

    “Fight the darkness Cian. You have one of the strongest hearts. If you choose to allow darkness to take over, then the battle,†the scene altered again, this time the castle seemed to implode as the far west section crumbled away and lightning surrounded the highest spire, “ will rip this world apart.†The voice sadly announced, swirling around Cian in the air.

    “Follow the strength of your heart and your friends will cure your burden.â€

    “But…Kay and Riku—“

    “Follow the cobblestone to find the hidden path beyond the Golden Wonders Cian.â€

    The voice vanished as Cian’s heart soared and tore at him before everything faded to black.

    Mickey flipped a toggle as the arrival system pinged. Slowly the lush world of DisneyWorld enveloped the entire viewport. From this altitude travelers would be able to gaze down upon a multitude of buildings and rides, lakes and immaculate landscaping as far as the eye can see. Situated as the pinnacle, stood Cinderella’s Castle. But even from this distance, Mickey felt something was wrong.

    The park sat deserted. The brightly displayed signs and piped in music were non-existant. The castle itself…Merlin gave a gasp. The once pristinely clean wonder appeared on the surface to be normal, but near the Suite, the walls showed faint cracks, while at the back entrance, charred building material and debris littered the area. Mickey frowned, adjusting his focus toward the hidden landing strip sat waiting for him behind the Fire station.

    “Mickey! Down there!†Merlin shouted, pointing out toward the spires of Tomorrowland.

    Mickey craned his neck to get a better angle and suddenly even more questions flooded his head. He altered course, dropping the Gummi Ship into an immediate decent. The landing was harder than anticipated but Mickey couldn’t act graceful at this moment. The instant the cockpit split away, he was in the air, Keyblade materializing through the arc. Mickey landed in a crouching stance, keyblade extended toward the target.

    The targets gasped allowed, as the smaller of the two leapt backward a step, extracting two hand held weapons.

    “STOP!!†Merlin and the other target shouted at the same moment.

    “Who are you? How did you get in here?†Mickey demanded, not taking his eyes off of both targets.

    “Your Majesty?†The smaller target asked, peaking for a better view.

    Suddenly the smaller target dropped the weapons and bowed low. Mickey equally paused, suddenly realizing that the target was nothing more than Stitch. “Stich how did you get—“

    “Wow. Can I just say that I am one of your biggest fans Mr. Mouse. I mean seriously, I’ve grown up watching all of you best work.†The teen gushed.

    Mickey turned, unsure of what to make of the situation. “And you are?â€

    The teen beamed wide. “Name’s Base. Base Keaton.â€

    Merlin stepped forward, examining both Stitch and Base. It took only a moment but he soon marveled in awe. “Your majesty, this is even more unusual than I could have predicted. This isn’t the Stitch you know, it’s the anamotronic version from the ride we created. See, look here:†he pointed.

    Stitch struggled to see what Merlin was pointing but Base picked him up, to get a better look himself. “Woah.â€

    Base turned Stitch around as he struggled to break free, Mickey saw what Merlin had discovered. Emblazened on Stitch’s neck, a mark of a Skull and Crossbones shrouded by the Heartless symbol. Stitch leapt forward, punching Base to the ground and rolled forward toward his weapons, a pair of alien blasters.

    Within seconds, the world erupted in blaster fire.

    Part 2 will come next week. Figured a small bit is better than none at all.
  12. BaseSebastian Kingdom Keeper

    Feb 2, 2008
    Sunam City
    You are very creepy, Destined. Base sounds alot like me, even though there's not alot I say. And y'know, I hadn't even thought it wouldn't be the real Stitch. So what do I get for a partner exactly Mister Writer?! A back-stabbing robot who looks like my favorite cartoon character, that's what.

    So, really, a serious question, I won't ask about plot, 'cause I'd like to see it as it comes along: do you read our posts around the forums to see how we talk? Seems logical to me anyway.

    Anyways, can't wait for the next chapter, I squeal (regretably but literally) every time I run into a new Disney Character, so I can't wait to see who Base sees, who's really me, so it's me who seeing them seeing me, who's Base. Not at all confusing.

    May I be honest? I tend to get lost when I'm reading about other people in the story and it's nothing personel, it's just there's not alot of character descriptions, just a rough mental image of real life people in the story. If the Social group you made is still running, Destined, maybe someone could draw the "Cast" together. Just a thought. When it comes to this story, I got alot of thought but I find it better to input little and just watch the show. Glad you're writing more of it!

    EDIT: I reread from page 1 to here and I finally read everything cohensively from start to finish. Things I didn't pick up years ago are more clear. And in an entire chapter that I missed, Sebax pushed Dubwa out of his seat. I laughed out loud seriously because I'm midly Republican, and the fact Sebax was so humorously rude to him, I just want to say: Sebax '12.

    Also, my old age (two years ago to be exact) is only mentioned once. I'd like to tell any reader that I am now 16. I know that sounds **** to mention it, but I can hardly even remember how I acted when I was 14. Just visually re-imagine Base two years older without upsetting the plot, and you'll be fine.

    One last paragraph note: I write posts nearly as long as the chapters. I don't know why. I guess I'm just a loud mouth, and when Sebax isn't acting stoic, he's generally the same way. Imagine him humming to himself and talking in character voices when he's on his own. His mouth is pretty much never shut. To me, in one scene, he was singing "Grim Grinning Ghosts" aloud while heading to that hidden Super Computer. That's just how I imagine seeing him. And I have to give credit to Destined for giving him a rather nice villainous edge rather than one I had tried to differentiate from being too much like Axel or anyone else in Organization XIII. Very Haughty, very loud, very master-minding. I like it!