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    We're all awaiting your next piece of composed art, Oh Master of the Disney World! xP

    I dunno...I just said in another fanfiction:
    All has yet to be revealed, Oh Squirrelly one!

    So I figured I had to call another author something similiar. Besides that, i also want to make sure this fanfiction stays alive so I can see what happens ta good ol' BaseSebastian.
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    Yeah, to avoid injury, let's all just go with that...>>....<<...^^"

    Seriously though, how close to Halloween, Shades? I mean, it's already half of the month gone by.
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    i've made a goal of doing Sacrificed before Chornicles. I have the layout ready to go for Chron, but I will not start it till I finish Sac. I'm thinking of Halloween itself.
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    Day 2 / Day 3
    11:00 pm EST / 5:00 am KHT

    Base urgently packed everything he could get his hands on in the room. Movies, clothes, pens, paper, a bottle of Cologne from Hollister, some more movies, a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, more movies, the current book he was reading, and, last but not least, his iPod shuffle, stuffing that into his pocket as he zipped up the bulky, red duffle bag, and jumped out the closest window, the darkness not exactly welcoming. He'd always hated being outside at nights, but this wasn't exactly something that could wait for fears to subside.

    He made his way across the bushes, into the garage, taking his bike and strapping the duffle bag over his shoulder as he peddled onto the street, and then gradually made his way out of the suburb. Looking around, he knew his best bet would be to head for Champions Gate, and follow the road there until he came to the lake where a ramp would lead off to the closest entrance to Disney World. The fact he hadn't really honed his bike-riding skills all that much since he got the bike, after all, he'd actually been afraid of riding bikes since he was a little kid, but now wasn't the time to dwell on old fears. He loved bike-riding now, but the duffle bag didn't make the ride any easier.

    As he rode, he soon found the ramp and peddled with his every once of energy he had stored in reserves as the welcoming gates of "the most magical place on Earth" unfolded before him. Once there, he made his way for Downtown Disney. He didn't have any money, let alone to get into the parks, so visiting the West and East sided market of the Buena Vista area would be the best course of action.

    As he pulled into the West side, he locked his bike to a chain around a Bike parking rail just outside of the large, square complex of DisneyQuest, just within spitting distance to the fabled Pleasure Island. Both cost money too, and the latter required a few more years of age, so going in either was definitely out of the question.

    "By way of Main street..." he whispered to himself as the first part of the riddle in the message went over his mind. There were two main streets he could think of at the moment. One, was Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, the other was Buena Vista Blvd., which pretty much was the "Main Street" of the enter Disney Area. He continued walking into the main buzz of the walk, the streets full of people because of the Night Entertainment that West Side Downtown Disney provided. All of the families seemed to be having fun, listening to music provided by live entertainment outside if the House of Blues, walking into stores with cartoonish signs, and some either watching the televisions outside DisneyQuest to see what was inside or going into the huge building itself.

    Base was so busy thinking, he didn't even see it coming when a short little man bumped him to the side, causing Base to fall in the Walkway. He had a good mind to report that short little man to the Disney Security....the little man.. with big feet......wearing....a colorful suit.....carrying a pocket watch.....and.....covered in....fur?

    Look outside and follow the White Rabbit

    “Of course!†Base roared in victory. However, his heart sank as a Disney cast member dressed as the White Rabbit disappeared through the doors of DisneyQuest, returning Base to the prior internal struggle of how exactly to get inside.

    Base quickly got to his feet and went to the nearest ticket booth and reached into his pocket for anything he could use, pawn, or maybe even bribe to get into that building. In a big hurry, he took out $6.27 in cash, but the Ticket man only laughed. He wore a brown overcoat with the hood up, so Base couldn't see his face.

    "It'salright, kid." Croaked the man in a gasping, yet "surfer-dude" cool sort of manner. "Just go on ahead." Base, raising an eyebrow at the man, watched as the strange guy took a ticket out of his left pocket, and handed it to Base.

    "Uh...thanks." Base said, running off to get inside the doors.

    Base sped so fast through the doors, he almost ran into a group of tourists also coming inside at the same time. In the confusion, tickets slipped from hands and Base scrambled to find the first one he got.

    "Excuse me, young man." Said a British voice from behind Base, just as he was about to offer the ticket lady his ticket. Base looked over his shoulder to see the man holding a single ticket in his thumb and index finger.


    "I believe this is your ticket."

    "But they're all alike. What difference does it make?" Base asked firmly, except for the fact he was trying to catch his breath from the anxiety of not seeing the rabbit anywhere.

    "Is your name Base Keaton?"

    "YeEes...." Base half-answered, half-questioned.

    "Then this is your ticket." Said the man. Upon actually noticing him and the two other tourists with him, Base was shocked to find they were all wearing practically the same brown overcoats as the man from the ticket booth. The man offered the ticket, and Base took it, having to look at for himself to see if his guess proved true.

    ~Base Keaton. Special Pass~

    He couldn't believe what he saw written on the ticket. He stared in disbelief a moment more, but shook his head to get it out of his mind. He thanked the man, asking him his name so he could maybe make a special notice of good-behavior in the Parks.

    "I'd rather we just skip the formalities." the man answered.

    "Yeah, we don't have time for a Q&A." Said the man to the right of the first. And curiously enough, the man who just spoke had the mind to nudge the last remaining stranger in the stomach with his elbow.

    The one nudged, looking confused in every direction with "Umm"s "er-" and an "uh..", finally burst out in a dramatic voice. "DANCE WATER, DANCE!"

    The shout drew attentions from everyone in the immediate area of the room. Base looked utterly befuddled as the "No time for a Q&A" stranger slapped his forehead with his hand, and the Brit shook his head.

    "I'd better be going on my way." Base said as he backed away with a nervous chuckle, then made a run for the staircase leading up into the realm of electronics above.

    The "Q&A" pushed back his hood to reveal red, spiky hair, and a look of doubtfulness on his features. The Brit follow in cue, revealing silvery-blond hair, a neatly trimmed beard, and a piercing look at the one who hadn't yet shown his face.

    Axel, pulled back the hood of the "Dance Water, Dance", revealing a mullet-headed young man with bangs falling around his head, and a scared look on his face, and Luxord had to restrain The Flurry of Dancing Flames from punching the Melodious Nocturne's lights out.

    "You were supposed to quote something witty, you ******!" Axel barked at Demyx.

    "What was I supposed to say?!" Demyx defended himself with a lack of confidence.

    "I guess you're right! You got all the dumb lines!" Said Axel with a sick sense of humor.

    "Relax...the both of you." demanded Luxord. "Phase one is complete. The composer did his part, now it’s only a matter of time till we begin Phase two.†Axel calmed down at these words. "So who parked the disguised craft again?â€

    "That'd be the Water Boy." Said Axel, disgruntled still.

    "Ummmm....Well....I think it's a nice night to just take a look around the boardwalk!"

    "You didn’t memorize where you parked the ship..."

    "Noooooooooooo-.......yeeeeeeees." admitted in a singsong way.


    Day 3 5:15 am KHT
    Cinderella’s Castle

    Evening it seems, did not rest comfortably in the Castle. Apart from spending nearly the entire evening cleaning up from the surprise attack, an icy silence hung like daggers over the tenants.

    Rick rolled over and messaged his eyes sleep deprived eyes as the grandfather clock chimed quarter after five. He couldn’t sleep.

    The more Rick began to think about the last two days events, the less everything seemed to make any sense to him. The mystery rescuer stated that he had saved Cian and himself on Pirates, but how? Rick began to think everything over. The only way that he saw possible was that the man had followed behind them in another longboat, but even that theory held little water.

    Why. Why was he their to save Rick and Cian twice. Who’s to say that he wasn’t the one that was pulling the strings and putting them in this mess. Rick unfurled himself from the confines of swung off the couch. As he did, the glint of moonlight danced off his pen.

    Rick shook his head. More questions. He cast them aside as he stood and made his way over the sleeping Riku and into the small kitchen. I need some liquid encouragement he thought as he pulled open the fridge door and extracted a Mountain Dew.

    “You got one of those for me?†Sora asked hesitantly.

    Rick paused, his head still bent inside the fridge. “Sure thing man. Green or Orange?â€

    Sora leaned against the rustic counter, staring out the window. “Does it matter?â€

    Rick smirked. “Well it depends on if you are a traditionalist or not. Livewire is not an original flavor but it does take a bit of the Mountain Dew edge off with the orange flav—“

    “That was a rhetorical question.†Sora interjected.

    Rick turned and shut the door. Sora refused to turn around and look at him. Rick placed the can on the counter. “Look Sora—“

    “Forget about it,†Sora waved him off, “She’s fair game I get it.â€

    Shock oozed off Rick’s face as he stared in disbelief as Sora moved toward the staircase. “The crap are you talking about she’s fair game? THAT,†Rick paused lowering his voice as to not wake anyone else, “was an accident.â€

    Sora turned, glaring. “So you are saying that you didn’t like it?â€


    Sora nodded, the cold stare never wavering, and climbed the stairway. “I’m not the socially deprived protagonist everybody assumes I am.â€

    “Sora,†Rick hissed, “that isn’t what I meant!â€

    His response was the closing of Sora’s bedroom door. Rick remained framed in the doorway, anger and confusion swirling inside of him. He shook his head sadly, and returned to the counter to his comfort food as the castle hesitantly slept, unaware of the dangers that would strike in mere hours.


    Day 2 11:20 EST
    Inside DisneyQuest

    Base marveled at the sheer technological pleasure that surrounded him as he traversed the virtual theme park. He made his way toward a bank of target practice machines but stopped, forcing a flock of children to alter course and dive around him. The mission Base, games can wait. He thought to himself as he did an about face, and headed for the elevator.

    Inside the elevator, Base took a look around. He pushed the third floor button, hoping he might be able to find the White Rabbit. He knew the drill with the elevator. The Genie from Aladdin would appear on the screen behind him, and welcome him to the building. And so it began in just moments.

    "HeeEEEeeello, visitors to Downtown Disney!" It began, the Genie bouncing around on screen. "Let me just say-" It continued in the same joyful manner, but it was quickly cut off as the lights went out inside the elevator, and the entire thing stopped moving altogether.

    In just a moment of panic, the lights came back on, and Base let loose a sigh of relief. Even though his relief lasted for a mere five seconds.

    "HeeEEEeeelloooooOOooo" Said the same voice that had come from the blank screen. Base, hearing the voice from behind him, gulped, and spun around on one heel and faced the owner of the voice. What he saw he couldn't believe!

    The Genie had taken the form of a Pat Sajak-ripoff, and was using the thin trail of mist that was his lower half as a microphone. "Welcome again ladies and gentlemen to "What's- Your- Name!" He exclaimed, an unseen audience roaring with applause as they hung on his every word. "Our contestant today is?" The Genie turned the microphone towards a wide-eyed Base.

    "B-Base....K-Keaton" base stuttered, unsure if he was being punked.



    "Didn't ya catch the title, kid?" The Genie shed the costume and transformed into his normal self, sounding less enthusiastic, yet held the same big grin on his face.

    Again, the chorus of the unseen audience blurted out "WHAT'S YOUR NAME!"

    "So, Mr. Keaton, you just won the Grand Prize. What are you going to do next??"

    "I'm gonna make like a tree and get out of here!" Base said flatly, as he made his way for the elevator door. He kept thinking, as he weaseled his hands between the doors, only to see that the elevator was entrenched in a clear vortex resting on the DisneyQuest roof.

    Base suddenly realized he was no longer functioning in a sane realm of reality. The elevator sat atop a launch tower as if preparing to rocket away, no way of turning back now. He looked back and saw the Genie was in a Bellhop getup, standing ready at the buttons of the elevator.

    Base just slumped against the opposite wall, in absolute disbelief of what was going on.

    "I must warn you, sir." Genie suddenly broke the silence. "This game is not for the weak-hearted." He muttered as his voice became heavy in the Scottish tongue of Sean Connery.

    Base gave a low half-chuckle. He didn't like where this was going, but at least he didn't have to go to school tomorrow. "I know perfectly well Double "O" agents have a low life expectancy." He did in his best impersonation of James Bond.

    "I like your style, kid. Warp speed Mr. Zulu." Genie said with a wink as he pressed all of the buttons at the same time. With a SLAM the doors to the elevator shut tight, and not a moment afterwards, Base felt heavy G-force as the elevator began to lift up at rocket speeds into the unknown.


    Day 3, 6 am KHT
    Island of the Forgotten

    The sounds of seagulls echoed across the morning sky as waves cascaded and crashed against the white sand beach. Palm leafs swayed in the casual breeze while a tropical Toucan slumbered. It’s relaxation was shattered as a scream ripped across the beachfront as a teenage girl erupted from a thicket of palm brush near the pathway leading to the Forgotten Waterfall.

    “There’snoplacelikehome, there’snoplacelikehome, there’snoplacelikehome__†the girl screamed at the top of her lungs as a gecko clung to her short dark brown hair.

    The screaming slowly penetrated a small seaside cottage midway down the beach. The occupant’s eyes slowly pried themselves open while the rest of her body went on strike. She rolled onto her side and prepared to invade the Sandman’s Kingdom once again a series of rhythmic snores snapped her fully awake. She stared around the room, questioning her environment as the first rays of early morning sunlight waltzed in through the window.

    “This…this isn’t Norway…†Coco hesitantly announced to the four walls. The silence gave her the unwelcoming response of more snoring.

    Slowly Coco pulled herself from her bungalow, and tip-toped to the door. She peeked only the right side of her head from the doorframe as a tuft of massive curls flooded three doors down. Coco squealed as she raced back into her room, grabbing the first weapon she could find: a back scratcher.

    She whirled around as outside, the gecko refused to let go, sending the frantic Fearless back into the jungle. Coco slowly returned to the doorframe, unsure if the early morning monster was out for her soul. She was only partially right.

    Coco stood by the doorframe as the first tufts of curls bounced inside her line of vision. “Kom igjen, hårball!†Coco struck.

    The thick hair swallowed the attack, pulling Coco out into the hall as the hair roared. “was zur hölle!?â€

    Both friend and foe backed away slowly, each sizing the other up as the massive fro parted, revealing an all to familiar face. “Coco?â€

    “TCO?†Coco blinked.

    The two members stared quizzically at the other as Fearless’s screams reappeared, this time closer as she began to race in tight circles.

    Fearless raced out of the palm tree’s again, this time having not one, but three gecko’s bucking in her hair. The screams were finally enough to awake the neighboring beach house as Demitryx, Vakh87, Cupcake, DestinyStar and Mexony exchanged surprised greetings.

    Nothing was as it seemed. Slowly both houses emptied onto the tiny beach as seven confused members found themselves not at their respective homes, but on a tropical island surrounded by miles of open ocean.

    “What the Hell happened?†The question leapt from Demitryx.

    No one had an answer.

    As the rag tag members sat trying to figure the mystery out, the door to TCO and Coco’s bungalow burst open; a disheveled teenager emerged. The group all instinctively turned, all eyes falling on the new figure.

    The teen walked slowly down the sun-bleached stairs. The instant his bare feet touched the scorching sand, he began to laugh.

    Something funny friend?†Cupcake asked.

    He shielded his eyes taking in the huddled masses. He stood with his blue corduroy blazer dancing in the mist. His mind theorizing and racing, cogs working into place and all zoomed in on one answer.

    “You guys got that private message too I take it?â€

    Realization sunk in as the members slowly came to understand how they each had arrived. Mexony turned and pointed at the figure. “Are you, Sebax?â€

    He shook his head, removing his hand. “No I’m not. Call me Michael.â€

    “Wait…†Coco interrupted, “You mean the Destiny’s Force Michael?â€

    He nodded. “I was wondering if Namine was getting even with me. Look’s like my break from the forum will have to wait.â€

    The reunion was short lived as Fearless stopped running around in circles, and dove into the shallow waters. The group watched as she picked herself out of the water, finally free of the motion-sick geckos. She shyly waved to the others. “What? We don’t have giant lizards in New York…or palm trees. Sue me.â€

    DestinyStar leaned to the side. “Giant lizards? They are tiny.†She whispered to VaKH87.

    “So gang,†TCO broke the laughter, “What are we supposed to do now?â€

    No one answered as two distinct drums boomed from the interior of the island. While off in the far distance, the sound of seven chimes raced across the island.

    “Uh oh.†Fearless gulped as she began to slink toward the path up the beach. “The Queen calls.â€

    No one questioned the fictional plot as they formed a single line, and vanished inside the jungle.

    Day 3 6:58 am kht
    The Haunted Mansion Séance Room

    “So, Superior, mind explaining to me your new plan?†Megumi asked as he stood near an LCD monitor showing a live feed of the Magic Kingdom complex.

    Xemnas smiled. “Sending out a call to arms.â€

    Megumi turned around slowly, seeing the twisted smile coming from Xemnas as Sebax re-entered. “It is done?â€

    Sebax replaced the candelabra next to Madame Liotta. Before he could answer, Xemnas interrupted. “So far, six have answered the call, they should be here any minute. Isn’t that right number XVII?â€

    “It—it is as you wished, Superior.†Sebax answered. He struggled to remain emotionless, but a growing excitement the plan was unfolding, while in the recesses of his mind, another plan was coming to fruit.

    The interior darkened, bathing the three men in a sea of black. From off in the distance, the sound of crossing swords and bullets could be heard. Xemnas smiled. “And here they are.â€

    The door leading from the entrance hall slung lazily aside as the figures burst in, slicing back and forth, deflecting, and lunging at the others as a man raced past, trying to refill a musket with gunpowder. Sebax watched in amusement as a large figure slowly entered, his arm outstretched, surveying the room for any traps. The musket man swore, and took aim as the figure released a flurry of orbs of light that passed above his head and decimated a closet of instruments.

    “ENOUGH!†Madame Liotta roared, hovering above her stand, anger swirling from her eyes, the effect brought an immediate silence to the fighting.

    “What is the meaning of this?! I will not be summoned like some worthless pup!†the haunting figure of Davy Jones hissed.

    “Don’t be such a scallywag! You don’t have the audacity to address our leader like that Vermin!†Captain Hook roared, swinging his saber in front of him, fending off a downward chop by Jones.

    “Gents, Belay that. It’s been too long that I’ve had my turn with these black coats.†Barbossa grinned, stepping forward slowly.

    Xemnas held out his hand and removed his hood. “I am not the one you seek pirate. Your quarrel is with Number X. I can honestly say that I am glad to see the three pirate lords of old have answered my call. However,†He turned his attention to the two gunslingers, “I am surprised to see you here Emperor Zerg. I’d have thought that you would still be out attacking the Gamma Quadrant.â€

    Zerg’s purple metallic head swiveled toward Xemnas, it’s glowing electronic eyes burning into the three figures. “I have objections in this Quadrant that coincide with your ends. I pledge my support.â€

    “And you have my gun, to hunt any man or beast.†Gaston stated with a thrust of his muscular chest.

    Megumi remained standing in front of the display as a digital clock began to tick closer to seven. “Unless my ears are misguiding me, that was only five.â€

    Barbossa smiled, thrusting his sword in the direction of the rear door. “Right you are, we found this weasel wandering through the portal of darkness.â€

    A shadow entered the room hesitantly as all eyes turned toward the newest entrant. The man stopped, nervously shifting back and forth on the balls of his feet as he readjusted his glasses.

    Xemnas stepped forward and moved toward the man. “Welcome, to the team, Marcus Anderson.â€

    Marcus froze. “How do…how do you know who I am?â€

    Sebax smiled, another e was falling into place. “Rick sends his regards.â€

    These four words brought a sweeping anger that consumed Marcus, he began to clench and unclench his fists. “Rick did this.†He stated.

    Xemnas nodded, a small grin began to form in the corners of his mouth. “He’s mine.†Marcus demanded.

    Megumi smiled as well, turning and thrusting his hands onto the keyboard beneath the display as three messages transitioned across the screen. “Let’ the games begin.â€

    He hit send.


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    Holy Crud. I can't believe everyone else gets to the story, finally.

    Gaston, Barbossa, Davvy Jones, Zerg, Captain Hook,....and who the heck is the last guy who seemingly hates Rick so much??

    I would die if I accidentally ran into Davvy Jones. I believe he would take much contempt in my attempts to immitate his voice. Gaston, meh...he's just a muscle-headed idiot with a gun...I don't exactly pity whoever gets hunted by him. Captain Hook is a pain in the butt in the game, I wonder who's going to have to deal with him. Barbossa is sorta a push-over, except when you add immortality into the mix. Zerg has a death ray as a limb...my prayers go to the poor souls who get him. And apparently the last guy wants Rick, so there's no guesswork there. I just wish I knew who the heck he is.

    A nice chapter, my favorite part was not me, really, but more along the lines of the Island of the Forgotten. I wrote most of my part, so it really wasn't a surprise for me, so I liked it, but it wasn't my favorite part. The Nordic I could only guess what is said in one phrase, "What the heck/hell" right?
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    For those that are on the island of the forgotten, i will only be refering to everyone by either their screen name, or an acroymn.

    Examples: Coco = cocohints, TCO is TheChosenOne, etc.
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    I seem to say "What the <insert word here>?" a lot XD

    And hoe noes, me in a jungle. My hair is gonna go HUGE Dx
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    Good chapter, as always. Good cliffhanger...I wonder what'll happen next =O
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    Hunting for the Behemoth King fffffffff-
    Omfg, GENIE!! You really wrote his part nicely, I could picture it perfectly in my mind as he was confusing the jeebuses out of Base. And... It is nice to see that the Org members are somehow involved with this, though I still question how it is possible. (yay, Gaston in this most likely means someone's gonna beat him up! <3)

    .. I'm sorry but I absolutly love how Fearless is running around in panic half the time, granted it's for a good reason, but it's like comedy relief! <3 And me and TCO coming with our native expressing, real nice. :3 *incase people wonder - I said Bring it, mophead, or litterally come on, hairball - TCO says What the hell?!*

    Very nice update - I can hardly wait to see how it is going for all parts, Sora's giving you the cold shoulder and everything now.
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    Very good chapter, Shades. Really enjoyed. Through out the reading process, I laughed at some lines you made. Really like this chapter, looking forward to more. Keep it up.
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    I wrote my parts. Shades edited them a bit. And the Genie was my idea. I'm sorta hopeing he'll give me another shot with the next chapter, but meh....

    I think Fearless makes great comic relief. Maybe Gaston could shoot her in the leg and she'd be all like "Ow." And Gaston would be all like "Le Pwn" 'Cause if you pay attention to the movie, you'll notice he's actually French. Or better yet, He could toss a lizard at her, and she'd be all like: "AHH! GIANT LIZARD!"
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    This story is freakin awesome! I love it :3

    Demyx was so funny xD
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    I wrote that too....-_-"

    I do realize that is the exact same opposite of you. It's why

    I said it. What about entire swarm of them clawing at you?

    Again...I...wrote that.

    Shades wrote the cool parts where Sora has a hissy at Shades for the accident, when the Villains show up, and when the Island of the forgotten comes up. Let us also, not forget our dear friend the cuttlefish...I mean....let us not forget Shades wrote the whole "Lizzy-ard McGuire" bit with Fearless. That was comical....for some....>>...<<....I didn't laugh, Fearless...

    fearless don't click this!
    I actually LMAO, literally in the acronym terms. Oh mah Dog, it doesn't get any funnier than lizzards....and afros! HAHAHAHAHA! Whooo....wait...Demitryx...Fearless.....the devil made me post this part.
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    Let's watch the spam guys. This is why i set up the social group :D

    And yes guys, Base does need his due, but in that regard, all of you are helping me write this because of what you guys have helped me keep this going and your small suggestions.
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    Awesome once again.I loved it.I loved the part with Genie.I love Genie haha I'm looking forward to more Shades.
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    Day 3 7 am kht
    Cinderella’s Castle

    “Some vacation this turned out to be huh?†Kay asked, only to be met with a mumble of agreement.

    The kitchen sank back into silence as Sora remained upstairs while Rick, Kairi and Riku sat quietly around the banquet table. Cian meanwhile sat in the high-backed arm chair beside the smoldering fireplace. Riku cleared his throat as if to speak, but stopped and instead took another mouthful of cola.

    Kairi sighed. “Boys are so stupid.†This garnered the attention of everyone.
    “What is your ideology?†Kay asked.

    Kairi played around with her cereal, silently drowning the Fruit Loop life rafts. “One simple mistake happens and it’s as though all Hell breaks loose and war has been declared.â€

    Riku perked up. “Well I don’t think that you can marginalize every man into this fine line. We-“

    “I now understand why guys like sports so much.†Cian interjected from the living room. “We have to keep score.â€

    Kairi and Kay smirked gleefully to themselves as Rick and Riku refused to be the victim of countering the theory. Rick instead, deflected. “In my defense, I didn’t want for it to happen like that.â€

    Kay and Kairi both pounced.

    “What do you mean ‘happen like that’!?â€

    “You are such a guy!â€

    “Are you saying that I’m not a good kisser?â€

    “You slug head!â€

    “So it’s my fault my lips broke your fall?â€




    Rick scrapped himself off the ground as Riku calmly remained staring poker faced at his mug. “That’s not what I meant! I meant that it was an accident!â€

    Fire erupted in both girls eyes. Riku held up his hand as the girls turned their full attention towards the fresh meat. “What I believe that Rick meant, you are an extremely attractive woman Kairi, and with the stress and trauma of the moment, the kiss was not something that he wanted to have happen at that exact time.â€

    “WHAT!?!?†all four voices erupted with enough force to lift Riku from his feet.

    Rick pushed aside his chair and leapt between the girls and Riku holding a white linen before him. “What I MEANT,†He hissed as he directed toward Riku, “was that I slipped and it happened. It’s nothing against you Kairi, you are with Sora and I don’t want to break it up, that is what I meant it being accidental and a victim of circumstance. I’m sorry. I don’t cheat on friends.â€

    The surrender calmed the storm as everyone saw Sora in framed in the doorway. “Can’t a guy sleep around here?†he half-heartedly joked.

    He was smiling, but as they could see in his eyes, it was an act. Rick gulped. “Sor-“

    “The King’s package arrived last night, he sent us new p.i.d.’s . Hopefully this time we’ll be able to keep everything in line.†Sora interrupted.

    In all the chaotic debating, no one had noticed a delivery box resting propped against the entrance door. “Must’ve missed that last night…â€Kay said as she stood to retrieve the box.

    “Hey guys, does anyone have any Advil? My head is killing me.†Cian stated as he remained slouched down in the chair, an icepack resting against his head.

    Kairi stepped forward, avoiding Sora’s eyes as much as possible. “You don’t look that good Cian, did you eat something bad last night?â€

    Cian shook his head, creating a clattering of ice to slosh around the bag. “I had pizza the same as you guys. You guys feeling any thing?â€

    A montage of no’s returned. Rick moved toward the chair concerned. “You going to be ok today? I need lil’D in prime form.â€

    Cian weakly smiled. “Just a bad headache. I should be ok.â€

    Sora placed the box down on the table, harder than everyone expected. Riku send a glare his way. “Sora. Relax will you? We don’t want those broken before we can even flick them on.â€

    Sora grimaced at the verbal backlash. “Sorry,†he muttered.

    Kay stood and extracted a pair of scissors from the desk. As she sliced across the tape, the box became to pulsate. Kay stepped back as everyone else took a step closer. “Um…was that supposed to happen?â€

    Kairi gulped. “New missions…â€

    The pid’s slowly passed hands, as the six stared hesitantly at the new messages.

    “What the Hell!?!†each responded.

    The instantaneous responses brought about a smattering of confusion as each set of partners reread their message.

    “Silence the three-lettered man.†Riku read.

    Sora and Kairi’s heads snapped up. “Wait…that’s what we have. Ours says ‘Take down the lone three-lettered man.’ Why would we get the same message?â€

    Kay turned to address Rick and Cian, a look of blank hesitation was etched onto their faces. “Do you guys have it too?â€

    Cian slowly shook his head, trying not to cause more pain. “Mines blank.â€

    Rick turned, his eyes wide. “What do you mean yours is blank? I thought partner’s were supposed to have the same missions…â€

    Sora stepped forward, trying to get a better view of Rick’s screen. “You mean yours isn’t blank?â€

    “No. All it shows are the letters: TBA.â€

    Kay’s pid buzzed again and so did Sora’s. Kay began to read aloud but froze. Sora’s face hardened as the other’s remained watching curiously.


    “Let’s go.†Sora stated flatly as he cast one final glare towards Rick.

    Kay nodded slowly, staring down Riku, “We have to leave too.â€

    An air of dead silence hung over the sitting room as Sora and Kay refused to look back at Cian or Rick while trying to pull their partner from the room. “Guys,†Cian croaked, “What’s going on?â€

    Rick’s gaze fell to the flashing message on his screen as the entrance door closed. Silence. Cian coughed while Rick gripped his pid like a vice. “I hate this game.†He whispered.

    Cian didn’t hear him as a soothing voiced lulled him into the depths of sleep.


    Disney Castle
    Mickey’s Private Workshop

    Stacks of blueprints and replica building facades adorned a wooden animation desk while a map of Disney World consumed the far wall. King Mickey stood quietly before the map, his eyes wandering between shops and attractions. “this isn’t making any sense Merlin.†The king addressed, who was leaning against a filing cabinet, rifling through stacks of books.

    “The rides physically can’t come to live your Highness. Our researchers from each world made sure to be as exact as we can, but never was any animatronics created out of house.â€

    Mickey nodded, half listening as he traced a circle around the Destiny Island attraction. “First, how could a beam of light give three regular people the ability to wield keyblades? Secondly, how are our rides be coming to life?â€

    Merlin scratched his head. “Well, there was a literary work from Earth that described a theme coming to life. If it happened on Earth, it’s possible—“

    Mickey smiled. “This isn’t Jurassic Park, Merlin. Your creatures are 100% robotic. They are programmed with only a handful of responses each, yet Davy Jones, Barbossa, and Zerg have mysteriously come to life. Is there a chance that somehow your magic may have backfired during construction?â€

    Merlin stroked the strands of his gray beard. “I don’t know your Majesty. Our only option is to go there and inspect everything on our own.

    Mickey nodded as he input a message into his pid. “We leave in five hours.â€


    “Ok, what is going on?†Kairi demanded as the four stepped across the castle’s draw bridge, as a collection of birds hovered and dove amongst a grove of trees.

    Kay remained silent as she continued to stare at her device. “I’m not sure what to believe of this. But I have a strong feeling that this is not going to turn out well.â€

    Riku crossed his arms. “Care to enlighten us?â€

    Kay cleared her throat. ‘Kay, it is time for you to show your true leadership and prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice. One other team has received the same mission, but only one will see the sunrise again. You are the only one that truly knows the objective, but will you take down a friend to save yourself? Time is ticking. The others might not be so passive.

    The Directors’

    Who the hell are the Directors?â€

    Sora looked down at his message. “Mine says the same thing. The thing I don’t get is why there isn’t a time frame.â€

    “I think I know why…†Riku slowly stated. “We don’t have a time constraint, because we are fighting against each other. These Directors want us to not make it to tomorrow.â€

    The castle grounds remained silent as a light trail of smoke floated up from beyond the park entrance. Kairi moved toward the nearest park bench and collapsed down, grasping her legs to stop a subtle shake. “You mean that two of us…â€

    The rest couldn’t answer. Kay inhaled as she made eye contact with Riku. “Should we try Big Thunder again…I mean, to all of our knowledge we are the only people who should be at this park. The staff has vanished, so that makes me think that these Directors or whomever are pulling the strings. So are we going to be working together or not?â€

    Kairi and Sora exchanged a flurry of glares before Sora finally threw up his arms in defeat. “Let’s do this.†Kairi firmly stated, leading the four toward the Adventureland archway to the southwest as the trail of smoke dissipated into the early morning sky.


    From out of the sky, a comet scorched clouds as it raced across the planets surface, arcing low until it impact; spraying debris and mechanical parts. A tattered and crumpled door creaked open and was pushed aside as Base stood dead still, his eyes glued open with his hands fused with the interior railing.

    Genie however, scraped himself off what was left of the elevator floor. He fixed his thumb between his lips and blew, reinflating his body. “Hmmm, sees as though that tour guide was right about the brakes on these things.â€

    Base’s eyes slowly closed as he released a quivering breath. Genie cocked his head and elongated his face to represent that of Jack Nicholson. He smoothed back his blue hair and smiled wide. “What’s the matter kid? The wild ride get to your bones?â€

    Base gulped and forcefully uncurled his hands from the railing. “Couldn’t we…have taken…the bus?â€

    Genie stretched and laughed, picking Base up in his arms and floating out of the elevator. “Bus? A bus would never have made it.â€

    Base remained hesitant as he slowly circled around Genie. He could see the monorail lines passing over head disappearing into the distance. Lake Buena Vista casually lapping at the docks. The ticket kiosks lined as far as he could see empty and waiting. “This doesn’t make any sense, it’s:†Base lifted up his cell phone, noting the lack of a signal, “One in the morning, yet this looks more like six…how long were we gone?â€

    Genie whipped out a green visor and turned his tail into a calculator. “Given weight additions, lack of baggage, customs and hyperdrive,†He pushed enter. “Less than two hours. Take that Boeing.â€

    “Genie…where are we?â€

    “Oh coooome on? Isn’t it obvious? Your in Disney’s World.â€

    Base began to comment but stopped, two pieces snapping together. “You mean Disneyworld…not Disney’s World. Walt Disney never created a full fledged world.â€

    Genie nodded as he slided open a FedEX package. “He didn’t.â€

    “Well that’s good.â€

    “King Mickey did.â€

    “Wait—“ an alarm clock erupted from the Genie’s arm as he withdrew a lamp shaped alarm clock.

    “Sorry kid, I’ve over stayed my welcome. You know how it is, you don’t greet the guests, you don’t get the benefits. You’ll need this.†he stated as he transformed into a rocket, handing Base a gray handheld device, as he blasted off into the atmosphere.

    “M-Mickey built what?†Base wheezed as the trail of dust resettled.

    He pocketed his device and walked forward, passing toward the gate. As he approached the turnstile, the device began to buzz and whistle. Base quickly extracted it as the turnstile ticket display blinked to life.
    Welcome to Disney’s World, the Official Theme Park of Kingdom Hearts.

    Welcome Base Keaton.

    The turnstile silently opened before him as Base slowly entered. “This…is…insane.â€

    Base walked underneath the train tressle, reflecting in the windows outside of the Emporium and Penny Arcade. With every step he took, his amazement intensified. “I crash land in a theme park that isn’t a theme park but a theme world set inside of a fictional video game universe…I wonder if that will pass as a viable excuse for missing school today…â€

    He froze as he watched four teens heading west at the same moment his device buzzed again.

    You are now leaving Main Street where you can travel from here to one of our six themed lands. As you pass through certain areas more information will be electronically passed to you to enhance your experience here today.

    Base Keaton, you have one new text message, to view the message press select.

    Base glanced around and noticed that the four others had disappeared. “Well, when in Rome…†He pushed select.

    A text message slowly materialized on the screen:
    Stitch yourself a team of two, then wait for further gripes.

    Base stared at the message as a grin curled its way across his face. “Make that two fictional game universes colliding together…Seb, you know how to woo me.â€

    Base pocketed the device again, and fell into a dead run as he raced east toward Tomorrowland.


    Words began to flow like a winding river, flooding levees and submerging towns in feet of the passing Category 7 Brainstorm. Buses struggle to grip the road as survivors sit huddled inside, eyes wedged tight as winds buffet the winds. A small girl sits alone, holding a picture of the state of Oklahoma. She is young. Her hair is splattered against her face as she remains silent, the only sign of life is the trickle of tears distorted the pan handle.

    The bus bounced over a fallen stop sign, turning onto the highway overpass, fighting to gain speed. The driver sat rigid, her facial features emotionless as she remained focus on the patch of road in front of her one avenue of escape.

    A voice screamed.

    A flash of green freeway exit signed crashed down, slicing through the bus. The front potion flattened beneath the load, the rear half skidded to the left, crashing through the guardrail. Plummeting down….down…down…

    Rick paused, the pen hovering above his notebook. The girl why was she traveling to Oklahoma…is the storm some kind of a metaphor for a failure of society…how is she going to survive…is she the girl from Ash Projekt…how is she going to get to the west coast to meet up with the protagonist in Sacramento…

    He threw the pen down, his head clouded with the brainstorm clouds still swirlving and causing chaos. Rick picked up his pid again, and stared at the only text to come in the last few hours. TBA.

    Nothing was making much sense. Cian remained in the recliner asleep. Rick stood a few feet away, reliving the last minutes on board the train. He couldn’t get the cold stare out of his head and the cloak that seemed to take control of Cian yesterday.

    Rick sat down opposite Cian playing with the main menu of his pid. The real time map showed the four passing along the banks of the Rivers of America. Rick did not notice the blinking icon moving past the castle heading east. He closed the map, and returned to the message. He sat still for a minute, then a lightbulb clicked.

    He clicked reply.

    The screen emptied, resulting in a blank screen ready to tattoo his words to the sender. Rick sighed. He hadn’t expected to get this far. He typed a tried a few different sentences before hitting send.

    Who are you.

    The message folded itself into a small paper airplane and zipped off screen, indicating it had sent. Rick tried another message this time, he input a familiar number.

    Nat. You won’t believe where I am right now, but I need you to know that I will still be there for the wedding. Boy have I got a story to tell you. If Squints freaks, tell him I’ll use my tux and go rent a vest.

    See you in five days for the wedding.


    Rick gulped. Natalie would not be happy for him ditching town, but events were out of his hands for the moment. A second after it vanished off-screen, another text message arrived. Rick hurridly opened it to find the text to Natalie failed to sent.

    Rick rubbed his eyes. He had no contact with anyone outside of this theme park it seemed. He stood and returned to the kitchen in search of another Mountain Dew as Cian moaned softly.

    “hey man how are you doing?â€

    Cian’s forehead was damp, his eyes were still closed. He cracked his lips open slightly. “It’s hungry.â€

    “What do you want to eat dude, I can make a mean Mac and cheese.â€

    Cian’s eyes snapped open. He sat up breathing in his surroundings. Rick took a step backwards. “You ok man, you’ve been out for an hour.â€

    Cian nodded, his right hand clutching his forehead. “Just a bad headache. Any new messages?â€

    “No. I tried replying to the message but I haven’t heard anything, but I can firmly state that we can’t text back to earth.â€

    “What about email.â€

    Rick blinked. “What do you mean email?â€

    Cian pointed in the direction of the computer. “The other night we were able to get onto KHV. If that is the case, you should be able to send an email out.â€

    Rick smiled as he logged in. “You are a freaking genius.â€

    Cian returned the smile. “I do what I can.â€

    Rick breezed through his email and highlighted Natalie’s name and began to send the same message. Cian stood over his shoulder. “I’ve been meaning to ask…What the crap is ‘doodlemister’?â€

    Rick chuckled. “it’s a bit…well, it was a robot I created back in sixth grade for a science project that could easily write or paint creatively and was my ticket to acing tests…but it never got off the concept line. I suppose it’s just a reminder that I have to create all of my own works and such.â€

    “I always wondered about that. So where are the others?â€

    Rick paused, unsure how to answer. “They got the same message to defeat a three lettered man. I think that the people that were screwing with us the past two days are going after the others.â€

    “But if all four of them are going after the same thing—“

    “Then two might not make it back. I know. I’m beginning to want Jigsaw over this.â€

    A ping from the computer brought both keyblader’s attention back to the computer. Cian laughed as Rick began to read Natalie’s email. “Looks like we found a way to cheat the system.â€

    Rick didn’t make it past the first line before a string of explinitives burst from his mouth. Cian stepped back, his eyes wide. “What…what’s wrong?â€

    Rick balled his hands into fists as he read on, his anger building after each sentence break. “Squints….that *******, he told Natalie that he thinks I’m trying to break them up and that she would rather marry me than him.â€

    “What does that mean?â€

    Rick closed his eyes. “Squints called off the wedding.â€

    “I’m sorry Rick, He’s obviously overreacting I mean you weren’t trying to break up a friends wedding.â€

    Silence. Cian turned to Rick who remained motionless. “Rick…you weren’t trying to break up the wedding were you…?â€


    Cian stood shocked. “What do you mean not exactly?â€

    Rick exhaled. “I—She--, “He paused, “She is one of my best friends and I never liked Squints. He was always acting like he was the coolest man on the team, plus he always thought that I was always going to be there to take him down. I fueled the fire, finding the buttons that always angered him. Natalie came over to my house the night before I got here, telling me that she was upset that I wasn’t warming to him, and that she wanted me to put my feelings aside because she was happy. I guess he thought that I was trying to break up the wedding that night…Squints will regret breaking the wedding off, I will see to that personally.â€

    “Wow. That’s a bit more complicated than high school. I thought everything got better after you graduate.â€

    Rick half heartedly smirked. Cian shuffled his feet. “So wait, who is Squints?â€

    “His name is Marcus Anderson.â€


    Debris bobbed and leisurely floated along the bank of the River of America as Sora, Kairi, Riku and Kay stood next to the fenceline directly across from where the smoldering crater of the Big Thunder train had collided with the distant island. Behind them and to the right, sat the light post where the mystery man had given them their clue. In front of them, rested a forked path, part of it heading south, the other, north east.

    “Well, which way do you think we go?†Kairi asked.

    The others surveyed the options. To the north, the buildings seemed to transition to a pre colonial theme, while further south, it became cartoonish.

    “I personally don’t know any men with a three lettered name, the only one I can think of is Abu, but he’s a monkey.†Sora stated, his wheels turning. “I think that Aladdin ride south of here could be a place to search.â€

    Kay looked north again as she input a series of commands into her pid. “The King was saying that there are weird spikes of power coming from the Haunted Mansion, but that could be due to construction. Plus if it is never open till later at night, we won’t be able to get in. There’s the Hall of Presidents north of here too.â€

    Riku ran a hand through his hair. “I won’t lie, but I won’t be any help if the Hall is based on Earth history….wait,†He stopped, an idea burst to life. “Axel.â€

    The rest turned. “What do you mean Axel, what does he have to do with this?â€

    Riku shook his head, everything seemed to come together. “Axel is the only Organization member who’s real name is three letters, A. E. L. If we are supposed to silence the three lettered man, Axel fits.â€

    “One problem Riku, the entire Organization was defeat. I watch Axel pass away. I’m pretty sure that he didn’t—“

    “No, you defeated Ael’s nobody. What if Ael still exists the same as you didn’t entirely vanish when Roxas existed?â€

    “AG.†Kay added. “Is it possible that AG is Ael? The mystery man was helping us and didn’t seem to be on the other side. I vote Hall of Presidents.â€

    “I agree, it’s the only possible lead we have, it’s close to the Haunted Mansion and he could be hiding out staking the place out.†Riku said.

    “Sure why not.†Kairi said.

    Sora however, stared south. “We won’t find him in there. If you two want to go searching around a bunch of history, be my guest. I still vote south.â€

    Kairi began to argue, but Sora held up a hand. “Kairi, just trust me. This mission was set up for one team to fail. We need to split up because the Hall of Presidents is going to be a dead end.â€

    Kay placed her hands on her hips. “What do you mean it’s going to be a dead end?â€

    Sora shook his head and began walking south. “A feeling I have.â€

    Kairi fell into a quick jog to catch up to him as Kay began to protest. Riku stopped her. “Let him go. He’s right. This mission is supposed to alienate ourselves from each other, and I can only see this ending bad. If Sora doesn’t want to realize that he’s playing wity separating…†he swallowed. “Let’s hope this is a dead end.â€

    He and Kay turned around, and began to trek down the path heading north, as it slowly transitioned from the smooth asphalt to patchy cobblestone.

    Kairi caught up to Sora as he rounded a bend. “What has gotten into you!?†she demanded, her face glowing a soft shade of red. “You are acting like a jerk! Is this still about that stupid kiss?â€

    Sora winced. “No.â€

    Kairi stared incredulously. “Than what is it about?!â€

    “The second message.â€

    “The one that Kay got too?â€

    Sora shook his head. “It’s not the same.â€

    Kairi blinked. “What do you mean it’s not the same text? It’s not from the Directors?â€

    “No, it is from the Directors, but it’s not the same text.†He pulled out his device and opened the message.

    “Sora, as you read this, another will receive another message. The other’s can’t be trusted. it is time for you to show your true leadership and prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice but only one will see the sunrise again. Do not trust history, especially that of another world, you will never know what is real and what is a lie. Time is ticking. The others might not be so passive.

    The Directorsâ€

    “Oh my god.†Kairi whispered.

    Sora continued walking. “We have to find this person and kill him.â€

    Author note:
    I decided that I needed to break this update up AGAIN because it was getting into the 23+ range. I plan to have the third part up this week.
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