A Kingdom Hearts Original: The Disneyworld Chronicles

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    Oh yeahs, dats right.....



    It's cool dude, just Hurry up!
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    Great story, dude! I also love the title, a part in which I SUCK!:D
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    When can we expect the next chapter?

    I'm dying to see how exactly I'll play with all this with everybody else. Just don't make me look an idiot, and I'll be ok. Too many people have taken that job on themselves already...xD
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    We should RP this. I CALL KAIRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. it would be a fun rp
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    there was a RP similar to this story awhile back when this story first started, not sure what happened to it after i blew up at the creator for stealing my plot.

    Other notes, i'm working on the update, i know i promised it two days ago but personal stuff came up.

    SO, i'm shooting for the 4th of july. I won't be working and people are pissed i'm not going with them to Lake Powell or Vegas.

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    xD I'm sorry, the power od editing overtook me on the last part there.

    Anyway, you know I'll be gone for practically the entire weekend! You plotted this? Didn't you!? I must know by tomorrow what happens!

    And since your'e missing Lake Powell and Vegas just to make some nerds, online-ers, gamers, and the Writer Family happy, I guess I can be patient...xD
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    Well i could post it now....but there would be stuff missing because for some reason, i wrote bits from each section and haven't finished a few....could be entertaining...
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    Agh...too...many...good fanfics! Ugh, now I'm addicted to yours too. Thanks a lot! (Seriously, amazing story, can't wait to read more!)
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    this is really good

    after hours of painful reading, your other story(wich is so well written i couldnt stop reading it, even when i didnt exactly like it)

    i love this one, how good its written, the blend of characters.

    and almost everything

    im sorry i didnt like your other one.

    but, keep going, the fact that you used Real life characters, wich you can only deduce by how you talk to them in IM
    is amazing, though it isnt that easy to portray someone you barely know perfectly, okay this is a few steps from perfect, but its amazing.

    thumbs up
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    Day 2, 10:00 am
    Unknown section of Disneyworld

    A miniscule metropolis expanded as far as the eye could see below Rick, as he flashed by high above, skimming along a storm front. This is intense, he thought to himself as lightning crackled and lit up the sky, its lances of power dancing across the sky and crackling down to the sleepy city.

    For once, I can let go, Rick veered to the right, discovering a new untapped power, rocketed toward a distant mountain range, a trail of broken air left spinning in his wake.

    Rick smiled, feeling the constant pressure of air resistance against his face, his hair flapping behind him in the wind, it felt good. Suddenly, a vicious tornado leapt not from the sky, but from the ground, his spinning fingers attempting to entwine themselves around him. He focused and weaved between the funnels as more and more grew from the Earth.

    Rick flipped onto his back and shot to the left, dodging between two collapsing twisters. He snuck a glance back and smirked, but as he gazed to the path before him, a curtain of brick rose up before him, stretching as far as the eye could see in every direction. Rick slammed into the unwavering void, and tumbled head over heels down, toward the silent twinkling to be announced grave of Rick Osgood.

    He flung himself around, and clawed at his shoulder, his panic was met with emptiness in his hands as they failed to latch onto an sort of parachute release. Rick screamed in fear, but only his inner ear could understand as the wind whipped by at a hundred and twenty miles per hour. This is it, I’m going out without even knowing if the Penguins can upset the Red Wings…. “Care for a lift Doc?†a voice asked, ripping Rick from his remorseful bitterness.

    Rick blinked twice, and each time thinking that the image before him could in no way actually exist but low and behold, falling at the same speed as himself, was Bugs Bunny.

    “I was just on my way to Kalamazoo and I think I took a wrong turn…â€

    “Do I look like AAA?! I’m about to leave a crater in some poor business execs leased Ford P.o.S., and you want me to give you directions?â€

    Bugs, pulled a carrot from behind his back and calmly began to crunch away, seeming to pay the rising terra forma no mind. “No I expect you to blink.â€

    Rick stared in a mix of shock and amazement at the series of unfortunate turn of events that would ultimately lead to his demise. Rick shook his head defiantly against the powerful wind. “You expect me to just blink!?â€

    “No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.â€



    Rick’s eyes snapped open as his body rolled off of the park bench, resulting in a jumbled pile of limbs as the crazy randomness of the dream slowly vanished into the abyss of his imagination.

    Cian glanced down curiously as he sat relaxed on the neighboring bench, flipping a coin in the air. “Talk in your sleep much?â€
    Rick rose, brushing off a fine layer of dirt from his jeans. “I am disinclined to—“

    “Of course you are. So who’s Natalie and why did you think I was Bugs Bunny?†Cian nonchalantly questioned as he continued to roll the coin across his palm.

    Rick’s eyes grew as his body stiffed upon hearing her name… “Never you mind.†He glanced at the surrounding, noticing the somewhat familiar, yet mysterious in the locale and dirt road, “where are we?â€

    Cian squinted, gazing around at the landscape. “Got me. All that I do know is that you and I both have one of these:†he flicked the coin towards Rick.

    Rick caught the coin and raised it to see it at a better angle. He realized it was not a coin, but a small round black pin with a graffitied image of an X stenciled beneath a skull. “What do you think it is supposed to mean?â€

    Cian shrugged. “Could mean anything, but whatever it does mean, that guy this morning threw them onto us and here we are, eight hours later, and alone.â€

    Rick’s eyes rose from the pin, and surrounding him and Cian were nothing more than some run down general store buildings and tumbleweed. “Where—“

    “Don’t know, you’ve got the map remember.†Rick removed the device from his pocket and frowned. “What’s up?â€

    Rick shook his head, his brow furrowing. “Someone’s played with this…the casing is cracked.â€

    “Could be from you rolling off the bench onto it, I mean the thing isn’t Chuck Norris approved—“

    Suddenly, Cian jumped, his hand instinctively dropping to his cargo pocket. He withdrew a small rectangular device the size of an everyday cell phone, in fact, it was a bar phone of the type neither had seen before, at the same moment, Rick’s device began to vibrate as a text message came across the screen.

    Rick stared in puzzlement as he read the series of words. “Get to the man on the mountain, over the side, over again. You have 360 minutes, Fail—“

    “—and face erasure, The Reapers?†Cian finished, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this….â€

    Day 2, 10:05 am
    Unknown location of Disneyworld

    “‘Dethrone the Thunder. You have 180 minutes, fail and face erasure. The Reapers.’...is Rick sending us a joke?†Riku asked as he gazed at his assumed broken pid as the message flashed across both his and Kay’s device.

    “I don’t think so, the Reapers were a fictional group of evil doers in the World Ends With You.†Kay responded as she shook her head, nervously examining her pin.

    Riku turned. “What do you mean the Reapers ‘were’ fictional?â€

    Kay looked up, and odd little smile peaked at the corners of her mouth. “Because as of three days ago, Kingdom Hearts was a fictional video game and here I am, stuck in a theme park light years from Earth with you. I think it’s fair to say that the Reapers are real.â€

    “Then what is the riddle? ‘Dethrone the Thunder’? There is no way to do that unless you are Zues…that’s it!†Riku scanned through his device but as he examined a listing of park attractions, his shoulders fell as the search revealed not one ride based upon Olympus or Hercules.

    “There isn’t a ride like that on Earth either, so I think it’s safe to assume that Herc can’t help us this time.†Kay moved toward Riku and rested a hand on his shoulder comfortingly. “Besides, we’ve got bigger fish to fry: the pact.â€

    “Pact?†Riku questioned as Kay nodded. “In the World Ends With You, two players had to form a pact to fight together or else they would be erased at the first opportunity. Looks like you and I are going to be partners.†She stated with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.

    Riku caught the look and raised an eyebrow. “What’s that supposed to mean?â€

    “Nothing,†Kay laughed, “I know some fan girls that would kill to be your partner.â€

    After a series of moments, the two new partners glanced around their surroundings, noticing Cinderella’s Castle barely dancing above the treetops. “We must be in the far west section of the park, we’ve not been over here yet, so I can’t say for sure what will await us.†Riku slowly summoned his keyblade and moved northeast.

    “Where do you suppose the other’s are?â€

    “No clue, probably being held prisoner by that guy last night, and what’s with these pins?†Riku glanced down as his hung above his heart.

    “No clue, never played the game myself. It could—“

    Riku raised his hand, freezing Kay’s words in her mouth. “There’s something over there.†He motioned with his keyblade at a grove of thick trees. As he slowly crept forward, a dull rumble could be heard from beyond the tree line, as the noised growled and roared, sending a flock of birds skyward. The two slowly approached, and soon the distinct rumble appeared to blend form a number of similar sounding beasts. Riku motioned her to stop, and began to pick his way through the dense underbrush.

    As he moved slowly deeper, his heart rate began to quicken, until he couldn’t hear the rumbling groan over his heart beating in his ear. He began to move forward, reaching to pull apart the branches when off in the distance, a branch snapped. Riku dropped low, his body spread across the mossy earth. His eyes darted as far as they could, and they finally centered on the disturbance as just past a cottonwood tree, the outline of a hunchbacked monster slowly paced back and forth, a single beam of light danced between needles.

    Riku’s breath slowed as he began to focus, his body gearing itself for what he hoped wouldn’t be a stupid mistake. He closed his eyes, centering himself inside of the momentary darkness, and leapt.

    Day 2, 10:08 am.
    Haunted Mansion Séance Room

    “Well done, I could not believe everything could run so smoothly with that little stunt of yours last night.†A voice remarked from the shadows of the Séance Room.

    The man in white waved his hand in the air with disregard. “You had your chance, now is my turn to see if I can play the Harbinger of Death.†He coolly twilled.

    “This isn’t something that you can disregard. We have had this plan in play for near of a decade. It is a fail safe that we have perfected and we will refuse to let your antics ruin our return.â€

    A laugh shattered the shadows near the exit doorway. “You old timers were too zetta slow! If you’d have accepted us when we came to you originally, you’d not be in this zetta mess!â€

    The man in white smiled, his eyes twinkling mysteriously beneath his sunglasses. “Minamimoto, what’s happened has transpired. How are the players shaping up?â€

    Minamimoto stepped from the shadows, his red bandana flapping quietly as he walked. “The Dynamic Duo are almost to the target, but they still haven’t reached the old man. The traitor and the girl are commencing the game, and the loverbirds are wandering around Fantasyland like they have all the zetta time in the world!†he roared, his fists continually clenching and unclenching.

    “If any of them shall fail—“the voice began to demand before being halted by a wave of the hand.

    “We are in the process of amassing your supporters just like we agreed to do. The players won’t be harmed…unless they fail to meet the deadline. Cause and effect.â€

    “Number XVII: I want you to follow Minamimoto, make sure our overall plan is not destroyed.â€

    Sebax glanced from beneath his hood, a smile forming in his mind. They are trusting me, now I just have to bide my time… “As you wish.â€

    “Now then,†the voice changed tone and direction, “Kitaniji, explain to me what your plan truly is.â€

    Day 2, 10:08 am

    Riku burst from the trees, his keyblade shimmering in the light as he brought the blade down onto the head of the beast. As the blade made contact, the blade stiffened as it clanged off of a metallic shield, unbalancing Riku as he rolled into a defensive crouch, preparing for the next onslaught.

    “I’m gonna tell you what, you whirl out of them ther trees like that, yous lible to get yourself eatin pavement!†A southern twang roared from the monster as it slowly rolled backwards, trying to put as much distance as it dared from the key wielder.

    Kay appeared from the trees and froze. “Tell me I’m dreaming…†Staring back at them was the eight foot long frame of the rusted tow truck known as Mater.

    Mater wheeled back and forth slightly, its eyes surveying the distant grandstands and the flurry of activity down bellow along pit lane and the garage. “Shoooot, this ain’t no dream. Welcome ta the Disneywarl’ 400.â€

    Riku glanced over at Kay, a look of sheer bewilderment and confusion on his face. “I’m talking to a car…looks like me and my shrink are going to have a whole new can of worms to talk about for the next two years…â€

    Kay laughed. Down along the pits, were a series of forty one brightly colored race cars sat revving their engines and being checked on by their crews. At the front of the pack, sat a bright green massively decaled car. “Who’s on pole, is that from the Audi or Porsche class?†she asked pointing toward the track.

    Mater wheeled around and squinted, then chortled to himself. “That ain’t no ow-d or porshe, that there is Chick Hicks. The roughest toughest driver that’s come along this circuit since the ol’ intimidator, rest his chassis.†An oil slicked tear fell from the edge of the windshield. “That Intimidator, he was something else. He could rattle your cage from a mile away, nicest race car you ever would have known. Him and the King were ol’ school racers, just like the Doc.â€
    Riku shook his head. “You actually understand what this….truck….is saying!?â€

    Kay didn’t answer but began to make her way down from the trees, heading towards the crew entrance. “Yes I do. Chick Hicks. We have to race him.â€


    Kay stopped at the security gate, and turned to look up at Riku. “Dethrone the Thunder. Thunder is Chick’s nickname.â€

    Mater’s eyes lit up at the prospect of human’s racing against these precision machines. “You gonna take on Thunder, this’s gunna be gooood.†He laughed as he drove off, heading towards a crimson red pit down near the forth turn.

    Kay groaned as she saw the cars that were lined up on. “Why Nascar? Why does it always have to be Nascar?â€
    Day 2 10:20 am
    Entering Frontierland

    After passing fields of vacant shops without sign of the others, cast both Rick and Cian into a reluctant silence. The two trudged on, every so often Cian would glance down at the slowly approaching deadline as Rick would systematically examine the map application on his p.i.d.

    At the following crossroad, Rick shook his head and pocketed the device. “We’ve been walking around for over twenty minutes. If this is anything like TWEWY, we are hosed in a little over five and a half hours unless we figure this out.â€

    “You never know. Maybe they that guy is just trying to trick us into thinking we think we know what he is actually plotting.†Cian explained as he leapt up onto a evergreen stained wooden bench. In the distance, the peaks of two mountains rose into the clouds, well away from the current ghost town. “Besides, the peaks are starting to get a little closer.â€

    Rick sat down, granting his legs a much desired rest. “Get to the man on the mountain, over the side and over again...over again…I wonder if that is referring an avalanche or falling from a cliff.â€

    Cian sat across from Rick and gazed up at the low lying clouds as a flock of birds soared high overhead. “Get to the man on the mountain seems to be referring to an individual, were there any men attached with any rides in Disneyworld?â€

    “The disembodied ghost host from the Haunted Mansion, Jack Sparrow from pirates, that robot from Star Tours…I can’t think of anything that has to do with a mountain. The Matterhorn was built in Disneyland, not Disneyworld and that was centered around the yeti, again, not a man. That leaves-“

    “Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain.†Cian finished.

    Rick nodded. “Exactly, but Splash mountain was told from Braer Rabbit, Braer Bear and Braer Fox’s point of view. Space Mountain was just a thrill ride through space.â€

    “Looks like we are running out of options. I still want to know what the man is supposed to be.â€

    “add that to the list of other unsolved mysteries around this place.†Rick stated while he pulled out a small, wire-edged, notebook and began to take notes with his pen.

    Cian stood and dusted himself off, all the while looking at Rick’s pen. “That’s a mystery to add to your little black book, how you received a keyblade that bends to your imagination. I want one.†His eyes began to twinkle as scenarios danced around inside his head.

    Rick shrugged, closing the notebook and rolling the pen around in his palm. “I’m not sure either. But we do know that the keyblade chooses its wielder based on the strength of the individuals heart.â€

    “Yea, but you’ve had a heart attack, your hearts not in top Lance Armstrong condition, maybe it was meant for someone else and you were the last hope.â€

    Rick frowned and pocketed the notebook, glaring at Cian as he stood and continued West. “My heart is fine. And I’m talking about the emotional side of the heart.â€

    Cian rolled his eyes. “Suuuuure you were. Is that why you have to fill a little black book with theories instead of girls numbers?â€

    “I—what are you assuming!?â€

    “Nothing.†Cian snickered. “Girls aren’t supposed to be replaced by theories.â€

    “Oh, give it a few years, and you’ll understand how those two coincide.†Rick mumbled as the duo continued on, unaware of the set of eyes watching their progress from the eights story window of Cinderella’s Castle.

    Day 2, 10:45 am

    Forty laps into the Disneyworld 400 and already it seemed as if there would be no one capable to even challenging Chick Hicks as he continued to fly around the eight banked corners, eating up competitors like no buddies business.

    Midfield, Riku dove underneath a brightly colored Pontiac stealing another position as his own silver and black car shimmied around the banking as he approached the next turn.

    “Riku, this is Doc. You are driving the wheels off of that thing but you need to calm down. There’s a whole mess of laps to come, you just need to pace yourself and let the car do the rest.†A static filled message broke over Riku’s headset, bringing the stressed teen back into reality as he lifted his foot off the accelerator, barely breaking left in time to miss a spinning Dodge.

    “I can’t believe someone put me behind the wheel of a car! I’ve never even done drivers ed!†Riku swore as the spinning Dodge collided behind him with another car, sending motor parts and oil across the track, sending out the yellow flag.

    “Suck it up key boy, or are you afraid of getting beat by me?†Kay teased through her own headset as her teal blue race car followed the procession of cars behind the pace car, in seventh place.

    “Kay, Riku, enough chit chat, you’ve both gone through almost a tank of fuel and you could use a new set of tires, pit this lap.†Doc demanded, breaking up the chatter.

    The cars exited turn eight and unfortunately for Kay and Riku, only six other cars broke away from the track and dropped down onto pit road.

    “Riku, how’s the car holding up, do we need to make any track bar adjustments?†Doc asked as the sound of air guns rose in the background.

    “um….what’s a track bar?†Riku asked, glancing around the inside of his race car.

    “I’m going to need a round out of my right sides, add a half turn of wedge and top her off Doc.†Kay reported back.

    Riku glanced out his windshield dumbfounded. “Did you just say anything in English?â€

    Kay giggled again, and turned into her pit as her temporary crew flashed to work. Riku pulled into the stall in front of her, and stared in amazement as a series of front end loaders skidded around his car and set to work filling the gas tank and adding new rubber. Twelve seconds later, both cars were sailing out their stalls, a full second ahead of the six other cars.

    “Good work everybody, now we’ve got almost two hundred laps to go, let’s bring the heat.†Doc asked as the green flag flew before the field again, setting loose forty three starving warriors.

    Day 2, 11:30 am

    “Fifty men on a dead man’s chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum…â€

    “Dude…†Rick glanced over his shoulder as Cian walked around drunkenly acting like a pirate. “First, we aren’t going to Pirates, we are trying to find a dude. Second only I can act like Jack Sparrow, it’s law according to 83% of KHV and third….wow.â€

    “Well what do you expect, we both have no idea where we are going, and this river stretches on FOREVER!!†Cian marveled at the immense river as it stretched and cut across and around a small island off in the distance.

    The two trudged on until they turned past a bend in and the sound of a raging waterfall could be heard pervading the air. From beyond a series of trees, a large mountain peak sliced upwards from the ground, a 80 foot waterfall flowing steadily over the edge and from a hole in the mountain itself. The water flowed underneath a stone bridge and fed out over a small levee, into the river.

    “Well well…Splash Mountain.†Rick grinned up as memories from his childhood gently worked their way up from past trips to Disneyland and riding the ride. “We’ve got to get everybody together and ride…†Rick stopped, remembering that he had no idea where the others were or if they were in trouble.

    “I think we have other things to worry about right now Rick…†Cian quietly stated as the hammer of a gun clicked into place behind Rick.

    Rick slowly began to turn. “Not so fast boy. Any sudden movements and its off to Boot Hill for you.†A voice demanded, an odd twang in his voice.

    Rick turned around slower, slowly moving his hands up. When he finally could make out the gun wielder, he almost laughed. Standing before the two, was a man in his mid to late sixties, his head covered by a wide brimmed ten gallon cowboy hat and a mangy gray-golden beard underneath a set of steal green eyes. All though he seemed old, the Colt Peacemaker was pointed solid as a rock between Rick and Cian.

    “You both are here looking for the treasure aint ye?â€

    “No sir, we are looking of the man on the mountain.†Cian said.

    The man’s confidence wavered slightly before hardening up again. “The man on the mountain you say? Are you referring to the Prospector?â€

    Rick and Cian looked at each other, unsure how to answer. “Maybe?â€

    The gun slinger’s eyes hardened as he withdrew another Colt and pulled back the hammer. “No one is supposed to know about the Prospector. I’m placing you both under arrest for attempting to break the Prospector out his prison.â€

    From out of no where, three more men appeared, each wielding a different gun ranging from a sawed off shotgun to a Winchester rifle.

    Cian chuckled nervously as the rifle wielder stepped forward, bearing a pair of handcuffs. “Parlay?â€

    Day 2, 12:10 pm

    “Well Darrel, I can’t say that we were going to be in for a shocker of a race this afternoon as Chick Hick has dominated nearly this entire race. But I’m surprised by two unknown drivers racing in the Rustee cars this afternoon.â€

    “You’re right Bob, these two started at the back of the pack and have managed to race their way up into the top ten all day and they are looking for more.â€

    “Well with just twenty laps to go, will it be enough for anyone to catch the Thunder?â€

    Kay swung down low entering turn one with Riku hot on her tail. She had to admire Riku’s driving today, having gone from having no idea what the difference was between an exhaust manifold and a lugnut; but now he was handling his car beautifully, and the two were slowly inching their way closer to the front five.

    “Kay, this is Doc. You’ve got about a three second margin from you and Hicks, he’s been going wide off of five all day and if you can manage to put some distance between yourselves and the rest of the field, you should be good to be right there when the white flag waves.â€

    “Copy. Riku, how’s your car handling on the straightaways?â€

    “Ok I think, there is this little red pointy thing that keeps pointing towards an H whenever I exit a corner…is that bad?â€

    A rock sank into the tank of Doc. “Riku, I’m going to hate to say this, but you might be close to blowing an engine. You’re going to need to back off a bit and see if you can lower that water temp.â€

    A slow frown stretched across Riku’s face as he and Kay flew past the fifth place car and pulled across the finish line agan. “I can’t do that Doc. 18 laps should be enough right?â€

    “Just keep an eye on it Riku, let’s rock and roll.†Kay dropped the hammer into fourth and drove hard into the second corner, right on the heels of Dale Jr.

    Riku tired as best he could to be right up on the back bumper of Kay, but elected to stay back a handful of feet as she and Dale Jr began to use up every inch of racetrack. Kay would duck to the low side, Jr. would ease his car down just low enough that Kay would be forced to let off the gas or bump draft him further ahead.

    Around the track they dueled as Chick and the two other drivers continued to gain ground on the 4th and 5th place cars. Riku had his hands full as well, fighting his slowly overheating car and trying to fend off the 37 racers eager to try to win.

    “Eight to go, this time by Kay.†Doc announced as the pack ripped across the start finish line.

    As the cars raced out of turn three heading down the back stretch, a plume of white smoke erupted from under Riku’s hood as the over heating engine finally gave out. Riku struggled to maintain control of his car as it slowly lost horsepower. The plume of smoke threw the racers behind into mayhem as they tried to guess which direction to turn to avoid a wreck, a car slammed into Riku, sending both cars skidding across the track adding dozens of more cars into the calamity.

    Kay gasped as she stared at her rear view mirror, as Riku’s car was skidding across the track was hit hard in the passenger side, sending his car end over end. “RIKU!!â€

    The race officials immediately threw the red flag as track officials attempted to remove the thirty eight car pile up from the track. Kay sat in her car, fearful of what happened to Riku and glancing down at her watch as the minutes slowly ticked away. She judged that if each lap equated to a little under a minute, she had a window of three minutes to get back racing. She flicked open her comm. “Doc, how soon till we get back racing?â€

    Doc motioned towards a race official. He flicked open his comm. “About five minutes.â€

    Kay’s heart froze. If the race restarted in 5 minutes. That would make her two minutes over the time limit… she began to slowly sink into a self induced bubble as her heart rate rose. Erasure…no one knew what that entailed, it was a video game, but what would happen if…

    “Kay, start them up, we are going back racing.†Doc’s voice erupted inside her ears, smashing apart the bubble as her eyes readjusted as the other cars began to slowly follow the pace car around the track.

    She glanced down at her watch. Three minutes and twenty seconds. “Why do they have cut these things so damn close!?â€

    The five remaining cars slowly peeled off of turn eight as the pace car zipped down onto the pit lane. Kay gripped the steering wheel. One for the money, two for the show…The green flag flashed and the five cars leapt forward, Kay slammed on the gas and was directly behind Jr as the dove into turn one.

    Jr juked and attempted to shake her but she had grown accustom to his style and remained glued to his bumper, allowing both cars to benefit from a boost of speed and clean air known as the draft.

    Past turns three and four they jogged, the impromptu train growing in speed as they over took third place. On the exit from turn five, Jr’s car got loose, bobbling high granting Kay just enough room to sneak by and rocket forward toward down the backstretch that she had been able to dominate all day. Dead ahead of her, was the Thunder.

    Kay sat back for a moment and sized up Hicks as he drove hard into turn six, but floated up the race track and gained a boost of speed through seven and eight from the high line. She followed him around for another lap, but this time bit into his second lead in turn six, shaving off nearly a half of a second. The two cars rocketed from the eight to the start finish line, neck and neck. Five laps to go.

    If she had thought the other 41 competitors was hard, she was floored by the driving style and ferocity that Hicks drove. He drove without any regards for his chassis as long as he was able to sail by you and win. Kay learned this the hard way when she ducked down and tried to peak into an opening in turn seven ended with her pinned against the front stretch wall, sparks spraying off her right side as she was forced to back off.

    Three laps to go.

    The frustration was beginning to boil over as the laps had began to tick into the single digits, now it seemed that she was driving like a bat out of hell as she locked back onto the draft, and pulled behind Hicks again.

    “Careful Kay, he’s not going to let you try something like that move in six again, he’s adapting and not going into the corner as hard. You’ve got only a few options and one of them are going to be him messing up, and he doesn’t do that.†Doc advised as he watched from atop the pit box the duel between the top two cars.

    Kay sat back and began to let the car come to her as she checked her watch as she crossed underneath the white flag. Last lap…one minute left. Suddenly a new voice welled up inside her. “Use the force Kay.â€

    Kay’s eyes grew wide as she risked a glance around the cockpit. “Great…I’m going to be erased and I’m hearing Obi Wan Kenobi in my head.â€

    “No Kay, it’s me, it’s Riku. I’ve got an idea.â€

    The cars flew down the backstretch and as they entered turn six, Chick dove low, Kay stayed in her lane and gained on Chick, as he caught wind, he rose high, trying to pin her up in the wall, but Kay let off, and ducked underneath Chick just as they exited turn eight side by side.

    Chick slammed down into Kay, sending both cars spinning pinned together through the trioval until Hicks was pushing into Kay’s driver side door. His eyes were large with excitement but grew wide as Kay smiled brightly as her car crossed the finish line sideways, being helped along accidentally by Chicks.

    “You did it!†Riku roared as Kay climbed from her battered car victorious.

    As she lifted her fists in triumph, a sharp pinprick of pain seared through her hand. Kay pulled back and ripped off the glove, only to find the numbers slowly dissolving, having stopped at 0:01.

    Day 2, 1:15 am

    “If you make me go on that bloody ride one more time, I swear I’m going to kill you.†Kairi fumed as she dragged a battered and bruised Sora from the exit of It’s A Small World After All.

    “Ow, OW!†Sora grunted as Kairi led him into every possible obstacle. “I swear I thought the message meant ‘Remove the knight from its prison!’ Anyone stuck on that ride would think SingSing or Alcatraz was a bed and breakfast!â€

    Kairi shook her head, the pain and brainwashing powers of the annoying song and flashy costumed children continued to dance through her mind. “No you idiot! The text said to unsheathe the KEY from its stone prison. And now,†she glanced at her watch, a bead of sweat rolling down her brow, “We have twenty minutes or face erasure!!â€

    Sora glanced sheepishly at the hot tempered red head. “What do you expect from me? I don’t have a guide or cheat codes to tell me what to do. I’m making this up as I go.â€

    “Well, THINK! When you traveled across the kingdom, did you ever see a key stuck in a stone?â€

    Sora stroked his chin, as wave upon wave of memory flashed past his mind’s eye. Slowly, a large boulder materialized in his mind, the contoured corners were fused around a female body. His eyes snapped open. “Meg. Hades enslaved Meg in a hunk of granite in the Underworld, but where are we going to find a hunk of stone in this place?â€

    Kairi’s eyes lit up as she reached for Sora’s arm. “Last night, I think I saw something that looked out of place just beyond the castle, come on!â€

    1:21 pm

    The two skidded around a bend of trees and popcorn vendors and stood directly outside the archway into Cinderella’s Castle. “Where do we go from here?†Sora asked as he bent over and stuggled to inhale.

    “It was just on the other side of the gates, come on slowpoke!†Kairi fearfully giggled as she raced under the Castle.

    Sora stared in bewilderment at Kairi as she somersaulted over a trash receptical and continued without losing a second. Slowly he stood and lumbered on after her. Sora turned a corner and froze. Twenty feet past the exit, lay Kairi sprawled across the cobblestone road.

    A dark shadow stepped from the shadows and knelt besides Kairi, his black attire struck home inside of Sora, as the Kingdom Key instantly materialized. “Get…away…from…HER!†he roared, blasting his way forward and connecting on a powerful downward shop across the figure.

    The figure fell backwards and stumbled to regain its balance just before a wave of magic erupted from the tip of the keyblade, blasting an arc of devastation after the attacker.

    Sora raced on, his keyblade swinging in his grip as he slowly gained on the attacker until he sped around a corner and smashed headlong into Kay and Riku, turning the quiet street corner into a tangle of limbs and a flood of cursing.

    “Sora, what’s gotten into you man?!†Riku demanded as his already bruised body slowly lifted itself from the pavement.

    “Did you see him, did I go past you guys?!†Sora demanded, his gaze and focus rock steady.

    “Sora,†Kay rubbed a growing bruise on her forearm, “No one past us until you collided with us.â€

    Sora shook his head, the adrenaline slowly dissipating from his bloodstream. “I was chasing, I hit…something attacked Kairi.â€

    “Sora you are so over dramatic.†Kairi winced as she sat gingerly against the side of the building, messaging her left ankle. “I tripped over a loose cobblestone and fell. That guy you attacked was just trying to help me up.â€

    “Oh…shi—“ Kairi raised her hand and gave Sora a warning g
    “We don’t have time to argue, we have to find that stone.â€

    “Is that it?†Kay pointed towards King Arthur’s Carousel where situated besides a small garden sat a stone pillar housing a sword.

    Kairi and Sora raced over and stared at the sword. “It makes sense. ‘Unsheathe the key from it’s stone prison’. I didn’t expect a key to actually be a keyblade!â€

    Sora stepped forward confidently, wrapped his hands around the shaft and pulled. Nothing happened.

    “What’s wrong Sora, forget to take your PHP today?†Riku laughed but stopped as his bruised ribs groaned in agony.

    Kairi stepped up and tired as well, but the sword remained imprisoned. “This isn’t looking good. This has to work or else we are screwed. We have only two minutes!!â€

    “Let me try.†Riku volunteered. As hard as he dared, the blade remained stuck.

    “Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man…†Sora began to slowly hop up and down his eyes bugging out as if he was about to wet his pants from fear.

    “What do we do, they keyblade isn’t responding to the key bearers then something isn’t right. What if—“

    “What if I tried?†Kay asked hesitantly.

    The trio shrugged. Kay stepped forward and stared at the shaft as it protruded from the stone. It didn’t seem that foreign, yet somehow it was familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere before. Slowly she wrapped her hands around the shaft and began to pull.

    The sword began to slowly give as little by little, more and more of the blade withdrew, until the blade ripped free, shimmering in the sunlight.

    “Hello Equilibrium.â€
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