A Kingdom Hearts Original: The Disneyworld Chronicles

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    I can't wait until the next part!

    I wonder who might be in it? hmmm...most likely Jack Sparrow! XD Is it truley and legiteabley a Destined story without, said Pirate captain? That is to say: It wouldn't. Sorry, mate, just couldn't be down, savvy?
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    For my friends, i give you my crowning gift: two posts for two stories as my one year anniversary present to you, my fellow readers who've enjoyed reading my crazy stories and funny comments.

    So here i sit, staring at post number 1000 exactly 365 days ago having no idea what i'd be getting my self into.

    For you the Readers.

    Day 1, 11:34 am

    The group trekked deep into a mirade of trees and dense jungle life, coming out coming out of the dark path surrounded by none other, that buildings created for the soul purpose: merchandising.

    “Way to go Rick, I thought you said this was the way to Port Royal.†Kay teased as Rick stood at the lead, holding a small apparatus before him.

    “I know where I’m going, I was here a few months ago, it should be past the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house…†Rick grumbled as he continued on.

    “But, this isn’t your Disneyworld…†Riku pointed out, pushing aside a blocked hanging branch, “This is our Disneyworld, I’m sure the layout is similar but maybe just designed different.â€

    “Hmmm…†Rick scratched his chin, jiggling the object in his hands.

    Kairi meanwhile was constantly swinging her head from side to side, afraid that a dark and evil spider or serpent would drop from the sky and land smack on her head. Cian was fidgeting his p.i.d., furiously texting away.

    “Rick’s right, it should be just around the corner.†Sora smiled as he tried to lift everyone’s spirits…but instead had not tried to avoid the incoming branch that Riku had pushed aside as it smacked him square in the face.

    The group continued for another handful of minutes, until Rick sighed. “Ok, so this compass actually does point north.â€

    “WHAT!?†the five roared see that Rick was holding a Swiss Army compass in his hands.

    “You actually thought you had a compass that pointed you to what you wanted most?!†Kairi roared, as the group realized they had been walking in a large circle, Sora glared at the innocent tree branch that had left the red welt across his face.

    “Well what was I supposed to think? This is Disneyworld. There’s magic everywhere, and after what Cian pulled last night, “Rick rebuked pointing his plastic sword at Cian, “I thought something may have happened.â€

    Riku tilted his head as he absorbed this news. “What do you mean?â€

    “That blast of teal light at the roller coaster last night, it came from Sora’s keyblade and we don’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing right? So what I’m saying is what if it changed ‘us’ somehow?â€

    “Heh, that’s kind of crazy man.†Sora laughed, only to have Kay whip around on him. “Don’t be so sure, Sora, just wait till you see what Destiny’s Force has planned for you, I wouldn’t eat any fruit when you get back home.â€

    “What’s THAT supposed to mean?!†Kairi demanded.

    “Heh, you’ll see.†Cian smirked as he pushed aside a palm leaf to reveal a distant fort looming above a sleepy town. “Besides, it’s that way.â€

    Rick glanced at the distant ride and frowned. “How’d you know that?â€

    “Am I honestly the only one who uses this thing? It’s got a map and global positioning software installed. All I had to do was modify my field by blending the two together and BAM, instant solution.†Cian explained holding his red p.i.d. up to the group.

    Everyone moved out of the forest and headed toward the ride, passing vendors and market shops. Cian slowed till his pace matched Rick’s. “You thought your compass would point towards your heart’s desire? Wait till Saint hears that.†He laughed, racing to join the others.


    The concrete road they SHOULD have been following since exiting the Country Bear Jamboree merged with their jungle excursion, leading towards the distant pirate ships and fort overlooking the quiet town. Slowly the concrete road began to degrade, and before their eyes, became dirt with cobblestone steps leading into all manner of buildings designed to resemble the late Eighteenth Century.

    “Wow, this looks exactly like Port Royal!†Sora expressed his eyes passing above the C. Brown forge and over a series of clothing stores and shops.

    Suddenly, everyone jumped as a metallic voice greeted them from within their pockets.

    “Welcome to Adventureland, home to the Jungle Cruise, The Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management, and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Currently there is no wait at any of these attractions, feel free to push any button for more information. The time is now 11:48 am.â€

    Everyone instinctively reached into their pocket and extracted their p.i.d. noticing that a series of icons now appeared on the screen. “Huhm, it must be electronically activated when it enters a new area.†Kairi marveled, opening up a few icons.

    “Well, that’s easy for you to say…†Rick grumbled as he tried to examine his, “Mine’s in Italian.â€

    Kay titled her head, amused that her’s had taken on a British accent, similar to C-3PO. “I thought you said you could speak Italian?â€

    Rick reluctantly shook his head. “I took the classes, I can understand parts, I’m nowhere near fluent.â€

    Riku pocketed his, and began to walk towards a queue line. “Come on guys, let’s play with those later tonight, we got some rides to get to.â€

    The group followed his lead, and entered the winding queue line, entering under a stone archway adorned with Pirates of the Caribbean etched across a fallen mast. They made their way deeper and deeper into the fort, winding around prisons and canon turrets. Sora glanced up. “Catilla del Morro, what’s that supposed to mean?â€

    “It’s the name of the biggest Spanish fort in Puerto Rico, back on Earth.†Rick answered as they descended a ramp that let to a flowing river where a six seated longboat sat tied to the dock, off in the distance, they noticed that the city stood shrouded in fog and candlelight flickering faintly.

    A smiling cast member stood besides the boat, a candle held in her extended hand. She began to speak, the distinct Jamaican drawl encompassing each syllable. “Welcome travelers. Take your seat, and survive…if you can…†she cackled.

    Sora gulped, his eyes darting around the harbor, his right hand inching toward his keychain. A whisper of wind brushed his back, sending him whirling around, slicing at the same moment at nothing but air.

    “Sora! Come on stop being a baby! It’s just the air conditioning, the rides about to start!†Riku stated as the cast member motioned toward the final remaining seat besides Kairi in the back of the boat.

    Sora remained staring into the shadows for a moment before hesitantly entering. The woman gave the boat a slight nudge, and soon the boat entered into the slightly faster current.

    Music began to slowly play as they rounded a bend in the river, and approached an rushing waterfall cascading from a cliff far above. Slowly, an image grew, the distinct face of Davy Jones grinning at them from the water. “Dead men tell NO tale...†Jones whispered as the boat sliced through the ‘waterfall’, amazed to realize that it was nothing more than a projection.

    “Well that was cool.†Kairi giggled as the boat continued down the winding channel, into the heart of a raging storm…


    The cast member smiled and exited through a hidden door to the side, distinctly labeled Cast Members Only. Upon the doors, closure, the shadows moved slightly, as a shape blended with the shadows, and made its way toward a ladder leading to the shadows above…


    Past a beach they traveled, scattered with the corpses of pirates hoisting treasures with their greed littered around them. A pirate sat propped up against a rock, a rust covered saber stuck squarely between his now exposed rips, keeping him suspended for all eternity. The storm raged ever harder as the waves grew choppy, in the distance, a flash of lightning illuminated a shipwrecked vessel attempting to navigates itself from against the shawls, its captain remaining at the helm, covered in tattered remnants of clothing whipping around him in the hurricane force winds. The boat moved closer, and another bust of lightning caused the girls to jump, showing that the captain was also a skeletal being.

    “Ummm I don’t like that sound…†Rick gulped as the water began to rage ever stronger, clawing at the boat, and speeding it along.

    Up ahead, the wall of ocean spray buffeted the boat as Kay held her hand around her eyes, trying to see into the path ahead, a flash of light illuminated the horror that was about to strike. “Maelstrom!†she cried as the boat’s bow jutted over the lip of the vortex, and rocketed into the spiraling depths.

    “HOLY @%!#! This wasn’t in the ride!!†Rick yelled over the roaring water as Kairi and Sora clung to each other, screaming.

    Riku meanwhile, braced himself as best he could, his eyes bugging out and his face slowly changing the color of the rainbow. Kay sat behind Rick, and had instinctively lunged forward and began to half choke, half cling to Rick. Cain meanwhile, whooped, his arms rose to the heavens.

    The boat spun around, begin carried by the current, and ever so slowly, reached the climax some thirty feet down, where the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman could be seen locked in combat, the two ships main masts locked together, dragging the other ship down.

    Jack Sparrow could be seen atop a mast, dueling with Davy Jones as bellow, other animatronics human’s waged war against others. Rick blinked. “Wher—where’s Barbossa!?†he managed to get out after clawing air from his hostage throat.

    Sure enough, the scene resembled that of the duel from the third Pirates movie, but two animatronics pirates were dueling with nothing but air where Barbossa should have been atop the wheelhouse.

    An evil laugh began to grow from above as a hot blast of cannon fire rained not from the Pearl or Dutchman, but from directly above. The cannonball slammed into the longboat, sending the six riders into the crushing water.


    “Bull’s-eye.†The shadow victoriously cheered as he blew the smoking vapor from the tip of his spinning weapon. Now…to take care of the others…

    Day 1, 4:59 pm.

    “What the crap was that!?†Kairi gasped as she and Sora opened their eyes and found themselves no longer submerged in water, but soaking wet at the drenched foot of Cinderella’s Castle.

    “Sorry, didn’t really have a lot of time to react…†Riku stated, jamming his finger into his ear.

    “No it’s not that, its just I didn’t think a ride was supposed to…you know, fight back?â€

    “Hmmm, maybe Rick was onto something when about the teal beam, “Kay looked around, “Wait…where’s Rick and Cian??â€

    Riku’s eyes grew in fear as the group slowly realized that the group had decreased by two. “I..I..I thought I had everyone in the portal!â€

    Sora leapt to his feet. “We have to go back and find them!†He announced as he dug into his pocket, only to find that the p.i.d. was unresponsive, the circuit board fried when the water touched it.

    “Wait…where is everybody?†Kairi asked as the street around the Castle and down Main Street was devoid of all signs of life, the shop’s closed down.

    “Something’s not right….what time is it?†Riku asked.

    Far away, a distant chime tolled from another section of the undiscovered Eastern edge of the park, announcing five pm. The group stared in disbelief. “But, we got on the ride before noon?! How could five hours have gone by without us knowing?†Sora asked.

    “Whatever the reason, I’m sure it’s not good.â€

    Kairi gazed around the deserted theme park. “What about Rick and Cian…â€

    The group became quiet, not wanting to believe the impossible as a lone raven took to the air from a blooming Cherry Tree. “We need to tell the King.†Riku finally said, breaking the silence.

    Slowly, they four friends entered the Castle and began to climb the winding staircase, unsure of what the rest of the evening would hold.

    Day 1, 5:10 pm

    “Oy! I think this one is coming to!â€

    Images blurred in front of Rick’s eyes as shapes began to blend together as they swayed in and out of focus. “Where—“

    “Rest Lad, best not overdue it.†A gruff, yet warm voice responded as Rick slowly tried to sit up, but the sway of the ground refused to agree with his equilibrium as his churros reached up to say hello.

    “Pull that weasel to his feet.†A voice demanded as a series of heavy footsteps approached Rick.

    He was raised up, supported by two blurred shapes as water dripped from his waterlogged clothing. Rick’s head rose as a hand jerked his head up to examine, the smell of salt and dead fish almost caused Rick to vomit again. “Well well, Jack Sparraw. You have a debt to pay.â€

    Rick’s vision instantly cleared as the form of Davy Jones materialized before him. “Woah, woah woah! I’m not Jack?! I’m Rick, from Salt Lake!?†He stammered, frantically trying to untangle himself from the grip of Jone’s crew.

    Jones stepped a bit closer, his eyes surveying Rick furiously before his tentacles twitched. “What kind of game is this? You tell me you are not Sparraw, yet you are him.â€

    Rick glanced down at his attire, and nervously smiled. “No, no it’s a costume, this is all just a big misunderstanding. See my friends and I were on a ride, and—“

    “ENOUGH.†Jones bellowed, instantly hushing Rick. His mind began to turn, trying to figure out if he was bluffing or admitting the truth. Finally he turned, an evil gleam in his eye. “Fine. If as you say you are not Jack Sparraw, or if you are lying, it’s the brig for you to rot away.â€

    Rick stared in shock. “That’s insane! This is cruel and unusual punishment! What kind of ride is this!?â€

    Jones smiled as Rick was dragged bellow deck. “The ride is gone now boy. Here there be nothing but monsters.â€

    The crew joined in the laughter, as the navigator glanced down from the wheel housing. “Captain, where you intend we take the Dutchman?â€

    “Make ready the guns, and make ready the sails, we have a fight to finish.â€


    “I swear I could take you down with a single blow to the head you old fruit!†Cian threatened as he stood backed against the Captain’s Cabin as a ring of pirates slowly circled towards him.

    Cian had awoken to find everyone else gone, and himself weaponless and half dead aboard the deck of the Black Pearl. After sneaking around and stealing a mallet from below, he had threatened every possible curse against the crew, as they remained perplexed with his arrival.

    Cian thrust the mallet outwards, causing a handful of pirates to step backwards. “Who dares threaten my crew and believe himself to be excused from revenge? Seems to me you be walking into the firing ring mate.†The voice of an all to familiar man asked from beyond the pirate ring.

    Cian smiled. “Oh come ON Rick? You expect me to believe that you can control these blood thirsty pirates? Come on dude, they are just those ana-ma-whatevers.â€

    The pirates parted as a man slowly walked forward. “Don’t seem to recall ever tarnishing a man’s record by the name of Rick…all though there was that port in New Orleans…â€

    Cian’s smile slowly dissolved to confusion as the illusionary voice he had believed provided by Rick was in fact, the one, Captain Jack Sparrow.

    “This isn’t happening?! You can’t be Jack Sparrow, this is a ride…just a really trippy ride…â€

    Jack glanced around at his crew of misfits and smiled. “I confess, it was our intentions to remain here locked up dueling till Judgment Day, but thanks be to a magical light, we stand before you know, as real as any man or woman. Also,†his eyes narrowed, “it’s CAPTAIN.â€

    “Cap’n, the Dutchman’s on our stern and gaining ground fast!†The wheelman screamed before becoming drowned out by an explosion of splintering wood and gunpowder from the Dutchman’s triple guns.

    “To stations!†Sparrow announced as the deck burst into a flurry of movement. Cian glanced over the railing as a wooden mast tore apart.

    “Cap’n, she’ll rack us without ever presenting a target unless we do something NOW!†The navigator whimpered, thrusting the wheel a dozen or so degrees from where the ship’s intended course should be.

    “Oh come on, just drop the anchor off the port side, fling yourself around then blast the bejeezus out of the ship.†Cian interjected mockingly.

    The crew quieted down as all eyes moved from Sparrow, to the stowaway. Jack grimaced, seeing the shift in power growing “AYE! Drop the anchor off the starboard side, release the wheel Mr. Gibbs, and make for that island :†he smiled to himself, laying the possible escape, “Tortuga.â€


    From the deck of the Dutchman, every crewmember on deck gapped in curious puzzlement as the Pearl seemed to leap from the sea as if propelled by Poseidon himself, and swivel till she was facing the Dutchman, challenging her to blind first.

    “Keep the rate of fire strong boys! Continue with the triple guns, but run out the deck cannons to feast!†Jones barked as sailed past, as the sky became a static discharge of blood, sweat, and combustion.

    From across the open expanse of 30 feet, a sailor aboard the Pearl lowered a lit wick into the gunpowder chute. Through the explosion of noise and smoke, a small cannonball ripped into the Dutchman’s starboard side.

    Rick spasmed as the blast ricocheted a glancing blow off the far side steel bar. He spun around, shaking the bars as if to rip them from their moorings. “How many times do I have to say it!? I’m not Jack Sparrow!â€

    He dropped down onto a rotting timber. Plausible scenarios began to flash in front of him but all hinged on the ability to actually escape from the miniature jail. “Come on Dest…think…what would you do in this situation…†a light flashed inside his head as Rick reached into his pocket, extracting a p.i.d. wrapped inside of a zip lock.

    He glanced around, spotting only a single guard half heartedly maintaining an eye on Rick as he continued to gaze up the stairwell, hoping to be done with the prisoner and to wreck havoc on the Pearl.

    Slowly he powered up the device and began to scan through the list of functions. “GPS…Park Maps, Park Info, Directory, Solitaire, email, internet, Transponder Frequency, widgets…WHY CAN’T I MAKE A FLIPPIN’ CALL!?†he fumed put another possibility arose as he double clicked on a transponder icon.

    Instantly, the screen dissolved, return to form a list of numerical signals and different colors to symbolize those active. The transponder signals from the others remained fixated in gray, except Cian’s whose signal showed a weak green flare. It’ll have to work. He highlighted the signal and clicked, nothing.

    “GAAA!!†he roared as the voices above grew frantic, the guard having vanished, most likely topside, but in his anger, Rick inadvertently tapped the internet, and a soft ping greeted him from the device.

    Rick looked down confused as there staring back at him, was the main web search forum of Google. “What the hell…I’m out at sea and can get a signal, but can’t get crap in my house…you’ve traveled far, Verizon man…â€

    A booming explosion shivered through the ship, causing Rick up jump, nearly dropping the device. Jones bellowed something unknown and soon feet began to hammer the staircase. Rick had only enough time to pocket the device and stand before his cell door was ripped open and he was dragged up onto the deck.

    Jones stood with his back to Rick, his shoulders heaving up and down as the Pearl slowly disappeared into the stern’s horizon line, just before a distant island.

    “Take us around, and bring us to bear on that monstrosity of a ship, I want it sent BACK to the depth’s where it belongs. And you,†Jones seethed, his clawed hand shaking slowly, “You will take the boy and retrieve me that key. I trust you to know what shall wait upon your return if you FAIL.†He spun, unsheathing his hand from his sword and grasping Rick’s.

    Rick struggled but froze as a seeming darkness stabbed into his hand. Jones pulled away, laughing. Rick stared at his slimified hand and gazed horrified upon the slowly growing black spot.

    “A price of security. You leave this world, you will suffer the wrath of the Black Spot, you’re only option is to join my crew, or bring me the real Sparraw.â€

    Rick gulped as he realized that ironically, fate was in his hands…

    Day 1, 5:20 pm.

    The King slowly collapsed into his seat, as his eyes fell from the webcam monitor, a number of figures from the marketing meeting fell from his hands. “What do you mean the ride…attacked you all?â€

    Riku rested his hands on the desk, a gloom settling above his head. “We were on the long boats at Pirates, we go around a few corners and then there was a Maelstrom-“

    “What maelstrom? That ride doesn’t have anything that intense but a log flume drop!†The King spurted, instantly recalling every turn and bend in the ride.

    “Well, something went wrong then, because we barely got away…we think…†Kairi began but the words caught in her throat.

    “Cian and Rick didn’t make it.†Sora finished slowly.

    The King blinked, unsure if he had heard correctly. He hit a button, and the live feed of Disneyworld flicked open across the screen, and the four dots of Sora, Kairi, Riku and Kay were fixated inside Cinderella’s Castle communications office. Rick and Cian’s makers were gone, an X marked inside the Pirates ride.

    “Hmmm…†Mickey pondered, rubbing his chin while he pulled his legs up so they were resting on the seat of the chair.

    The group looked at each other, this wasn’t the response they had expected.

    “None of your devices work?†the King asked, as he continued to stare at the feed.

    Everyone shook their heads. “They got waterlogged and ruined when the blast blew up the ship.†Kay answered.

    “Curious…†The King whispered, inputting another series of keystrokes. Another menu appeared, stating different sequences of numbers and graphs. “If I’m reading this correct, there has been a massive influx in energy from the park being diverted through out the park to mask it’s intended target, the Mansion…but that’s still under construction…I wonder if it’s possible…†he brought up another chart and stared in amazement.

    Mickey blinked, refocusing on the webcam. “you want to tell us what your are uh-ing and ah-ing about?†Sora asked.

    “See for yourself.â€

    The screen flashed black before a map of Kingdom Hearts appeared, centered upon Disney Castle. Instantly the center began to move to Disneyworld, where the four names of those in the office appeared above the castle’s projection. “You four are currently inside the office which my GPS is picking up, but the inconsistency is that Rick and Cian’s name do not appear at all here.â€

    “Well…it’s kind of obvious isn’t it?†Riku asked, “The body can only function and be, with a heart and a soul. If Rick and Cian are…then they wouldn’t appear.â€

    As a response the image moved at quiet a flick faster until it floated above The World That Never Was, where shockingly Ansem the Wise’s name appeared in italicized gray.

    “Ansem died on that world, I watched it happen, yet here he exists in the system as having past away, clearly his soul and heart are gone from this world, why would his name appear and not Rick and Cian’s?â€

    The room remained quiet for a moment before Kay lit up. “Then they would appear on the DW map as the same as Ansem did on the World That Never Was. But…where are they then?â€

    The King smiled through the camera. “Tortuga.â€

    “Tortuga!?†The group recited at once. “How?â€

    The king leaned back, trying to sort the information that he believe justified his level of though. “The beam last night. Clearly the keyblade unleashed an unknown source of power, but we were unsure what it could or couldn’t be at the time. It’s possible that each ride you all enjoy, then you will be thrust into the world simulated for the ride. Rick and Cian are in Tortugaâ€

    “What’s that mean?†Kairi asked.

    “It means,†Riku said slowly, making sure he had his own theory inline with the king’s, “that when the beam came from the Keyblade, it gave us the ability to instantly transport to the Kingdom Heart world represented. It this case, Rick and Cian were transported from Disneyworld, to Port Royal.â€

    “My theory as well.†The king nodded along, sipping a glass of water.

    “So what you are saying, is that the only way for us to get back together with Rick and Cian…â€

    “…is to go back on the ride.†Mickey finished.

    The four looked at each other and nodded.

    “Let’s go bring back our friends.†Kay weakly smiled, unsure what more trouble the group, or the beam could get them into.

    Day 1 5:48 pm

    The sleepy town was ablaze with cannon fire and looting as Rick stepped onto land. Rick began to brainstorm as he saw plausible escapes be dashed as the pirates forcefully pushed him deeper into the a flamed down. In the distance, he could see a woman screaming as she raced through her home, two pirates fast on her heels.

    This isn’t right! He thought as women and children screamed from the buildings. I have to stop this!!

    Slowly, an odd warmth flowed down Rick’s spine, as a single thought grew into a feasible answer. He clenched his fists and swung, connecting with the pirate holding his right arm, knocking him unconscious. The other’s were quick to react, and slammed Rick into the ground, destroying a series of crates. “you are going to regret that mistake.†One chided as he raced his sword and swung.

    Rick instinctively reached up to block, and stared in shock as a massive shield materialized from his hand, deflecting the death blow. “What—what was that!?â€

    Rick smiled and leapt to his feet, then realized the sword was heavier than he originally anticipated, nearly fell over into the pirates waiting arms. He stole a moment and glanced down at the shield, noticing the thin blue lines that seemed to etch and blend together to create the white shield. His hand was wrapped around what appeared to be a larger than necessary pen.

    The pirates charged, each blow blocked as Rick became slowly tired, and soon was backed against a burning building. “Any last words?â€

    “I can think of many, but most aren’t permitted to be read right here.†Rick rebuked, trying to bluff his way out of this.

    A thought tore through his mind as the shield instantly vanished, leaving Rick holding a small pen. The pirates smirked and leapt to attack but were unable to wrap their meaty arms around the fleeing captive.

    Rick juked left and right, rolling to the side as he tore through the town, until he turned a corner and met the receiving end of a mallet.

    “And that’s for drinking me rum!†Cian roared, but froze, his eyes growing wide as he realized his victim was Rick. “OOPS…well…you did drink my rum last night so I’m not that upset about it.â€

    Rick gasped, trying to inhale as a flurry of explosions rocked the town. “We—we need to get out of here—“

    “I know, come on!â€

    Cian raced away, heading towards the fort high above the island. Rick tried desperately to keep up, and stumbled a few times as he saw the battle beginning to turn as the Black Pearl’s pirates began to transform into the undead. Cian reached the Castilla’s doors first and threw them open, motioning frantically for Rick to hurry.

    Rick ran, his heart beating furiously as he dived through the doorway as Cian slammed it shut. “Where…where are we?†Rick panted.

    Cian shook his head and removed a small LED light and clicked it on, to reveal an oddly misplaced lime green exit sign pointed toward a sheer wall. He moved the beam to Rick and shrugged. “Guess when in Rome.â€

    “Dude, that doesn’t even have any context.†Rick rebuked as the two pushed against the wall to discover it was a secret door, that bled immense light into the ‘fort’.

    The two fell out, and landed hard onto cement. “What the hell?!†Cian demanded as he gazed up, to find they had been dumped from a side exit that lead to an escalator.

    The ascended and discovered that they were back in Disneyworld. The two walked slowly ahead, dead silent until they turned the corner and saw Sora, Riku, Kairi and Kay skidding to a halt near the entrance.

    “I wouldn’t ride that one again if I were you. Especially after just eating.†Rick yelled as the group stared dumbfounded at the two pirate clad boys.

    Kay stormed over, and slapped Rick upside the head and glomped Cian. “Where the crap have you two been?! We find out you are somehow back on Earth at Tortuga! You wanna explain that one to me?â€

    “Ummm…if we could we would. It might explain why pirates have been attacking us for the past six hours.â€

    “What do you mean attacking you? It’s a ride.â€

    “It came to life!! It was so freaking insane, pirates started attacking each other, I thought Jack Sparrow was Rick, and Davy Jones thought Rick was Sparrow, crazy.â€

    Sora smiled impressed. “Looks like another person thinks you are a pirate 24/7.â€

    “Either way, I still think your keyblade had something to do with it. And I can prove it.†Rick responded, producing a silver and red tipped pen.

    “What, did you buy that at the gift store? Does it light up and tell you to stop misspelling words?†Kairi mocked.

    Rick glared at her, and began to twirl the pen in his hand. “No, look I’ll prove it to you. Riku: I want you to hit me as hard as you can.â€

    Riku stared at Rick, wondering if he had inhaled a bit too much water and shrugged. He stepped back and lunged forward, planting an uppercut directly into Rick’s head, sending him skyward before crashing back onto the pavement, wheezing for air before blacking out.

    The girls rushed forward, casting glares at Riku as he tried to justify himself. “He told me too!!â€

    Sora shrugged, bending down to help pick up the dead weight. “Come on, let’s get him back to the Castle, we need to let the King know everything’s fine.â€

    Slowly the group dissol amongst the stores and buildings as the shadowed figure glared from inside the Pirates queue. Plan B…

    Day 1, 11:52 pm

    “Is he still out?†Riku asked as he continued to pace back and forth in the living room as Cian sat at the computer, furiously typing away.

    Kay stood up, and wiped her brow. “He’s out. Crap Riku, why’d you have to go all Megatron on him?â€

    “He TOLD ME TO!! You think I’d just hall off and punch a friend? What was he trying to get at?â€

    Cian raised his hand as he pushed himself away from the desk, leaning backwards on his chair. “He was saying something about the keyblade and the light again. Maybe he thought that the light had decided to somehow give him the gift of prediction…or maybe he is able to use the keyblade to fight justice…its entirely possible that the beat down I gave him in Tortuga MAY have led to a concussion…â€

    Sora glanced over impressed. “You really are an endless source of theories aren’t you?â€

    The clock began to chime midnight as Kairi gazed out into the park. A distant light had peaked her interests but as the clock chimed, the lights inside the castle slowly flickered. “What…what was that?â€

    Cian turned back to the monitor and shook it. “Damn database error. I’m locked out of KHV…†but no one was listening as they all were now listening, hoping nothing would destroy their momentary calm.

    Kairi glanced back, and noticed the light had vanished, and wondered what was going on in this park...

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    ~Day 2, 12:03 am~

    “Oh come on!! You were working for me earlier, don’t tell me more google spiders hacked our mainframe…†a young girl groaned as she tried to exit the internet browser. Suddenly the screen vanished, and all that remained was a single flashing green square against the black background. Slowly, it began to type, shocking her as she stared at her keyboard, and quickly unplugged it, but the words continued.

    To users of webpage kh-vids.net, I have come for those who call themselves fledglings of the family Writers. I shall hold the database hostage till the proper time. Comply and your world will return to normal.


    “What the crap?†Demitryx thought as she reread the message. The database wants the Writer’s family…for what?

    Little did she know, but across the world each member of the Writer’s Family received the same message while all other fledglings of Kingdom Hearts Videos were effectively locked out, bringing life as they knew it, to a stand still.

    “Something’s not right…â€Kairi whispered as she slowly moved away for the bay window.

    The other’s glanced up as the lights began to continue to flicker, effectively casting a ghostly dimness. Cian turned as the monitor he had been working on completely died, but was replaced with a single green text block.

    “Rick pull up your pid, I want to know where that light is coming from.†Riku glanced over his shoulder, seeing Rick continually experimenting with his pen.

    Rick looked up and withdrew his device. “Why don’t you use yours?â€

    “Because all of ours were killed when the water hit them. You were the only smart one who actually protected yours.â€

    “Yea, what’s up with that anyway? Who wraps stuff in plastic bags in the first place?†Sora snickered as he ascended the staircase.

    Rick merely shook his head, his mind flashing back to the electronic massacre of Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges 2008. He flipped on his device and began surfing through the park map options. “Where’s the light coming from?â€

    “It’s coming from somewhere north of the Pirates ride, it looks like it’s surrounded by a river and mountains.†Kairi answered, straining to pick out any more details in the darkness.

    Rick began to flick his way above the park and came to rest upon what looked to be a large house set next to the River’s of America. He clicked on the information icon but the screen reappeared with a note explaining the ride was under construction. He shook his head. “It’s the Mansion. But why would there be construction work going on right now?â€

    “What if…what if it’s not construction?†Kay asked, drawing everyone’s attention. “Think about it, the problems with Destiny Island ride, Pirates….what if someone else is here and these things are being down purposefully?â€

    “It would make sense, but I’d rather not find out tonight, if someone or something was trying to sabotage the park, I’d rather confront them in the morning then at night, there’s no telling what traps they could have in waiting.†Riku proposed.

    “He’s right, I mean, we’ve been through a lot today, maybe we should get a hold of the king and see if he can help us out?†Kay offered, until Cian shook his head. “Can’t do that, the power problems have completely shut down the internet connection. I can’t even get rid of this screen.â€

    Rick rolled the pen around his fingers a few times, pondering the possibilites and what could be causing the problems. A flash of light instantly snapped him out of his trance as his eyes focused on the computer. “Cian…what is that?â€

    Slowly, a series of green lit words began to appear across the screen. Kay bent down and stared in amazement. “KHV.Main/Sys? Writer’s Family? What the crap is going on? A computer program is hacking khv and demanding hostages…â€

    Suddenly the power completely vanished, drowning the castle and park in complete darkness. From the rooms above, the sound of crashing furniture could be heard. “I swear it wasn’t me this time!†Sora hollered down.

    Kairi cautiously glanced outside, before returning her gaze to the group. “What do you guys say about camping down here tonight?â€

    Day 2, 12:45 am.

    In another section of the park, a lone, black shadow slowly creeped along the dimly lit path. It made not a sound but traversed the park as though it were its own, taking back ways and able to blend into the under growth as if it never existed. After a handful of minutes, the shadow fell upon a single pathway blocked by a series of construction equipment and warning signs.

    The shadow laughed, and pushed aside the blockage as if it were sweeping away dust from a book. Behind the barrier, stood an elaborately carved door fashioned to resemble the Louisiana Bayou. The shadow slipped between the doors and entered into the deathly quiet foyer.

    All around it, were signs of non existence. Dust covered everything, no sign of foot prints, and cobwebs. Home sweet Home.

    The shadow past through the foyer, and continued on, passing beneath a grand winding staircase and beyond a large empty ballroom. From beyond a winding, door filled hallway, a mysterious voice could be heard whispering incantations in to the darkness of the world.

    The shadow inhaled, unsure if this was what needed to be done, but shook it’s head and pushed open the doors, and stepped inside the Séance Room, lit only by a single candle hovering above a circular table.

    The voice continued twisting words into mysterious verse, seeming to have not noticed the intrusion. The shadow stepped closer, and made its way around a high backed chair shrouded in cobwebs and smirked. “So this is where you’ve been hiding all these years, Madame Liotta.â€

    The voice quieted, as a large emerald tinted crystal ball slowly gyrated towards the intrusion. “Be’est though of days of old commeth to collect, This day brings not words to bore, but the man with out a core.â€
    The shadow sneered. “A core is such an interesting thing isn’t it? I wake up in a white castle with not but a name and a riddle, who would have thought that after three weeks of searching it would lead me to a disembodied head stuck in a ball?â€

    A pain of anger flashed briefly across Liotta’s face, in the same instance a movement in the shadows caught the man by surprise until a chair collided with the back of his knees, forcing him to sit as it locked itself against Liotta’s table. “For what you want most, a price must be paid. Bring back the other’s who were thought dead.â€

    “Bring back those who are dead? What do I look like Virgil? Ferry your own dead beats here. What, are nine hundred and ninety nine not enough for you?â€

    “Silence! Do not mock the spirits of those deceased. You have a bigger role to play I fear…Sebax.â€

    Sebax cringed, unable to shift in his chair, his eyes glowed with rage as he locked onto Madame Liotta. “Listen glow stick, I only have one role to play, destroy the heroes. That’s what the riddle told me, and this is the closest I’m going to get unless you remove your witchcraft from this chair and release me.â€

    Liotta merely sniffed her nose in his direction, and refocused her attention on a stack of Patico cards. “The three survived along with one, but two should be gone.â€

    “I know. They somehow escaped by way of Tortuga. But it’s no matter, I’ve got—“

    “No. Your time is up.â€

    The Séance room suddenly grew bone cold as Liotta’s crystal ball began to slowly levitate, the chair binding Sebax rose as well and began to rotate around the room in a slow circle, still affixed to the table.

    The light surrounding Liotta changed to a dark green swirling haze. “Serpents and spiders, tail of a rat…calling to the spirits where ever they are at…†she cackled, as a low rumbling began to shake the floor beneath them. “Rat with a tail, it’s time to respond, let there be music…from regions BEYOND!â€

    The room erupted into hysterics as instruments of all makes and sizes swirled around the room, each playing a different rendition of the same haunting tone. A loud ripping drew Sebax’s attention to the floorboards as a large gray crack appeared, zig-zagging across the floor from two directions, creating a scraggly glowing “X†beneath. Sebax shielded his eyes as best he could, as the very center began to glow red hot.

    A great eruption of steam encompassed every inch of the room as the instruments reached a musical climax. Madame Liotta merely continued to cackle until the entire room was ablaze with a bright blinding light, until just as fast as it had materialized, the music halted and Sebax was once again firmly locked against the table, the candle having gone out in the chaos.

    A cold, biting wind was blowing through the chamber, and before Sebax could stop himself, he felt the hair on the back of his neck rising as a deep familiar voice rattled through the chamber. “Hello, Number XVII, seems we have some catching up to do...â€

    Day 2, 2:00 am.
    The park was as silent as a grave.

    The wind swept paths sat quietly asleep as the grass began to join together in a silent swaying dance, not a trace of deception appeared in any nook or cranny in the happiest place on earth. No. This isn’t Earth. Rick thought to himself as he lay awake in the cramped living room, as a symphony of snoring and heavy breathing could be heard around the impromptu bedroom.

    Something still didn’t seem right, everything that had transpired seemed to be set in stone, as if it were all cogs that linked together with a bigger picture, but a shroud was still wrapped around the endgame, and it hadn’t been sitting well since moment one. His eyes dropped to the pen resting in his left hand.

    It shimmered in the dim moonlight, the crimson red blended into the ball point and silver clip as innocently as the next BIC pen. “What is your secret…†Rick whispered as he rolled the pen back and forth.

    He laid awake, racking his brain, trying to put the pieces together. Back in Tortuga, the pirates were going to kill me, I reached up and bam; a shield, then it vanished as easily as—He sat up suddenly, his eyes whipping around the room. Nothing was out of its place, but the hair that was raised on the back of Rick’s neck begged him to think otherwise.

    Slowly, he quietly extracted himself from the plush couch and throw blanket, and slipped across the minefield of limbs until he was situated in front of the computer screen. Flicking through a series of keystrokes and pop up adds, he arrived at the main site of kingdom heart videos and frowned. Flashing across the screen were two of the most hated words on the forum: DATABASE ERROR.

    Rick groaned and prepared to shut down, when an inkling sprang up inside the well of his creativity. Soon web pages blazed past as Rick searched the information super highway for what could only be described as a hunch. Minutes later, he slowed until a grin began to creep across his face. “Excellent.â€

    “Did you say something?†Sora mumbled as he appeared besides Rick, yawning and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
    “Crap, didn’t mean to wake you, I just had a hunch and acted upon it.â€

    “No worries, I don’t sleep that much anymore. I slept a solid year thanks to Naminè, I got stuff to catch up on.â€

    “Let me ask you something, what was it like, when you first found out you could summon the keyblade?â€

    Sora grinned. “It was like a warm calming was wrapping around me and nothing could hurt me as long as my friends were there to help me when I needed their support. I felt fear, sure. Who wouldn’t after learning you were the savior of the masses? But it was the feeling of joy, of peace, of justice and no matter how bad it got, you knew—“

    “You knew that you were connected with others.†Rick finished, his eyes dropping to the simple pen. “Thanks kid. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to come up with my own answers for the universe.â€

    Sora nervously glanced over his shoulder into the sleeping living room. “Maybe I’ll be able to…you know as you some advice sometime as well.â€

    Rick rocked back in the chair, his curiosity peaked. “Oh? What topic.â€

    Sora began to weasel his way back to his sleeping bag. “Women.â€

    Rick shook his head, a smile painted across his face. Something’s you just know…He shook his head as he returned his focus to the pen, mulling over what Sora had expressed. Rick thought back again, and his eyes snapped to attention as he facepalmed himself. “Of course!†he whispered, remembering the feeling of determination and an image grew inside of his head and his heart. Slowly, the pen began to quiver, the silver tip beginning to elongate from the clip upwards, creating a three foot silver shaft composed of twisting crimson streaks, the blade tip itself morphing outwards to create a mallet shaped edge, but as Rick gazed in amazement, the coloring blended together and soon pages tore away, wrapping around the shaft as though a tornado had pried them away from their binding, resulting in razor sharp edges dipped in black ink.

    Rick whistled softly as he examined the blade in the patches of moonlight, marveling at the creativity and uniqueness of the keyblade. His eyes rose to the tip and he grinned. Etched in a flowing red cursive was the word…

    “Did anyone feel that?†Sora asked, one foot hovering above Riku’s leg.

    From beneath the castle, what sounded like a drumbeat trembled through the castle every so softly.

    “wasssat? An earthquake?†Kay slurred as she opened her eyes, trying to locate the source of the disruption.
    “Can’t be, it doesn’t feel like an S wave or an impact tremor…†Riku moved around the room, searching for any type of a flashlight.

    “Wait…what is that?†Cian pointed from the recliner at Rick’s keyblade. All eyes seemed to turn with a mix between confused stares to awe. Rick hefted up the blade and tested the balance, noting that the pen remained in his hand, but had turned itself into the blade grip, while a gold encrusted guard that seemed smelted into a golden fist. “And you guys thought I was joking.â€

    “No time for that, we’ve got company!†Sora roared as he summoned his kingdom key, and leapt at the stained glass door, except it no longer resembled a beautiful entry hall, but darkness was oozing from every inch of glass, and crept through the cracks.

    “We can take them!†Riku summoned Way to the Dawn and leapt over the back of the couch but skidded to a stop as the door erupted, spewing Soldiers and Phantoms into the room.

    Sora dodge rolled around a shattered chair and began to hack at a series of Soldiers but a blast of gravity sent him shooting backwards, skidding into the kitchen with Kairi hot on his heels with a potion.

    Rick stood slowly the blade seeming to morph into an extension of his body. “Ok this is crazy, I’m not a keyblade wielder!

    “Ugh—stop—complaining and hit—grr—something!†Riku grunted as he dropped to his knee, and slicing into the face of a Phantom.

    As if on cue, a heartless soldier broke through the front line and leapt into the air towards Rick. Time froze around him as a blend of fear and strength bled through him as he instinctively lunged forward, thrusting his blade into the Soldier’s chest, instantly turning it to nothing. “Hey, I got one!â€

    Sora brushed a stream of sweat from his brow, and angrily twisted to see Rick in his peripheral vision. “Great kid, don’t get cocky.â€

    “What’s that supposed—“ Rick began to counter but was cut off by Kay. “Hey flyboy, you want to get over here and help the ones who don’t have a keyblade?†She demanded as she was struggling to maintain a grip on Cian who was desperately trying to break free and beat any and all heartless with a plunger from the bathroom.

    After what felt like an eternity, the four keyblader’s ended up back to back, blocking the approaching flood of Heartless. “This isn’t working.†Riku gasped as he struggled to catch his breathe.

    “We can’t give up now!†Sora demanded half heartedly, knowing that the odds were against them.
    “Damn…I knew…I should have packed….my heart medication…†Rick wheezed as he fell to the floor, exhaustion setting in, his free hand clutching his chest.

    “Riku, can we use a portal to get out of here?†Kairi asked, her eyes darting around the room trying to find any options.

    “Don’t bother.†A voice boomed through the entry hall, drowning Riku’s response. The group leapt to their feet, preparing for another onslaught, but were apprehensive as the heartless slowly stepped back and to the side, creating a corridor leading out into the eternal darkness.

    A figure in a custom white suit slowly appeared, stepping forward determined and unburdened by fear. As he came closer into the light, his features became more distinct, he wore dark aviator sunglasses and his black dreadlocks swayed loosely across his shoulders as he stepped into the room, playing with something in his hand.

    “You kids think this is a game, fight off the heartless and you can go on living your normal lives, hate to break it to you, but it is and isnâ Shades smirked.

    “You aren’t making any sense!†Sora groaned, before turning to Kairi, “Why do all bad guys have to be so aloof?â€

    “Can it Spikes. Gotta gift for all of you, and whether you want it or not, you will play the game.â€

    “What game are you talking about.†Riku asked slowly, his hand slowly tightening on his handle.

    “Why…the game of life?†Shades smirked. In the blink of an eye he attacked, the contents of his hand were thrust into the room and before anyone could counter, the small missiles attached themselves to each members clothes and they instantly vanished.

    Shades slowly laughed to himself. And the game is a foot. He checked his watch. Five days to survive…this is going to be an interesting week…
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    "Great kid, don't get cocky!"
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    Sora sounded exactly like han,
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    and the "flyboy" thing too.

    I couldn't stop laughing,
    espeacially after the ectasy of Sebax showing his face.

    Dang Destined,
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    I can't wait for more!
    Who the hell is Shades?
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    And Shades....some of you may know. Let's just say the story has taken an interesting turn.

    Also: There were alot more quotes in this post that i'm suprised you didn't pick up on. IE Pirates, and Destined itself.
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