A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future: Sora and Kairi's Wedding

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    Wow! Awesome!

    I think this is your best chapter yet. It's really well written. Definitely, this is one of the best fan fictions on this site. I can't wait for the next chapter. ^_^

    Great job DF! :noworries:
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    Just listen to your heart for me...
    Well, now that I've finally caught up to all the recent chapters...I have to say...great job!! I loved all of it!! Although I feel sorry for poor Sexy Zexy, but don't mind me, I'm just biased since I'm a proud Zexion fangirl. lol Oh, and I especially that phrase, "regained her bearings" or something like that, I loved it. xD Mind if I used it some time in the future for my fanfics? lol​
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    not good.

    the beginning was good, but as you went on, it became....awful. it was too related to kingdom hearts, like saying all of the actions and spells, and-it was awful.dont do that again.try non relating the video game, but the story of kingdom hearts.still dont understand me? just dont put in wierd-riku didnt teach me the aerial dodge.
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    Are you...bashing me?

    Dude. You read the entire thing, right? The whole point of the story was to see how Kairi/Namine would manage if they were forced to fight the Organization. None of that "Damsel in Distress, please save me someone, I can't fight on my own" stuff.

    All the little snippets such as the "Good thing Riku taught me to Aerial Dodge" were supposed to keep Kairi from being TOO defenseless. She's not as strong physically when it comes to Riku or able to fight grueling, endurance battles like Sora, but at least she and Namine are able to hold their own. As Amber said, I was trying to be entertaining. :sideways:

    It's an "Alternate Future" after all. Of course it's going to be KH-based.

    And if you want something that's not related too much to the game, try Switched. No life or death situations. Nothing that has to do with the Organization. No crossovers.

    I'm sorry if you don't like it and you're entitled to you own opinion. :huh:
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    Liek, 'sup?

    Wow, DF, ****ing amazing. I take my hat off to you. Well, if I was wearing a hat right now I'd take it off. How 'bout. . . My sox? Yah, ur newest chapter rok'd moi sox off. Hope you can manage to find some free time in your busy schedule. Don't feel pressured to update your fics though, stress is unhealthy.
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    "How much further?" Mulan's voice echoed throughout the cavern.

    "Whatever you do, keep moving forward!" Riku replied. The moment the entire group immersed themselves into the cavern, all hell broke loose. Heartless and Nobodies burst out of every nook and cranny, almost overwhelming the party with sheer numbers. To counter the spawning, the group had split themselves into three teams: Frontal Assault, Second Line, and Preemptive Strike.

    The Frontal Assault team consisted of Riku, Roxas, King Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Mulan, Simba, Hercules and Selphie with Peter Pan as aerial support. Their mission was to fight their way through the mineshaft as quickly as possible, clearing a path for the others.

    The Second Line party was formed of Cloud, Tifa, Leon, Tidus, Wakka, Aladdin, Ariel, Tron, and Captain Jack Sparrow. Their objective was to finish off any Heartless or Nobody that the Frontal Assault team might've missed.

    And the Preemptive Strike members were made of Hayner, Pence, Olette, Cid, Yuffie, Aerith, Auron, Jack Skellington, Tarzan, and the Prince. Their purpose was to prevent any enemies from sneaking up behind them.

    "Stupid Heartless!" Donald raised his staff. "THUNDER!" Bolts of lightning sparkled out of thin air, destroying a couple of Neoshadows emerging from the ground. King Mickey was surfing around with Goofy on his shield, swiping at any Nobody that was within Keyblade's reach.

    "It's like we're inside a hive or something!" Selphie cried, snapping her weapon at some Dancers. "There's no end to them!"

    Riku gritted his teeth as he parried an incoming attack. "I thought you said the Nobodies weren't supposed to attack us until the latter half of this cavern!" he shouted at Roxas.

    With a snap of his wrist, Roxas was able to take down another Neoshadow and a Dusk in one swipe. "Don't ask me!" he snapped. "Sora's the one who went through this!" Since Roxas didn't possess most of Sora's abilities, he was forcefully grounded as he hacked and slashed with Oathkeeper and Oblivion. "You know, why are you the only one who can summon Ultima Weapon?" he asked Sora. "Every time I dual-wield, I'm forced to use these exact same Keyblades. Every single time!"

    "Because I made Keyblade master before you did!" Sora chuckled. "I'm the one who gets all the keychains. What do you have?"

    "At least I'm smart enough to use two Keyblades instead of one," Roxas shot back as he shifted his grip.

    "True. But your grip is weaker overall."

    Roxas suddenly felt Riku's back leaning against his own. "He's right you know," Riku said. "Using one Keyblade in each hand makes it easier for someone to disarm you."

    "Like you should talk!" Roxas laughed. "You think standing with one hand in front of you makes you look cool? I'm surprised that no one's cut it off yet!"

    Riku smirked. "Who cares about the arm? My fangirls focus completely on the fact that I have far sexier abs than you!" He took aim with his Keyblade and released a couple of Dark Auras, causing a few Hot Rods to explode on contact.

    "Whatever!" Sora exclaimed. "At least Roxas and I have girlfriends!"

    Riku shook his head in amusement. "At least I'm not whipped like a couple of bushy-haired saps I know."

    Mulan, Simba and Hercules were looking over at the Key-wielding duo oddly. "Who's Riku talking to?" Simba asked as he crushed a Heartless with his paw.

    "I believe he said his name was Roxas," Selphie answered. She snapped her weapon a couple of times, cracking the air with mini sonic booms.

    Hercules slammed a megaton fist into a Berserker. "No, he means why is Riku talking like there's a third person there?"

    Selphie shrugged. "Oh, he's talking to Sora." The others looked at her in shock.

    "Sora's here? I haven't seen him since this whole incident began!" Hercules exclaimed. He grabbed a Dusk with his bare hands, tied it up into a funny balloon animal and tossed it aside.

    Selphie continued to stay light on her feet, concentrating more on the battle than the issue. "From what Riku said, Sora and Roxas both share the same body," she explained. "And for some reason, only certain people can talk to both of them at the same time."

    "So this Roxas is sharing Sora's body?" Mulan cleanly pulled her sword out of a dissolving corpse. "I was wondering why that hair looked familiar," she muttered.

    * * *

    "Kinda makes you yearn for the old days when battles were turn-based, huh?" Leon quipped as the Gunblade slashed through a few Nobodies. The Second Line team was caught up in their own war as the Frontal Assault members trudged onward.

    Cloud chuckled slightly. "At least I'm not ripping off someone else's moves."

    Leon raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean by that?"

    "Come on! That Lion Heart Limit of yours?" Cloud flipped over a Neoshadow's head and stabbed it from behind. "That's just a cheap imitation of my Omnislash." He raised an eyebrow. "Don't deny it."

    "If it's anyone who's copying," Leon jerked his head toward Tidus, "it's that kid. That Blitz Ace of his came from both of our attacks!"

    Tidus whipped around at Leon. "Hey! At least I when I do damage, it's over four digits!" he scoffed. "Unlike your lame 9999 points per hit!" Tidus ducked under a sneak attack and stabbed his sword blindly behind him, obliterating a Sorcerer.

    "Well, you've got a lot to learn, kid!" Leon yelled. "Defeating an enemy isn't all about damage count!" His Gunblade glowed brightly against the dark purple backdrop of the cave's walls.

    Cloud nodded. "He's got a point. It's about style as well!"

    Tidus grinned. "Then I have the both of you beat! At least my finisher ends with a sweet bicycle kick! All you guys can do is use fancy explosions!"

    "Don't knock it 'til you try it, kid!" Leon shot back as he ran after some stray Shadows.

    "Are the guys always like that?" Ariel asked Tifa as they double-teamed an unsuspecting Armored Knight.

    Tifa rolled her eyes. "Only during group gatherings like this. And FF conventions," she added.

    "FF conventions?" Ariel repeated. "What are those?"

    "Oy!" Ariel and Tifa turned toward Jack Sparrow's shout. The Captain was busy crossing blades with a few Dragoon Nobodies single-handedly. "I could use a little assistance!"

    The girls glanced at each other. "Shall we?" Tifa cracked her knuckles enthusiastically.

    "You know it!" Ariel took the Blitzball and lazily dropped it in front of her. After the first bounce, she winded up her kick and blasted it with thunderous force. The flaming projectile destroyed one of the Dragoons and ricocheted off the cavern wall.

    "Rebound!" Tifa called. Captain Jack barely had time to dodge as Cloud's childhood friend leapt into the ball's path and spin-kicked it straight through two more Nobodies.

    "Hey! Watch where you're kicking that thing!" Sparrow warned. "You almost took my bloody head off!"

    "You two are pathetic!" Wakka laughed sardonically as he saw the ball flying towards him. "THIS is how you score a goal!" He swung his leg backwards and executed a flawless bicycle kick. The Blitzball tore through the remaining Dragoon. Unfortunately, the ball kept going and ended up crunching itself into Jack's "jewels."

    Ariel, Wakka, and Tifa cringed. "That's gotta hurt," Tifa commented.

    "You scored a goal alright," Ariel added with her hands over her mouth in shock.

    Wakka smiled apologetically at Sparrow. "Oops. My bad." The Captain's eyes rolled upward into its sockets as he collapsed to his knees in pain.

    A strange thought suddenly popped into Ariel's head. "You know, I've been wondering."

    "About what?" Wakka asked.

    Ariel ran up to Sparrow's convulsing form and picked up the Blitzball without looking at him. "What does it feel like when someone smashes you guys in the crotch?"

    Before any of the guys could reply, Tron said, "It's like having the wind knocked out of you. Instead of being hit in the stomach, the pain comes from below the belt."

    "Hmm..." Ariel nodded thoughtfully. "So that's how it is..."

    "Wait..." Aladdin looked at Tron suspiciously. "How would you know about how male anatomy works?"

    "Yeah!" Wakka chimed in. "You're a computer program! You don't have any!"

    Tron shrugged with indifference. "Ansem the Wise," he replied. "When he wasn't researching the heart, he'd be looking up information on the...er...body."

    "The body?" Tifa repeated.

    "Sites that aren't appropriate to talk about," Tron clarified. "Ansem was really peculiar when it came to bodily functions."

    * * *

    "The door we have to get through is on the other side of these pipes," Roxas was saying. "So, how are we supposed to get across this?" Roxas and Riku were perched on the edge of an alcove, looking over the fighting that was taking place below them. To the left of them was a steel gate leading to another alcove with a set of familiar looking white doors.

    "How'd Sora get around last time?" Riku asked.

    "I Glided," Sora answered in his astral voice. "Wasn't easy, though. I fell like thirty times before making it across."

    "You fell off at least thirty times?!" Roxas gasped in awe. "How are you not dead?"

    "I had Glide to soften my descent," Sora explained.

    "Which you wouldn't have if I hadn't merged back with you," Roxas muttered. "So why don't we switch out and you get us to the other side?"

    "You said that switching is just like Driving, right?" Roxas nodded. "Well, Driving takes a lot of energy out of me. And since I'm not only changing my clothes but my entire body..." Roxas' eyes subconsciously scanned the dusty walls of the cave. "If we switch back now, I don't think I'd have enough energy to defend ourselves. And besides..." Roxas looked back at Riku. "...this gives you a chance to prove your independence."

    "He's right," Riku said. "As much as it might hurt, Sora's surpassed you when it comes to ability."

    Roxas was silent for a moment. The rest of the Frontal Assault team were busy keeping the Heartless and Nobody swarm at bay behind them. Riku waited patiently as Roxas contemplated his words. Finally he asked, "So, how else do we get across?"

    As if on cue, a swarm of Hook Bats popped out of thin air on the other side of the gate. Sensing the intruders on the other side, they began to make their way around. Riku glanced at Roxas and smirked. "Any other questions?" Roxas hastily put away his Keyblades.

    "I'm gonna need both hands for this after all," he muttered to himself. He flexed his fingers in anticipation. The swarm of Heartless finally flapped into view toward the two Keybearers. Roxas took a running start and took a leap of faith, propelling himself off the edge of the cliff. He reached his arm out for the nearest Heartless. His fingers managed to snag the hook underneath. Following Roxas' lead, Riku jumped off as well and began swinging across the gap.

    "You know, if Tarzan were here, he'd probably be jealous right about now," Sora chuckled.

    "Quit talking," Roxas mumbled. "Trying to concentrate here..." As creepy as it felt having to depend on these creatures, Roxas continued using his momentum to swing from Heartless to Heartless.

    Unfortunately, he was so focused on his timing, he didn't notice the group of Bookmasters rapidly closing in on him. "Roxas, look out!" In mid-swing, Riku fired a couple of Dark Auras with his Keybearing hand at the oncoming Heartless. Unfortunately, his shot went wild and missed its target, accidentally hitting Roxas with friendly fire. Before he knew what was happening, Roxas felt his grip being ripped away as his body began to descend into the empty void.

    He felt his heart stop as the traumatic memory of him falling off the train station tower flashed before his eyes. His body instinctively flailed about reaching out for anything to hold onto. The shock began to overwhelm his system as his eyes began to flutter shut.

    "This feeling...it's familiar somehow..." Roxas felt his muscles begin to relax, his body going limp. "Falling into darkness..."

    "Roxas! Snap out of it!" Sora shouted. "Our body's going into shock! You have to open your eyes!"

    "But I..." Roxas thought trailed off. He could feel the wind rushing past him, but everything seemed to go in slow motion. "Just let me..."

    "Need a lift?" It was not Sora's voice that rang out, but....

    Roxas' eyes snapped open and was immediately blasted with a faceful of pixie dust. "Gah! My eyes!" Roxas began rubbing the powder out of his eyes with the back of his hands.

    "Oh, quit being a drama queen!" Peter Pan floated serenely with his hands on his hips. "It's only pixie dust. It'll dissolve after a few seconds."

    As the last of his tears washed away any trace of the dust, Roxas glared at Peter full in the face. "What was that for?!" he shouted. Instead of answering, Peter tapped his finger downward. Roxas was confused for a few seconds before he realized that he could no longer feel the air rushing past him.

    "A little pixie dust and some happy thoughts will keep you afloat," Peter explained.

    Roxas was speechless at first. When he finally regained his voice, he asked, "But how long does it last?"

    Peter scratched his head in thought. "I'd guess for people who didn't originate from Neverland, I'd say about twenty minutes."

    Roxas glared at the Heartless who were still hovering above him. "That's all I need," he growled through gritted teeth. Roxas summoned back his Keyblades, pointed them over his head and sped toward the unsuspecting Bookmasters. "TAKE THAT!" Like a torpedo through water, Roxas drilled straight through the Heartless, destroying them instantly. As he flipped back into an upright position, he felt slight satisfaction in the fact that he was finally able to do something that Sora could no longer do. The dual-wielder grinned from ear to ear. "I could get used to this."

    * * *

    While the other two teams were ahead, the Preemptive Strike team was busy keeping the creatures from overtaking them from behind.

    "What is with these things?!" Olette shouted. She futilely tried to use her new weapon, but it kept tangling itself around her feet. "And how are you supposed to use this stupid jump rope?"

    Hayner broke off from a Samurai that had just tried to kill him and shouted, "Pence! Cover the rear!" Pence aimed carefully with his flamethrower at the creatures that were closing in on them.

    "Say cheese!" Pence squeezed the trigger and was instantly thrown back by the force of the recoil as giant rocket booster-sized fireballs blasted out of its nozzle. "Whoa!" He landed not-so-subtly on his butt. The flames incinerated a good mass of the creatures, but more than double seemed to take their place. Pence quickly leapt to his feet and pulled the trigger again. Unfortunately, ash and gunpowder came petering out of the nozzle. "Hey! What the...?" He began to give a few taps with his palm. "Why isn't it firing any more?"

    "You've got to give it a chance to recharge, kid!" Cid shouted. "It's not a machine gun!"

    "Now you tell me!" Pence's eyes grew round as dinner plates as three Dusks came slithering through the air and pounced at him.

    "AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" Pence didn't even have time to turn his head when Tarzan came lunging into view, yelling at the top of his lungs with his signature jungle cry. He stared at his opponents with ferocious intensity.

    Suddenly, he attacked! The way the jungle man seemed to attack gracefully with his fluid movements made it look as if he were dancing with the Dusks. He wasted no motion, every move he made was clean and precise. After sending the Dusks back to where they came from, Tarzan gave Pence a curt nod before gliding out of sight.

    Pence stared at the "Lord of the Jungle" in awe as he watched Tarzan bouncing off walls, darting in and out of attack range, taunting his opponents with a series of indistinguishable grunts. "I wish my body looked like that," he sighed.

    On the other side of the cavern...

    "Careful, Aerith!" Yuffie warned. "You don't want to get stabbed again!"

    "I already told you, that wasn't me!" Aerith huffed. She swung her staff above her head like a propeller and brought it down forcefully on the head of a Crimson Jazz. "It was my twin sister!"

    "Well, how are we supposed to know that?" Yuffie rotated her giant shuriken around her hand and cracked it against a Dragoon. "She traveled with us that year before Radiant Garden was destroyed by the Heartless! And we didn't meet you until after Sephiroth was defeated!"

    "Aren't you getting your stories messed up?" Cid asked calmly smoking a cigarette. "I've been taking care of you, Aerith and Leon ever since the days of Ansem the Wise. The whole Cloud/Sephiroth incident didn't come around until after Ansem disappeared!" As a group of Armored Knights came tromping towards him, he popped the still smoking cigar out of his mouth and tossed it over his shoulder in the midst of them, instantly setting them on fire and incinerating the whole lot. "Aerith stayed behind during that time. We met her twin sister Aeris over in Midgar and..."

    "Did you forget, Cid?" Aerith interrupted. "I went with you guys until I switched places with Aeris over near Nibelheim. Then Aeris got herself stabbed and died because no one thought of using a Phoenix Down on her." She shook her head sadly. "Then the Heartless came in and destroyed that world sending all of us back to Hollow Bastion before Sephiroth could take it over."

    "But if that were true, then how did we get all the Materia?" Yuffie asked.

    "It's the remnants from the other world," Aerith said. "When the Heartless destroyed it, the fragments were formed into those small crystal balls you keep stealing."

    Yuffie held her head as if she had a migraine. "Wait! So, Materia is like Gummi blocks?"

    "Not to be rude or anything," the Prince broke in, "but is this really the best time to break the fourth wall?!" He was still getting used to his new weapons (a pair of bear claws). Unfortunately, his human form was slow to react to his thoughts, making him extremely frustrated and short-tempered.

    Cid, Aerith and Yuffie looked at each other. Aerith cleared her throat. "What are you talking about?"

    "I..." The Prince was about to explain, but felt it was a waste of time to get involved. "You know what? Never mind."

    "Whoa!" Hayner was forced to duck underneath another Samurai's swipe as he clumsily countered with his own attack. Unfortunately, the Samurai was too fast for him and managed to get under Hayner's guard, tackling him down with its shoulder.

    "Hayner!" Pence and Olette could only watch helplessly as the Nobody cocked back its blade for one final thrust. Hayner instinctively brought the Gunblade in front of him like a shield...

    Cid dived in and smacked the Nobody's blade upward with his spear. "Not on my watch!" he roared as he twirled his weapon around and over before piercing through the Samurai's core, obliterating it instantly. Hayner reeled back from shock. Cid shook his head slightly as he extended a hand to help the teenager to his feet. "Get your head in the game, kid!" he scolded. "This isn't one of your mock fights with those silly foam bats where you can just brush yourself off!"

    "He's right," Auron added sternly from a few feet away. "This is a battlefield of war. Dying is a high possibility."

    "I know that! But..." Hayner looked around at the countless creatures appearing from their portals of darkness. "How can you guys keep fighting? You look like you're not even breaking a sweat!"

    Auron and Cid glanced at each other knowingly. Yuffie winked at Hayner. "Welcome to real-life combat!"

    * * *

    When the other member of the Frontal Assault team caught up with Roxas and Riku (and Peter shook Tinker Bell dry of pixie dust), they used their newfound ability of flight to speed through the white hallways of the latter half of the cavern. They blazed through so fast that the Nobodies and Heartless didn't have time to pop out before the last of the team was already out of range.

    "We don't have time for this!" Roxas yelled as he plowed over any creature that dared to get into his path. "We're almost..." All of a sudden, Roxas felt his entire body drop out of the sky and his face scraped the white marble floor as the pixie's magic wore off. Seeing Roxas make a crash landing, Riku quickly righted himself up so he would land safely on his feet.

    The Dawn Wielder sidestepped a few Dusks, whirled around and stabbed them from behind. "Roxas!"

    Roxas rubbed his face vigorously. "I'm okay!" he assured Riku, hastily getting to his feet. As the others ran to catch up with them, Riku and Roxas charged ahead, the sounds of Keyblades ripping through Heartless and Nobodies alike echoed throughout the hall.

    "It's down this hallway!" Roxas yelled behind him. The Frontal Assault members managed to close the gap between themselves and the Keybearers, but were forced to halt as creature after creature emerged from their corridors of darkness, endlessly swarming the group.

    "Couldn't you just summon some Samurais to take care of them?" Riku grunted as he parried a Berserker's strike.

    Roxas shook his head. "That's like me asking you if you could change into your Rikunort form and finishing these guys off!"

    Riku whirled around on Roxas. "I told you before not to call me that!" He fired a Dark Aura behind his shoulder without breaking his gaze. "It sounds like a pig's name or something."

    Roxas laughed sardonically. "What, because of the "nort" at the end? At least people don't go around calling you "BHK!""

    "What?" Riku exclaimed. "People stopped calling you that a LONG time ago! Besides," he added, "I thought you liked being called the "Heartbreak Kid!""

    Roxas rolled his eyes. "I said "BHK," not "HBK." There's a difference."

    Suddenly, opportunity presented itself as a small opening in the Nobody/Heartless mass formed. Roxas chanced a glance at Riku who made it obvious they were both thinking the same thing. They quickly broke away from their opponents and dove through the gap. The creatures immediately began to gave chase as Riku and Roxas blitzed for the door...

    ...the door to their light...

    (Note from author: Yeah, I know. No Kairi/Naminé in this one. I realized this chapter was taking too long to update and since it was going to end up long anyway, I figured I might as well post what I have now instead of waiting another week and a half to finish it. But don't worry, I'll get the other part of this done. :bangbang:

    Until then, enjoy!)
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    Oh god. That chapter was awesome. Tron catching Ansem watching who-knows-what, Rikunort jokes, the works.

    ._. The only thing I missed though was Roxas's Final Mix powahs. o: Where are the lasers and the Multi-Pearl attack?
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    A massive update that flows so smoothly between the immense number of characters that I couldn't help but be amazed. You are building up the climax to a point that I can't wait to see how this all turns out. Hopefully the creative writing gods can shine upon you and the chapters will flow fast and wild....but if not, we can all wait for the next update.

    Also, nice humor moments, BHK, Crotch shot, Ansem's comp time...funny stuff.

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    Way to go, DF.

    Yet another successful chapter. And you were worried. ;)

    I really enjoyed the discriptions and such in this update. And the humor was great, although I'm not sure what BHK is.. rather than HBK. :sweat:

    Great job, nonetheless. Take your time on the next update. We can be patient.

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    Great job as usual. Awesome chapter. I liked how you described the characters'action. Poor Jack Sparrow. The Ansem comp and BHK parts were really funny. ^_^ Keep up the great job. :noworries:
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    Recaps and Regrets

    (For those of you who aren't wrestling buffs, "HBK" is the nickname of WWE wrestling superstar Shawn Michaels. In the days of D-Generation X (an in-story wrestling faction), he was known to fans as the "Heart Break Kid" due to his long golden hair and his youthful good looks. His signature move is "Sweet Chin Music" which is a high side kick that hits the opponent directly under the chin, snapping their neck backward.)

    "This is it. Xemnas." After healing and taking a few minutes to let her feet breathe, Kairi laced up her boots, picked up her Keyblade and was now standing in front of the final blue cove. "It all ends here."

    Naminé was deep in thought. "Hey, Kairi?"


    "You really think this'll be over once we beat him?" Naminé asked. "I mean, we still haven't figured out what the Organization's plan is."

    Kairi nodded thoughtfully. "Let's go over what we know so far. This all started back after we fought Roxas. A little heart murmur, but it was still a disturbance just the same. Next, Marluxia lets slip that they were trapped in this computer database testing something."

    "Or someone," Naminé added. "Then after we fought Luxord, we realized that they might be scanning your heart's memories."

    "Right, because they can't mess with them without you knowing about it." Kairi unconsciously flexed her fingers. "We fight Axel and his advice was to "never lose sight of your light in the darkness." Whatever that means." Her head dropped to her chest in thought. "And the pain in our heart grew even stronger. Next, we learn from Saix that they WANT us to fight. Then Zexion shows that he can block the mental connection between us.

    "Lexaeus tells us that the power of darkness tainted our heart," Naminé said. "The fear and doubt made it that way."

    "Do we really need to go over what Vexen said?" Kairi shuddered at the memory of his sullen face. "All I remember him saying is that the anger inside us was necessary for their plan?"

    "Yeah," Naminé agreed. "Xaldin said the exact same thing."

    "Didn't Vexen say something else? About how tickling me was for research or something?" Kairi felt goosebumps crawling over her skin.

    "Nah. That was just one of his perverted quips," Naminé said sympathetically. "It's not important."

    Kairi shrugged. "Then Xigbar tells us that they have no intention of killing us, but they're still going all out anyways." She massaged her chest slightly. "We beat him and there's pain in our heart again. But this time it's the strongest than it's ever been."

    "And now we're here. About to take on the Organization's last survivor." Naminé giggled. "Nervous?"

    Kairi smirked. "This guy could turn any Nobody into a Dusk; Sora couldn't finish him off by himself, and he's just as powerful as Xehanort's Heartless. Of course I'm nervous. Wouldn't you be?" She reached for the symbol in front of her.

    "Point taken." Naminé sighed. "I guess all we can really do right now is to keep moving forward."

    Kairi's hand was just inches from Xemnas' symbol when the double doors on the other side of the room burst wide open. "Kairi!" To her disbelief, the forms of Roxas and Riku stood in the doorway.

    "Riku! Roxas!" She began to turn toward them. Unfortunately, a mysterious force seemed to yank her still outstretched hand toward the symbol, activating the light that would transport her away from her friends.

    "NO!" Roxas and Riku sped toward her fading form futilely, but Kairi's body was already enveloped by the light. Then she was gone.

    Roxas instinctively ran up to the cove and tried to reach his hand in, but an invisible barrier prevented him from going any further. The usual blue aura was now a sickening yellow. He started beating on the barrier with his fists shouting, "Naminé! Kairi!" Roxas whipped around at Riku. "We've got to save them!"

    Riku grimaced in agreement, but for once he was clueless. While he was thinking, the rest of the Frontal Assault members were struggling to keep the Nobodies from entering. Fortunately, with the help of Peter Pan, the Second Line and Preemptive Strike teams were finally able to catch up with everyone to help defend the doorway.

    "Hold the line, people!" Yuffie shouted over the din. "We can't let these guys in!"

    Hercules was busy keeping a Berserker from cleaving his head off. "You don't have to tell us twice!"

    "Tron!" Leon gritted his teeth as he pushed against an Assault Rider's staff. "Take all of the kids and get them inside while we hold them off!"

    "What?!" Hayner looked at Leon incredulously. "We came here to help!"

    "Yeah!" Olette chimed in as she stood alongside Selphie. "We don't abandon our friends to fend for themselves!"

    Leon shook his head, his Gunblade now glowing with focused energy. "I don't remember this being up for debate!"

    Hayner and Olette were about to protest, but Pence calmed them down. "He's right! Besides, Roxas and Riku might need us!" Seeing the logic in his argument, they reluctantly headed for sanctuary through the door. Following Pence and Tron's lead, Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, Hayner and Olette jumped through the doorway and slammed the door behind them, effectively muffling the sounds of battle. As Tron was making sure that the kids were alright, Roxas ran up to the group in a panic.

    "Pence! You're a computer programmer, right?" He pointed toward the computer console. "Is there any way you could hack into the mainframe and get Naminé and Kairi out of there?"

    "What?" Pence was completely lost. "Wait, slow down. What are you taking about?"

    Roxas quickly relayed what happened, causing Pence's face to become more and more solemn. Finally, the boy heard enough. "I'll see what I can do." The duo quickly made their way up to the computer console. Pence took one look at the panel and cracked his knuckles. "If this is just like Ansem's computer, this shouldn't take too long." His fingers were a blur as he touch typed keys faster than Roxas had ever seen before. Unfortunately, after a few minutes, it became clear that he wasn't up to the task.

    "What happened?" Roxas asked. Pence stopped typing and stared intently at the screen.

    "I can't get past these firewalls without the passwords."

    "Passwords?" Roxas repeated.

    "It's asking for the original names of Ansem the Wise's disciples." Pence shook his head. "Unless we know that, there's nothing more I can do."

    Roxas facepalmed himself. "I should actually know this, but I can't remember!"

    "Do you require some assistance?" Pence and Roxas jumped at Tron's voice behind them. While they were focused on their task, the security program and Riku had finished tending to the wounded and noticed the aura of frustration emanating from the two.

    Roxas blinked at Tron thoughtfully. "You were a program in Ansem's computer, right?" Tron nodded. "That would mean you would know the names of his disciples." As Tron nodded again, Roxas chanced a glance at Pence who gave him a knowing look.

    "Just what the doctor ordered," Pence chuckled.

    * * *

    As the light faded, Kairi opened her eyes to find herself in some eerie-looking dimension. Scanning her surroundings, she saw that she was standing on a solitary piece of earth with only a tall neon-lighted building towering over her.

    "No!" Her heart was feeling heavier than usual. "I can't believe it was really them." After being alone for so long, Kairi had been ecstatic to see familiar, friendly faces again. But to be torn away abruptly like that...Kairi was almost in tears. She sank to her knees with her face in her hands, feeling lower than she had ever felt in her life. "It was really them..." She began pounding the ground with her fist.

    Naminé felt bad for her. "Kairi..."

    "How could I have been so stupid?" Kairi sobbed. "If only I had just waited for a few more seconds, we'd finally be together again!"

    "Come on, Kairi," Naminé said gently. "Beating yourself up isn't going to help us out of this mess."

    Kairi quietly sniffed. "But they were right there..."

    "Listen, I'm as upset as you are. But instead of beating yourself up, you should focus on beating up the person who started all of this," Naminé advised.

    Kairi stopped crying. Her sorrow began transforming into rage. "Xemnas," she muttered.

    "Right. Keep your emotions in check, girlfriend. We need to focus on the problem at hand." Naminé would've hugged Kairi if she had a body. "We've got a job to finish. Everything else can wait."

    Kairi nodded in agreement. She used the Keyblade to help herself to her feet. "Xemnas!" she called out, surprising Naminé. "Show yourself!"

    "W-wait a moment, Kairi! I said keep your emotions in check!" Naminé said unnervingly.

    The data streams appeared in front of them, forming the leader of Organization XIII. Xemnas took one look at Kairi and bowed. "You called?"

    "You..." Kairi's eyes narrowed as she pointed the Keyblade at him. "Why are you doing this to me?"

    "Princess..." Xemnas spread his arms out, his cloak fluttering behind him. "You are asking the wrong question."

    "What?" Kairi blinked. "What are you talking about?"

    "Instead of asking "Why?" you should be asking "What?" What do we have to gain from all of this?" Kairi's Keyblade dropped a few inches. "Sora and Riku have defeated my Organization. Our minds are trapped within this pale imitation of life, forever forced to fight all that challenge us." His lips curled into a sneer. "So what you should be asking, my dear Princess, is "What purpose would we need you for?""

    "And Naminé..." Kairi felt Naminé stiffen at the sound of her name. "We have already proven we can sever your link between you and your host. So why would we leave you free to interfere?"

    Both of the girls couldn't think of any counter-arguments to his statements. "You should thank us for the gifts that we've given you," Xemnas continued. "Your heart spurned jealousy and frustration for being unable to help your friends. All because you weren't a chosen one of the Keyblade." Kairi's eyes automatically focused down on the Keyblade. "So we downloaded samples of Sora's memories into you. The spells you've learned, they were all once Sora's. But once that fool Marluxia betrayed us," Xemnas added bitterly, "all that remained of his abilities were stored into this solitary database."

    "That explains all of those memories of Sora that I've been experiencing," Kairi said. "But what was the point of making me stronger?"

    "Don't be so naive, Kairi," Naminé grumbled. "They probably did this so they could train you to be their pawn."

    "If that were only true," Xemnas said. Naminé was taken back by his reply. "Yes, I can hear you. You are still a Nobody after all. But you couldn't be more wrong. Kairi is a Princess of Light who would never turn to the darkness. Even we understand that."

    "Then what?" Kairi asked. "What was the whole point?" Instead of answering, Xemnas gave them an evil grin which only succeeded in ticking the girls off.

    "Enough, Xehanort," Naminé said. "You're the only one standing between us and our friends."

    Kairi nodded. "And if we have to take you down..." She swiped the Keyblade for emphasis. "...then so be it."

    Xemnas let out a hollow chuckle. "When I'm through with you, you'll have to take a shower to wash away the smell of defeat," Xemnas said, "and I won't be watching you do it."

    "Defeat?" Kairi repeated. "Don't you mean you're going to try to kill me?" Then she did a double take. "Wait. Why would you be watching me?"

    Xemnas shrugged. "I just wanted you to make sure that I wouldn't be."

    She raised an eyebrow. "But I never thought..."

    "Good. Because I won't."

    "Why would I think..." Kairi began, but then stopped herself. "Oh, that's right. This is the Organization we're talking about." She rolled her eyes. "Bunch of perverts," she muttered as she got into her battle stance.

    (Note from author: Here it is, the next chapter! Kairi and Namine are facing Xemnas alone. Everyone else is outside trying to free them. And we haven't gotten to Final Xemnas yet. :p All the questions that have building to this point will be answered within the next few chapters.

    • What's the Organization's master plan?
    • Will the girls be able to take on Xemnas without Riku's help?
    • What is the fate of Sora's friends and allies?
    • How many more times will this author break the fourth wall?
    • Are there any recycled jokes and references that haven't been stolen yet?
    • And after all this, will Sora and Kairi STILL be forced to tie the knot?

    Stay tuned, true believers! All the players are gathered, the stakes have been raised, and the Endgame is coming very soon...:sly:)
  12. Destined Working for WDW

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    interesting...every interesting. I have a theory as to why the organization have been 'experimenting' on Kairi, i'll PM my theory to you incase it is pretty spot on. The story has been a masterpiece and I can't help but think that this is somehow turning into the final battle in Return of the King: all the warriors are outside the gates to Mordor, while Kairi and Namine are confronting 'Mt. Doom' haha.
  13. shadowblade Moogle Assistant

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    omg! i love this story i cant wait to see what they have planned oh and i have an idea ill pm you but i have to wait still last chapter to see if i have to make some last minute changes:ninjacat::poke: i have an idea for a sequil to be exact i kno you really busy so i just wanna know can i like link it to your and may be you help very littel? i kno its a preatty bad :bounce:idea
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    Oh wow, this is just wonderful. I really liked how the spells are in Latin, and how Luxord quoted Shakespeare. I can't pick one aspect of this as my favorite though, it's all amazing.

    And I totally loved those last few lines between Kairi and Xemnas.
  15. Destiny's Force Mess with the best, lose like the rest...

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    Kairi vs. The Superior & Search and Rescue!

    "Okay! Anything I should know about this guy?" Kairi asked. As Naminé racked her brain for an answer, Xemnas shrouded himself within a cloud of darkness that began to close in toward her. "What the..."

    "I...I..." Naminé stammered. "I don't know! I've never actually seen him fight! He's always been ordering the other members to fight for him!"

    The cloud suddenly halted a few feet from her position. Kairi squinted into the darkness for a telltale of what to expect. Surprisingly, instead of attacking, Xemnas reappeared staring holes through her as long, red beams of energy jutted out of his hands.

    "Light sabers?!" Kairi cried. "You've got light sabers?!"

    "They are called "Aerial Blades," Xemnas corrected.

    "Aerial Blades?" Naminé repeated. "What kinda stupid name is that?"

    "This from a girl whose name does not even match her other half," Xemnas retorted.

    "Like you should talk, MANSEX," Kairi snapped back. Xemnas froze.

    "What did you call me, you insolent child?" he growled.

    "What? Does the truth hurt?" Kairi giggled. "Cut the acting, your Royal Gayness. You probably sent Marluxia to Castle Oblivion so he wouldn't get jealous when you would got all hot and heavy with Saix!"

    "You know I was always wondering about that!" Naminé laughed. "After their meetings, Saix always spent a few minutes afterwards to stay behind. I mean, that makes total sense!"

    "So, you want to talk orientation, do you?" Xemnas snapped. "In that case, can you trust Sora and Riku alone? Or Roxas and Axel?"

    Kairi's jaw dropped. "Is he getting into a yaoi rant with us?"

    "In fact, I have heard that you two girls have managed to..."

    "Shut up!" Naminé interrupted. "Yaoi is one thing, but yuri's going too far!"

    "So be it," came the curt reply. And with that, Xemnas charged at them with his blades held high. Kairi ran back at him with reciprocated ferocity.

    Xemnas swung his left blade in a wide arc with vengeful force. Fortunately, Kairi was able to duck low to the ground, the saber whizzing harmlessly over her. Before he could shift his momentum to the other blade, she crouched as much as possible, the coils in her muscles building up kinetic energy. Then with a quick snap of her legs, the Princess pushed off from the ground and sliced the Keyblade in an upward arc, striking Xemnas squarely underneath the chin. His head snapped back as if Kairi laid a powerful uppercut to the head.

    Kairi started to continue her assault, but although Xemnas was reeling, his sabers were still swinging around wildly, forcing her to keep her distance. While Xemnas was stunned, she took a moment to think. "Okay, let's review, shall we? We're up against a guy who takes lessons from some Darth dork," Kairi shook her head in disbelief. "Seriously, he couldn't get a better weapon?"

    "We've gone against a DBZ rip-off, a Guitar Hero, a werewolf, an emo, a surfing pirate, a poker head, a dominatrix, three gay guys, a tickle fetish pedophile and my fiancée," Naminé said, "and THIS surprises you?"

    Kairi pursed her lips in thought. "Good point."

    "Too bad we can't steal his weapons like we did with Roxas, Marluxia or Xaldin," Namine said. "They look like they're physically attached to his hands," Naminé said.

    "I don't know what's worse," Kairi began. "The fact that we're fighting someone that could be the butt of every Star Wars joke in history or the fact that nothing perverted has happened to us yet."

    "What about those fights against Larxene, Luxord or Saix?" Naminé asked. "Nothing perverted happe...Heads up!" Kairi snapped out of her stupor just in time to see Xemnas rushing forward with his arms swinging. She managed to raise the Keyblade to block his first strike, but the other saber was able to slam into her exposed side, electrocuting her nerve endings. Her body was unable to respond to her commands as Xemnas spun around her like a gravity defying top, slashing and slicing her from every side. Finally, he stopped his assault and retreated a few feet from her.

    Kairi was surprised when she noticed that other than the first hit, there was no damage on her body whatsoever. "What the..." The next moment, Kairi looked down in horror as the fabric just below her chest unraveled neatly onto the ground like a giant coil of ribbon around her feet, revealing her midriff and a pair of white cotton panties. "EEEEK!" Her face blushed a deep crimson as she immediately leapt out of the scrapped remains of her dress, the Keyblade raised over her head. "You pervert!"

    Fortunately, Kairi was left with some of her dignity intact as the straps of her undershirt were undamaged, leaving barely enough fabric to conceal what needed to be covered. Unfortunately for her, Xemnas was grinning as if he expected her reaction. He quickly raised his hand.

    "GUARD!" A giant wall of light popped up in front of her path. Unable to change her trajectory, she was forced to collide with the energy charged wall. Kairi flinched as the shock of the barrier sent her reeling back a few feet. Before she could recover, the wall of light faded allowing Xemnas' saber to slam into her, electrocuting her entire body with dark energy. Kairi collapsed to her knees, setting herself up for a powerful kick that sent her flying.

    "Kairi!" Naminé yelled.

    As Kairi's body lay there sprawled out on the ground, Xemnas could only chortle. "Maybe I was wrong about you." Kairi began to get up, but froze as Xemnas pointed one of the sabers at her neck. "I would have thought that after all your previous encounters with my Organization that you would have at least put up a decent fight."

    "Why don't you try fighting in your underwear and we'll see how you look!" Kairi snarled back weakly.

    "I will admit that I took no pleasure in shredding your outfit. I do not have a heart after all."

    "Riiiight," Naminé said. "Your blades just happen to tear into our clothing instead of our skin like its supposed to. You may not have a heart, but I'm guessing you have a dirty mind with a..."sword" to match."

    "Even so," Xemnas continued, "I must commend you for fighting your way up to me. You have shown that your endurance and skill might even be greater than Sora or Riku."

    "Doesn't this guy ever shut up?" Kairi thought as she felt her strength return.

    "However, perhaps it is time you went to sleep..." His eyes narrowed dangerously. "...permanently." While he kept the saber trained on his target, Xemnas raised his other weapon for the finishing blow. But Kairi was able to get her second wind and eager to continue.

    "It's not over yet!" As the weapon came hurtling down on her, Kairi swiped her Keyblade sideways knocking his outstretched arm into the other's path, forcing his body to twist awkwardly. As he spun around, she tucked her knees in and slammed both feet into his back, sending him out of attack range.

    She hastily got to her feet and brushed some stray hair out of her face. "Naminé, you ready?"

    "Yeah! So what if we don't have any pants..." Naminé stopped herself. "That didn't sound too weird."

    Xemnas chuckled lightly as he turned back to face her. "That's right. Let your rage consume you..." he muttered almost inaudibly.

    "This feels SO wrong," Kairi said as she stood there shivering slightly in her underwear. "What am I, fanservice?"

    * * *

    Tron and Pence were still trying to hack into the computer when Pence suddenly yelled out, "Hey, I found something!"

    The kids stopped immediately what they were doing and ran up to the console. "What's up, Pence?" Hayner asked.

    Pence pointed at one of the monitors. "We found some data recordings that were just taken a few hours ago. They might be able to tell us what's been going on."

    The group peered closer and were astonished to see playbacks of every fight that Kairi and Naminé had done. "Is that...Kairi?" Roxas couldn't believe his eyes when Kairi switched with Naminé. "And Naminé?!"

    "Looks like you weren't the only one who could switch," Riku said, slapping Roxas on the back.

    "Who's that blonde girl?" Hayner asked with a slight smirk playing on his lips.

    "My girlfriend," Roxas replied sharply. As he saw Naminé smother his Data form's head with her butt, he rubbed his face in disbelief. "I was wondering why I felt so dirty..."

    "And you were complaining you were never going to get any face time with Naminé," Sora chuckled. Roxas rolled his eyes in response.

    The fights began flashing through the highlights of Kairi and Naminé's battles. The group could only stare in awe at the members of Organization XIII were taken out one by one. "Who's the gay guy wielding the scythe?" Olette asked. Before anyone could reply, the Marluxia on the screen shouted "For the millionth time, I AM NOT GAY!"

    Riku gave her a big smirk. "That answer your question?"

    "Ouch," Roxas said cringing as he saw Kairi beating the crap out of Demyx. "Poor Demy never had a chance."

    "I still can't believe that she's been able to catch up with us in terms of battle," Selphie said. "I mean, her technique is a bit shaky, but the rate at which she improves is surprisingly fast."

    Riku scratched his chin thoughtfully when the screen started displaying Kairi's magic. "I don't remember teaching her those spells." He glanced at Roxas. "Did you?"

    Roxas shook his head. "We never had time to. The wedding got in the way." He looked at Kairi and Naminé's performance intently. "Although that "Dodge Flip" of hers is pretty impressive."

    When Zexion's fight showed, the group stared in awe. "Did she just kick Sora and Riku's butt?" Hayner gasped in astonishment.

    Selphie and Olette high-fived each other. "Oh yeah! Girls rule!" The guys grumbled unutterable comments.

    "Wait, what is that Heartless doing to her?" Wakka was indicating Kairi's fight with Anti-Sora. After a few seconds, it became painfully obvious.

    "Oh my gawd! Sora's a pervert!" Tidus exclaimed.

    "I am not!" Sora snapped. Of course, no one heard him except Roxas and Riku.

    Eventually the recording reached the segment where Vexen placed Kairi into bondage and began to tickle torture her mercilessly.

    "That...is disturbing," Olette commented.

    "I never knew Kairi was ticklish on her hips," Sora said in the corner of his mind. "And the way her body's gyrating seem almost enticing somehow."

    "Sora says he's enjoying this," Roxas told the others to Sora's chagrin.

    "I know I am," Tidus said with a grin. "It's like watching uncensored Japanese anime!" Wakka and Selphie both whacked him across the back of his head.

    "Come on!" Riku huffed impatiently. "As edutaining as this is, we're wasting time. Is there any way to see what's going on inside right now?" After Pence pressed a few keys, the main screen finally showed exactly what was happening inside Xemnas' cove. The group stared in stunned disbelief.

    Roxas' eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. "Is Kairi fighting in her underwear or is that a new Drive form she's got?"

    Suddenly, the yellow cove flickered back to its blue aura. "Alright!" Pence pumped his fist. "We managed to open the door!"

    "Sweet!" Hayner started for the ramp, but Roxas and Riku managed to leap up onto the ledge before he took two steps. The Keybearers didn't hesitate in reaching for Xemnas' symbol.

    "No!" Tron cried. "Not both at once!" But it was already too late. Roxas and Riku touched the symbol at the same time, causing an explosion of light to envelop their bodies before they disappeared from sight. Sparks fizzled out of Xemnas' cove before it changed back to its yellow occupied state.

    "Pence! Tron!" Hayner yelled. "What's going on?!" The computer duo quickly typed as fast as they could, but there was no effect.

    "It seems the system can only hold a maximum of three occupants at once. As soon as that limit was reached, the system went into an automatic lock-down." Pence slammed his fist into the keyboard. "There's nothing more we can do except wait for them to finish."

    "Can we still see where they headed?" Selphie asked.

    "That...is possible," Tron said as he turned back to the console. As they began working on surveillance, Tidus was still entranced at the Kairi/Vexen predicament.

    "Do you think you can burn copies of this?" Tidus asked.

    Pence looked at him questionably. "What for?"

    "Well..." Tidus took the hilt of his sword and absent-mindedly scratched the back of his head with it. "I never got a wedding present for Sora. I figured he could use these somehow."

    "Such as?"

    Tidus shrugged. "He could probably make more copies of it and sell it online," he suggested. "I know there's a few guys out there that would love seeing a girl in bondage."

    Selphie snagged him painfully by the ear and started dragging him away from the monitors. "Only you would come up with something wrong like that," she growled. "Maybe I should take my weapon and tie YOU up..."

    * * *

    "If I find out Nomura's the mastermind behind all of this, I'm gonna slug him," Kairi murmured.

    "Shhh!" Naminé shushed. "He might hear you!"

    Kairi rolled her eyes. "Oh, what's he going to do to us that we haven't already been put through?"

    "He could always kill us off and give Sora a new girlfriend," Naminé suggested.

    Kairi cringed at the thought. "Thanks for sharing that happy possibility, Naminé."

    "That's what I'm here for," Naminé giggled.

    As Xemnas covered himself with darkness again, the sky immediately began to darken.

    Kairi braced herself. "I don't like the looks of this..." Xemnas burst out of the darkness with his sabers drawn and his arms swinging.

    "He's gonna strip us again!" Naminé cried fearfully.

    "Like hell!" Kairi hugged the Keyblade close to her chest. "I'm not going to be fighting him naked!" As Xemnas began his desperation move, Kairi shouted "FIRE!" Xemnas' saber was only inches away from her chest when giant fireballs burst out of the Keyblade, incinerating Xemnas outstretched hand. The sky immediately brightened to its original state as Xemnas grunted in pain. He clutched his damaged arm with his good hand and glared at Kairi through the encircling flames. Xemnas shrouded himself in darkness once again, quickly transporting himself behind her.

    Kairi whipped around to face him, but Xemnas raised his hand and shouted "Nusquam Aeternus Eternus!" Instantly, three eerie-looking crystals appeared around Kairi, encasing her in a sphere of mesh. Before Kairi could strike back, the Organization leader retreated back into the darkness. She immediately felt her strength start to fade. "Come closer," Xemnas' haunting voice rang throughout the arena.

    "Where'd he go?" Kairi was astonished that her voice seemed to be fading away as well. She quickly scanned the battlefield for any trace of her opponent. "Get back out here and fight, you coward!"

    "Kairi! He's up on top of the building!" Naminé's voice pointed out. The Princess turned her gaze upward and sure enough, Xemnas was watching her intently from the rooftop.

    Kairi let out a grunt of frustration. "How in the world am I supposed to get him up there?!"

    "We've got something more serious to worry about," Naminé said. "Our energy levels are declining rapidly in here. We've got to break free of these crystals!"

    Kairi didn't know why, but Axel's words came to mind. "Never lose sight of your light in the darkness," she quoted as she looked at the building. "Light...light...neon lights..." She started running up to the building. "These crystals are made of darkness, right? So..." As soon as she was at the top of the steps, the crystals began to tremble from the building's aura. "I knew it! The light's weakening them!"

    Kairi made a gripping motion from the center of the mesh sphere and pulled as if breaking free from a cocoon. The crystals surrounding her shattered, leaving her a strange feeling of lightness in her body. Kairi looked down at her feet and gasped as the ground beneath her seemed to inch away slightly. It was as if gravity's pull had weakened its hold on her. "It must be a side effect from those crystals!" Naminé cried as Kairi's body hovered slightly. "Get up that building before it wears off!"

    Kairi responded with a grin. "Don't have to tell me twice!" She grabbed the overhang of the building with one hand and launched herself skyward towards Xemnas. As soon as she started hurtling up, Xemnas summoned his Aerial Blades again and in a kamikaze maneuver, he dove from the roof of the building. Rocketing upward, Kairi held the Keyblade straight behind her like a tail as Naminé focused their internal energy, letting loose a stream of red heart-shaped bubbles from the Keyblade's tip.

    The dueling duo seemed to move toward each other in slow motion, the TV screen glowing mysteriously beneath their feet. As soon as he was in range, Xemnas brought down both sabers at once at breakneck speed. Fortunately, Kairi was well-prepared this time and managed to block it. Before Xemnas could turn around, Kairi got behind him and slammed her Keyblade into his side, flipping him on his back. As he began to fall backwards, the girl tucked her arms and legs in and dove at Xemnas like a human torpedo. The Nobody grinned slightly as he brought his arms back for another attack. And that's when Kairi did the unexpected. She flipped her body around and dropped into a ground pound. Her butt smashed against his face, taking Xemnas by surprise. For the first time in her life, Kairi wasn't thinking about modesty as she locked her legs around his head, smothering his face, effectively blinding him. All thoughts of fighting flitted from his mind as he struggled to get his face out of her crotch. Kairi quickly leaned back, grabbed his legs and held on for dear life.

    Their mass splashed through the cloud of innocent-looking bubbles, causing massive explosions that shook the air. The tiny booms ripped numerous cuts and tears into Xemnas' back and Kairi's exposed legs, but she held on nonetheless. The adversaries hit the ground with a thunderous crash, the concrete underneath cracking from the impact. Due to using Xemnas as a cushion, Kairi was mostly unscratched. However, she could hear the sickening crackling of bones shifting underneath her. "That had to smart," Naminé commented.

    Kairi released her grip around Xemnas' head, stood up and brushed herself off. "At least it was someone else's clothes that were getting ripped up for once."

    Naminé felt slightly uneasy, though. "THIS was the head of the Organization? For someone who's supposed to be scary and powerful, this guy was pretty much a big wuss."

    And that's when Xemnas sat up. Kairi tightened her grip on the Keyblade apprehensively. "So...it seems I underestimated you, Princess." He began to rise to his feet.

    Naminé gasped. "Even after a fall like that, he's still able to stand?"

    Xemnas stood up straight and tall, towering over the poor girl. "I will not allow it to end this way...not yet."

    "What now?" Kairi gritted her teeth.

    He took a deep, graceful bow as if he had just performed a musical encore. "Now we fight for real."

    "I knew it seemed a bit too easy," Naminé muttered.

    Xemnas raised his hands and his eyes to the heavens as his body disintegrated into data streams, leaving the girls quite alone. The very next instant, cascades of light burst out of the ground, enveloping the battlefield. Kairi instinctively raised an arm to shield her eyes from the intense brightness. When she opened her eyes again, the Princess found herself in a whitish-gray dimension. Her surroundings were constantly shifting and moving, unable to stay still. The patterns hurt Kairi's eyes, forcing her to blink a few times. "What happened, Naminé? Where are we?"

    "I don't know, but..." Naminé's voice trailed off.

    "I take by your astonishment that we're no longer in familiar territory," Kairi said.

    Naminé sighed. "We were never in familiar territory to begin with, Kairi."

    And then they saw him. Their opponent no longer had the pure black cloak of darkness, but a white and black pattern that seemed to swirl around with his movements. Although the area was fairly bright, the girls could almost sense the overwhelming energy of nothingness seep from him. Electricity crackled from his hands as if barely restrained energy was bursting to get out.

    "Oh sh..." Before Kairi could react, Xemnas suddenly appeared in front of her, lifted her up using his Thorn Beams and flung her skyward like a rag doll.

    Kairi flailed about helplessly as Xemnas rapidly teleported around her, slashing his Aerial Blades wherever they could reach. She could only scream in pain as the weapon's contact with her exposed skin burned the surface. Taking her by surprise, Xemnas' leg shot out, knocking the Keyblade out of her hand, effectively disarming her. When it seemed that she couldn't take any more punishment, he grabbed Kairi by the wrinkled remains of her fabric (her chest being slightly exposed) and threw her body back to earth with incredible strength.

    "Kairi!" Naminé yelled helplessly. As Kairi's charred body smashed into the ground like a meteor, Xemnas chuckled again.

    "Foolish girl. Did you really believe that you could defeat me?" She made a weak attempt to push herself up, but her arms gave away underneath her weight. Xemnas teleported next to her and yanked Kairi up by the neck with one hand. With no Keyblade to protect her and her entire body screaming in agonizing pain, she was completely vulnerable and helpless. He stared into those piercing blue eyes of hers. Xemnas looked at her curiously.

    "It seems you still have some fight left in you, Princess," he said, indicating the weak fire in her eyes.

    Kairi's vision was swimming with overwhelming tiredness. At that very moment, all she could think about was Sora. "...won't...give up..." was her reply. Her limbs trembled slightly as she made a weak attempt to shake out of his grasp, but to no avail.

    Naminé didn't know what to do. She couldn't switch with Kairi in fear of draining the remains of the minimal energy their body had left. Xemnas shook his head as he summoned his Aerial Blade with his free hand. "Why don't you vanish..." he whispered. He pulled back the Blade, stabbing intent on his face. Kairi closed her eyes and braced herself...

    "BACK OFF!" Kairi's eyes snapped open at the familiar sounding voice.

    "Sora...?" was her first thought. Xemnas whipped around and was met with a faceful of Dark Aura. He immediately dropped his victim, the burning sensation stinging his eyes.

    "I knew something reeked of darkness here." Riku blew the smoke off the tip of his Keyblade.

    While Xemnas was stunned, Roxas quickly raised his Keyblade. "HEAL!" Gentle bells chimed over her body as Kairi felt strength flow back into her. She interlocked her fingers, raised her arms over her head and went into a pleasurable stretch, feeling her spine pop back into alignment. It was as if she had just woken up from a refreshing power nap. Riku quickly tossed back her Keyblade which she caught easily with one hand. She was grateful, but the sight of her friends pushed everything else going on out of her mind.

    "Roxas! Riku!" Kairi ran up to them with open arms, crystal tears streaming from her eyes.

    "Kairi!" They met her with a crunching hug before doing a double take. Roxas slapped his hand over his eyes, while Riku gave Kairi a troubled look. "Nice panties." Kairi blushed again as she squirmed uncomfortably in her exposed undies. The awkwardness of the moment was cut short as a giant black fist smashed the ground between them, causing a shockwave that knocked the trio away from each other. As Kairi picked herself up from the ground, she suddenly realized what had just attacked them. Riku stared in disbelief. "No. That's not possible..." The fist receded back to its owner, the Heartless known as Ansem.

    "Xehanort's Heartless?!" Roxas yelled in surprise.

    "How soon you forget. This is my world," Xemnas ranted. "Three against one would be unfair." Xemnas floated up beside his Heartless self. Roxas, Riku and Kairi braced themselves. "This would even the odds wouldn't you say?"

    (Note from author: Whew! Took me long enough! Well, here's how the KH2 final battle SHOULD'VE gone. Only with Sora instead of Roxas, though. Both halves of Xehanort versus the Destiny Island Trinity...more or less. Stay tuned! 750th post!)
  16. Forever Love Life Without Limits

    Jul 18, 2007
    Shaping my life.

    That was intense enough.

    I don't think that chapter could've been any better, honestly. The part where Kairi was in almost instant death and she heard Sora scream "BACK OFF!" gave me chills.

    Gee, that was impressive.

  17. DarknessKingdom The Kingpin of the TV

    Sep 30, 2006
    I dearly hope that you explain how Xemnas is able to utilize his Heartless' Side in this fight.

    Apart from that, very nice.
  18. Destined Working for WDW

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    Lost in the Rockies


    You know what you are doing man. Character interaction, blending the story effortlessly with KH2 with your own flare, and bringing down Kairi, showing that she is not entirely impervious, blended with humor and wit.

    Two thumbs up.
  19. DarknessKingdom The Kingpin of the TV

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    How does hoping that DF explain the existance of Xehanort's Heartless in this boss fight mean I have 'no sense of humour'?


    Anyhoo, I think we can expect Sora to appear sometime in this fight. Perhaps even at the beginning with the drive to protect Kairi. Remember that switching between two different identities is quite tiring for the characters.
  20. Destiny's Force Mess with the best, lose like the rest...

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    Choices & Backup

    "Are we really going to have to fight like this?" Kairi muttered as the trio stared down the two beings of darkness hovering in front of them.

    "Nothing about this fight seems fair," Riku replied.

    Kairi rapidly shook her head. "No. I mean, I'm the only one undressed!" Roxas and Riku tried to avoid looking at her.

    "Not that Sora doesn't mind," Roxas said to Sora's chagrin, "but why don't you just switch to Namine already? I healed you back to full strength after all."

    Kairi mentally slapped herself. "Oh, right." As she switched with Namine, it came as a relief to feel fresh, new cloth form itself over her naked skin. Namine took one look at herself and was glad to see her outfit in one piece.

    "That's much better," Kairi sighed.

    "I don't understand you two sometimes," Sora said. "Your dresses are pretty short already. If you don't want anyone seeing what's underneath, maybe you should consider wearing pants."

    "And maybe you should quit staring at our chest!" Namine snapped. "Don't think we don't notice you trying to undress us with your eyes!"

    "What?!" Roxas and Sora were confused by the outburst. "Where's this coming from all of a sudden?" Roxas asked.

    "Typical guys," Kairi said. "You can't trust them anymore. I used to think you two were all chivalrous gentlemen, but after what we've been through..." The girls didn't know why, but despite being glad to see them, there were feelings of anger and embarrassment rushing through their system.

    Namine sighed. "The stripping and the groping that's been going on..."

    "Roxas' face in a place where it shouldn't be..." Kairi continued.

    "Sora's hands squeezing in really awkward places..." Namine added.

    "Wait a minute..." Roxas couldn't believe his ears. "Are you accusing us of being perverts?"

    "Well, maybe not you, Roxas," Namine amended quickly. "Sora, however..."

    "Don't defend Roxas!" Kairi scoffed. "He's as much of a peeper as Sora is!"

    "I don't get it..." Sora was completely confused by the suddenly rash behavior. "This isn't because of what my Anti-Form did to you, is it?"

    Namine's eyes grew wide. "What...How'd you..."

    "All your fights were being recorded," Sora explained. "We saw everything that's happened to you."

    Kairi felt like shrinking away into the shadows. "You mean...you saw..."

    "...everything?" Namine finished.

    Roxas nodded. "Your fight with me, Axel..."

    "Vexen," Sora added casually.

    Namine's face reddened. "So..."

    "HEY!" The group immediately stopped talking as Riku stared at them in disbelief. "You four can argue about your relationship problems later! In case you forgot, we're in the middle of a fight for our lives!"

    "How is it that we were beaten by these kids again?" Xehanort's Heartless muttered to his Nobody self.

    Xemnas shook his head. "It seems that would be the mystery..."

    "Anyway..." Riku pointed his Keyblade at Ansem. "How is this possible?!" he shouted. "You're no longer a part of me!"

    Xehanort's Heartless stared at Riku with grim intent in his eyes. "Foolish boy. I am always a part of you. You wield the darkness after all." He grinned evilly. "MY darkness."

    "I've conquered you before!" Riku swiped his Keyblade dramatically. "And I'll conquer you again!"

    "Riku!" Namine's eyes narrowed. "That can't be the real Ansem!"

    "How can you be so sure?" Roxas asked. But it was Xemnas who answered.

    "Do you remember where you are? You are in my computer after all." His hands sparkled with electricity, his fingers itching to fight. "Yes, my Heartless had faded from the light. But I anticipated your friends' interference."

    "Your precious Princess of Heart was taken from you," Ansem said. "It was obvious that your hearts would lead you here."

    "Xemnas...knew?" Sora wondered.

    "So, he's nothing more than a security program?" Riku clarified.

    "Which would not have activated if you had not decided to hack my computer," Xemnas stated simply. Riku and Roxas looked at each other, seemingly disgusted with themselves. "So, number XIII," he continued. "You dare show your face in my presence?"

    "After all this time," Roxas shook his head, "I never thought I'd be standing in front of you again."

    "If you had not betrayed the Organization, we would have finally regained our hearts!"

    "It was a lost cause, Superior!" Roxas snapped. "The moment you decided to eliminate me is when your entire plan fell apart!"

    "If it were not for that senile old fool and that traitor, our Kingdom Hearts would have..."

    "Blitz!" Roxas ran at Xemnas in mid-rant, Oblivion and Oathkeeper at the ready. He was only able to take three steps before Xemnas suddenly vanished from view. Roxas screeched to a halt. "Where'd..." Immediately, Xemnas reappeared directly behind him, catching Roxas off guard. Electricity ran through Xemnas' fingers as he blasted Roxas with the power of nothingness, encasing him within an mesh-like energy sphere.

    "Roxas!" Riku started for Xemnas, but his path was barred by Xehanort's Heartless. Before he could react, Riku found his arms pinned to his sides as the Heartless wrapped its enormous claws around his body, lifting him off his feet. He could feel the vice-like grip begin to crush the air from his lungs.

    Namine stood frozen in indecision.

    "Namine!" Kairi cried. "Riku's in trouble!"

    "I know!" Namine responded. "But so is Roxas!"

    "Make your choice," Xemnas said with no hint of remorse. "Your friend from the twilight..." Roxas was suspended helplessly within the energy trap.

    "...or your friend from the dawn," Ansem finished as Riku struggled to free himself from the Heartless' grip.

    Namine gritted her teeth as she stared daggers into Xemnas, who only smiled with evil intent. "Now choose."

    * * *

    Chip, Dale and Pluto finally made their way back to the safe room. Fortunately, all of the Heartless and Nobodies seemed to have congregated at the mineshaft, leaving the path free and clear of danger.

    "Oh! You're back!" Queen Minnie ran up to the trio as Chip and Dale jumped off of Pluto's head.

    "What happened?" Lady Daisy asked. "Is everyone alright?" Wasting no time, the chipmunks quickly relayed the King's instructions causing the Princesses and summons to gasp. "Such a bold move, even from the King!"

    Queen Minnie gave her an incredulous look. "You know how King Mickey is. Once he has an idea, it's impossible to stop him."

    "But still..." Alice furrowed an eyebrow. "His Majesty requested us specifically?"

    Dale nodded enthusiastically. "Yup! All the Princesses of Heart are to help out with this plan."

    Belle jumped to her feet. "Well, it's about time! I was getting bored from waiting around all day!"

    "Me too!" Jasmine agreed. "After all the times Sora and his friends helped us out, we should finally return the favor!"

    "But is his Majesty certain that we'll be needed?" Cinderella asked.

    Lady Daisy shook her head. "Cindy, you know the King wouldn't ask for help unless he truly needed it."

    "He seemed pretty tense about the whole thing," Dale said.

    "Also, he wouldn't have asked if he didn't believe that you weren't capable of handling the situation," Chip added.

    "But what about us?" Chicken Little piped in. "You're not going to just leave us here, are you?" The little band of summons looked at the ladies with wide puppy-dog eyes.

    The Queen smiled warmly. "If I may say so, it'd be difficult to do your jobs of protecting us if you didn't come along." The summons were pleased by the comment.

    Stitch in particular laughed. "Cowabunga!" he cackled as his other four arms popped out of his body with each hand wielding a blaster.

    "A little cosmic razzle dazzle never hurt, right?!" Genie added, his fingers sparking.

    "Let's help everyone." The entire group stopped and turned toward the source of the innocent-sounding voice. Bambi only smiled and said, "Hi!" Everyone stared at the young deer in astonishment.

    "Bambi can talk?!" Snow White gasped.

    Genie scratched his beard. "That's the first I've heard of it..." He summoned a pair of giant spectacles and started rubbing it vigorously. "...and I usually know this type of stuff."

    "Anyway, it's settled!" Queen Minnie looked out the window toward the horizon. "This time, WE'LL fight."

    (Note from author: Yeah, I know. It's pretty short. Better than nothing, though, right? ;))