A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future: Sora and Kairi's Wedding

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    Shaping my life.

    DF, you truly are amazing.
    That last part got me goodd.
    Especially the last line, "Sora..."

    Next chapter soon I hope?

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    DI, your description of the battles is fantastic. I particularly enjoy the dialogue with the little bits of breaking the fourth wall. You have also successfully written the characters exactly how they should be (yes, even in the case of Namine.) and the amount of detail is just fantastic.

    Please continue to write this.
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    True Heroes & Sora and Kairi's First Date?!

    King Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Tarzan were making their way through the Castle Gate area. All of a sudden...

    "What's that rumbling noise?" the King asked.

    Donald glared at Goofy. "Is that your stomach again?"

    Goofy's eyes widened as he patted his spare tire. "Nope! I made sure to eat before the weddin'!"

    "You mean while you were supposed to be checking invitations?"

    Goofy looked at Donald, obviously hurt by the accusation. "Not on your life! Are you sayin' that I don't take my job seriously?"

    "No, what I'm saying is that you should try losing some weight! That paunch of yours has been growing rounder ever since we returned to the castle!" Donald shook his head. "What would Max say if he saw you now?"

    Goofy's eyes narrowed. "So we're talking about family now, are we? How are April, May and June these days?"

    Donald's jaw dropped. "Hey! Daisy still hasn't forgiven me ever since that noodle incident! Just because..."

    "Will you two stop bickering?!" Mickey snapped. Donald and Goofy immediately ceased arguing. "Why are you arguing at a time like this?"

    "Sorry, your majesty," Donald apologized as both of them hung their heads in shame.

    "We're just really worried about the others," Goofy explained. "And..."

    Mickey shushed him. "Don't you hear that?" Indeed, the noise was getting louder. It didn't take a Gummi scientist to know what was happening.


    "Again?" Donald sighed wearily. Dozens of Pete-sized boulders came spilling off the edge of a cliff onto the foursome. "Scatter!"

    Tarzan was able to bob and weave like water through the rocks with ease. Donald deflected the boulders using Blizzaga spells while Goofy ran around like a chicken with its head cut off. The King started forward, but ended up tripping over a crack in the ground.

    "Your Majesty! Look out!" Donald, Goofy and Tarzan could only watch helplessly as stray boulders hurtled toward the King.

    A huge blur sped past the stunned heroes straight for the King. Before their very eyes, the rocks exploded inches from King Mickey's body as if he had some kind of invisible barrier surrounding him. Dust and debris blanketed the field until the onslaught slowed to a stop.

    "Somebody in need of a hero?" Out of the dust clouds came the unmistakable form of Hercules.

    Donald and Goofy ran up to him and shook hands. "It's great to see you, Hercules!" Goofy greeted.

    "But what exactly are you doing all the way out here?" Donald asked.

    "Whenever the people are in need of a hero, I'll be there!" Herc laughed, thrusting his chest out proudly. "But in all seriousness, Phil told me that you guys could use some help." The Olympian hero rolled his eyes. "He said it was part of my 'training', if you know what I mean."

    "Welp, if you hadn't been here, those boulders might've been the end of me." King Mickey smiled at him warmly. "You have my thanks."

    "Hey, why don't you come with us?" Goofy suggested. "We sure could use all the help we can get!"

    "Yeah!" Donald chimed in. "Us heroes need to stick together!"

    Hercules raised an eyebrow. "Since when did you two make hero?" He chuckled as Donald clamped his beak shut. "Like I'm going to say no?"

    "By the way, have you met Tarzan?" Goofy turned to Tarzan, who had been silently observing the conversation. "Tarzan, this is our friend, Hercules."

    "Her-cue-lees?" Tarzan enunciated. "Friend?" Herc and Tarzan stared at each other, sizing each other up.

    After a short awkward silence, Hercules said the first thing that came to mind. "Nice loincloth."

    Tarzan looked bamboozled, unsure if the comment was sarcasm or a compliment. In the end, he just shrugged. "Thank you," he slowly replied.

    * * *

    "I can't believe this!" Kairi thought excitedly. "We're finally alone! Just the two of us!" She and Sora were finally alone on their first date at a private island on the other side of the peninsula. Riku had mentioned seeing it when he and Sora were hurtling back to Destiny Islands via Door to Light. He assured them that it was completely private. Tidus, Wakka and Selphie didn't even know about it. Kairi was wearing a cute, pink bikini with sparkly white stars printed on it. Sora was bare-chested, but he was wearing an open blue-green Hawaiian shirt with white swim trunks.

    "And to think Sora couldn't be acting any more clumsier," Kairi thought, smiling to herself. Indeed, Sora's mannerisms seemed to be a bit more unfocused and sporadic. Kairi suspected it might have had something to do with her swimwear. She giggled as Sora's eyes tried desperately to stay focused on her face, but his gaze always seemed to remain drawn to her body. Also, Sora kept stammering with his speech when talking to her.

    Kairi was flattered that he thought she was hot. On the other hand, Sora's body was just as tempting to gaze over. Admittedly, his abs weren't as rock-hard and well-defined like Riku's. But it was obvious that he had been working out, due to the muscle definition all over his body.

    They had just spent the past couple of hours playing, talking, wrestling (Sora cheated by tickling her) and pretty much having the time of their lives. And now they stood there, gazing at each other under the twilit sunset. A pleasant breeze played across Kairi's body, sending goosebumps down her skin. She felt Sora's fingertips softly caress her hair before gently guiding her face toward his. His deep blue eyes seemed so hypnotic and mesmerizing to her. She couldn't help but stare lustfully back into them.

    Kairi's lips trembled with anticipation. "Is this it? Is this the moment?" As Sora's handsome face drew closer to hers, she could feel her body moving on instinct. Kairi gently closed her eyes, her lips slightly parted as her head was guided toward his. Their lips were mere millimeters from direct contact...

    CHAKAROOOOM!!! Kairi's body was flung back by a powerful explosion that separated the two. She could feel her exposed skin scratched open by the sand's friction beneath her. As she refocused on her surroundings, Kairi was horrified to find herself on the earthy platform she had fought Darkside. The sky was no longer filled with the gentle orange sunset. Instead it was replaced by the same maelstrom of darkness that had threatened her island.

    As she picked herself up, she saw Sora had already summoned his Keyblade. Kairi attempted to do the same, but then remembered she couldn't. She was a Keyblade wielder, but she wasn't a Keyblade master. The Keyblade hadn't chosen her to summon it at will yet. She had only received her weapon from Riku. And he wasn't here.

    "No..." Kairi tried to run after Sora, but her body was stuck fast in a pool of darkness. "Sora! Don't leave me alone!" The more Kairi struggled, the faster the darkness was pulling her in. Sora's head whipped around, his face immediately changing to complete shock.

    Before he could help her, Heartless appeared out of nowhere and piled on top of him, weighing him down. "Kairi!" he shouted, stretching his arm as far as he could reach.

    "Sora, help me! Please!" Kairi screamed. Wisps of darkness threatened to engulf her vision as they snaked up her outstretched arm. "No, not again..."


    "Please," she sobbed, "not again..."

    "Kairi!" Namine's voice shouted. "Wake up!"

    Kairi's eyelids snapped open. She found herself sprawled out in the middle of the Garden of Assemblage. As she sat herself up to a sitting position, Kairi yawned and stretched out her limbs. It took a few seconds before she remembered where she was.

    "Namine, what happened?" Kairi asked, brushing her stray hair back into an almost presentable position.

    "Stating the obvious, you've been asleep."

    "Asleep? For how long?" Kairi asked, stifling another yawn.

    "Approximately a good hour or two." Kairi's jaw locked in mid-yawn as she became fully alert.

    "What?! I was asleep for two hours?" As Kairi helped herself up to her feet, she realized that there were tear trails streaked across her face. She hastily wiped them off. "What exactly happened? The last thing I remember is..." Her eyes widened in shock. Kairi's hand flew to her neck and was amazed that there was no trace of any injury.

    "I took over long enough to heal you, but..." Namine sighed. "For some reason I couldn't hold onto my form for very long. I made our way here before I lost control and your body collapsed."

    "Did you also notice that feeling in our heart again?" Kairi asked.

    "Yeah, it was definitely more noticeable this time. But..." Namine's voice trailed off.

    "But...?" Kairi repeated.

    "It's strange. No one was messing with your memories, but I could feel something...scanning them."

    "Scanning? As in reading them?" Kairi shuddered at the thought. "Well, that's comforting. Someone or something knows all my private memories."

    "You may be right," Namine agreed. "Either way, I don't think there's anything we can do right now but to move on."

    Kairi started for the ramp, but another flash of memory ran through her mind. This time Sora held out his Keyblade and summoned fireballs that circled around his body. "FIRE!" he cried.

    "I guess I just learned another spell," Kairi said.

    "Wonder what's left to learn?" Namine asked.

    Kairi shrugged. "Who knows? As long as they put me up on par with Sora and Riku, I don't care."

    As they made their way back up the ramp and to their next target, Kairi suddenly remembered something that had been nagging her. "Axel said not to lose sight of light in the darkness. What do you think he meant by that?"

    "Beats me. You know how enigmatic people can be sometimes."

    Kairi nodded. "I know what you mean. Thinking that they're all cool just because they have a mysterious background or some unanswered secret. Sure, it was interesting back in the 70's. But these days? It's completely unoriginal and overused, don't you think?"

    "Hey, people love a good mystery," Namine replied. "It's a way to keep life interesting or else it wouldn't be worth experiencing."

    The girls finally ended up in front of the next cove. To the left of Demyx's now-pink cove was an oblong symbol with many sharp points.

    "It looks like some type of fancy chopstick." Namine said in thought.

    Kairi's eyes widened. "Really? I think it looks like a pen or a quill."

    "Maybe a toothbrush?"

    "Nah, there's no bristles," Kairi replied. "Could it be a dart?"

    "Well, whatever it is, we're not going to find out just by standing here." As Kairi touched the shadow, blinding light swallowed her body in its rays. The light dimmed enough for her to open her eyes.

    Kairi found herself standing in the middle of Addled Impasse. The data environment was a perfect copy of the original right down to Kingdom Hearts shining brightly through the transparent glass.

    "Now I remember," Kairi said. "This was where Sora learned about Roxas." Then she gasped.

    "What? What's wrong?" Namine asked concerned.

    Kairi felt a slight chill go down her spine. "I just remembered which member Sora fought."

    "Really?" Namine's tone had a tinge of worry in those two syllables. "Who?"

    As in answer to her question, circlets of data appeared before them, forming Xemnas' right-hand man.

    "You!" Kairi cried, pointing her Keyblade at Saix.

    "Kairi. Namine." The Luna Divider stared expressionless at Kairi. "Are you enjoying your stay in the Garden of Assemblage?"

    "Can't say that I am," Kairi snapped. Then privately to Namine, "That's what that room's called? Why would anyone call it a garden?"

    Saix eyed the Keyblade in her hand. "I see you've learned to wield the Keyblade more skillfully."

    "Well, being friends of Keyblade masters has its perks." Kairi grinned. "Hey, isn't this guy Xemnas' number two?"

    Namine giggled. "Eww! That's disgusting!"

    "Fool. Do you truly believe that you can withstand Kingdom Hearts' power?"

    Kairi gave her hair a flip of confidence. "Please. We already destroyed Kingdom Hearts once."

    Saix shook his head. "If I had a heart, this would be where I die of laughter." He kept his glare solely focused on Kairi. "You didn't do anything. Sora and Riku did." This wiped the smile off of Kairi's face. "You were able to escape once by your friend from the darkness. You won't be so lucky this time."

    Saix turned to face Kingdom Hearts shining outside the window. He spread out his arms, basking in its lunar glow. "Do you feel it? The moon's power!"

    "Oh, this is bad," Kairi said as she took a few steps back. "He's going to..."

    "Moon, shine down!" Saix rose up into the air like an angel rising up to the heavens. Light blue flames radiated around him as an unnerving amount of energy seemed to burst out from within his body.

    Kairi cringed as Saix stared at her with predatory eyes. Namine wasn't feeling any more confident than Kairi was. "We are so going to die."

    (Note from author: I've been wanting to write out that beach scenario for a long time. Well, not that last part with the kiss interrupted. I meant how Kairi looked in...that swimwear. I'm a guy, what do you think I was fantasizing...I mean, focusing on? :xp:

    In case you haven't been keeping track, here's in whose groups at the moment:

    Kairi's Group: Kairi, Namine
    Sora's Group: Sora, Roxas, Riku, Selphie, Olette, Hayner, Pence, Leon, Ariel, Beast
    Yuffie's Group: Yuffie, Cid, Aerith, Tron
    Tidus' Group: Tidus, Wakka, Auron, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell
    King Mickey's Group: Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Tarzan, Hercules
    Jack's Group: Both of them
    Aladdin's Group: Aladdin, Mulan, Simba
    Safe Room: Stitch, Dumbo, Bambi, Genie, Chicken Little, Mushu, Queen Minnie, Lady Daisy, the other six Princesses of Heart, other supporting characters
    En route: Yuna, Rikku, Paine
    Cameo appearance: Seifer, Fuu, Rai, Vivi
    Unaccounted for: Cloud, Tifa
    Not going to use: Timeless River Pete as he's in the past and all.

    Anyway, "Face front, true believers!" Are you wondering how Kairi and Namine's getting out of this one? Guess what? I have no idea either! :D But seriously, I'll figure something out. I always do. ;) )
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    ...I srsly think you need to put some more thought into your posts, if you're going to make a post. I hate to act like this, but like, you've made 2 or 3 posts in this thread with 4 or 5 words. I mean, saying you like it is all good, but if you're just going to say those few words, then there is no reason to post. PMs work quite well. So does rep, xDDD.

    Anywayz, I know what'cha mean by those unknown parts. I've run into many of them in my story writing, and it can potentially kill a story. Not by the unknown bit, but by the author's rush to fill the gaps. It doesn't feel natural, and normally carries over to the rest of the fic/story. So, take your time. Oh, believe me, I don't mind the SoraxKairi bits. Its real, and is kinda funny. Keep up the good work.
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    Shaping my life.

    Especially the last part with Saix.

    "We are so going to die."

    Keep em coming DF.
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    Kairi vs. the Luna Divider & Useless?

    "If you have any ideas, Namine, now would be a good time to tell me!" Kairi shouted as she fled from Saix's shockwaves.

    "I only know as much as you do!" Namine replied helplessly. "The only time I've seen him fight was when he was against Sora!"

    Kairi mentally face-palmed herself. "This is pitiful, you know that? We've beaten almost half of the Organization and ol' frizzy hair here might actually kill us!"

    "Don't you think we should stand our ground?" Namine suggested as Saix went for another round of "Tag and You're Dead."

    Kairi let out a laugh of false mirth. "Only if you have a death wish!"

    Saix's eyes tracked her movements as she desperately tried to leap over Saix's energy ripples. Without warning, he flung his claymore into Kairi's path. She was barely able to raise her Keyblade in time to deflect the incoming projectile, but the force of the attack knocked her flat on her butt.

    As Kairi massaged her posterior, Saix summoned the weapon back to his hand. It took a few seconds before she realized that the Luna Divider had taken a short break to absorb more power from Kingdom Hearts.

    "Why'd he stop chasing me?" Finally, it clicked. "I get it! Going berserk uses up a lot of his energy! All we have to do is tire him out!"

    "Then what are we waiting for?" Namine asked. "Now might be a good time to attack!" Kairi nodded and started for Saix. She had barely taken three steps when Saix's eyes snapped open and turned his predatory stare back onto her, forcing Kairi to a screeching halt. He pounced on his scared prey before she could react.

    "Be gone!" As Saix barreled down on her, Kairi instinctively raised the Keyblade to guard the attack. Unfortunately, the combined weight of Saix's momentum, his overall berserk strength, and the power of his claymore forced Kairi's knees to collapse on contact. She gritted her teeth to stop herself from screaming out in pain.

    Saix swiped his claymore at Kairi's head, who in turn Dodge Flipped out of the way and broke into a fast hobble. "Fool. I want to see you die fighting," he taunted.

    "It's no good," Kairi muttered under her breath. "My knees are totally shot." She raised her Keyblade. "HEAL!" Instantly she felt all of her aches and pains drain from her body leaving it undamaged, but slightly worse for wear.

    "Good thing you rested up," Namine said, "or you'd be swaying on your feet right about now." Kairi looked back at Saix and was a bit annoyed to see that he had taken the opportunity to close his eyes and face the heart-shaped moon again.

    "This is getting us nowhere!" Kairi huffed, clearly frustrated. "Everytime I get close to him, he keeps forcing me back with his Wolverine impressions!"

    "If only we could get him to focus more on us than recharging his batteries every few minutes..." Namine said. Kairi suddenly grinned. It was so simple.

    Kairi cupped her hands over her mouth and shouted, "Hey Saix! I heard that your mother was a werewolf!"

    "Um, Kairi? What are you doing?" Namine asked.

    "Trust me on this," Kairi replied. Then to Saix, "I also heard your dad was a veterinarian! When they got together every night, he would always diagnose her with rabies!" Saix's eyes snapped open.

    "Be quiet, brat." he growled.

    "What's it like to have Xemnas as your boyfriend?" Saix's eyes were twitching fiercely. "Whatcha gonna do? You gonna whimper like a widdle puppy dog?"

    "You dare mock me, you insolent little...?!" Saix completely forgot about Kingdom Hearts and shouldered his claymore.

    "Aw, wid I make the widdle wolfy angwy?" Kairi taunted cutely. "Widdle wolfy need a changy-wangy in his diapey-wipey?"

    "SHUT UP!" Saix's composure was obviously slipping.

    Kairi decided to put the final nail in the coffin. "Hey Saix!" She pointed to her head. "Got it memorized?"

    Saix let out a giant roar of fury. "Do you think we made him mad enough?" Kairi asked rhetorically.

    "All shall be lost to you!" Saix snarled, blitzing toward Kairi at superhuman speed.

    "Yup," Namine said with a satisfied tone in her voice, "we officially ticked the guy off."

    * * *

    "You think Namine and Kairi are okay?" Roxas asked Sora. "I mean, we've been going around fighting Heartless and Nobodies for two hours now and we still haven't seen any of our friends yet."

    Sora crossed his arms and looked up to the sky in thought. His party was able to find a safe area away from their foes and were now in the middle of taking a short rest. "Don't worry. We'd know if something happened to them. You know, with the whole heart connection thing."

    "So there you guys are!" a high-pitched voice rang out. Sora turned around and was astonished to see Rikku who had finally caught up with the group. The Gullwings made a few failed attempts of finding anyone and ultimately decided it would be much faster if they split up. "We've been looking everywhere for you!"

    "We?" Sora repeated. "Who's we?"

    "Why, Tidus and the others! They sent us to look for you!"

    "Who's Tidus?" Pence asked.

    "Friend of ours from Destiny Islands," Sora explained.

    Before anyone else could say anything, Riku stared at the faerie all business-like. "Sora? Who's this?"

    "Oh, that's right. You two haven't met each other." He motioned toward the yellow-clad pixie. "Riku, this is Rikku. And Rikku," Sora turned toward Rikku, "this is Riku."

    "Hiyas!" Rikku chirped.

    Riku rolled his eyes. "Make one identity joke, Sora, and I swear..." Then to Rikku, "Tell the others and anyone else who can fight to meet us at the old mineshaft."

    "Got it!" Rikku squeaked happily. "Later taters!" And with that, she disappeared in a sparkle of stardust.

    Riku turned toward Hayner and the others. "You guys should head back to the safe room. It's going to get more dangerous from here on out."

    "But Kairi's our friend too!" Hayner argued.

    Riku shook his head. "You guys aren't exactly equipped to fight anything right now. Swinging around foam bats is one thing, but swinging a sword is a completely different matter.

    "What about us?" Ariel piped in. "Are you saying that me and the Prince are useless too?"

    "I didn't say you were useless," Riku said, rubbing his temples in frustration. "I just think..."

    Sora put his hand on Riku's shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "It's no good telling them to go and hide. They'll be fine."

    Riku blinked. "But..."

    Sora held up his hand, silencing Riku. "They're a whole lot stronger than you give them credit for, Riku."

    Riku smirked. "So you're stealing my lines now, huh?" He turns back to the others. "Sorry, guys. I guess it's been a long day for all of us."

    "You still look worried, though," Olette said. "It's because of the Struggle bats, right?" Riku nodded.

    Sora scratched his head trying to think of a solution to the problem. After a few seconds, the answer finally came to him. "Leon, are there any spare weapons these guys could use?" Sora asked.

    Leon thought for a moment. Then he smiled. "Now that you mention it..."

    * * *

    "Get back here, you @#$@h!" Saix's entire focus was on one thing only: Kill.

    "Oooh, someone's getting all defensive!" Kairi giggled as she did another Dodge Flip away from the blue energy waves emanating from Saix's claymore. "Let me guess, your prom date was a beaver!"

    "You sure it's okay to antagonize him like this?" Namine wondered. "You realize that we're dead if he manages to get even ONE hit?."

    Kairi raised an eyebrow. "You think I don't know that? Look at this way, he's got to be tiring out, right?" She glanced over her shoulder to see Saix was still blazing with fury. "What's with the hair?" Kairi taunted, sticking out her tongue and pulling down her bottom eyelid in classic anime style. "Been sitting under a hair dryer too long?"

    Saix was so enraged that he wasn't even using human language anymore. Instead his entire vocabulary became a series of snarls and growls.

    "Wait a minute! I finally understand now!" Kairi exclaimed slapping her forehead. "That X on your face is used for target practice!" After minutes of going full steam, Saix finally doubled over clutching his chest.

    "Let's try this again, shall we?" Kairi charged at Saix and aimed for Saix's "X." "TAKE THIS!" Her Keyblade screamed through the air as she swung it in an overhead arc.

    CLANG! Kairi's eyes widened as Saix parried her attack. "Fool. Did you really think you could tire me out so easily?"

    Saix's claymore caught her by surprise as it slammed into her stomach with so much force that it sent her flying. Kairi heard a dull crack as her body made contact with the ceiling. On her return trip back to earth, Saix was waiting with his weapon in a batter's stance.

    THWHAM! Kairi's limbs flopped around like a marionette with its strings clipped as her body crashed into the far wall and fell to the floor in a lifeless heap. She laid there wincing in pain as Saix slowly stalked around her limp form. "Namine..." Kairi moaned. "It hurts to move..."

    "Where's your witty quips now, girl?" he taunted, staring at his prey through hungry eyes. Saix took a few more steps forward as he began to raise his weapon. He was about to deal the finishing blow when he froze in mid-swing. Kairi's body moved automatically as it used the Keyblade to prop itself back up. "What..."

    "Right here, wolfie!" Namine's voice spouted out of Kairi's mouth. Saix couldn't believe his eyes as Namine tagged in with Kairi. She executed a flawless bicycle kick, blasting Saix's weapon out of his hand. Before he could react, Namine whirled around and shot a powerful mule kick into Saix's midsection, causing him to double over in pain. She took a quick glance at her sandals. "Cool! They're not melted any more!"

    "Hurry! While he's disarmed!" Kairi shouted. Without a moment's hesitation, Namine flung the Keyblade at the big X as hard as she could.

    In pain or not, most of his berserker rage had left him, enabling Saix's thought processing to become clearer. He could hear the Keyblade whizzing toward him. Saix grinned as he caught it effortlessly between his palms, the projectile mere inches from his face. "Fool." He shifted his gaze off of the Keyblade to give his opponent a smug glare.

    The smugness quickly evaporated when his own claymore came out of nowhere and slammed him upside his head, forcing him to drop the Keyblade. As Saix began to stagger about, he realized that Namine had converted back to Kairi.

    Kairi quickly took advantage of the moment, swiping the fallen Keyblade off the floor and Aerial Dodged into the air.

    "This one's for Sora!" Kairi cried as she thrusted her weapon downward into Saix's exposed back. "IT'S OVER!"

    As Kairi ripped the Keyblade out of her enemy's back, she could hear Saix whisper, "I...I misjudged you."

    "Whatever you and the Organization are planning, it's not going to succeed!" Kairi shouted angrily.

    In the back of her mind, Namine was rolling her eyes. "Out of all the cool things you could say, that's the best you could come up with?"

    "For someone who just got the snot beaten out of him," Kairi observed, "he's not acting like someone who lost."

    Indeed, Saix stood there in Kingdom Hearts' glow, his hair shadowed over his face barely concealing a dark smile. "If...If I had a heart...this would be where I die of laughter."

    Kairi's eyes narrowed. "What's that supposed to mean?"

    Saix only gave her an maniacal grin. "You just keep fighting with all your heart, Kairi," were his final cryptic words before he returned to his data's storage, leaving Kairi and Namine the uneasy feeling that they'd just played right into the Organization's hands.
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    Illusions & Stolen Property

    "We finally beat over half of the Organization, right?" Kairi asked. "So why aren't we celebrating?"

    "You didn't hear Saix's tone?" Namine replied. "The Organization WANTS us to fight them for some reason." She sighed. "What for, I can't even begin to imagine."

    Kairi walked over to one of the cascading waterfalls and splashed some cold water over her face. "Isn't there some other way to get out of here? I mean, shouldn't there be at least a Save Point or something?"

    "Kairi? This is the Organization we're talking about. They could just summon one of those portals of darkness and teleport out of here," Namine explained. "Unless you want to try to go through all those Nobodies again, I think it's best we just keep fighting."

    Kairi shrugged. "Not like I have a choice, do I?" She started up the ramp for the umpteenth time. "So who's left exactly?"

    Namine thought for a moment. "If I remember correctly, the last six members of the Organization are DiZ's...I mean, Ansem the Wise's disciples."

    "Disciples?" Kairi repeated. "Don't you mean apprentices?"

    "Same thing," Namine huffed impatiently. "Anyway, these guys aren't to be taken lightly."

    Kairi grinned. "Come on, Namine. You've been with me for how long? Have I ever taken it easy?" To the right of Axel's cove was the symbol that looked like a rounded block. Kairi took a deep breath. "Here we go again."

    Before the light even finished fading, Kairi could hear the unmistakable sound of a storm howling around her. She took a quick look at her surroundings. "The rock," she groaned. "It had to be this stupid rock! This is the third time I've been here!"

    "What are you talking about?" Namine asked curiously. "We've only been here once and that was with Darkside."

    Kairi pursed her lips together. "Oh yeah. You're right."

    "Are you okay, Kairi?" Namine voiced with concern. "You're not still freaked out about that dream, are you?"

    Kairi's eyes widened in surprise. "How'd you..." Then she stopped herself. "Never mind." She stood silent for a few seconds. "You saw the entire thing?"

    In the back of her mind, Namine nodded. "Sorry, I know it was a violation of privacy. But you had me worried when your body just gave out."

    Kairi shook her head. "Don't worry about it. It was just a stupid dream anyways."

    Namine giggled. "More like a fantasy. I'm surprised you and Sora were finally going to kiss!" Kairi blushed slightly. "Who knows? It might happen for real when we get out of this mess."

    Kairi rolled her eyes. "Yeah, like that's going to happen. I'm going to end up dead at this rate."

    Namine laughed again. "Way to look on the bright side of things, Kairi."

    The data streams sparked out of nowhere and began to take shape. Kairi tightened her grip on the Keyblade. "It's showtime," she muttered.

    Before her stood a young looking man, his bluish-gray hair obscured one half of his face giving him a dark, shifty look.

    Namine gasped. Kairi immediately felt the shock and astonishment in her emotions. "Namine, talk to me! Who is this guy?"

    "Zexion! He's..." Namine's voice stopped abruptly.

    "Namine?" Kairi searched her heart and mind, but it was as if something had built a wall between them. "Namine!" She whipped her head toward Zexion. "What did you do with Namine?!"

    Zexion shrugged. "Beats me. Maybe she abandoned you."

    Kairi's eyes narrowed. "You expect me to believe that?"

    Zexion crossed his arms, placing his chin on his hand in thought. "Well, you don't have to. But realize this, princess. The way you've grown and evolved..." He chuckled. "There's no place for you in this world."

    Kairi maintained her icy glare. "Sorry, riddles aren't exactly my forte. If you've got something to say, spit it out!"

    The Cloaked Schemer laughed again. "How about I just show you?" He waved his hand and instantly darkness swept the field, enveloping Kairi's surroundings. The only thing visible was her own body. After a few seconds, the darkness lifted. Zexion had disappeared.

    "Where'd he go?" Kairi turned her head one way then the other. There was no sign of him. Suddenly she heard some footsteps from behind her. She whirled around and saw...

    "Sora? Riku?" She let out a sigh of relief. "Aren't you two a sight for sore eyes!" Kairi was taken completely off guard when Sora and Riku drew their weapons with cold indifference etched on their faces. "Uh, guys?"

    Sora and Riku charged at Kairi, their Keyblades flashing through the air. She leapt back a few feet. "What's wrong with you two? Don't you recognize me?"

    "Of course we do," Riku said as he and Sora trained their weapons on her. "You're the one responsible for destroying our home."

    "What?" Kairi raised an eyebrow. "What are you talking about?"

    Sora and Riku glanced at each other. "Can't believe someone as bright and cheerful as you is stupid and blind to the truth," Sora sneered. "I think it's better if we had never met you!"

    Kairi's arms dropped. "I..."

    "Do we have to spell it out for you?" Sora shouted impatiently. "If it weren't for you, our home might never have been destroyed in the first place!"

    The Keyblade masters started forward causing Kairi to back up even further. "They're only drawn to the strongest of hearts, Kairi!" Riku roared. "And whose heart is more powerful than a Princess of Heart?"

    Kairi's eyes widened. "You don't mean..."

    "The Heartless invaded Destiny Islands because of you!" Sora shouted accusingly.

    "But the worlds were restored!" Kairi stammered. "There wasn't any..."

    "Shut up!" Riku snapped. "If you had stayed on the islands like you were supposed to, then I wouldn't have had to come to your rescue."

    Kairi was about to say something, but she couldn't think of a single counter-argument. Riku gave her a sick grin. "Haven't you realized yet? If you hadn't leapt blindly into the darkness, I wouldn't have had to waste my time babysitting you!"

    "But, Riku..." She felt the heel of her boot make contact with empty air. Kairi glanced behind her and was stunned to find that she had been cornered to the edge of the platform.

    "And to think I could ever love you!" Sora shouted. "Do you honestly believe that I stayed with you because I loved you?" He let out an evil laugh. "I only hung around because I felt sorry for you! Sorry for you being a pathetic, helpless and weak girl who only got in our way!"

    Despite her instincts, Kairi's eyes started to tear up. "Sora..." It hurt her heart to hear those words coming from Sora's mouth.

    "I mean, look at you! No matter how much training you do, no matter how much you want to be one of us, you're always going to be some scared, little girl who always needs to be looked after!" Sora shook his head in disgust. "And you look like you've ballooned a few pounds!" As far as she was concerned, that last comment was WAY below the belt. It was like being slammed with a sledgehammer across the face.

    Kairi's eyes were reddened with tears, her weapon hung loosely by her side. "Sora..." Her bottom lip was quivering. The words had struck deep sorrow within her heart. Sora and Riku were now standing on both sides of her, weapons at the ready.

    "And this stupid charm of yours?" Sora reached into his pocket and pulled out Kairi's lucky charm. "I don't even know why I took this lousy piece of junk in the first place!" He hurled the star off the edge which was swallowed up by the darkness.

    Kairi stood silent for a moment. She looked at Sora as if it were her first time laying eyes on him. Then a big smirk appeared on her lips. "That's all I needed to know." She slammed her Keyblade into Sora's stomach. "You're definitely not Sora!"

    She could hear Riku's footsteps echoing behind her. Kairi whirled around, grabbed Riku's outstretched arm and flipped him straight into Sora. Clouds of darkness smoked over their fallen forms, leaving a wounded and injured Zexion on his knees. "How? How could you see through my illusion like that?"

    Kairi shook her head in amusement. "The lucky charm thing was a big mistake." She reached for her belt and revealed the star that was attached to it. "Sora gave it back to me when he came back home." She wiped the tear streaks off her face. "I am SO going to make you pay for that fat comment!"

    Zexion stood up, shaking off the pain. "There's no Namine to help you this time, princess." A block of light appeared in his hand transforming itself into his weapon: a lexicon.

    "Whatever, goth boy," Kairi snaps getting into her fighting stance. "Maybe you and Cloud should get together sometime." She grinned at the thought. "Create an "Emo's Anonymous" club or something."

    * * *

    Rikku had wasted no time in telling Yuna and Paine about Riku's orders. Now the three fairies had split up again on their different ways attempting to make ends finally meet.

    Meanwhile, Jack Skellington and Jack Sparrow still found themselves lost without a clue. Sparrow bent over gasping for breath. "We've been at this for hours now! Don't you have any idea where we're going?"

    The Pumpkin King scratched his head. "Sorry, I didn't realize this world was so big!"

    Captain Sparrow grabbed onto Skellington's arm for support. "Maybe I should start leading. A captain always has an internal sense of direction after all. Savvy?"

    And that's when Aladdin's group appeared around the corner.

    "You!" Aladdin and Jack Sparrow shouted in unison. They stared into each other's eyes, unflinching. Without warning, the former street-rat and the devious pirate drew swords and started swiping at each other. Skellington and Mulan looked at one another, confused.

    After a few minutes, Jack Skellington calmly grabbed both of their heads in each hand and lifted them off the ground, separating the two of them at arms length. "Please, friends! If there's a problem, you should be talking it out, not attacking each other!"

    Sparrow struggled to free himself but to no avail. He pointed his sword at Aladdin. "That little bugger stole my compass!"

    "Like you should talk!" Aladdin shot back, his legs flailing in the air. "You tried to swipe my wallet!"

    Both Jack and Aladdin kept arguing until Simba finally had enough. He let out a mighty earth-shattering roar that silenced the bickering duo.

    "That's enough!" Simba growled. "In case you two hadn't noticed, we're all on the same side!"

    Mulan nodded in agreement. "He's right. We're wasting time!" She brushed some stray strands of hair out of her battle-weary face. "For all we know, the enemy might have already won." With the fighting stopped, Jack Skellington finally released his grip on the two swordsmen and set them down gently.

    "Well, what do you suggest, lass?" Jack Sparrow asked, crossing his arms. "Do you have any idea where we're supposed to go?"

    The words had just left his mouth when Paine popped out of the air in a shower of stardust. "There you guys are."

    The Captain blinked and massaged his forehead. "First a talking cat and now pixies. Where's all the rum gone?"

    The others ignored him. "Any news?" Mulan asked.

    Paine nodded. "I've been told to tell you guys that everyone's supposed to regroup at the mineshaft."

    Mulan bowed in gratitude. "Thank you." Paine nodded again and disappeared without another word. Mulan turns to the others. "Well, does that answer your question, Mr. Sparrow?"

    The pirate's eyes narrowed. "That's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow! And no, it didn't answer my question."

    "What do you mean?"

    Aladdin smiled grimly. "Do you know where the mineshaft is?" Everyone looked at each other, hoping that one of them would know the answer.

    Jack Sparrow shook his head in disbelief. "So it's back to the original plan, eh? Run around and hope for the best?"

    Mulan stared at him sternly. "If you have a better plan, we're all ears."

    Captain Sparrow grinned. "As a matter of fact, if ol' Laddie here would kindly give back the compass he stole from me..."

    Aladdin raised an eyebrow. "Only if you return the rubies you swiped from me first." There was another awkward tension hanging in the air.

    Mulan rolled her eyes. "Will you boys just give each other the other person's property already?!"

    After Aladdin and Jack Sparrow (carefully) returned their belongings to their rightful owners, Sparrow kissed his compass. "Thank ye, Laddie. Now as I was saying..." He flipped open the cover, revealing the compass needle spinning crazily.

    "How exactly are you supposed to use that, Sparrow?" Aladdin asked. "I couldn't make any sense of what it was pointing at!"

    "That's because you weren't handling her right, Laddie. This compass points toward whatever the holder most desires." The arrow finally stopped spinning and pointed north-east. "Well, it's pointing that way!"

    "Alright!" Jack Skellington shouted enthusiastically. "Mulan, Aladdin, Simba, Captain Sparrow..." He pointed outward in dramatic fashion. "We're off!" Jack Skellington started forward with Aladdin and Simba trailing behind.

    "Off to get some rum, that is," Jack Sparrow chuckled to himself.

    Mulan overheard him muttering. "What was that?"

    Sparrow waved off the question dismissively. "Oh, nothing. Just said we're off to run and all that." Mulan gave him a suspicious look, but said nothing as she ran after the others. "Note to self," Jack Sparrow murmured, "Learn to control output of first-person narration."

    (Note from author: *Whew!* Another chapter done! Sorry this took so long. Writing about characters that hardly had any face time at all makes this hard to do. Can't wait until I get to Vexen, at least with HIM I can start getting...er, you know. :sweat: )
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    gaa this story gets better and better!!! Awesome awesome, but what is Sparrow plotting? I can't wait till the story continues
  9. Forever Love Life Without Limits

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    Best part of the WHOLE story.. right here--

    I'm seriously not going to lie to you right now DF, but that part made me tear up... seriously. I would've cried if I could... but I was in Business/Computer Technology class at school... so I couldn't cry about it. It touched me. The first thing I thought when she turned around and had seen them was... "WHAT?!!" I was surprised. Me heart jumped. Then what Sora said to her... MAN. My heart literally dropped and beat repeatedly as fast as it possibly could. That was DEEP. I cried... on the inside. =[ So sad. Great job nonetheless... wait.

    GRR. I hate you and your talents. You make me jealous.
  10. Forever Love Life Without Limits

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    Shaping my life.
    It's been my favorite part out of the story so far.
    And it will probly stay that way. ;)
    Great job on that part. Twas the best.
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    *Throws dart at map.*
    Wow, it just keeps getting better and better! Great job, except I don't think "accusatorily" is a word. "Accusationally" is, though. ;)
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    Wow. Jeez, just wow.

    I'm OMGitssRIKU! BTW if you didn't notice from the avvie, sig, and text XD. I got a name change.

    Anyway, I kind of figured it was Zexion's illusions becuase I've played COM. But you still did a perfect job with it. Using the lucky charm was a great Idea.

    Zexion r t3h PwNz0rz.
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    Kairi vs. the Cloaked Schemer & Cloud's Return!

    "Let's review, shall we? It's been over five hours now; I've beaten over half of the Organization; only gotten two hours of rest; I'm cold, tired, and cranky; I've been forced to experience a living nightmare; Namine's connection's been jammed; and I'm now facing some shady drug addict who just called me fat." Kairi sighed. "Isn't life wonderful?"

    "You know," Zexion was saying, "I'd rather not have to fight you."

    "Yeah? Well, that makes two of us," Kairi replied as she stared down her opponent. "So why don't you go jump off a cliff or something?"

    Zexion chuckled. "You misunderstand me. I said I didn't want to fight you. It's not my style." The book in his hand started to levitate mysteriously. "However, I never said that I wasn't going to hurt you!"

    "A book, huh?" Kairi thought. "What's that thing supposed to do?"

    With a wave of his hand, Zexion's lexicon hovered before him and began to flip its pages rapidly as if it were possessed by an evil spirit. Kairi braced herself.

    "Fio libri vultus!" The Nobody's seal appeared in front of Zexion as the book's pages faced Kairi. It was as if a giant spotlight flashed itself in front of her eyes. Before she knew what was happening, an unyielding force yanked her from behind. Zexion and the battleground shrunk from view as if she were flying backward down a long tunnel.

    When Kairi regained her bearings, she found that she was no longer on the island. A quick look around told her that she was probably stuck in one of Zexion's illusions again. Kairi could still hear the wind howling around her, but the entire battlefield was dark, gray and foggy. The area seemed to stretch on for miles, but she knew better. "What is this?!" Kairi shouted. "You can't fight me yourself?" As if in response, hundreds upon hundreds of books popped out of thin air and began to circle around her like vultures. She tightened her grip on the Keyblade. "This is going to leave some serious papercuts."

    Books swirled around Kairi, barraging her from all sides. A couple of them rattled her ribcage, another smashed into the small of her back. She swung the Keyblade futilely as every inch of her body got pounded. It was like being smacked around with a meat tenderizer. And whatever part of her that didn't get bruised became sliced or cut from the pages' sharp edges. Over the din of flapping paper, she could hear Zexion's taunting laughter.

    "It's deplorable! A Keyblade wielder who can't even defend herself!" Kairi caught a glimpse of a black-hooded figure beyond her range. "You're not even one of the Keyblade's chosen! If something like this stops you, then you really are hopeless!"

    Kairi mentally slapped her cheeks, attempting to focus. "Come on, girl! Think!" She closed her eyes and concentrated as hard as she could. "What would Sora do in this situation?" The books circled around her rapidly like a makeshift hurricane, pinning her position to where she stood.

    "Give it up!" Zexion mocked. "Accept your fate and sink into the darkness!" Kairi took a inhaled deeply and tried to remember what Sora and Riku had taught her.

    The memory of her and Sora practicing on the beach forced itself to the front of her mind. "If you can't avoid the oncoming attack, it's best to charge straight through it..." Kairi's eyes snapped open. She tucked the Keyblade under her arm and Dodge Flipped straight into the tornado's wall. Her legs kicked out as hard as she could, destroying a couple of books and creating a gap in the process.

    Finally free from her entrapment, Kairi quickly checked herself. She could see and feel numerous purple bruises and cuts along her bare skin. She instinctively raised her Keyblade to heal but stopped herself. There was no Namine to rely on at the moment, so she had no idea when her magic would return if she used it all up. "Just grin and bear it," she muttered under her breath.

    The books fanned out and dive-bombed at Kairi whose eyes narrowed at the incoming onslaught. She swiped the Keyblade with such intense focus, the first few books exploded into nothingness before they even came close. Slowly but surely, her attacks began to become more sharper. The Keyblade was hitting its targets with finer precision. Books swooped in from every direction, but Kairi was destroying them left and right. It was as if she could feel Sora's hands wrapped around hers, guiding each stroke to wherever it needed to be. Zexion watched all of this from a distance, shocked that an amateur warrior was fighting as if she had a lifetime of experience.

    Suddenly all the books that were flocking around her vanished. Kairi still felt the adrenaline within coursing through her. "What's the matter, Zexy? Your library card expired?" Darkness swept the entire field. The only objects that were visible were three circles of light appearing in a triangle formation on the ground and Kairi herself. Two were red, one was blue. Hovering above the blue circle was Zexion's lexicon. However, the blue light was constantly switching its position with one of the other two.

    "I guess depending on sheer quantity isn't the answer," Zexion called from the darkness. "So, I'll make it up with brute quality instead. Catch me if you can, princess..."

    * * *

    "So anyway, I was trying to talk to Vincent the other day..." Yuffie began.

    "Let me guess," Aerith interrupted. "You were trying to ask him out again but he turned you down for the umpteenth time." She shook her head in disbelief. "Honestly, Yuffie. Can't you find somebody else your own age?"

    "Uh huh. Last I heard, you were a year older than Cloud."

    "Your point?"

    "Well, its just that in today's society, everyone expects the guy to be older than the girl when it comes to relationships." Yuffie smirked. "Speaking of which, are you and Cloud still a couple?"

    Aerith blushed. "What makes you say that?"

    Yuffie shrugged. "Ever since that whole Sephiroth back-stabbing incident, I just figured..."

    Aerith let out a heavy sigh. "For the last time, you're confusing me with my twin sister, Aeris Gainsborough. I'm Aerith."

    The Materia Hunter giggled. "Whatever you say, Aerith."

    "Are you two ladies done gossiping?" Cid huffed impatiently. "Cause if you're not busy, you might want to look up!" He pointed out to the purplish-hued sky where a single flaming object streaked across the backdrop.

    Yuffie shielded her eyes and squinted. As the object got closer, Tron said, "Judging by the speed, velocity and trajectory of the object, it seems to be heading straight for the Great Maw."

    "Then what are we waiting for?" Yuffie exclaimed. "Let's go see what it is!"

    As the group headed for the Great Maw, the speeding object finally made a ground-shaking impact, sending huge shockwaves that could be felt from miles away.

    Where once there was flat, barren wasteland, now stood a crater the size of 20 Xemnas' Dragon ships. And in the very center of the impact was the unmistakable, critically injured form of Cloud Strife.

    Aerith was the first to reach Cloud's side. She immediately cast Curaga, healing most of his external injuries. Despite her best efforts, though, Cloud was still in extreme pain and was losing consciousness due to extreme shock. She placed a warm hand under his head, gently lifting it to clear the airway better. "Who did this to you?" Cloud's lips were moving, but his voice was barely audible. Aerith put her head closer.

    "He's...coming..." Cloud groaned.

    Aerith's eyes widened. "Who? Sephiroth?"

    Cloud struggled to talk, to warn them. With the last of his will, he managed to say the words, "...Not...Sephiroth..." And with that, Cloud's neck went limp as he fell unconscious. Aerith turned to the others only to discover that they all had the same shocked, confused expressions on their faces.

    * * *

    "This is like that stupid game with Luxord," Kairi thought. She ran into the center of the triangle and focused on the seemingly random pattern of lights. Her eyes darted back and forth as it followed the book's trail. After a few seconds, the book finally stopped in its tracks.

    Kairi instinctively dove for the highlighted circle before the perimeter sealed itself with an impenetrable wall of light. Kairi knew she made the right choice when she noticed an unyielding barrage of meteors raining outside her sanctuary. Then she realized that she wasn't alone. Looking up, she saw Zexion's lexicon hovering above.

    Kairi Aerial Dodged at the remaining book and let fly a lightning-fast combo. Each hit produced a grunt of pain that felt extremely satisfying to her ears. With one final swing, she slammed the Keyblade into the lexicon's binding. As soon as it made contact, the illusion broke and Kairi found herself once more on the floating island. While Zexion was stumbling around like a broken teeter-totter, Kairi charged at him with unrestrained ferocity.

    "IT'S OVER!" She raised the Keyblade over her head and brought it down with skull-crushing force.

    CLANG! Kairi was stunned to find her attack being parried. "What in the..." Kairi leapt back to avoid being struck by Zexion's new weapon.

    The Cloaked Schemer twirled an identical copy of Kairi's Keyblade in his hand. "Did you really think that I was going to be defeated that easily?" As soon as the last word left his lips, various copies of himself multiplied in front of Kairi's eyes.

    "First Larxene, then Demyx, and now you?" Kairi complained, her hand on her hip. "What is with you people and clones?"

    "I was able to defeat Riku with his own blade once!" The Zexions darted in and out of Kairi's range, daring her to attack. "And you're still not experienced enough to wield yours yet!"

    Kairi laughed. "If you're so good, then why is Riku still alive?" She swiped her Keyblade menacingly. "As for me..." Kairi raised her weapon above her head. "THUNDER!" Lightning rained from the sky, instantly obliterating all of Zexion's duplicates. Zexion stood dumbfounded that his clones were obliterated so easily. Kairi looked into Zexion's scared face and smirked. "What now, wuss?!" She charged at him again, momentum and power on her side.

    Zexion blocked Kairi's attack, causing the Keyblades to crackle as they both pushed against each other with all their might. Although Zexion was an adult, it was painfully obvious who had more brute force.

    "What's the problem?" Kairi mused as she forced Zexion onto his knees, "Don't work out much?" She neatly disarmed Zexion of his weapon and placed the Keyblade's tip at his throat. "Get up," she growled. The Cloaked Schemer hastily got to his feet and began to back away from his opponent.

    Kairi tapped the Keyblade against her palm, slowly approaching Zexion. "It's not possible!" he shouted. "You can't be this skilled!" She only glared at him with unnerving tension. "No! You can't!" His eyes darted back and forth, looking for an escape. Kairi could feel a growl rumbling in her throat just waiting to get out. She puffed up her chest, stood straight and tall and...

    "BOO!" Kairi yelled, scaring Zexion witless. He turned to flee...

    ...and immediately ran smack-dab into a palm tree. Kairi didn't waste any time in taking advantage of the situation as Zexion staggered around trying to shake off his stunned state. She darted around behind him, crouched and swept her leg, knocking Zexion off balance. It took a few moments for him to realize that there was no ground left to catch him as he toppled off the edge of the earthen platform. Kairi stood up and brushed herself off. A satisfied grin appeared on her face as Zexion's screams faded into the darkness from whence he came.

    (Note from author: I'll probably be offline this Thanksgiving break, due to there not being any Internet connections at my relatives' place. I'm most likely going to spend the time working on my projects for my finals...if doing the next chapter doesn't distract me first. :D)
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    this is a good one and now there are only 5 left, and 1 til Vexen i can't wait.
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    I loved it. =]

    My favorite part in this chapter was when Kairi went "BOO!"
    Good job, DF.
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    *Throws dart at map.*
    Great job, yet again! I think the Zexion battle was the best yet. And I'm glad to see something exciting is going on in Radiant Garden now. Besides a battle, of course. ^^;

    Well, anyway, keep up the good work!
  17. Hyuuga Merlin's Housekeeper

    This is one of my favorite fanfic in this forums. Great job, keep up the excellent writing bro. xD
    and hurry up the next chapter please, I can't wait to see it. =DDDDDD
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    well Destiny's Force, looks like you've got another hooked reader!! :]

    MORE I SAY!!! XD

    hehee just kidding! but seriously, your an amazing writer!!! i loved this story so much, i read up to the last chapter in a few days! XD keep it up! you ROCK!!! =D

    by the way, i loved the whole Aeris Aerith twin thing

    LOL hilarious..good cover up, though! :]
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    Namine's Turn & Movie Critics

    "Namine..." Kairi was leaning against a wall with her eyes closed, desperately focusing on getting a connection through to Namine. "Please, Namine! Answer me!"

    She was starting to lose hope as the minutes passed. After what seemed like hours, Namine's voice rang out, "Kairi, can you hear me?"

    Kairi let out a sigh of relief. "Namine! Finally! I was getting worried there!"

    "What happened? I'm talking to you one moment and then something interfered with our connection." Namine's confusion was apparent in her tone. "I kept trying to talk to you, but nothing seemed to get through."

    "So you could see and hear everything that happened but couldn't say anything?"

    "Yeah, I'm really sorry about that."

    Kairi crossed her arms. "Why are you apologizing? It's not your fault!"

    "It's just..." Namine hesitated, unsure of what she was about to say. Kairi waited patiently. "I just don't like feeling helpless. That's all."

    Kairi bit her bottom lip. "Namine..."

    "I mean, it was one thing to be held hostage," Namine explained bitterly. "But not having a body of my own and being forced to watch my friends get hurt..." Her sentence trailed off.

    Kairi smiled understandably. "Listen, I'm okay. There's no point beating yourself up over it." Kairi wished that she could've given Namine a hug or a reassuring squeeze. "All that matters is that we're both still alive."

    Namine was silent for a moment. Then she asked, "So, who's next?"

    Kairi respected her choice about changing the subject. "I think we're going to the one on the right."

    The next blue cove that they were targeting seemed to hold...

    "A hairpin?" Kairi guessed.

    "I think it's more like a...tomahawk." Namine replied.

    Kairi raised an eyebrow. "Out of everything that it could be, you choose a tomahawk?"

    "Well, it's too big to be a comb. And we already did the whole hair accessory thing back at Larxene."

    Kairi thought for a moment. "You've got a point."

    As the light began to envelop her for the umpteenth time, Kairi sang to herself, "Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..." This time the light deposited them into the circular arena that Larxene fought in. "Hey, we're in that arena again."

    Namine coughed. "You'd think they'd have come up with something more original."

    The data streams appeared to form a giant, muscular man with the build of a rhino.

    "Holy..." Kairi gasped, taking a few steps backward. "And I thought Riku was ripped!"

    "His name's Lexaeus," Namine quoted. "I haven't made much contact with him, so I wouldn't know how good this guy is." After a few seconds, she said, "Hey, Kairi. You mind if I take this one?"

    Kairi's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "How come?"

    "Well, I wasn't exactly any help in the last fight," Namine said bashfully.

    Kairi shook her head impatiently. "Namine, I told you already! It was the Organization's fault!"

    "Even so, I've been wanting to do some fighting for awhile. Besides," she added, "I think you deserve to rest a bit."

    Kairi stood silent for a moment. "Alright, fine. I'm trusting you not to get us killed, though."

    Namine giggled. "Thanks for the vote of confidence." Kairi let her consciousness sink into the depths of her heart as Namine's form emerged from her body.

    "Namine," Lexaeus said as Namine's hair tinkled from red to blond.

    "Aeleus," Namine replied curtly. Lexaeus' eyebrows shot up at the sound of his original name. The two stared at each other.

    "Not much for words, this one," Kairi observed.

    "Thanks to you, Sora and Riku, the Organization lost its hold on Castle Oblivion," Lexaeus stated.

    "Um...you're welcome?"

    "The Organization was undefeatable. But betrayal led to corruption within our ranks. And now..." He heaved the giant tomahawk over his right shoulder. "I was destroyed once by the dark wielder." The behemoth shook his head. "You and him are almost the same. No matter how much you deny it, I can see that there is darkness residing within you."

    Namine glared at him. "What are you talking about? A Princess of Heart doesn't have any darkness inside their heart!"

    "That might have been true when you and the princess were one and the same. However, the doubt and fear that bind your heart...they are born from the darkness. Your heart is no longer pure light. As is all hearts cannot be pure light."

    "And no heart can be pure darkness!" Namine shot back. "Even in the blackest darkness, there will always be the brightest light!"

    Lexaeus chuckled slowly. "Believe what you will. But know this, Namine. Your heart is already tainted and its power will destroy you!" Lexaeus roared as energy suddenly emanated off of him in massive waves of power, pushing Namine back. "See the power of darkness! I, Lexaeus, will not yield to a frail-hearted craven! Now, end your resistance, and let the darkness in!" Wave after wave of raw energy pulsated from his body with every word.

    "Namine," Kairi whispered. "What does the scouter say about his power level?"

    Namine rolled her eyes. "Seriously. You know how old that joke is?"

    * * *

    "...and then I find out that his father's the King of Thieves!" Jasmine exclaimed. "I mean, it's sort of royalty, but..."

    While Lady Daisy and Queen Minnie continued to watch for signs of the battle outside, the Princesses of Heart occupied themselves by gossiping/arguing over their significant others and their own adventures.

    "That's nothing!" Cinderella shook her head. "Did you know that I once saved my world's timeline? My stepmother took the Fairy Godmother's wand and..."

    "Not that story again!" Belle interrupted. "It was bad enough that they made trilogies after you two."

    "Like you should talk!" Jasmine countered. "You had a TV series and multiple movies starring you. They even got that Paige girl to play your voice the entire time!"

    "At least all of you have boyfriends or husbands!" Alice complained. "Me? I'm stuck with a guy who's got a hat fetish and some creepy disappearing cat that I'd like nothing more than to beat the snot out of!"

    "I heard the Best Man is single," Aurora stated. "Maybe you should try him."

    "Really? I thought he was seeing someone." All conversation immediately halted as every eye turned toward Snow White.

    "You're joking," Cinderella said. "Sora's friend is actually seeing someone? Who?"

    Snow White shook her head. "I have no idea. It was just a rumor I heard." Armed with a new topic for gossip, the ladies began to speculate the mystery girl's identity.

    Meanwhile, Chicken Little, Mushu and Stitch were busy in their own conversation. "I thought Lilo was supposed to come with you," Chicken Little said.

    Stitch just shrugged. "Lilo...with...ohana." It was still difficult for him to speak fluent English most of the time.

    "By the way," Mushu began, "I'm curious. How exactly did Disney pick you up again?" He looked at the vertically-challenged chicken suspiciously. "Did Pixar send you?"

    Chicken Little shook his head. "Nah. Pixar was busy with Cars at the time." He crossed his arms. "Still can't believe they used that Scrubs guy for my voice. I sound nothing like him!"

    "Don't know why you're complaining. I had Eddie Murphy in the first movie. Eddie Murphy! The Beverly Hills Cop, the Nutty Professor, the Dr. Doolittle! Then he shifted over to that one CGI series with the talking mule and I was stuck with some unknown comedian!"

    "Well, if we should be complaining about anyone, it should be Stitch here." Chicken Little jerked a thumb toward Experiment 626. "They gave him four movies, three of them were direct-to-DVD and a TV series. We were never that popular!"

    Mushu nodded in agreement. Then he looked around. "Speaking of which, where's the little koala, anyway?" A thunderous crash shook the room as the sounds of Stitch attacking the buffet table in the reception hall came drifting in. Genie, Bambi and Dumbo immediately headed for the source of the commotion.

    Chicken Little sighed. "Come on, Mushu. We better go and stop him before he eats all the silverware again."

    (Note from author: Phew! Never thought I would get this one done! I know it's a bit short, but finals are coming up for me and I SERIOUSLY need to work on my other literary projects. Call me the Miracle Procrastinator. :xp: Anyway, I digress. At least I'm almost halfway done with this story. I've just got to figure out how to make it all fit together...

    And W7FHAX? Don't worry. I know where the line is and I vowed NEVER to cross it inside this forum. See you all next chapter! :D )
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    Great job. I'm glad you decided to talk about the Princesses. I was wondering where they had been. ;D The chapter was well done, even though it was short. It's okay though, I still loved it. Keep up the good work. I'll be waiting for the next chapter!!