A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future: Sora and Kairi's Wedding

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    I likey. =]

    I loved the details you put in to the Roxas fight. Although, I had a hard time following.. I'm a little ticked at the moment.

    Welp. Good to know that this is updated. But now.. I'm waiting for the next part.
    'Tis going to be good. I can feel it.

    Good job. Keep up the good work.
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    Kairi's Doubt? & Cid and Aerith: LIMIT BREAK!

    (Note from author: If you're worried that Namine will be the one doing all the butt-kicking, allow me to put your fears to rest. The next fight's going to be all Kairi. ;) But at the moment, just think of this as the warm-up...)

    "How about we try this one next?" Kairi and Namine had just finished resting up for their next opponent and decided to take an interesting-looking cove to their left. Kairi peered closer. "What is that, a comb?"

    Namine laughed. "Yeah, right. Most of the Organization may be idiots, but who would be stupid enough to fight with a hair accessory?"

    "Well, there's only one way to find out." Kairi took a deep breath before reaching out to touch the shadowy object. The bright light engulfed them once again. As soon as the light faded, they found themselves in a white circular arena with posts jutting out every few feet.

    "Nice to see a change of scenery," Namine commented.

    Data streams appeared in front of them, twisting into shape. Kairi got into position. The data finished forming, revealing...

    "A woman?" Kairi wondered. "Namine, I thought the Organization were all guys."

    The blonde girl brushed off her shoulders as if there were flies on her cloak. Her emerald green eyes seemed to pierce Kairi. "Well, what do we have here?"

    "Larxene," Namine growled from the back of Kairi's mind.

    Kairi was shocked to hear Namine's angry tone. "You know her?"

    "She's the wench who used to beat me up back in Castle Oblivion!" Namine replied curtly. "Larxene was the only female member of the Organization for as long as I can remember."

    "Oh yeah, I know who you are now." Larxene grinned. "You must be Kairi. The hero's love interest."

    "Huh? You know me?" Kairi asked, completely taken off guard.

    Larxene waved the question away with a careless air. "How could I not? You're that girl that Sora had his sights on before he decided to..." She dramatically stopped mid-sentence. "No, it might break that weak, little heart of yours."

    "What?" Kairi foolishly asked. "Tell me!"

    Larxene placed her hands on her hips arrogantly. "Let me ask you, do you really believe that Sora has any feelings for you?"

    Kairi's Keyblade arm dropped to her side. "What are you talking about?"

    "Do you know how pathetically easy it was for him to forget about you?" Larxene raised an eyebrow. "Face it, he didn't want anything to do with you! That's why he left you back on your pitiful island. He had enough of you and decided to get away as far as possible!"

    "What?" Kairi's heart started to ache. "No...that can't be..."

    "Didn't he even say to you that you'd just be in his way?" Larxene continued. "And as soon as he entered Castle Oblivion, he forgot about you and that silly little promise you made!"

    "Kairi! Don't listen to her!" Namine pleaded.

    "Sora went through Castle Oblivion for the sole purpose of seeing Namine! While you were stuck waiting for him, he was cheating on you!" Kairi's doubt must have shown on her face, because Larxene's evil grin grew wider. "What? Does the truth break your heart?"

    Kairi didn't know what to say. "I..." She could feel tears start to form in her eyes as sorrow and despair infiltrated her mind.

    "That's not true!" Namine said. "Kairi, he truly was and still is in love with you! He only came after me because I was forced to redirect his feelings for you!"

    "Love," Larxene said, "It's all a bunch of nonsense! Too often, "I love you" is something people say when they want to get something out of you or control you. They don't actually mean anything by it." She tilted her head to one side, clearly enjoying the mental anguish she was causing Kairi. "You should just forget him. He never cared for you. You were just some toy whose feelings he could manipulate very easily."

    "Is it true, Sora?" Kairi thought sadly. "Did you...really forget our promise?"

    "Kairi, listen to me!" Namine cried. "Larxene is someone who loves nothing more than to bring other people down. She's playing with your emotions, trying to weaken the bond between you and Sora!"

    "Namine," Kairi began slowly, "answer me truthfully. Did Sora forget the promise we made?"

    Namine took a few seconds to choose her words carefully. "He could never truly forget your promise. I may have altered his memories, but he stayed true to it. And if you still don't believe in his true feelings for you, check your belt!" Kairi's hand ran over her waist until she felt what Namine was talking about.

    * * *

    "It's my lucky charm. Be sure to bring it back to me!"

    "Don't worry, I will."



    "Don't ever forget. Wherever you go, I'm always with you."

    "I'm always with you too. I'll come back to you! I promise!"

    "W-We're back!"

    "You're home."

    * * *

    "No," Kairi whispered.

    Larxene looked at her, confused. "Excuse me?"

    "I SAID, NO!" Kairi cried, her voice becoming stronger. "It may not be enough to say "I love you." You can love more than one person. You can love in more than one way. You can love somebody as a friend. But it's just not that I love him, Larxene. It's not just that he loves me. We need each other." Kairi wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. There were no more tears in her eyes, but sparkles of faith. "That's how Sora beat you! Our hearts are connected and they always will be!"

    Larxene was no longer smiling. "You'd fight for a heartless hero?"

    "The only one who's heartless around here is you!" Kairi shot back, pointing her Keyblade.

    Larxene giggled. "Well, duh! I'm a member of the Organization; I don't have a heart!"

    Kairi could feel Namine's fury start to boil over in her mind. "Let me at her!" Namine argued.

    "No!" Kairi snapped. "She's mine."

    "Says the girl with the underdeveloped chest," Larxene taunted. Kairi usually never got angry. Her heart just never seemed to comprehend the emotion. She may have felt fear, concern and jealousy, but she never truly hated anyone. But after having her wedding ruined, being captured by a giant Heartless, personally violated by a Nobody and having to deal with all of this on her 16th birthday...

    "Okay, b$#%h! You asked for it!" Kairi exploded as she tightened her grip on the Keyblade.

    Lightning blasted from Larxene's hands as they formed kunai knives between her fingers. The air around her sparked with electrical fury. "It's your funeral."

    Kairi's eyes narrowed. "Bring it, blondie!"

    * * *

    Aerith and Cid were trying to make their way to Ansem's Study so they could activate the town's security grid. Unfortunately, they soon found themselves trapped in-between Armored Knight Heartless and Sorcerer Nobodies.

    "Well, looks like we've got no choice, then," Cid sighed. He turned to Aerith. "One more for old times sake?"

    Aerith winked coyly. "You better believe it." Out of nowhere, Aerith whipped out what looked like a short stick. Clicking a button on the side, the stick expanded until it became a long metal staff. "Shall we?"

    As the Heartless got closer, Aerith closed her eyes and started chanting in an ancient tongue as her body began to pulsate with ever-brightening light. After a few seconds, a soft drizzle started to fall. Her eyes snapped open as she threw her staff a few feet from her, magically hovering tall and erect. The light finally blasted outward from her body instantaneously stopping the rain. White-hot shafts of energy burned down through the sky, incinerating the Heartless.

    The Sorcerer Nobodies started to close in on Cid. Sighing, he let out a long, sharp whistle. From behind cloud cover, a giant airship flew into position with its cannons locked-on to the enemy. Cid raised his arm and signaled the crew to open fire. Missiles bombarded the battlefield, taking out each and every single Nobody in their vicinity.

    As soon as the smoke cleared, Cid chuckled. "Gotta love Shera. She knows exactly how to make a man feel proud."

    (That aside, I guess the main reason I'm writing as fast as possible is that I'm afraid the moment I get "Writer's Block", this thread will most likely die off. :nono: I know it's selfish of me, but I'm just glad to finally write something that people actually like to read again after all these years. :o )
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    Oh no no no. I wasnt ticked about Namine doing the fighting. I was just having a bad moment that it was hard for me to follow along, that's all. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was actually suprised at Namine's aggressive side. =]

    Great part. I absolutely loved it.

    What?! You're thread could never die. I, however, am in writers block. Now.. I'm afraid mine will die.. but enough about me. You're thread will most likely stay alive for a long time.. the way this is going. ;D

    Good work!
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    Kairi vs. the Savage Nymph

    Larxene charged at Kairi with such blazing speed, Kairi barely got her Keyblade up to guard the attack. Larxene swiped and clawed at her forcing Kairi to jump back, the knives barely missing her face. Unfortunately, Larxene used her momentum to whirlwind kick Kairi in the stomach. Kairi doubled over in pain as the wind was knocked out of her.

    Larxene chuckled. "What's the problem, princess? I thought you were going to show me how strong you were with that heart of yours."

    Kairi massaged her abdominals, shaking off the pain. "Kairi, you okay?" Namine asked concerned.

    "I'm fine," Kairi replied as she glared at her opponent.

    "I see why you and Sora were meant to be together," Larxene laughed. "You both are totally pathetic!"

    "Then how'd you die in the first place?" Kairi shot back. "Your acne medicine give you cancer?"

    "How'd you...?" Larxene stopped herself. "You insolent brat! My complexion's much smoother than yours!"

    "Really?" Kairi smirked. "I thought your skin was shiny because of all the oil clogging up your pores!"

    "Shut up!" Larxene was no longer smiling. "How about I mess that pretty face of yours with these!" She wiggled the knives in her hands and started flinging them out in rapid succession.

    Kairi found herself in a hailstorm of projectiles as Larxene threw her kunai with intense ferocity. She dodged and deflected as best as she could, but the knives started nicking her bare skin and outfit leaving deep gashes in their wake. "If I can't stop her attack, I'm going to end up grated like shredded cheese!" Kairi thought. Maybe due to the adrenaline pumping through her body or the stress starting to take its toll, an idea popped into Kairi's head. She aimed her Keyblade outward.

    "GATHER!" The small orb of gravity appeared in front of her and redirected Larxene's knives toward its center, dissipating them. Kairi brushed her ruffled hair out of her face. "How'd you like that?!"

    "Kairi, behind you!" Namine yelled. Too late.

    THWACK! Kairi felt the imprint of a boot slam into the center of her back. She whirled around and was shocked to see Larxene standing behind her. "What..." Kairi couldn't believe her eyes. The savage nymph was simultaneously behind and in front of her.

    "Specialty of mine," Larxene giggled. "Just as lightning can split apart, I can too." Her hands sparked as more knives appeared. "And FYI, princess," her forms both laughing cutely, "I haven't even shown you my true power yet."

    * * *

    "Hey, there's Leon!" Sora shouted from the sky. The two Keyblade masters finally caught up with Selphie and Leon's group.

    Selphie ran up to them, worry etched on her face. "Sora! Have you seen Kairi?"

    Sora nodded. "Yeah, it seems that someone was after her and decided to resort to kidnapping."

    Riku turned to Leon. "What's our status so far?"

    Leon crossed his arms in thought. "The Heartless and Nobodies have Radiant Garden completely surrounded. It's as if they're concentrating all their forces to this particular world."

    "Riku thinks that this entire battle is a distraction for something," Sora explained. "Kidnapping Kairi was only the start of their plan."

    Riku shook his head. "The one thing that doesn't make sense is why they would choose to attack when almost everyone here is capable of fighting."

    "Maybe they underestimated us," Olette suggested.

    "The invitations for the wedding were public," Riku continued, "so whoever's behind this must have known that the guests would be able to fight back."

    "But that's crazy!" Sora objected. "Security was supposed to confiscate all weapons before entering the main hall! There's no way they could've known the guests would've had their weapons!"

    Riku gave him a hard look. "Sora, Goofy was in charge of security."

    Sora stared back blankly. "So?"

    Riku could only run his fingers down his face in annoyance. "You never did pick the brightest friends."

    The entire group looked at Riku, clearly insulted. "Um...Riku? Aren't you my friend too?"

    Riku's eyes widened at the realization that Sora was right. "Oh. My bad."

    * * *

    BZZZTTT! Larxene was summoning thunderbolt after thunderbolt, forcing Kairi to run for her life. Unfortunately, she was too preoccupied dodging the lightning that she ran right into one of Larxene's clones who wasted no time in delivering another powerful kick. The blow caught Kairi off-guard, causing her to step into a bolt's path.

    "AAAAAAHHH!" she screamed. Every nerve ending seemed to be on fire as Kairi took a direct hit of electricity. As the current left her, Kairi found herself on the ground, her body involuntarily spasming and smoking.

    "Oh, I'm so sorry! Did that shock you?" Larxene cackled. Kairi staggered to her feet, struggling to stay conscious.

    "Kairi! Hang in there!" Namine said.

    Kairi shook her head as her vision returned to normal. "Note to self: "Never try shock therapy, ever," she groaned, propping herself back up with the Keyblade.

    "If you think two's bad..." Larxene and her clone teleported out of sight. Kairi's eyes scanned the battlefield, bracing herself for a surprise attack. Unfortunately, she wasn't prepared for what happened next. Multiple clones surrounded Kairi effectively trapping her. They rammed into her at lightning fast speed, pummeling the Keyblade holder from all sides. Kairi heard a small POP! as she felt her entire right arm go numb with pain. She clutched it with her left hand, knowing full well that Larxene had just dislocated her shoulder from its socket. Larxene fused herself back together, grinning with glee.

    "You know, maybe you aren't cut out for the big leagues after all. You should stick to playing damsel in distress."

    "Like hell," Kairi growled through gritted teeth. Larxene teleported out of view getting ready for another quick multi-blitz. "She's going to home in on my position again, isn't she?"

    "You know what they say," Namine quoted, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice..."

    Kairi immediately dropped from where she was standing, spreading her legs outward into a full split. As soon as the first trace of electricity was around her, she swung the Keyblade over and around her head, thwacking all the incoming Larxene clones across their kneecaps. Now, it was Larxene's turn to hobble around.

    "What's the matter, sore because you can't kick me anymore?" Kairi taunted as she stood back up. In response, Larxene whipped out her kunai and shoved them toward Kairi's face. Kairi raised her Keyblade, blocking the attack, but was forced backward into a pillar. They both pushed against each other with ferocious intensity. However, Larxene was using her full weight and both hands while Kairi could only use her left arm and the pillar behind her for support.

    "You're not strong enough, girl!" Larxene mocked as she pushed against Kairi's Keyblade even harder. Kairi could feel her knees start to give way to the intense pressure. "I can see the fear and doubt in your eyes. You were always the girl that everyone fawned over. Although you had your beauty and looks, you could never physically fight as well as your friends. You never had the strength or the gifted ability to fight back. All you could do was watch helplessly as the people that you cared about were taken from you." Larxene laughed again. "In the end, you're just a scared, weak little girl who can't do anything by yourself!"

    Kairi knew what she had to do. She closed her eyes and opened her heart. Larxene's eyes widened in shock as Kairi started to push back with slowly increasing strength. Kairi could feel Namine's power combine with Sora and Riku's hearts; their energy was pouring into hers. "You don't know anything about me, Larxene," Kairi said with a gentle smile. "I may not have the reckless courage and daring as Sora or the strength and wisdom that Riku has, but I possess something that's just as powerful that you'll never understand!"

    With one final effort, she heaved Larxene away with her Keyblade. "My heart!" As Larxene's momentum shot her forward, Kairi pulled back her weapon and stabbed with all her might. "TAKE THIS!" Uncontained data started to bleed from Larxene as the Keyblade jutted out her other side. Complete and utter disbelief was the last expression on Larxene's face before she dissolved back into data.

    After Kairi found herself back in the Garden of Assemblage, she collapsed to the ground, weary and worn out. As she sat there, panting and catching her breath, Kairi raised the Keyblade over her head. "HEAL!" Magical bells appeared over her head and rang out a sweet chime. She could feel her shoulder pop back into place as well as all of her cuts, bruises and aches vanish completely. There was nothing she could do about her clothes, though.

    "I see why you hated her so much." Kairi sighed. "Well, it could've been worse."

    "How so?" Namine asked questionably.

    "I could've been wearing that flimsy dress of yours. Two snips to those straps and we'd have been..."

    "Don't...even say it, Kairi," Namine said.

    (Note from author: And so, another Organization member bites the proverbial afterlife and Kairi & Namine finally get some closure. I was debating whether to put this chapter into two separate posts or not, but decided to try to have each battle last no longer than two posts, if necessary. What will become of our heroes? Which characters are going to make an appearance next? Will the next Organization fight end up being as action-packed as this one? And who in the world is behind this entire plot? (Besides the writer. ;) ) Don't miss the next chapter of "Sora and Kairi's Wedding!"...

    Look at me, sounding like a stupid color commentator... :xp: )
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    Wow, this is really good. I love Namine and Kairi's inner dialogues and how you manage to keep the story serious and funny at the same time.

    Please continue, it's awesome!
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    I'm still loving the FF references you make.

    And the Larxene fight was great. You made me hate her again just like I did when I first played COM.

    *patiently waits for updates*

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    Your story is amazing, all the parts were so entertaining, I laughed out aloud with Goofy's security antics, I love the battle scenes as well.
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    Just awesome! You've done a great job working on these! There really awesome!
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    Kairi's Heart Attack! & Pumpkin King meets Jungle Boy

    "Do you feel that?" Kairi asked. There it was, that strange, familiar sensation in her heart.

    "Yeah, I do," Namine replied. "I don't know what it is, though."

    Kairi felt something different within her. It was as if a memory that she had never thought of before happened to reveal itself.

    A flash of memory ran through her mind: Sora with his Keyblade summoning lightning from the sky. "THUNDER!" he cried.

    Kairi shook her head. "That was Thundaga magic, right?"

    "Yeah. Maybe the battle with "thunder girl" back there triggered that memory. I'm guessing you can use Thundaga now."

    "That's odd." Kairi closed her eyes in thought. "Sora never taught me how to use Thunder magic. In fact, I don't think he ever taught me a single attack spell."

    "Now that you mention it," Namine said slowly, "I think all he ever taught us was Magnet and Cure."

    "Well, Magnega did take awhile. Curaga wasn't so hard, though. Either way, I'll hold off on using Thundaga." Opening her eyes, she scanned the room trying to decide where to go next. "Let's try the right side again." To the immediate left of Roxas' cove was the shadowy form of a scythe. Namine immediately started to worry.

    "Um, maybe we should choose a different one." Namine said apprehensively.

    Kairi sighed. "Come on, Namine," she said wearily, "Whichever member this is, it's going to be a tough fight anyways. At this rate, we probably won't even get back to the others until next week!"

    "But there's something..." Kairi reached for the shadow and the bright light transported them to the same white-posted circular arena. "...you should know." Namine finished.

    Kairi got into her ready stance, waiting for her opponent. Data streams appeared before her eyes, twisting and turning until the form of a long, pink-haired being took shape. The figure smiled, but seemed to radiate an aura of malicious intent. Flower petals flew around like flies, while the enemy's scythe was gripped tightly.

    "Good day to you, princess," the figure greeted with a flamboyant bow. Kairi blinked, confused.

    "Another woman?" Kairi wondered. "Namine, I thought you said that Larxene was the only girl."

    "Um, Kairi?" Namine still had the scared and worried tone in her voice. "Marluxia's a guy."

    "He is?" Kairi stared at him for a moment. "Eww. And he's got flower petals flying around him. What is he, gay?"

    "For the millionth time, I AM NOT GAY!" Marluxia roared. "I'm just a man that loves flowers and uses full-body shampoo and conditioner! Is that so wrong?!"

    "Well, you're either gay or you're a drag queen. Now you just need to quit overusing the ladies perfume," Kairi coughed, attempting to wave the fumes away. "I mean, I can smell it from all the way from over here!" She took a quick sniff. "You're using Twilight Mist #11, aren't you?"

    "Bet you he's wearing ladies lingerie right now too," Namine whispered.

    "Yeah, right," Kairi laughed. "You can already see the pantyhose hiding underneath that cloak."

    "That's enough!" Marluxia yelled as he brandished his scythe. Kairi readied her Keyblade. In a whirlwind of petals, the graceful assassin disappeared from Kairi's sight.

    "Where'd he...?" Kairi quickly scanned the field for any trace of her opponent. Suddenly, she felt the black, gloved hand on her shoulder.

    "Vestri pectus est mei," Marluxia whispered in Kairi's ear. She caught a whiff of a sweet flowery scent which gave her a strange, tingling sensation that seemed to penetrate down into her core. Kairi leapt away, but Marluxia already reappeared ten feet from her.

    "What'd you just do?" Kairi demanded. Marluxia only laughed. Outraged, Kairi charged at him, raising the Keyblade over her head. Unfortunately, Marluxia threw his scythe toward her unguarded front with such force, Kairi's body should've been sliced in two. She could feel the icy, cold blade run straight through her torso. Kairi collapsed to the ground clutching her abdomen.

    "Kairi!" Namine screamed. As the scythe returned to Marluxia's hand, Kairi's eyes slowly opened in surprise. She was still in one piece.

    "What?" She checked herself, there was no scratches on her. "But didn't..." Before she could finish her thought, a sharp, agonizing pain shot through her heart, bringing Kairi to her knees. As she gripped her chest tightly, Kairi raised her gaze to Marluxia who only gave her a look of sadistic pleasure.

    "I would prefer not to physically harm a delicate flower like you. The spell that I just whispered: your body will be unblemished from damage. However, for every cut that you take from my scythe, you will feel its wrath within the beating chambers of your heart."

    "So in other words, instead of taking the damage with my body," Kairi panted, "I'm going to be taking it with my heart?"

    "Well, you have to give him points for chivalry," Namine commented.

    Kairi tried to laugh, but the pain made her wince. "If this guy was really chivalrous, he wouldn't even be attacking a sixteen year-old girl with a gardening tool."

    * * *

    The King, Donald and Goofy had just finished escorting Queen Minnie and Lady Daisy to the safe room containing the Princesses of Heart and the other wedding guests. They were now in the process of trying to find Sora and Riku. However, Donald wouldn't let go of the fact that Goofy shirked off his security duties.

    "I said I'm sorry, Donald!" Goofy apologized for the umpteenth time. "But I didn't see anything suspicious on my watch!"

    "How could you miss them?!" Donald yelled. "Even the metal detectors posted at the entrance were going off!"

    Goofy rubbed his nose in thought. "Really? I thought it made that noise when everything was clear..."

    "Will you two please stop arguing?" the King snapped. "We've got to find Sora and Riku so we can tell them what we found out about Kairi's disappearance!"

    "But, your Majesty," Donald began, "are you sure the information's correct?"

    "It doesn't matter," the King replied, "They have a right to know what's about to happen."

    As they made their way along the Restoration Site, the Disney trio found it extremely odd that they didn't meet any Heartless or Nobodies. "Gawrsh," Goofy said. "You don't think the Heartless are all..."

    "BOO!" A giant, round skull face shot out of a crevice, cackling madly. Donald jumped into Goofy's arms as both of them screamed in fright. They turned to run, but ran straight into a half-naked man in a loincloth hanging upside-down, causing them to scream even louder. The King jumped a bit, but stood his ground.

    The skull's face changed into an expression of surprise. "Your majesty! Donald! Goofy! I'm so sorry about that!" Jack Skellington apologized. "We thought you were the Heartless!"

    Tarzan dropped from his spider-like perch, landing softly on his feet. "I've been asking our jungle friend about his stealth techniques," Jack said, his eye holes sparkling. "The way he can just appear out of nowhere...It's surprisingly terrifying enough to use for next year's Halloween!"

    "Um...why exactly are you waiting around here for?" Goofy asked. Jack crossed his arms.

    "I'm supposed to meet Sally. We agreed to meet here after the wedding in case we got separated."

    "Welp, the last time we saw her was back at the safe room," the King explained. Jack's face lit up eagerly.

    "Then that's where I'm off! Thanks!" He started heading down the path.

    "Wait!" Donald yelled. Jack stopped in his tracks and turned to the rest of them. "Aren't you going to help us get rid of the Heartless and Nobodies?"

    Jack waved his hand dismissively. "Don't worry! I'll be back as soon as I check in on Sally!" And with that, Jack ran off.

    They stood there silently, dumbfounded of what just happened. "Well, now what do we do?" Donald asked. They looked at each other for a moment before turning their gaze back to Tarzan, who sat there completely clueless. Donald shrugged. "Oh well. Tarzan, would you like to come with us?"

    Tarzan stared at them for a few seconds. "&*$% #$%#* #$&#*&#$!" was his reply. Unsure of what to say to that, nobody said anything. Finally, Goofy broke the silence.

    "Either he's saying that he wants to go with us or..." He scratched his head. "...he's being more foul-mouthed than Donald when he loses his temper."

    Donald glared at Goofy before winding up and thwacking his staff against Goofy's shin. Goofy jumped comically around, clutching his leg in pain. "Don't you ever say that again!" Donald said in his most dangerous tone.

    (To be honest, this is actually kinda fun (and slightly easier) writing about a heroine that everyone's familiar with instead of a hero that's completely fan-based. In my other (non-KH) fanfiction, I'm usually writing about the hero, making up details for him and his party from the top of my head. In this piece, everyone here knows who Kairi and Namine are, so all I have to do is build on what's already common knowledge. Like I said, feels a bit easier. The hardest part about this series is to figure out what the other characters are doing while her adventure goes on.

    So to summarize, writing for Kairi, Namine and the Organization is easy. Everyone else (excluding Sora and Riku) is the hard part.)
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    New update?



    Loved it.
    Marluxia is.. well... different, if I say so myself.
    I've never played CoM so I don't really know how he fought or anything.
    But that fight is gonna be goooodddd.
    Heh heh.
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    Nice job. The only major error I noticed was the last paragraph. It was in present tense, which didn't fit with the rest of the chapter (which was in past tense of course.)

    Great job, though. This is one of my favorite fanfics.
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    This story is amazing! Is really entertaining. You have a great talent. I like how you write the battle scenes and the idea of Kairi fighting Organization members.
    Good job :)
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    Kairi vs. the Graceful Assassin & Tidus' New Sword

    "I don't know how much more I can take." Kairi mumbled weakly, clutching her chest. A cold sweat had formed on her face as the nonstop pain in her heart was becoming harder and harder to shake off. The past few minutes seemed like a blur. All she could remember was the constant strain and punishment that was going on inside her chest.

    "Kairi, let me fight." Namine said. Kairi shook her head.

    "No, I can feel that you're afraid to face him. I don't want to have to put you through that."

    "But Kairi, you can't keep fighting like this!" Namine argued. "Your heart's not going to last much longer!"

    "What's the matter, princess?" Marluxia asked, mockingly. "It seems your heart can't take the heat of battle."

    Kairi collapsed onto her knees, her Keyblade arm hanging loosely by her side.

    The former boss of Castle Oblivion laughed. "Then allow me to relieve you of your pain," Marluxia raised his scythe, "permanently." Kairi didn't have enough energy to lift the Keyblade to defend herself. Before he could bring down his weapon to claim judgment, Kairi's body radiated with blinding light, revealing Namine with a troubled, yet determined expression on her face.

    Marluxia jumped back in surprise. "You!"

    Namine only glared at him as she got up from her knees. "It's been awhile, Marluxia."

    "You dare show your face after all this time?" Marluxia enunciated, rage hanging in each syllable.

    "Yes, I dare, "Lord" Marluxia," Namine taunted. "I've been wanting to fight you for a long time."

    He pointed his scythe in her direction. "Really, witch? Then why did you wait until now?"

    "Because Kairi didn't want to me fight. She figured she could take you down without involving me." Namine narrowed her eyes. "She was afraid for my self-being. And I have to thank her for that." She thrust the Keyblade in Marluxia's direction. "But I'm not afraid of you anymore, Marluxia. This is where I finally destroy this painful memory of you once and for all!"

    Marluxia laughed. "Are you actually deluded enough to think you can harm me?"

    Namine grinned back. "Oh, get over yourself. We both know you're not invincible. And if memory serves, I owe you a beatdown for that whole "Castle Oblivion" incident."

    "If you and that traitor Axel hadn't ruined my plan, the Organization wouldn't have been reduced to coded data!" Marluxia shouted.

    Namine's eyes widened with surprise. "Wait, you actually remember all of that?"

    "Of course, I remember! We all do!" Marluxia sneered. "When our bodies were destroyed, all our memories and personalities were transferred into this virtual prison! Now we're trapped here for all eternity, testing..." He stopped himself. "On second thought, I think it's best that you find out for yourself."

    "Testing?" Kairi repeated. "What's he mean by that?"

    "What did you mean by testing?" Namine demanded.

    Marluxia shook his head. "Since I have nothing else to lose, I'm not going to let my sense of chivalry get in the way of my sense of revenge." He circled the scythe around his head. "I'll scatter your heart to the empty winds!"

    * * *

    Tidus' group was making their way across the Ravine Trail trying to find someone who knew where Selphie or Sora was. So far, it had just been Heartless after Heartless. The Gullwings couldn't do much except flying in for a hit-and-run. Auron and Wakka, however were tearing them up left and right. Tidus was still inexperienced with a real sword, so he was easily impressed by Auron's ability.

    "You're really good!" Tidus said to Auron. "Are you some kind of hero?"

    Before Auron could reply, the unthinkable happened. Tidus accidentally cracked his sword against a cavern wall, shattering it in half. "Oh man! And it was a loan, too!"

    Auron shook his head. He reached into his outfit and removed a spare sword. "Take it," he says tossing it to Tidus. "A gift from a close friend of mine."

    "Are you serious?!" Tidus turned the sword curiously in his hands. "Wow, I've never seen a sword like this before in my entire life."

    Auron squinted almost lazily at Tidus. "Just don't break it."

    "Hey, I just thought of something," Yuna said. "Why don't we just go find the others for you? We can teleport faster than we fly."

    Tidus scratched his head. "Well, I guess."

    "We're on it!" Rikku chimed in excitedly. And with that the Gullwings flashed their "Charlie's Angels" pose and teleported out of sight.

    "Think the others are okay?" Tidus asked Wakka.

    Wakka shook his head in disbelief. "Come on, dude. You don't expect them to lose so easily, ya?"

    "Besides, we've got more important concerns at the moment," Auron said.

    "What do you..." Tidus began. His voice trailed off as he looked to the horizon.


    Auron gave Tidus a piercing look. "Irritating, I know. Or are you afraid?" He smirked. "It's all right."

    Tidus only had two words for that statement: "Oh, foofie."

    * * *

    The sky around the arena darkened as Marluxia vanished out of sight. Namine constantly looked over her shoulders. "Is he going to cast that spell on me, too?" she wondered. After a few nerve-racking moments...

    "Above you!" Kairi warned. Namine's head snapped upward to see Marluxia hovering a few feet above her.

    "Get down from there and fight!" Namine spat. Marluxia only chuckled as he waved his hand mysteriously.

    "Namine, run!" She broke her gaze from above and looked down. A pool of darkness started to erupt beneath her feet causing Namine leap out of the way. Seconds later, the darkness erupted into a geyser of blackness. Before she could turn her attention back to Marluxia, another pool started to rapidly grow underneath. "It's tracking your movements! You've got to run!"

    Namine was so busy dodging that she almost forgot about Marluxia hovering above her. She chanced a glance upward and saw his scythe barreling down on her. She held out the Keyblade as it started to circle dangerously close around her. Namine could hear the scythe whistling around her as she tucked in and tried to guard as best as she could. When the onslaught was done, Marluxia reappeared laughing in front of her. Namine glared at him with pure loathing.

    Suddenly, his expression changed from malicious glee to surprise as he stared at Namine. Feeling a slight breeze pass across her body, she looked down and saw that her dress had both straps cut and numerous rips around its body. "AAHHH! My dress!"

    Marluxia ran his fingers through his thick, wavy hair in confusion. "That wasn't supposed to happen."

    "I think it was because his spell was only targeted at me," Kairi reasoned. "With you, I'm guessing that blade can actually cut you."

    "Not a bad look for a battle diva," Marluxia observed. "I think you need to show more midriff, though."

    Namine stamped her foot. "Listen, "Lord Perv!"" she angrily shouted. "What's the deal with trying to strip me, huh?"

    Marluxia chuckled. "You think that's perverted?" he asked. "You obviously haven't faced Vexen yet."

    "Oh gawd, not him!" Namine cringed. "He's still alive?!"

    "In a matter of speaking."

    "Who's Vexen again?" Kairi asked, confused at Namine's reaction.

    "Trust me," Namine said shuddering, "you REALLY don't want to know."

    Marluxia started forward, swinging his weapon in a circular motion using a portal of darkness to sink himself into the ground. The scythe started to pick up speed rapidly as it buzzed across the floor like a giant sawblade ready to split her in half. As it stalked around her like a shark circling its prey, Namine could only brace herself for his attack.

    "Your heart will become nothingness!" Marluxia cried as he popped out of the ground with the scythe over his head. Namine planted her feet firmly and parried the blow from above with the Keyblade. As Marluxia's body was stunned, she spun around and kicked his outstretched hand, sending the weapon flying. With her opponent unarmed, Namine wasted no time in giving him the beatdown he so richly deserved.

    No, not with the Keyblade. With her silky, smooth, powerful legs.

    Namine's legs were a blur as she rapidly kicked him everywhere she could make contact with. Stomach, head, shin, face; she didn't care where she hit him. It just felt good to exact her frustrations against her former tormentor. Finally, as Marluxia staggered about, his left eye swollen, nose broken and blood draining from his ears, the scythe was heard making its return trip to earth. Namine pirouetted into the air and caught it with her free hand. Marluxia's eyes widened in shock as Namine twirled the Keyblade and his scythe in her hands.

    A satisfied smile appeared on her face. She was back in dual-wielding mode again. Namine charged at him with unleashed ferocity. She swung both weapons with unrestrained fury, pounding Marluxia's body with everything she had. In a spectacular finish, Namine juggled him into the air and tossed the scythe back into him. "IT'S OVER!"

    As the blade penetrated his person, Marluxia's form exploded into tiny data pieces, evaporating into nothingness. Bright light shined throughout the arena, the battle won. The girls blinked and found themselves back in the chamber; Marluxia's cove now a shade of pink.

    "I hope my dress gets repaired as soon as I give back control over to you." Namine said as she fingered a hole near her belly button. "I mean, sure it'd be cool to wear a two-piece outfit for once. Heck, anything would be better than this dress!"

    "When we get out of this mess, we'll take Selphie and Olette to get a new wardrobe for you," Kairi said as she felt control return to her. As she opened her eyes, she was pleasantly surprised to see her entire outfit was clean and whole as if it had just been professionally tailored and dry-cleaned. "Wow! This'll save a lot of change over at the laundromat!"

    "You okay?" Namine asked.

    "I should be asking you that," Kairi replied, relieved that her chest wasn't aching anymore. "It seems you had a lot of issues with the guy."

    "Hey, I was held hostage in that castle being forced to mess with your boyfriend's memories. Don't you think he deserved all of that?"

    The mention of Sora as her boyfriend reminded Kairi why she was in Radiant Garden in the first place. She sat herself down, taking the weight off of her feet. "Oh, right."

    Namine heard Kairi's depressed tone. "What's wrong?"

    Kairi sighed as she pulled her knees in toward her chin. "I was so caught up in trying to get out of here that I forgot that when this is all over, I'm going to have to marry Sora."

    "Don't worry about it for now," Namine said gently. "I'm sure there's a way out of it somehow. Right now, we've got more important matters to attend to."

    Kairi nodded. "Yeah, like which idiot's butt we have to kick next."

    (Note from author: I got tired of using a default avatar, so I just made my own. I don't know what it is, but there's something about seeing Sora and Kairi about to lock lips that's simply...mesmerizing. :imslow: )
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    Shaping my life.
    I told you the fight would be goooodd!!

    Heh heh
    I made a funny.

    Good job. I'm waiting for you next part.
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    Station of Awakening
    All right then just keep up the good work or i'll might even send it to the director of the Kingdom Hearts series and he'll might even turn into a video game if u continue writing and finishing the story.
  16. Thebazilly King's Apprentice

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    *Throws dart at map.*
    Nice job. There's some plot development in here. Marluxia let a few things slip. ;)

    Nice job, like I said. No big grammatical errors. Keep up the good work.

    And just a little note--WOW, you're fast with teh updatez.
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    wow nice job with that update its awesome !!
    you could make a novel when its finished lol
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    Kairi, Time & Not Quite Human

    "Did Sora really have to go through all of this when he was searching for me and Riku?" Kairi sighed. "Because now I'm really sorry for calling him a lazy bum. Swinging this Keyblade around is exhausting!"

    "Hey, just be glad you were "Most Athletic Student of the Year" at the academy," Namine said. "I don't think most people would be up for all of this."

    "Most people aren't princesses from another world getting married to a Keyblade master." Kairi massaged her sore arms. "Guess the good side to all of this is that it'll get my body ready for summer."

    In her mind's eye, she could see Namine crossing her arms in disbelief. "Kairi, you already have a great-looking body."

    Kairi raised an eyebrow. "What makes you so sure?"

    "Roxas told me that's what Sora thinks."

    Kairi giggled despite herself. "Really?"

    "Now he's just waiting for the day when he can see you in a bikini."

    Kairi rolled her eyes and sighed. "Aren't we all?" She stood up and brushed herself off. "Well, who's next? Are we still going right-to-left or do we just keep alternating?"

    "Let's just keep alternating," Namine said. "It makes things more organized that way."

    "Work our way up, huh?" Kairi combed her brilliant red hair back. "Okay, that would take us to the left side, right?"

    "Right," Namine replied.

    "It was the right side?" Kairi asked.

    "No, you were right, it was left."

    "So it was left."

    "Right," Namine repeated.

    "The right?"

    "No, left is right," Namine said, frustration leaking into her voice.

    "What?" Kairi asked in a confused tone. "So, it's the left side?"


    Kairi nodded. "So, it's the right side."

    "No!" Namine screamed. "Left is right, right is wrong!"

    Kairi grinned. "I'm just kidding you, Namine. I'm not an airhead, you know."

    Now it was Namine's turn to sigh. "Sometimes you act more like my twin sister than my other half, Kairi."

    "All this tension was in the air and the moment presented itself. So sue me." To the immediate right of Larxene's kunai was the shadow of what looked like playing cards. Kairi stared at it for a moment.

    "Cards?" Then she remembered. "Oh yeah. It was that one guy that fought Sora that one time." She shook her head. "I can't remember the fine details, though. Most of it's a complete blank."

    "At least we go in with some knowledge, right?" Namine said half-cheerfully. Kairi reached out at the symbol, cuing the bright light to envelop them once again. When the light faded, they found themselves standing at Havoc's Divide.

    "Question: do you think we should name this Keyblade?" Kairi asked as she took a few practice swings.

    "Nah. We'd be just as bad as the guys if we did that," Namine replied in a conversational tone. "Best to just wait for the official name to come out." Data streams began to appear out of nowhere, twisting its shape until...

    Kairi pointed her Keyblade at the new enemy. "You! You're that...pirate guy!" she shouted.

    Luxord gave her a crafty grin. "I'd rather we just skip the formalities." He snapped his fingers, summoning a transparent screen that hung in the air. After a few seconds, the display lit up showing two bars: Kairi's and Luxord's.

    "Let's play a game, shall we?" He pointed toward the rapidly decreasing bars. "Those bars represent our time limits. The first to run out of time is the loser."

    Kairi kept her stare locked on Luxord. "What're the stakes?"

    Luxord shook his head. "What else?" Then in a puff of smoke, Kairi felt her entire body freeze up. "Existence!"

    Next thing Kairi knew, she was trapped in the form of a dice. As she struggled to make her body move, Luxord chuckled in a sadistic manner. "If you think I'm going to fold," he taunted, "then you're not playing with a full deck!" Two human-sized playing cards appeared from his hands which started to circle around him like a propeller.

    If Kairi could, she would've rolled her eyes. "Geez, is this guy from the "Royal Flush Gang" or something?" she thought as Luxord leaped at her, the cards whirling around him like a sawblade.

    * * *

    Sora and Riku were making their way through countless Heartless and Nobodies. Running directly behind them were Hayner, Pence and Olette. Leon and Selphie were at the very back covering the group from behind.

    "So, what's the plan?" Sora asked as he glided slightly above the group.

    "The Heartless and Nobodies seem to be concentrating their forces near that mining shaft preventing anyone to enter," Riku said. "It's as if they're guarding something."

    "The mining shaft?" It took a few seconds for Sora to figure out what Riku was talking about. "But that's where Organization XIII's hidden data's located!"

    "And that's where we'll find Kairi. But," Riku gave Sora a knowing look, "even you and I can't just barge in there without some force of our own. Which is exactly why we need to find the others."

    Sora was about to argue, but then something in the distance caught his eye. He squinted, trying to make out what he was seeing. As they got closer, Sora realized that it was a group of Dusks and Neoshadows which seemed to have a couple of people cornered. One was a girl with long, flowing red hair. She was being guarded by a young well-kept man wearing a familiar-looking blue coat and wielding a dueling sword.

    "Riku!" Sora shouted as he landed smoothly from his glide. "They look like they need our help!"

    Riku nodded. "Right! Sora, Selphie! Take care of the Heartless!" he ordered. "Leon, you're with me on the Nobodies!"

    Sora started forward, but Selphie yelled, "Sora! Wait!"

    He looked at her as if she was crazy. "But what about...?" Sora's voice trailed off as she closed her eyes.

    Selphie stood silent for a moment, holding her nunchucks together in front of her. Then without warning, she made ritualistic movements as if she were a baton cheerleader. White angelic wings materialized behind the Heartless lifting them upward and out of sight.

    Sora looked at her in shock. "What was and how did you do that?"

    Selphie smiled. "It's something that I've been practicing while you and Riku were away."

    Meanwhile, Riku and Leon jumped into the center of the crowd of Dusks with their blades drawn.

    "Think you can handle this many?" Leon asked.

    Riku snorted. "Please. I'm just worried if you can keep up, old man."

    Leon raised an eyebrow. "I've forgotten who I'm dealing with." Together, Leon and Riku charged up their energy and obliterated the opposition with a combination of their Firagas.

    After the smoke cleared, Sora held out a helping hand to the red-headed girl. "Are you all right, miss?" Then he did a double-take. "Wait, Ariel?! Is that you?"

    "Sora!" Ariel hugged him enthusiastically. "It's great to see you again!"

    Sora's face was a picture of shock. "I thought you couldn't walk any more ever since..." He shrugged. "Well, you know."

    "Oh, this?" She lifted up the hem of her dress to reveal her human legs. "Daddy used his trident to let me live on the land with Eric!" Her smile dropped slightly. "Of course, now I can't really fight with them. I never realized how hard it was for humans to defend themselves without fins."

    Sora grinned. "Don't worry. You get used to it." Then he noticed the other kids were staring at her. "Ariel used to be a mermaid," he explained. Olette and Selphie's expressions changed to pure delight.

    "Wow! A real mermaid?!" they squealed excitedly. Ariel giggled. While they started bombarding her with questions about the aquatic life, Sora turned to Ariel's companion.

    "Are you okay?" Sora asked, helping up the stranger.

    "Yes. Thank you, Sora."

    Sora looked at the man, confused. "I'm sorry, but..."

    The stranger laughed. "Yes, of course. You probably don't recognize me in this form. You knew me once," The man deepened his voice and snarled, "as THE BEAST!"

    Sora jumped back in surprise. "Whoa! I guess you and Belle finally broke the spell, huh?"

    "Yes. And I'm truly grateful to her and to you for helping me through my troubled time." The Prince looks at the sword he was holding. "I guess I'm not fully used to being human again. I forgot I can't charge in blindly anymore."

    "What exactly are you two doing all the way out here?" Riku asked.

    Ariel's face started to match her hair color. "Actually, it was my idea. I wanted to help out, but I forgot that I no longer had my fins."

    "And I followed Ariel because I thought she wouldn't be able to fight by herself," the Prince said. He hung his head in disappointment. "Turns out that I wasn't exactly any help either."

    "No worries," Sora replied gently. "At least you're both okay now."

    The Prince looked worried. "Belle, is she okay?" he asked.

    Riku shook his head. "Don't worry about her. Belle and the other Princesses of Heart are in the safe room."

    "What exactly is going on?" Ariel asked. In response, Riku motioned for the others to follow him.

    "Come on. We'll explain on the way." And with that, the group broke into a run.

    "Kind of seems like yesterday that we were fighting against each other back in the castle," the Prince said to Riku.

    "Hey, I was under the influence of darkness," Riku replied. "Sorry about that by the way."

    "How do humans run on these weak-looking things anyway?" Ariel asked as she struggled to keep up.

    "It takes practice," Olette said. "Learn how to float before learning how to swim."

    "If you think that's bad," the Prince chimed in, "you should try running with paws. It makes gripping things a real pain."
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    OMG YAY! *reads* Dude, you keep outdoing yourself. This part was great. Gave some more insight on what is possibly going on, and Kairi and Namine are still making me chuckle. You update regularly, something I wish I could do. I was supposed to today, but I remembered I've got like, 10 pages of Spanish II work. I shouldn't even be on here. x_X. Can't wait for the next part.
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    I absolutely love Kairi and Namine's talks. Cracks me up every time. You're really good at this, and I'm still amazed at how you update so fast.

    Keep up the good work.