A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future: Sora and Kairi's Wedding

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    Startled by the sudden knocking, the blue-haired woman's head jerked up from her drawer rummaging.

    "Who is it?"

    "It's Xion," came the muffled reply through the closed door. As she walked toward the door in lacy periwinkle underwear, Aqua lazily raised her arms above her head, stretching out her spine. Opening the door revealed a short black-haired girl holding up a fluffy, purple towel around her damp, naked body. "Have you seen my conditioner?"

    Aqua motioned for Xion to come in. "I believe Ven has it." Xion shuffled into the bedroom and sighed.

    "Again? Why doesn't he buy his own? I mean, his hair keeps draining the bottle faster than Pooh chugs honey."

    "Don't worry about it. I'll lend you mine." As Aqua headed back to her dresser, she looked back over at Xion. "What happened to your clothes?"

    Xion fidgeted slightly underneath her towel. "I forgot to take my clean clothes with me to the bathroom and accidentally locked myself out of my room." Then she noticed Aqua's state of dress. "What about you? Why are you in your underwear?"

    "Before you continue to ogle my cleavage, could you please close the door behind you?" Aqua shot a quick glance toward the open door, straining her ears for sounds of movement in the hallway. "I don't think either of us want the boys to get some free fanservice."

    Xion giggled as she complied with the request. "Well, that's what happens when you open up a temporary lodging for the "lost" characters of Kingdom Hearts in a magical pocket dimension at the edge of the universe. You end up housing more guys than girls here."

    "Until the series needs us directly involved, we need somewhere to live off-screen, right?" Aqua held up a clear, plastic bottle with a creamy, turquoise substance inside it. "The only conditioner I have right now is this two-in-one anti-dandruff shampoo."

    "You still didn't answer my question, though. Why exactly are you half-naked?"

    "One, it's my room. I can dance around completely naked if I want. And two, you just caught me after my daily yoga. I was about to head for the shower myself." She handed Xion her shampoo and stopped herself. "Wait. Did you say that you locked yourself out of your room?" Aqua raised an eyebrow. "You can summon a giant key that can unlock any keyhole."

    "But I lost that ability when Roxas absorbed me." There was a curious tone in her voice that made Aqua think that Xion was just grasping for an excuse not to be wrong, but decided to let it go. Xion suddenly asked, "So have you read it yet?"

    "The story about Sora and Kairi's wedding? I think it's sweet." Then Aqua pursed her lips. "Although, I feel sorry for Kairi being stripped repeatedly. And I can't imagine going through all that tickle torture," she added as an afterthought.

    "Why? You ticklish?" Xion gently poked Aqua's exposed left side, immediately making the blue-haired woman squeak.

    "Hey! No tickles!" Aqua giggled. Although she was trying to be serious, she couldn't help but grin despite herself.

    Xion had a sly smirk on her face, barely hiding the fact that she wanted to continue her assault. However, she realized that the resulting tickle fight would cause her towel to come off, exposing her in more ways than one. Instead, she decided to get back to the point. "So who do you think is behind all of this?"

    "You don't think it ends with Xemnas?"

    "I think it's more complicated than that. He may be power hungry, but I doubt that he was able to come up with this by himself."

    Aqua shrugged. "True. Although I think it would be pretty stupid if the mastermind ended up being Walt Disney's ghost."

    Xion peered at the bottle in her hands. "Why do you need anti-dandruff shampoo? Does your head look like a blizzard in summer without it?" she asked playfully.

    "Okay, that's it. Give me back my bottle." Aqua made a grab for it, but Xion backed up and stretched her arm out of Aqua's range. Her calf hit Aqua's bed and she tumbled backward onto the mattress with a soft ploomph. Unfortunately for her, Aqua quickly dove in and grabbed both of Xion's wrists and pinned them above her head.

    Xion's eyes widened in shock as she realized what Aqua was planning to do. The black-haired girl struggled to free herself, but with Aqua's body weight straddled on top of her, all she accomplished was loosening the towel wrapped around her body.

    Aqua smirked and shifted her grip, easily pinning her victim's wrists with one hand. She gently placed the fingertips of her free hand on Xion's forearms and began lightly tracing down the length of her arms. Xion struggled not to let her tormentor know this was affecting her, but the corners of her lips couldn't help but curl upward.

    "Now what was that about my head looking like a blizzard?" Aqua rested her fingers on the taut surface of Xion's right underarm.

    "I-I-I'm sorreheehee!" Xion burst into musical giggles as Aqua took her pointer finger and began applying ticklish pressure into the armpit.

    "Oh, you're laughing at me now?" Aqua asked in a mock-offended tone. "I guess I can see how this is all funny to you." Xion shrieked with laughter as Aqua's fingers curled into a claw and rapidly tickled through the fluffy towel's surface.

    The younger girl's body bucked as her entire upper body was mercilessly tickle-tortured. She squirmed with helpless ticklishness, trying to desperately push the blue-haired beauty away with her hips, but Aqua was older, taller and stronger than she was. Her legs kicked uselessly at the air, unable to get a decent foothold to dig into. Xion was quickly running out of breath when...

    "Hey, Aqua?" The girls froze at the sound of Ven opening the door. "Have you seen-" The bushy-haired teenager stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of the scantily-clad girls on the bed. Just as Xion predicted, her towel finally dropped open, revealing her nude form before the boy. Before Ven could comprehend what he was seeing, Aqua rushed at Ven and gripped the first blunt object she could wrap her fingers around.

    *WHACK* Ven's head snapped forward as Aqua cracked him across the back of the head with his old wooden Keyblade.

    "Ven, you pervert! Next time knock before you enter a girl's room!" The Roxas look-alike squeezed his eyes shut and flailed his hands around in a panicked frenzy.

    "I swear I didn't see anything! Not even that star-shaped mole on your-" A stray hand accidentally pawed against Aqua's bra cup, pulling it down slightly.

    *WHAM!* Ven slumped to the floor in an unconscious heap. Aqua sighed as she readjusted her bra.

    "Xion? Next time I ask you to close the door, please make sure you lock it."

    * * *

    Kairi's Keyblade clattered across the floor as Xemnas disarmed her. Although winded and worn out, the Princess of Heart had no intention of giving up. She threw her arm out and summoned it back to her hand, only for Xemnas to rush up and knee her in the stomach with his Keyblade-turned-greave. As she doubled over in pain, Xemnas intertwined his clawed fingers together and slammed a hammerblow in-between her shoulder blades, sending Kairi sprawling to the floor.

    "Naminé, has our magic recharged yet?" Her biceps trembled as she struggled to push herself back up.

    "No, it's-" Before Naminé could say any more, Kairi felt Xemnas crouch down and wrap his pointy claws around her wrists. He jerked her body upward, suspending her into a "T" shape.

    "NO MORE." Kairi let out a blood-curdling scream as she felt deep agonizing pain jolt throughout her body. Xemnas had roughly yanked her arms out of their sockets like a Thanksgiving wishbone, causing the Keyblade to fall uselessly from her lifeless fingers. Knowing full well that she was virtually defenseless, Xemnas unceremoniously tossed Kairi onto her back. With her hair disheveled, dress ripped and the lack of endorphins to ease her throbbing paralyzed limbs, Kairi finally broke down and began to cry.


    "Naminé..." Kairi murmured. "...help..."

    "I'm trying! It's not working!"

    "Can't...end...like...this..." Kairi gritted her teeth as she willed her fingers to move, but they didn't even twitch. Xemnas calmly placed his foot on Kairi's stomach and steadied his stance. He raised his Keyblade, ready to stab without interference this time.

    "FAREWELL...KAIRI." Kairi closed her eyes, bracing herself for oblivion.

    "In brightest day..." A familiar voice echoed through the arena, causing Xemnas to whirl around and swipe his Keyblade, only to whiff air.

    "In blackest night..." Through her tear-blurred eyes, Kairi became aware that Sora's body had disappeared from where he had fallen. Hope flourished within her heart.

    "Beware our power..." Xemnas' gaze slowly swept the battlefield, unaware that Sora and Riku's Keyblades had vanished as well.

    "Kingdom Hearts...is LIGHT!" Xemnas felt a ghostly presence pass through his body along with two Keyblades that slashed through his very core. The Armored Superior buckled to his knees as his attacker ran up to Kairi.

    Floral bells chimed above the Princess' body, washing over her a blissful, comforting feeling that one gets from soaking in a warm bubble bath. The next thing Kairi noticed was that she could move her limbs painlessly again.

    Sitting herself up, Kairi was greeted to the sight of a grinning Sora holding out his hand toward her. "Miss me?"

    "Sora!" She enthusiastically grabbed Sora's hand and before either of them knew it, Kairi had pulled him in and met her lips with his. She felt herself melt with pleasure as relief and attraction coursed through her body. As soon as their lips broke apart, both parties couldn't help but blush.

    "Wow, Kairi. It took coming back from near-death to finally kiss me?"

    Kairi could only giggle bashfully. "Hey, I kissed you! Back at the wedding hall when I woke you up, remember?"

    "Pecks don't count," Sora teased.

    "Roxas!" Naminé couldn't have been more relieved. "But you were dead, weren't you?"

    "Once More and Second Chance abilities," Roxas replied.

    "How are you feeling?" Sora asked Kairi.

    "Besides the need for a tailor that can create damage-proof clothing and a warm, private shower, I'm feeling completely refreshed!"

    "And no, you're not joining us in that private shower," Naminé quipped. "But what did you do? Curaga doesn't restore magic yet we're both maxed out!"

    Sora ruffled his bushy head with embarrassment. "I completely forgot that Queen Minnie gave us a Megalixir to give to you when we came to rescue you."

    "And before you get on our case, it's a good thing we saved it or else we wouldn't have been able to survive that stab wound," Roxas added.

    "Even so, we're right back where we started." Kairi's hope began to dwindle as she realized the severity of the situation. "We may be at 100% now, but Xemnas doesn't seem to be any weaker."

    "Not entirely accurate," Sora argued. "You've managed to crack open his armor, giving us a target. Better than what we were facing before."

    "And Sora was in Limit Form," Roxas chimed in. "Ironically, that limited our attacks. But Sora's regular form doesn't have as many restrictions."

    As Xemnas climbed to his feet, Kairi pursed her lips in thought. "We're still missing that edge. Xemnas outclasses us in strength, speed and skill. The only advantage we have is the numbers game."

    "Any suggestions?" Naminé asked. As if in answer to their prayers, a soft light began to trickle over the cockpit. The combatants looked up and felt a wash of rainbow light blanket over their bodies. For Sora and Kairi, it gave them a feeling of soothing strength. Xemnas, however, was starting to look apprehensive. "Do you feel that?"

    Kairi nodded. "Yeah...it's the other Princesses of Heart. They're lending us their light!"

    "This seems really cliché..." Roxas said. "But at this point, we'll take it!"

    "NO!" In an uncharacteristic display of panic, Xemnas summoned his wings and soared upward, channeling the darkness for another burst. "BE GONE!"

    Sora and Kairi tensed up, bracing themselves for the oncoming attack. To Roxas and Naminé's surprise, neither of them seemed to make any attempt to evade the attack.

    "Uh, guys?" Roxas had an understandably worried tone in his voice. "This isn't exactly the time to play chicken with explosions."

    "You're not seriously going to take this without defending, are you?"

    "Have faith," Kairi replied. "The power of all seven hearts of pure light are being combined and given to us. Don't you know what that means?"

    "We can summon Captain Planet?" Sora joked. As the other three groaned at the pale attempt at comedy, Xemnas released the darkness, engulfing the battlefield in an earth-shattering eruption.

    The Armored Superior hovered in the sky, peering through the dissipating clouds of darkness for any signs of life. His eye slits seemed to widen slightly as two levitating bodies of light shone through the haze. As Xemnas descended from the sky, the dust cleared to reveal Sora and Kairi in their Final Forms.

    Sora had floating behind him not one, but TWO Ultima Weapons, the other one in the form that he had wielded back when he was 14. Kairi, however was not wielding her floral Keyblade. Instead, she was also possessing two Ultima Weapons. Unlike Sora's, however, the two Keyblades actually seemed to have a combination of characteristics from the original two with their blue, white and gold appearances.

    "Hey, Xemnas..." Sora flashed a confident grin. "Eat your heart out."

    Kairi glanced over at Sora and rapidly batted her eyelashes teasingly. "Really, Sora? That's the best you could come up with?"

    "Um...how about 'Suck on my big, fat f$#*$@g heart?'" Kairi's jaw dropped open at Sora's quotation.

    "Okay, first of all, language. Second, out of character. Third, where in the universe did you pick that up?!" A white, gloved hand patted Kairi on the shoulder from behind.

    "Don't worry about it, Kairi. You know how the darn-fangled information super-highway impresses upon youths today." Kairi whipped around and was stunned to see Naminé's corporeal body floating behind her.

    The memory witch was sporting a new outfit consisting of vanilla knee-high boots, a sky-blue cocktail dress, and white elbow-length gloves. Levitating around her was Kairi's flowery Keyblade along with the blue and gray one from earlier.

    "Naminé? You're-"

    "We'll worry about that later," Roxas' voice cut her off. Sora turned and was just as surprised as Kairi to find Roxas hovering right next to them. Unlike the other three who were wearing different clothes, Roxas was now donning steel blue, gold and black armor in a style similar to Xemnas' and the Lingering Will. In his left hand was Two Become One while his right held a Keyblade that sported a black handle, gold pommel and a gold rain guard. "Ready?"

    Naminé sighed. "Really? We only get new pieces of fabric and you get to wear armor?"

    Roxas shrugged. "Hey, it's not like I knew this was going to happen."

    "If you say so." Naminé pointed her gaze and the flowery Keyblade toward Xemnas. "Let's end this." The group glanced at each other and shared a nod of agreement. The four of them swept their Keyblades above their heads before transforming into apparitions of light. Soaring up to Xemnas' level, they circled around him like sharks to blood.

    Xemnas threw out his arms, sending phantom Keyblades towards them, but the projectiles passed through them like illusions.

    "Xemnas!" Kairi's voice boomed. "Everything that's happened to us is because of you! You used Sora, Riku and I as guinea pigs for your twisted experiments!"

    "You see hearts as just tools, an energy source, yet blind yourself from its true essence," Naminé added. "It's not about light and darkness. And it's not just a heart by itself. The true power comes from the connections each heart resonates with one another."

    "By throwing away your heart, you waste your true potential," Roxas chimed in. "Raw power is nothing without the bonds to support it."

    "You never cared about anyone but yourself." Sora's voice was unwavering as he spoke. "You rely on only your power alone. For us, there will always be someone new to meet, someone to connect with. That's why our hearts' radiance is infinite!"

    Xemnas' armor clattered as the light's energy overwhelmed him. The beings of light stopped at the four corners of the ship and zipped straight at their target in the center of the makeshift cross.


    "TAKE THIS!" Sora's body pierced through the small crack in Xemnas' armor, causing pieces to chip off leaving a bigger hole.

    "TAKE THAT!" Roxas continued where Sora left off; his attack made the cracks travel up into the chest plate and across Xemnas' back.

    "NEVER AGAIN!" Kairi's strike shattered Xemnas' chest plate into pieces, forcing the cracks to finally reach his helmet.

    "UM...FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!" Naminé finished the Limit by smashing her Keyblades onto Xemnas' head.

    As Xemnas' armor burst, Roxas glanced over at Naminé. "Really, Naminé? 'Friendship is magic?' Out of all of the finishing quotes you could come up with, you chose 'My Little Pony?'"

    "Hey, I was under pressure, alright? I don't do many finishers like you guys!" Naminé shrugged. "Would something like 'I will change your mind' have worked better?"

    "It's okay, Naminé," Kairi reassured her. "You'll get another chance." Their attack complete, the four of them sank gently back to the ground. There was another burst of light, leaving Sora and Kairi back in their normal outfits with only the original three Keyblades in their hands. Roxas and Naminé felt tinges of sadness as their bodies faded into the echoes of consciousness for their respective counterparts once again.

    Xemnas fell to the ground hard, landing on his knees with a sickening metallic creak. Sora and Kairi raised their Keyblades in ready stances, waiting to see if they had finally managed to put their opponent down for good. To their surprise, Xemnas seemed to no longer notice them.

    "No...More...Uh..." Chunks of his remaining armor clattered to the floor in pieces.

    Kairi's eyes narrowed as the remnants of the helmet finally began to flake off. "Wait...that's not Xemnas." Indeed, the armor's occupant had a lighter skin and hair color than what she remembered.

    The image of a young man's portrait in Ansem the Wise's study flashed through Sora's memory. His eyes widened as the face was finally revealed. "You're right! That's Xehanort!" There was no mistaking it.

    Xehanort clutched at his head before tossing his head back and yelled out in pain.

    "NO...MORE...AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" As the rest of his armor dissolved into ashes, Xehanort rose to his feet, his eyes eerily blank. He raised his Keyblade and stared at the couple with a renewed, but dwindling second wind. "I WILL NOT ALLOW IT TO END THIS WAY..." The unmasked Xehanort took his Keyblade, and to Sora and Kairi's astonishment, pressed the blade's tip to his heart. "THIS BODY HAS SERVED ITS PURPOSE." An orb of light popped out of his chest and hovered wistfully as its master started to chuckle. "OUT WITH THE OLD AND BRITTLE VESSEL, AND IN WITH A YOUNGER, STRONGER NEW ONE!"

    "Wait a minute. 'This body?' Naminé repeated. "Was Xehanort being possessed this whole time?" With startling speed, the orb ruthlessly flew toward the couple.

    The same chilling thought popped into both Sora and Kairi's minds and they didn't like their choices. Taking the hit for the other person meant that their bodies would be possessed and forced to fight each other. Letting the other sacrifice themselves would end up with the same result. Unsure of what to do, Sora and Kairi could only lift their Keyblades up to guard and hope that they would be able to retain control after impact.


    "You need some new material, Xemnas." Riku flew in from above, landed in front of his friends and threw his palm out. Amazingly, instead of being possessed, the orb of light smacked against Riku's hand, only to be trapped by his curled fingers. "You can't possess someone who's already rejected you before." Riku summoned his Way to the Dawn to his free hand and tossed the ball up into the air. "Stop stealing other people's bodies and vanish with your own!" He shifted his weight and took a batter's swing with his Keyblade, knocking Xehanort's heart out into the cold oblivion of Gummi space.

    With heart and body defeated, Xehanort's form dissipated into darkness, leaving no traces of having ever been there.

    Kairi ran up to Riku and gave him an appreciative hug. "Thank you, Riku!"

    Sora chuckled and gave Riku's back a hearty pat. "Always the one with the last word."

    "But is it over?" Naminé asked hesitantly. The ground beneath them rocked at an angle, causing the trio to almost fall over. Kairi instinctively latched onto Sora's arm to retain her balance.

    "What's going on?!" she yelled as an enormous din began reverberating throughout the cockpit.

    "Without Xemn-, I mean, Xehanort, this Kentauros Form can no longer exist!" Roxas replied. "We've got to get back to the Gummi ship!" As if on cue, the rainbow tunnel of light faded from sight, effectively trapping the Keyblade wielders.

    "You've got to be kidding me!" Sora exclaimed. "Is it just me or do we have the worst luck of surviving final boss fights in one piece?"

    "At least it can't get any-" Naminé started to say.

    *KABOOM* The combatants looked up in horror to see an exploding fireball where their Gummi Ship had been.

    "No! The Princesses!" The Heartless had finally managed to overwhelm the remaining survivors. Instinct turned their attention toward the only hearts left in the vicinity. Kairi groaned. "Did you really have to say that, Naminé?"

    "Look!" Riku pointed toward the spot where Xehanort previously occupied. A growing pool of darkness began to gush upward like the ship had a broken wound torn open, seeping out like purplish blood that consumed the battlefield. With nowhere to run, the darkness began to pull the Destiny Island trio down, sinking them into the endless abyss like quicksand.

    "I'm getting déjà vu here," Roxas exclaimed. "This is the part where Naminé reaches her hand out and pulls us up, right?"

    "I'm a little busy here, Roxas!" Naminé snapped.

    "Hey, at least you had help, Roxas," Sora said. "I went through this twice and it's not like Kairi was able to help me either time."

    "Well, excuse me for having my own problems," Kairi shot back.

    "Okay, seriously? What is with you four?" Riku struggled to pull his leg out from the darkness, but it was no use. "You act lovey-dovey one moment then start bickering like an old, married couple the next. Make up your mind already!"

    "Kairi! Cast Holy!" Naminé suggested. Kairi tried to lift her Keyblade to cast the spell, but to her dismay, her weapon was already halfway sunk into the darkness. Her arms quivered as she grasped the handle and tried to pull it out. Unfortunately, the Keyblade wouldn't budge and only caused her to pull herself even deeper.

    "I can't! It's stuck!" With the darkness making its way up her midriff, Kairi was starting to lose hope. "Wait a minute! Sora!" She whipped her head around at him. "When you sank into the darkness, did anything bad happen to you?"

    Sora's eyes rolled back as he thought back to the previous times he had been in this situation. "Other than losing consciousness? Not that I can think of. Why?"

    "I hope this works." The Princess of Heart stopped struggling and closed her eyes. Her chest heaved slowly as she took deep, long breaths.

    "Kairi, what are you doing?!" Naminé cried in a panic. "We can't give up after all we've been through!"

    "Nothing bad happened to Sora, right?" Kairi smiled. "Besides, there's one thing that I have that the boys don't possess." She took a deep breath and dunked her head into the darkness, allowing her body to be swallowed whole. As Sora's jaw dropped in disbelief, Riku shrugged.

    "She's right, you know," Riku said. "There's nothing to fear from the darkness. Just like light, it's only bad depending on how it's used. The darkness itself isn't to blame." And with that, Riku plunged his whole body under, leaving Sora and Roxas waist-deep and sinking.

    "You don't think they're just talking under stress, do you?" Roxas asked rhetorically.

    "We know them better than that. They showed no fear or hesitation. Why should we?" Sora let himself fall backward, the darkness catching him with a soft poof. The deafening explosions happening around him quieted to a muffled murmur as Sora's ears sank underneath the darkness.

    The last sight that flashed before his eyes was the oncoming Heartless swarm before blinking out. Sora's entire body felt virtually weightless, almost numb from the lack of any pressure against his skin.

    The calm, almost eerie silence seemed to amplify the sounds of Sora's heartbeat and breathing.

    "Did we finally die?" Roxas asked.

    "Considering the sound of our heartbeat, I seriously doubt it." It was a few moments before Sora realized that his eyes were still squeezed shut.

    His pupils shrunk from the blinding whiteness as his eyes snapped open. Two formless pinkish blobs floated in front of his vision, growing in size. Sora rubbed his eyes to reveal Kairi and Riku floating up to him.

    "Sora!" Kairi threw her body at her lover, pressing her soft chest close to him in a tight embrace.

    "Riku! Kairi!" Then Sora realized why he didn't recognize them at first. "Why are we naked?"

    "At least it's not just me this time," Kairi said.

    "I call it karma payback for being naked in front of the guys," Naminé replied.

    "Insert obvious SoRiKai threesome comeback here and we'll move on with our lives," Riku joked.

    Sora ruffled his bushy head. "Where are we? What happened?"

    "I'm a Princess of Heart. Heart of pure light trumps pure darkness," Kairi reasoned. "I figured that if all three of our hearts are in close proximity together, my hidden powers would negate any negative effects from the darkness."

    "That still doesn't explain where we are," Roxas said. "It's not the realm of darkness, that's for sure."

    "I can't believe everyone's gone, though," Sora lamented. "The other Princesses...Donald, Goofy and the King..."

    Before they could ponder any further, a wise, gentle voice echoed throughout the white void.

    "Well done, Kairi. Sora. Riku." The three of them looked around for the source of the speaker.

    "Who is that?" Kairi exclaimed.

    "And why does he sound so familiar?" Naminé added.

    The trio glanced up and recoiled in a mixture of surprise and fear.

    It was him. The creator of the universe.

    The one entity that no amount of light, darkness or nothingness could hope to deter.

    The one that could create and destroy their very existence.

    Tetsuya Nomura.
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    The answers to the sigs and the avatar are listed right underneath my signature. :p I made the Pactio cards myself back in 2008 http://kh-vids.net/threads/kingdom-hearts-pactio-cards.42707/

    * * *

    Author's Note: Chapter 50 is the final entry for this series. :)

    * * *
    The New Mickey Mouse Club

    Kairi was the first to summon her Keyblade and assume a battle stance (or as best of a stance as she could considering she was floating in white void). Whether this was the real Nomura or not, she didn't want to be caught any more exposed than she already was. Taking her cue, Sora and Riku summoned their weapons as well.

    "You've got to be kidding me!" Sora exclaimed.

    "I'm with Sora on this one!" Kairi added, not letting her gaze waver. "Are you telling us that you were the one behind all of this? You?"

    The man dressed in the black casual business suit only smiled. "I'm not the one responsible."

    Naminé sniffed disbelievingly. "You really expect us to believe that?"

    "Let me guess, your role in this is going to be a big exposition dump." If Roxas had fists, they would be shaking with frustration. "I swear, if you tell us that this whole journey was just a dream..."

    Although there was tension in the void, it wasn't from fear of being erased from existence. It was the feeling of anxiousness that if this man was really their creator, he could easily prolong their journey even further than it already had. An overwhelming god-like aura permeated from his body, but after the numerous "final boss" battles they had to endure, power alone wasn't enough to convince anyone of his true identity.

    "There's no need for your Keyblades here." Nomura waved his hands downward trying to calm the Keyblade wielders. Unlike the others who were floating, he seemed to be standing firmly on some invisible floor that they were unable to set foot upon. "You've finally reached the end of this journey, so you can relax."

    "I don't believe he's lying." Naminé sounded confident enough for everyone to lower their weapons a smidge. "Whether he's Nomura or not, I don't sense any hostility coming from him."

    "He hasn't attacked us yet," Roxas agreed. "The least we can do is hear him out." The trio looked at each other for a few seconds before nodding in silent agreement and returning their Keyblades back into the light.

    "Fine, but could you please give us some clothes?!" The Princess of Heart shuddered as goosebumps formed across the surface of her nude skin. "Me being naked is one thing, but I think guys look better when there's at least some parts of the body left to the imagination."

    "That's entirely up to you," the creator calmly replied.

    "What's that supposed to mean?" Kairi rubbed her hands rapidly over the length of her arms. "Where exactly are we anyway?"

    Riku gazed around at the white emptiness of the void. "I know it's not the realm of darkness, light or in-between."

    Nomura chuckled. "This, my protagonists, is the realm beyond the fourth wall."

    "The fourth..." Kairi shook her head in disbelief. "That's the stupidest thing I've heard since Roxas' last words to Xion."

    As soon as the words left her lips, a faint cloud of thought popped into existence above her head displaying the scene of Xion dissolving in Roxas' arms. "Who else will I have ice cream with?"

    Kairi blinked. "W...What is that supposed to be?"

    "In my defense, I said something completely different in the Japanese version," Roxas said. Then he did a double-take. "Wait a minute. How in the world did you know about that?"

    "Since you are no longer within your universe, the confines of reality don't apply to you. Until your return, you have access to all of the knowledge of everything that has happened within the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise."

    Nomura swept his arms out in a dramatic flourish, signaling numerous thought bubbles to pop up all around the group. Every single cutscene that had ever been recorded and uploaded were now playing, filling the white void with random soundtracks and voices from their past. Time seemed to have no meaning as the Keyblade wielders were able to absorb hours of footage in the matter of seconds like a giant memory dump into their metaphorical hard drives.

    "Wow..." Sora gave Kairi a pitying look as he finished reviewing her scenes from Kingdom Hearts 2. "You really were screwed from significant character development. I can see why you have haters."

    Jealousy sparked slightly in Kairi's eyes as she saw Sora's younger self flirt with Alice and Naminé. "Really, Sora? I'm out of your sight for one night and you go ahead and start hitting on other girls?"

    "Well, technically that second time was my fault," Naminé corrected her.

    Kairi was about to retort when she saw her past self sitting comatose with Riku watching over her. "Is that what I really looked like when my heart was taken?" The girl's face scrunched up at the image. "I'm surprised my body wasn't drooling."

    "Believe me, I was thankful that you still had the instinct to hold your bladder the entire time," Riku replied. He frowned at a thought cloud displaying Sora on his knees when he was finally found in his "Ansem, Seeker of Darkness" form.

    "I looked everywhere for you!"

    Riku sighed and gave Nomura a weary look. "I'm starting to wonder if you created those cutscenes just for fanshipping material."

    Roxas was silent as scenes of his existence unfolded in front of Sora's eyes, from being found in front of the Twilight Town mansion to his remerging with his other half. To Sora, seeing the events that took place in the year that he was asleep made him feel both sadness for what he missed and guilt for what Roxas gave up for him.

    "Roxas, I know it's late, but I'm sorry."

    "It's okay, Sora. I know in your heart that you wish that Naminé and I could exist in our own separate bodies apart from you and Kairi. But we're kinda content with the whole switching places now."

    "Besides, now that we know it's possible, it'll probably be a matter of time before we can finally find a way to create new bodies for us just like the data Organization did with Kairi," Naminé added.

    Meanwhile, Kairi was staring intently at the scene when Sora asked Saix to take him to her.

    "Is she that important to you?"

    "Yeah, more than anything!"

    "Show me how important." Kairi's heart felt like it quadrupled in size as Sora got down on his knees and touched his face to the ground, begging to be reunited with her. She placed her hand over her chest by the sincerity of the moment, before remembering that she was still naked.

    She reluctantly tore herself away from the cutscene archive which immediately zapped out of existence and looked back at Nomura again. "A-anyway, what did you mean that clothing is up to us?"

    "See for yourself." The redhead tilted her head questionably and looked back down. To her astonishment, her outfit had reappeared without her noticing.

    "What? But how?" She glanced over at Sora and Riku, who were just as surprised to find themselves dressed as well.

    "In this realm, anything you can dream will come to life."

    "That sounds almost suspiciously like we're dead or something," Naminé observed.

    "I assure you that you're not dead."

    "Anything you can dream, huh..." Roxas murmured.

    Sora's face lit up suddenly. "Ooh! There's this one place that I've always wanted to go to!" He closed his eyes and his face scrunched up in concentration. Riku and Kairi saw their surroundings fade in from blank white into tangible shapes. Brightly colored buildings and contraptions glittered into existence around the group with red-bricked paths shimmering into existence underneath their feet. To their surprise, they were standing in the middle of a circular clearing, surrounded by brightly colored buildings with Princess Aurora's castle looming proudly over them. Random food carts and trinket booths were staffed by numerous Moogles that busily zipped around the area. Standing in the center of this activity was a bronze statue of the King and a dapper-looking man holding hands.

    "Wait a minute..." Kairi gave the boys a quizzical stare. "Is this where I think it is?"

    Riku shrugged and turned toward Sora, who let out a nervous laugh.

    "Well, we've never been to Disneyland before and I figured this would be a good time as any." His eyes widened excitedly. "Ooh! I've always wanted to try Splash Mountain!" Before Sora could make a run for it, Kairi yanked him by the back of his collar.

    The Princess of Heart couldn't help but let out a sigh. "Out of all the places you could come up with..." Not content with their current surroundings, Kairi closed her eyes and concentrated on changing the world around them. She was met with disappointment and confusion when their surroundings remained unchanged. "Hey! What gives?"

    "You all share the same ability to create using dream logic," Nomura explained. "However, Sora's experience in dreaming allows him to create bigger and more complex objects than you or Riku."

    Kairi's shoulders slumped. "You mean we can't do anything about it because Sora has narcolepsy?"

    "It does make sense in a way. He does tend to sleep at the most inopportune times," Naminé teased.

    "Hey!" Sora crossed his arms in a huff. "I'm standing right here!"

    Kairi thought for a moment. "Could we create bodies for Roxas and Naminé?"

    "You could. But keep in mind that they must merge back before leaving this realm. Otherwise, they will cease to exist."

    Kairi nodded and closed her eyes once again. This time, both her and Sora's body lit up with a warm, dazzling glow. After a few seconds, the ghostly forms of Roxas and Naminé stepped out of their counterparts. The Nobodies looked down at their bodies as they solidified into corporeal apparitions once more.

    Roxas stared at his fingers and wiggled them as if to make sure that they were working correctly. He almost lost his balance when Naminé threw herself at him, wrapping her slender arms around his torso and squeezed as hard as she could.

    "I've wanted to do this for a while," Naminé purred softly in his ear, causing the blonde boy to blush. Nomura smiled and continued as if nothing else had happened.

    "You may have noticed over the past few months that everyone you've ever known has been making nostalgic references that relate to them whether it be movies, films or other game franchises." Nomura placed his hands behind his back and slowly paced away from the group as he spoke. "The main reason is because the spiritual energy of this realm has been leaking through cracks in the fourth wall and into your universe. That is why you knew the existence of me and your roles as video game characters."

    Roxas finally broke his embrace with Naminé, but kept one of his arms wrapped around her waist. "Even if what you say is true, how did this happen in the first place?"

    Nomura turned back toward the group and jerked his head toward the bushy-haired brunette. "You should ask Sora."


    All eyes fixed upon Sora, who looked just as shocked as everyone else. "How would I know?"

    "The Codebreaker. May I ask where you got it?" Nomura asked.

    Sora grinned confidently. "Easy! I got it from..." The smile faded from his lips as he was struck dumbfounded. "Huh. I honestly don't know. All I remember is that it was in my pocket sometime after we returned to the islands."

    "So what you're telling us is that this whole mess was because someone corrupted the save file of our universe?" Naminé asked.

    Nomura nodded. "It was like a virus, injected into your reality, altering past events in very subtle ways, but just enough to cause a butterfly/domino effect that's resulted in the current situation. The power it held resonated within Sora's very core, affecting everything and everyone that has ever come in contact with him."

    "That seems plausible," Kairi said, stroking her chin. "I always had this odd feeling that everything that was going on wasn't supposed to be happening. Almost as if we were experiencing some alternate timeline or something."

    "Do you regret it?" Kairi looked thoughtful at Roxas' question.

    "On the one hand, it wasn't exactly fun to get beaten up and humiliated." Then she smiled. "However, now that I think about it, it was nice being the one in the spotlight for once."

    "You said it, sis," Naminé agreed.

    "When the Codebreaker was destroyed, it released residual energy that not only erased all of the combatants in the Keyblade Graveyard, but was absorbed by Data Xemnas. This resulted in returning to his Xehanort form as well as summoning the King and Kentauros forms. His defeat released that energy, transforming into the gateway that led you here."

    "Erased?!" Sora's face hardened as he realized that his friends' plight was because of his carelessness.

    Sensing Sora's guilt, Kairi gave him a comforting hug from behind. "It's okay, Sora. You didn't know that would happen."

    But something was bothering Riku. "Wait. Xemnas became Xehanort, right? That would mean he returned to possessing a body that wasn't his. When he released his heart, shouldn't the body he discarded be returned to its original owner?"

    "That body...was nothing more than a shell," came the reply.

    "You mean he was a Nobody pretending to be Xehanort?" Riku pressed.

    Nomura looked a bit pensive before answering. "Yes and no. The Garden of Assemblage was originally created to house data on the Organization. Their experiences and memories were recorded in real time until their...defeat. However, that was all they were: data replicas of the original Organization."

    "That would explain why my doppelganger didn't recognize Naminé," Roxas mused. "After all, I didn't meet her until the last week of my existence."

    "I remember one of the Secret Ansem Reports said something about life needing a body, soul and heart," Sora said. "Their data probably acted as an artificial soul while they needed Kairi to create brand-new bodies and hearts."

    Tired of standing, Naminé led Roxas to the bronze statue of Mickey and sat down on its pedestal. "Considering how many people were created out of you, I'm surprised you weren't the one they kidnapped instead."

    Kairi suddenly remembered something that bothered her as well. "Why did they believe they were trapped in the computer? Considering that their individual memories ended as soon as their Nobodies were destroyed, shouldn't they have realized that they were computer programs?"

    "Hey, it's not as simple as you might think," Roxas interjected. "I was clueless about the data Twilight Town until the Dusks started hacking the system."

    "Or maybe I'm just that good at what I do," Naminé teased. "I'm like a brain hacker."

    "Age of the geek, baby," Kairi added. When the boys gave her a blank look, her face reddened slightly. "Never mind."

    "They didn't realize they were programs because their data remained locked in stasis until they were activated," Nomura explained. "This was probably around the time that you received the bottled letter from King Mickey. As soon as that letter was delivered, their consciousnesses were awakened, allowing them to remotely summon and control Heartless and Nobodies from within Radiant Garden's mainframe."

    "If what you're saying is true, that would explain why Xehanort's body disappeared as soon as he released his heart." Riku's face looked grim. "He wasn't sacrificing someone else's body, it was his own."

    Kairi's eyes suddenly flashed with anger. "If the Organization XIII we fought wasn't real, are you telling us that we went through all of that for nothing?!"

    Nomura shook his head. "You didn't fight in vain. I wanted to make sure you were prepared."

    The redhead didn't like where this was going. "Prepared for what?"

    "Since you know the entire Kingdom Hearts timeline up to this point, you know that Xehanort, the REAL Xehanort isn't defeated. Ever since you defeated both his Nobody and Heartless with the Keyblade, he will make his return." He gave the group a sweeping gaze. "And when he does, it'll be up to the five of you to defeat him once and for all."

    "So this whole incident was a test?" Naminé asked.

    "More like a tutorial. The threat to your entire universe is bigger than any of you could possibly imagine."

    "Try us," Roxas challenged.

    "I'm sorry, but I can't give you any spoilers. Let's just say that Sora, Riku and Kairi are at the heart of the matter." As he noticed their faces fell, he smiled. "Don't worry, you'll figure everything out soon enough."

    "Even Sora?" Naminé teased.


    Kairi figured now was the best time to ask the lingering question on everyone's mind. "Do we still have to get married?" Nomura stroked his chin thoughtfully as if thinking about it. After a few moments, he shrugged.

    "That's entirely up to you. Data Xemnas wasn't lying when he said Ansem the Wise's decree was a forgery. You don't HAVE to get married. Personally, I would rather you wait until you were older."

    "So what happens now?" Sora looked downtrodden. "Even if we return to our universe, our friends are all gone."

    "Don't worry. They're not dead." That caught everyone by surprise.

    "Really?!" Sora's heart immediately filled with hope. "How did that happen?"

    Nomura chuckled. "I'm your creator, remember? I have their backup data."

    "And Radiant Garden?" Kairi added. "There's no point in them returning if they have no place to go back to."

    "With the Codebreaker destroyed and its residual energy dissipating, the cracks in the fourth wall have finally begun repairing themselves. When you return, all of the collateral damage from the incident will be restored to their original states."

    Riku stood silent throughout all of this with his head dropped to his chest and his arms crossed in thought. He finally spoke up. "There's a catch to all of this, isn't there?"

    "When you leave this place and return to your universe, the fourth wall will not be the only thing that's sealed up. This realm's energies still flow throughout your bodies, but cannot exist without a consistent connection outside of its natural source. As soon as you return, your memories of me, the Kingdom Hearts timeline and everything you've learned since the wedding will be erased. At least-"

    "What?!" Kairi couldn't believe her ears. "But what about all the progress we've made over this entire journey? If everything goes back to the way it was, I'll end up not being able to use the Keyblade anymore!"

    "Yeah! It's not fair that you made us go through all those tutorials and ended up going the entire dream sequence route!" Naminé snapped. "Sora already went through all of this in the beginning of the first game!"

    "Not to mention, what was the whole point of dumping all this exposition onto us if you were going to make us forget anyway?" Roxas added.

    "I already had my memories messed with in Chain of Memories!" Sora exclaimed. "Doing this to Kairi and Naminé makes any character development they obtained null and void!"

    "Calm down! Let me finish!" Nomura cleared his throat. "What I was about to say before you interrupted was at least that's what WOULD have happened. However, as we've been talking, I've been trying to restore the timeline to its original state, but the alterations are too far embedded into your universe's code that it's virtually impossible to erase the events of everything that you've encountered from your memories."

    The girls exchanged excited looks. "You mean that I'm still going to be a Keyblade-summoning Princess of Heart?" Kairi asked enthusiastically.

    Nomura smiled and nodded. "Now that I think about it, all of you were eventually going to stumble upon this information in one form or another. There's no harm in letting you retain knowledge of the past as it doesn't spoil what's planned for Kingdom Hearts 3. Your memories will remain untouched. However, I can only restore everyone else's memories up to the point of before your wedding was rudely interrupted." Nomura raised his hand and pointed it at the gaping castle archway of Aurora's castle. A giant black and purplish portal erupted, taking up the entire opening. "This Corridor of Darkness will take you back to your universe. It's a one-way trip, so I suggest you take all the time that you need here."

    He began stepping through the portal.

    "Wait!" Nomura stopped at Kairi's outburst and looked back over his shoulder. "Are you really Nomura?"

    The creator only responded with a mysterious smile and a twinkle in his eye. And with that, he was gone.

    "Huh." Kairi exhaled a cleansing breath. "Nomura was actually a lot nicer than I thought."

    "Yeah." Naminé giggled. "Remember how we were worried that he could easily write Sora a new girlfriend?"

    Roxas and Sora looked surprised. "You two were actually worried about that?"

    The boys took their fiancées' hands in theirs. "I can't think of anyone else I'd rather be with than you," Sora said with a shy smile.

    "Same here," Roxas agreed.

    Naminé raised an eyebrow. "What about Xion?"

    "Don't ruin the moment."

    "Technically, he already wrote Sora a new girlfriend when he replaced Kairi with Naminé," Riku said. Before the others could retort how he ruined the moment, the silver-haired teen quickly changed the subject. "Anyway, Xehanort's still out there somewhere. No matter what we do or where we go, our paths will cross again."

    "I say we've gone through enough for now," Sora replied. "If anything, I think we should just enjoy what time we have left before our next big adventure."

    "Nomura was right, though." Kairi's eyes narrowed into a determined gaze. "Despite everything we've had to go through, there's no excuse not to take me along this time."

    "Oh! One last thing!" Everyone flinched as Nomura's disembodied head popped back in through the portal. "Could you please apologize to Cloud for me next time you see him?"

    "Why?" Naminé asked. "What happened?"

    "He was in my office complaining about there not being a Final Fantasy VII remake in the works. I was telling him I'd have to talk to him about it later when he gripped his sword in what I think was a passionate gesture, but security took it as an assassination attempt. They got a bit...overenthusiastic." The creator looked slightly embarrassed. "I think they ended up sending him careening into the Great Maw." Nomura gave them a final wave farewell and departed, leaving the group in awkward silence.

    Naminé was the first to speak. "Well...we have this entire theme park to ourselves." She threw out her arms and twirled around for emphasis. "And it's not like we're in a rush to get back."

    Sora placed a curled finger under Kairi's chin and gently guided her face up to his. "So, Kairi...where do we go from here?" Kairi knew what Sora meant. He wasn't asking what ride or attraction they should go on first. He was asking if she wanted to be by his side and take their life's journey together. Her eyes quickly flickered to Riku, who only shook his head as if saying "Leave me out of this." She glanced over at Roxas and Naminé, who went and embraced each other tightly.

    The Princess of Heart wrapped her arms around her Keyblade Knight's neck and pressed her forehead against his. With a smile playing across her soft lips, she uttered words that she had been wanting to let him know for as long as she could remember.

    "To infinity and beyond, Sora."
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    Basically, this thread is ridiculous in every way possible. Every person, whether FF, Disney, or KH fights against the completely resurrected Organization Xlll, Kairi/Namine get either groped constantly by certain Organization members or stripped in ecchi/hentai style manner, and this story constantly breaks the 4th Wall in so many ways, whether right or wrong. Now, people might say this is a bad thread, or rage about it for that matter, but my rating stands above all else, an it is this:

    10/10. Yes. That's right. Why would I pick such a rating like that? The reason would be that considering that anything that my sadistic state of mind would say to such things like this on a thread, every bit of good quality that this thread gives off ruled out any Cons that I had just pointed out. The comedy, the action, the breakings of the 4th Wall, the number of people who love this thread, and how much work went into this, are just one of the few things that make this thread amazing. In truth, this thing surprised me. I mean, 15 pages? F*$@ING A!! THAT'S A LOT. And I'm very picky comes to stories!

    You have my regards, my thanks, my liking, and my encouragement to go on. Keep up the good work! :D
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    Hey, Ze, if you liked this, you should check out Switched!, DF's other long-standing work. Trust me, I was here when these things were much newer and it was still great back then. DF causes a stir and for good reason; a very talented writer. Yeah, I think the raunchiness is the appeal, actually, and trust me, Switched! may be a little "worse", so to speak, in that department. Actually, I already told DF this, but he was a big influence to me as a writer, especially with Kingdom Hearts fan-fictions, so what you see in "Based Forward", a little fraction of that is the result of reading this story and Switched!, and Destined (Another old tale from ye long ago).

    I just thought I'd post one last time since Chapter 50 will be the last installment. Now I know how many chapters I have left to go on at least one story. xD Big Book. Thanks, Destiny's Force, for five years of great memories of these epic tales. You were always there to critique my old stories when I asked (Even though they didn't last long. xD), so happy trails.
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    Ah, but you see, the fourth wall is a plot point! So that makes it okay in my book. (BTW: Who's raging about it or saying it's a bad thread? Is this a thing that's really happening somewhere? Or was that rhetorical?)

    As for it being long, I'll just say that the whole thing completed is exactly 50 chapters. So yeah, it's a tad large.

    Just a heads up: DF is out of town at the moment and probably won't post the last chapter for the next day or so.
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    Thank you for the detailed critique. However, I have to ask, who said this was a bad thread? Or was that just a joke to make everyone think that you were about to say that it sucked? (I have to admit, I almost fell for it. :p)

    I'm working more on Switched as soon as I can. Maybe someday I'll unlock that thread too. :)

    * * *

    Epilogue: Prelude to Kingdom Hearts 3

    "Dude, seriously?"

    "Yeah. What do you think?"

    "Sorry, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. You actually managed to hack your copy of Kingdom Hearts 2 and play as Kairi and Naminé?"

    "Well, I had to take a few liberties. I did some model swaps, custom animations, new audio files, and a 'clothes dynamic system' which allows the girls' clothes to get ripped apart from damage."

    "But you're a girl. Why would you want the girls to be getting stripped instead of the guys? If you were capable of doing that to Kairi and Naminé, you could've just as easily done it to Sora and Riku."

    "What? You think just because I'm female doesn't mean that I'm not into ecchi fanservice?"

    "No! I didn't mean it like that!"

    "Uh huh. There was no real reason. I did it for the challenge."

    "I'm surprised you managed to do the whole Vs. Organization XIII battle. No one has ever been able to get more than three different Organization bosses at the same time since the game can't handle all of that data simultaneously."

    "Well, the Kingdom Hearts 2 discs can't. That's why I ripped the data onto my computer and worked from there."

    "So it's not really hacking KH2, just creating your own fangame based on the current software's capabilities."

    "Pretty much."

    "Kinda reminds me of that fanmade Chrono Trigger midquel that bridged Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. You know, before Square sent that C&D letter?"

    "Meh. Not my fault that they didn't think of it first. Besides, I'm not going to make any money off of it. In its current state, the game is still in beta and most computers wouldn't be able to handle the mods."

    "Wait. What's that file right there? 'Nomura.DAT?'"

    "I haven't been able to figure that out yet. It's one of those key files that seems to hold the entire game together. It can't be modded or hacked without severely corrupting the entire game."

    "Maybe Nomura put his own secret avatar in the hidden depths of the game where no mere player can see him?"

    "Yeah, right. If that were true, the internet would've heard about it by now."

    "Still, you really think it's a good idea to alter the very essence of the game itself?"

    "Why not? I beat the game legitimately hundreds of time. I think I deserve it. Besides, it's not like the changes will affect anything in canon anyway..."

    * * *

    "Wow. Just wow." Kairi closed her eyes and let out a sigh of contentment as she snuggled up closer to Sora. After a plethora of "physical activities," Sora and Kairi lay outside on the deck of their honeymoon suite. There was a slight chill in the air as the couple cuddled underneath the starry night backdrop. To stay warm, Sora had offered his half-jacket to her, but that didn't stop them from pressing up against each other for body heat.

    The Keyblade master smiled at the lovely girl curled up against his chest. "Not bad for our first time, huh?"

    "Are you kidding? That felt so..." Kairi's shoulders bunched up from happiness. "...exhilarating!"

    Sora gently brushed his fingers through her long, red hair. "You're sure you haven't done it before?"

    "When I'm with you, I feel like I can do anything," Kairi murmured dreamily. Her eyes suddenly snapped open when she felt something hard pressing up against her thigh. "Um, Sora..."


    She raised her head up slightly and smirked at him. "Is that your Keyblade or are you still happy to see me?"

    Sora couldn't hide his surprise at the playful accusation. He immediately reached underneath the makeshift blanket, rummaged around for a bit, and pulled out Kairi's Keyblade. "Does this answer your question?"

    Kairi giggled. "I was wondering where that went." The Princess of Heart took it from his hands and casually tossed it aside before resting her head back against his chest. "You haven't done this with any other girls, have you?" she asked mock-suspiciously.

    Sora knew better than to take her seriously. "Why? Jealous?" The sound of his heavy breathing felt soothing to her ears.

    "Maaaaybe." She traced a finger lazily over Sora's chest. "Doing it under the stars is the best part." Then her head perked up. "Can we do it again?"

    Seeing the excitement in her eyes, Sora flashed a toothy grin. "You're not exhausted?"

    Kairi laughed. "No way! I love it!"

    The bushy-haired youth inhaled deeply and let out a satisfied sigh before replying, "Of course!"

    "Careful, Sora," Roxas said. "If this keeps up, Kairi might break you."

    "Oh, buck up, Roxas," Naminé teased. "How many times have we almost died now? Your body can take it."

    "I still can't believe it," Kairi said. "I really flew! If this is what sex feels like, then I can't wait until we get married for real!"

    "Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Kairi," the Memory Witch replied.

    "It was nice of Peter Pan to give us this honeymoon package even after calling off the wedding," the redhead continued.

    Sora nodded. "Tell me about it. I've always wanted to take you back here ever since I learned how to fly. Almost wondered if you'd actually believe me or not."

    "It's all about the happy thoughts," Roxas added.

    "Happy, not perverted, right?" Naminé joked. "No English nannies or chimney sweepers needed!"

    Kairi sat up with Sora following suit. "Seriously, Sora. We would've been mobbed if it weren't for you..."

    * * *

    Olette's eyes fluttered open in a daze. She found herself sitting in a pew in-between Hayner and Pence, who both seemed groggy themselves. Looking around the wedding hall, she realized that she wasn't the only one who was confused.

    "What's going on?" Hayner rubbed his eyes sleepily and stared at her.

    "I have no idea. Last thing I remember was that Sora was up at the altar and we were taking bets whether Kairi would go through with this or not." He glanced up at said altar. "Speaking of which, where is Sora?"

    "Riku's missing too," Pence observed.

    To everyone's astonishment, a corridor of darkness erupted out in the middle of the aisles, causing everyone to rip open their smuggled packages and don their weapons. Donald gave a sideways glare at Goofy.

    "Uh, Goofy?" Donald began. "I thought you were in charge of security."

    "Yup!" Goofy thrust his chest out proudly. "I'm Captain of the Royal Knights!"

    "Then how did all the wedding guests bring their weapons inside with them?"

    Goofy shrugged. "Gawrsh, I dunno. All of 'em were carrying long, thin boxes for the weddin'. I thought they were the presents."

    Donald crossed his arms and started tapping his webbed foot in impatience. "Were they wrapped?"

    "Hmm..." Goofy took off his hat and scratched his head. "Now that you mention it, I don't believe so." Donald smacked his forehead in disbelief.

    "Kairi, wait for us!" The Princess of Heart burst out of the portal followed by Sora and Riku. "We're back!" Sora exclaimed. The corridor evaporated, leaving the group smackdab in the middle of a circle of weapons, causing them to flinch.

    "It's them!" Selphie yelled. There was a collective sigh of relief as blades, guns and magic were lowered. The other teenagers ran up to the Keyblade wielders and gave them affectionate hugs.

    "Kairi! Why aren't you wearing your wedding gown?" Olette raised an eyebrow. "Did you get cold feet after all?"

    "And what happened to the tuxedo I lent you?" Tidus asked Sora.

    Before the former bride and groom could answer, Riku cut them off. "I think we better get the announcement over with. The sooner, the better."

    Kairi cleared her throat and cupped her hands in front of her mouth to shout over the commotion the other wedding guests were making. "Attention, everyone! I'm sorry, but the wedding's off!"

    There was a moment of silence as her words sunk in. Then everyone responded with a huge "WHAT?!"

    "I know this will be hard to believe, but this entire wedding was a plot to destroy everyone's worlds again!"

    "Don't worry, though. We took care of it!" Sora chimed in.

    Riku walked up to King Mickey and got down on one knee to speak easier.

    "I'm sorry, your Majesty. The letter you got from Ansem the Wise was actually forged by Xehanort beforehand."

    The King looked slightly wary. "How do you know this?"

    "It's a long story and now might not be a good time to give you the details. But we're telling the truth." King Mickey shifted his gaze towards Sora and Kairi, who affirmed Riku's statements with quick nods.

    "If what you say is true..." The King smiled warmly at the trio. "...then there's no reason to continue the ceremony, is there?"

    "So what happens now?" Olette asked. "You're not seriously thinking of sending the guests home after all the trouble of getting them here, are you?" Indeed, the crowd was getting restless and Kairi didn't know what to tell them. She turned to Riku.

    "Any ideas?" Riku crossed his arms and dropped his head deep in thought.

    Surprisingly, it was Sora who came up with the solution. "We're still having the reception!" he called out. "So, free food!"

    The wedding hall went silent again, only to be broken by Jack Sparrow shouting "To the rum!" Everyone misheard him say 'room,' but cheered nonetheless. With the mob crisis averted, the wedding guests began clearing out to the reception hall.

    The Destiny Island trio waited until the wedding hall was empty before releasing sighs with relief.

    "Figures," Kairi said, shaking her head. "Of course they wouldn't care less as long as there's free stuff."

    "Almost like they're pirates," Roxas observed.

    "Well, one of them is a pirate," Naminé corrected him. "I guess that would make the rest of them his crew?"

    Sora wrapped an arm around Kairi's waist, giving her a quick one-armed squeeze. "Looks like you're not going to have to worry about ruling Radiant Garden after all, Kairi."

    The redhead winked at him coyly. "Just because I'm a Princess of Heart doesn't necessarily mean I have to rule over something. Look at Alice and Belle!"

    "Regardless, I think we should keep the rest of the exposition to ourselves for the time being." Sora and Kairi looked stunned at Riku's suggestion, making the silver-haired teen chuckle. "I mean let's enjoy the party first. No reason to spoil it!"

    The trio snapped out of their private conversation bubble when the sounds of expensive china breaking and Stitch's cackling echoed from the reception hall.

    "Somebody catch that panda!" Mushu's voice rang out.

    The Keyblade wielders looked at each other with smiles of amusement and without another word, headed off to rescue their friends from an ever-increasing catering bill...

    * * *

    "You know, it's odd," Sora said, stroking his chin thoughtfully. "I looked around for Tarzan, but he seems to have vanished out of existence. I asked around for him, but no one knew who I was talking about. Maybe Nomura wasn't able to restore him or something."

    "Could he have swapped his data with Tron?" Roxas suggested. "I'm surprised that he was outside the datascape this time around."

    "Now that I think about it, I don't think you ever mentioned Tarzan at all until the wedding," Kairi pointed out.

    "I haven't? Strange. Maybe Naminé didn't put all my memories back exactly the way they were."

    "Hey, don't blame this on me. It's not my fault that a naked man in a loincloth wasn't imprinted deep into your psyche."

    "Aren't we all naked under our clothes?" Roxas quipped. "Goodness knows you girls have proved that."

    "How exactly do you know that?" Naminé gasped in surprise. "You shouldn't have any memory of me being naked!"

    "What?! I was talking about Kairi! When were you naked?" Roxas paused in thought. "You Mind Crushed me again, didn't you?"

    "No," Naminé responded flatly. "To prove my point, I will now perform the Jedi Mind Meld."

    "Naminé? Let him be." Kairi pursed his lips. "You can't solve everything with a lobotomy."

    "Not to mention you combined Star Wars and Star Trek again," Sora added.

    "As tempting as it is, changing Sora's alter egos whenever something bad happens to us might be stunting his maturity growth," Kairi said. The corners of her mouth started to twitch downward.

    Noticing the slight frown on her lips, Sora could tell there was something on her mind. "What's up, Kairi?"

    "Nothing, just reflecting." She stifled a yawn. "Remember when I said to you 'Don't ever change?'"

    "How could I forget? Sunset on the dock with just the two of us." Sora absentmindedly caressed the tips of his fingers down Kairi's neck, causing thrills down her spine. "If anything, you ended up changing more than me."

    Kairi flashed him a mocking grin. "You're still the adorable, lazy bum I grew up with."

    "You know, I've been wondering about that for a while now. What kind of bum are you referring to? A lazy butt or..."

    "What, did you want Sora to don a beige trenchcoat and an orange knit hat shaking a styrofoam cup and shouting 'Change?! You got change?!'"

    Naminé's voice shivered. "Gee, thanks a lot, Roxas. Now I can't get the image of Sora with facial hair out of my head."

    Sora smiled from ear to ear and began rubbing his thumb and forefinger near the edge of his lips. "I've always wanted to twirl a curly mustache."

    "I swear, you can forget about kissing me if you end up with a face full of fuzz. You know how prickly and uncomfortable that can be?"

    "It's like if we forgot to shave our..." Naminé stopped herself. "Just...don't grow anything, okay?"

    "I really doubt we'll turn into a werewolf like Saix's mother," Roxas replied.

    "I feel a bit guilty about Riku," Sora said suddenly.

    Kairi raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

    "All the hustle and bustle for our wedding and I don't think Riku was able to pick up any girls."

    "Please. That's because he wasn't even trying. But now that you mention it, who was that girl with Tidus? I don't think I've seen her before."

    "Her? That was Yuna. She's actually a faerie taking on a human form," Sora explained. "I think that she's dating him now."

    "Interesting." Sora looked slightly taken back from Kairi's indifference. "What?"

    "You don't seem that surprised about her being a faerie."

    "Sora, we live in a universe with yellow canary-ostrich hybrids and Moogles. Faeries turning into human girls are considered a normal thing around here."

    "You know, it's strange," Naminé commented. "Even though they have no memories of fighting alongside each other, everyone still seemed to be drawn together into groups by game."

    "Like Leon and Selphie? Or Auron, Tidus and Wakka?" Sora shrugged. "Maybe they were destined to meet regardless. Getting everyone together for the wedding just happened to speed up that meeting."

    "Speaking of games, doesn't it bother you to know that our entire lives have been chronicled into a video game franchise?" Kairi took a look around at her surroundings warily. "There are literally thousands of people out there that know our private lives, watching every move we make, holding power over whether we win or die." Even though she had body heat and Sora's jacket, she couldn't help but shiver slightly. "Now that it's pretty much been confirmed we're not completely in control of our journey, there's always going to be this tiny part of me that doubts whether I'm in full control of my actions or not."

    "I wouldn't worry too much about it, Kairi." Kairi tilted her head, curious. "If anything, everyone will be watching me, Riku and Roxas."

    "Not to mention my panties," the redhead muttered darkly. "Seriously, Nomura couldn't have just made underneath my dress a black hole?"

    Roxas started to say something, but quickly decided against it. "I'm not touching that with a ten-foot pole."

    "Or any other part of your body," Naminé countered.

    Sora suddenly grinned. "Okay, how about the rest of your body?"

    Before Kairi could react, Sora flipped her over and straddled her, locking her arms against her sides.

    "So, I can't touch...here?" He gave a quick tickle poke to her ribs, eliciting a squeak from Kairi. "Or...here?" Sora swiftly prodded her other side. "Or here, or here, orhereorhereorhereorhere..." Dropping all pretenses, Sora rapidly began tickling up and down Kairi's ribcage like playing a keyboard with her giggles as the symphonic piece.

    "NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The redhead tried to buck Sora off of her, but his body weight kept her helplessly immobile. All she could do was kick her feet wildly in the air with endless mirth.

    Despite having been ruthlessly tickle tortured a few times throughout her adventure, Kairi was surprisingly okay with Sora doing this to her. Although he was being merciless in making her laugh, the feeling of his touch on her body sent tingles pulsating throughout her nervous system. Maybe it was the strong bond of trust they had with each other or the fact that she had wished that he'd always be close to her, but there was no fear or reluctance within her mind or heart.

    Kairi was truly enjoying herself, but had a daring idea in mind. When Sora let up for a few seconds, she burst out with "Hey, Roxas! Want to get Naminé too?"

    "WHAT?!" Naminé protested, but Kairi was already in the middle of shifting bodies. Naminé struggled to remain out of the nerve endings' reach, resulting in both girls to be in a melded, limbo-like state. The boys were slightly taken back to see Naminé with Kairi's shoulder-length hair and red highlights.

    Not to be shown up like this, Sora and Roxas attempted to do the same thing, resulting in Roxas with Sora's brown hair with blonde highlights, giving the illusion of a brilliant gold flame on their heads.

    "Roxas! Don't you dare!" Naminé tried to plead with a cute doe-eyed pout, but the adorable gesture backfired as it only spurned more motivation for the ticklers to continue. The boys dug their fingertips into the girls' closed armpits and began vibrating inside the soft, sensitive hollows.

    Both lovers somehow managed to teeter in-between identities, synchronized to be able to enjoy and experience simultaneously. Naminé was reminded of the last tickle torture session she had experienced with Xemnas and the tentacles, but the difference this time was that she had an outlet for her laughter.

    The endorphins running through the girls were given a sudden spike when the boys quickly stopped the assault and planted their lips over the girls', eliciting surprised, but welcome, moans of pleasure.

    "So soft..." Kairi thought as she melted in Sora's arms. When they finally broke apart, Kairi had reverted back to her complete self while Sora had done the same. She could feel her face radiating with warmth from both blushing and recovering from the tickles.

    When she finally regained her voice, she asked "What brought that on?"

    "You sounded like you needed some cheering up," Sora said, still grinning. "It's not like you to still be brooding when everyone we care about is alive and well."

    "But what about-" Sora placed a finger on her lips.

    "I'm not leaving you behind this time." Sora rolled off of Kairi and gently brushed her cheek with the back of his fingers. "I promise."

    Kairi smiled a non-forced grin this time. "I'm sure you say that to all the girls," she giggled.

    "He probably does," Naminé chimed in. Roxas couldn't help but laugh.

    Kairi got to her feet and extended her hand out to Sora. "We'll go together."

    Sora enthusiastically grabbed her outstretched hand and nodded. "Yeah!" As soon as he was upright, Kairi dragged him hurriedly toward the nearest railing and over the edge of the deck. Adrenaline pumped through their bodies as the two tumbled into freefall, plunging into the great void.

    "WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!" As soon as the couple dropped far enough, the thoughts of being with each other filled their hearts and they began spiraling upward into the starry night sky. Looking back, they watched in awe as their honeymoon suite, Captain Hook's stolen pirate ship, sparkled with fairy dust in the soft moonlight. They hovered silently in one spot, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.

    "Hey, Sora?"

    "Yeah, Kairi?"

    "There's something I've been wanting to tell you for a while now..."

    "I love you, Kairi." Kairi's eyes widened at Sora's sudden confession.

    "You dork! I was about to say that!" She smacked him playfully on the shoulder.

    "Well, there's nothing stopping you from saying it now," Naminé said.

    Kairi sighed. "Fine. Sora, I lo-"

    "Get a room, you two!" Sora and Kairi jumped at the familiar voice. Riku was flying toward them with an amused expression on his face.

    "Oh, come on!" Kairi glared at Riku. "Really, Riku?! Really?"

    "What? I needed to ask-"

    "I was about to...ERGH!"

    Riku glanced at Kairi and then back at Sora. "Oh. You two were having a moment. Sorry about that." Awkwardly excusing himself, the silver-haired teen flew around the other side of the ship and out of sight.

    Kairi rolled her eyes. "Why's Riku here again? You know what, doesn't matter right now." She waited a few seconds to make sure there weren't any more sudden interruptions. Sora looked at her expectedly. "Sora, I-"


    The redhead's jaw dropped. "What."

    "Sorry, that's my phone." Sora reached into his pocket and looked at it. "Oh, it's from the King. I wonder what he wants." Before Sora could pick up, in her unvanquished frustration, Kairi snagged the phone and chucked it back onto the ship.

    "Damn it, Sora! I love you, okay?!" And then in a quieter tone, "I love you, Sora. With all my heart." Kairi leaned in and kissed her shining knight with all of the passion she had reserved for him.

    When their lips broke apart again, Sora chuckled. "Hmm...I think I can get used to this."

    "Congratulations, you've been promoted to make-out partner," Kairi teased, lightly tapping him on the nose.

    "Wait, what was I before?" Kairi only giggled. Taking his hand in hers, she gave him an affectionate look.

    "Ready, SIR Sora?"

    "But, of course, PRINCESS Kairi!"

    "Shall we, SIR Roxas?"

    "I'd be honored, PRINCESS Naminé." And with that, they tightly grasped each other's hand, sealing their hearts' connection eternally and soared through the night sky to wherever the force of destiny would lead them...



    *...OKAY, PROBABLY NOT...*

    * * *

    On September 30, 2007, I wrote what was originally a One-Shot of what I imagined could happen immediately after the epilogue of Kingdom Hearts 2 for the KH-Vids forum. Surprisingly, I had positive feedback to continue with the scenario, which spurned me on to keep writing. At first, I was able to get at least one chapter a day. But as time went on, I started to lose speed, motivation, and eventually, I burned out. I stopped updating on Chapter 39 because the ideas wouldn't come to me naturally anymore. I had plans to extend the free-for-all into an elimination battle, but it ended up being more than I could handle.

    It was two years later that I realized that the reason I had lost interest was because I was no longer focusing on Kairi and Namine anymore. When I realized that, I scrapped the elimination idea and limited it to the four parts as seen in the final draft. With newfound motivation, I kept working at it, even going so far as to breaking my self-imposed rule of not involving anyone else beyond the first three games.

    And now after over five years, I can finally say that I've finished my first multi-chapter story. I hope you've enjoying reading it and I'd like to say thank you for all the support and not giving up on this.

    Final Count: 50 chapters, ~524 pages in a Word Document, ~140,997 words.
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    Nice Execution for the final page! And yes, my last reply was a bit of a joke, but you never know, some people may not like the thread, but they probably will never respond, cuz they're haters. Anyway, you have my thanks of making one of my days alive (NOT SPECIFYING THAT I'LL DIE, FAR FROM IT!) worth my time.
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    Wow I finally finished it. The second to last chapter kind of threw me off with how strange it was, but you somehow made it make sense. XD I'll probably have to reread this story again some day.
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    I'll be honest here, I pretty much joined the site because of this story (and the small matter of no ads in the cutscenes :D). The fluidity of the writing, dynamic fight scenes and the characters! You started by staying true to the characters as Nomura made them, them developed them as their experiences grew. So thank you DF. Thank you for writing this.