A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future: Sora and Kairi's Wedding

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    Oh MY God.
    That was amazing, wow.
    seriously.. wow.
    I really can't wait for the Roxas vs. Roxas battle.
    Riku making jokes means everythings serious.
    awesome chapter
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    just read it. may i just say fantastic chapter i loved it, and please take as long as you need because if this next chapter is going to be as good as this chapter its gonna be one great, brilliant, packed full of awesomeness chapter.

    Thank you for writing this fanfic DF you is awesome.
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    Great story, I really enjoyed it, only one thing really bugged me, but I'm not gonna say, b/cuz It's a irritating subject for me, because I'm such a die hard FFVII fan, and I might get a little accusative, but great story :]
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    Ooh, I had another great battle idea! Saïx versus Leon, Cloud (and if he for some reason shows up) Seifer! Let the battle of big swords (or foam bats), scars and vocal-chords begin! Oh, Destiny's Force, d'you have any idea when you're gonna update, I keep on coming to check the thread nearly daily... You're up-dating Swithced before this, right?
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    Personally, I think leon and Saix would wear each other out, then Seifer would come in and just bonk them with his bat.{BONK!} ...Ow! Hey, I said that you would win! (siefer) "yeah, but you made it sound like it could only happen if they were weakened. Do it right!" (Me)Fine, just don't bonk me anymore...
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    I can NEVER forget this story. But there's a few reasons why I've updated Switched over this one.

    1. Switched chapters are shorter, easier to handle and update.

    2. This next chapter for Wedding is a 30-on-13 fight. I have to coordinate everyone's movements so it just doesn't seem so splattered together.

    3. I want to make sure this next fight is done properly. In other words, I want to do it justice by making it as chaotic, but organized as possible.

    4. Since I just started in my university, it's hard to find time this semester because I'm taking three English classes and two Writing Intensive classes. In layman's terms, multiple 3-4/6-8/8-10 page papers due every week. I can't afford to fall behind. It's the downside of being an English major. :sideways:

    So, I really, REALLY want to update this, but I don't want it to suffer from a shoddy job. I want to make sure I'm able to focus on this without my academics suffering and do this next chapter justice.

    Besides, it's hard to think of how to continue this story when I can't stop and visualize the countless fanservice that keeps me motivated. :sweat:

    Anyways, thank you for being patient with me. I'll try not to disappoint. ;)
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    Hey DF great story but i just have one question: Will Xion (Riku's nobody) make an appereance in this?
    Well if any didnt know about her she is gonna be in KH 358/2 days and she looks like Kairi but she has black hair, but i seen her, Axel and Roxas sitting on the tree that Sora, Kairi and Riku sit ontop of (or lean on watever). Well im just curious hehe
    If you wanted to check it out it is at: http://www.kingdomhearts3.net/
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    It has not been confirmed that Xion is Riku's nobody. And she probably isn't. If you really want a Xion fic, look at the one in my sig.
    I really hope DF updates soon. And I also hope Xion makes an appearance.
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    I can never remember where I last left off, and every time I try to read, I think on the wrong chapter. It's a good thing DF's taking forever coordinating, because I have other stories to read after this one...0-0

    Kingdom hearts comes to Earth and the Seqeual.

    That's my list for now.
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    I don't care if it takes a year or 5 years. He'll update it whenever he wants to because it's his story, and he can do whatever he wants with it. (Within reason and the forum rules, that is.)
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    The Reckoning...(1 of 4)

    Note from author: I know it's been awhile, but the super mega update that I was planning was too much for me to handle. Also, I've come to realize that an update is better than no update. It's my two-year anniversary since I've joined and I guess now would be a good time as any to post it. Hope this was worth the wait!

    "C'mon, c'mon! Pick up!"



    "Sora? Are you awake?"

    "Huh? Kairi? That you? Did I oversleep for our wedding?"

    "No, no! Sorry, but I couldn't sleep."


    "It's just...it's just something's been bothering me for awhile now and I finally remembered what it is."


    "Sora? Sora, are you still there?"

    "Huh, wha-ba...Uh, what?"

    "I've gotta know, Sora. When you restored Destiny Islands and you were fading over the horizon, what exactly were you yelling at me?"

    "What was I yelling? You mean after the 'I'll come back to you! I promise!'?"

    "Yeah, that. Were you yelling my name or..."

    "You really want to know?"

    "Yeah, I wanna know."

    "You're serious?"

    "Please, Sora! I can't sleep without knowing!"

    "...fine. I was yelling, 'Kairi! I think I'm pregnant! And you're the father!'"



    "Are you trying to be funny?"

    "Kairi, it's 4 AM. I'm still half-asleep. I couldn't be funny if I tried."

    "Um...ooookay...Maybe I shouldn't have asked..."

    "It was either that or I said that you were pregnant and Riku was the father..."

    "Er...sorry for waking you up Sora."

    "Or was it Hayner that was the father and Donald was the mother..."

    "I'm going to hang up now."

    "Pluto and Goofy?"

    "Good night, Sora. I'll see you in the morning."

    "Or was it Haley Joel Osment and-"


    "Uh, hello? Kairi? Are you still there? Hello?"

    * * *

    "Any advice from a seasoned veteran?" Hayner muttered to Leon, readjusting his grip on the Gunblade.

    "Squall" only gave him a sideways glance, not daring to turn his head away from their opponents. "Grip your sword, clench your teeth and swing like crazy."

    "Wait a tick!" Captain Jack Sparrow pushed his way past Cloud and Auron, brushed some loose braids out of his face and squinted. His eyes widened as he recognized the Gambler of Fate. "You're that bloody Organizer who cursed me!"

    Luxord only smirked. "Don't hate the player, hate the game," he retorted curtly.

    "And that's the one who woke the dragon!" Mulan shouted, pointing her sword at Xigbar.

    "Oh yeah?" Xigbar chuckled. "Why don't you prove it was me?"

    "Xaldin..." The Prince bared his teeth and snarled to which the Whirlwind Lancer reciprocated.

    "Hey!" Hercules' muscles rippled as he pointed at Demyx. "You're that guy that took the Olympus Stone!"

    Demyx stomped his foot, reddish-brown dust flying from the impact. "For the last time, I WASN'T stealing! I was only borrowing!"

    Pence felt the flamethrower begin to shift off balance, so he hefted it back to the center of his chest. "So these are the guys responsible for this whole mess?" he grunted.

    "It does not matter how many of your so-called "friends" you have," the Superior said in his usual calm demeanor. "We nothings will not disappear into the void. Not again."

    "Dude, don't you ever speak using contractions?" Tidus taunted. "Who do you think you are, Data from Star Trek?"

    Larxene's eyebrows suddenly shot up in shock before her face twisted into a look of disgust. "That better be your chakram touching my butt, Axel," she growled without turning her head.

    Axel raised his eyebrow from the other end of the line. "Hello? I'm waaaaay over here. How am I...more importantly, WHY would I even be anywhere near your butt?"

    The Savage Nymph's gaze snapped to the other corner of her eyes. "Demyx?"

    Demyx popped his head out from behind Luxord and waved half-heartedly. "Um, I'm over here."


    "Why would I waste my time with you?" Vexen mused. Then under his breath, he added, "It's not like you have anything a man wouldn't have anyway."

    Larxene whipped around with the intent to kill, when she discovered what the long, pointy object was. "Xigbar!" She slammed him across the face. "If those arrows poke me again, you're going to need more than just another eyepatch!"

    From their posse of teenage fighters, Olette and Selphie couldn't help but giggle. Their chuckles quickly turned to gasps as they felt their own butts being poked. Instinctively, they whirled around and smacked Hayner and Tidus with their nunchucks. "What is wrong with you two?!" Selphie snapped.

    The boys flinched with fear as they saw the unforgiving fire in both girls' eyes. "We're sorry!" Tidus quickly apologized.

    "It was an accident!" Hayner added.

    Olette gave them a disapproving glare. "Keep those swords pointed away from us!"

    Sora, Riku and Kairi let out a collective sigh of disappointment from their position at the front of the group. "If either of you poke my butt, I'm gonna be collecting your guy's life insurance policies a lot sooner than you think," Kairi said. "I've had enough of being groped for the rest of my life."

    "We wouldn't dream of it," Riku assured her.

    "Wait..." Sora ruffled his bushy hair. "What life insurance policies?"

    "Enough talk!" Larxene snapped, the kunai between her fingers twitching. "These idiots are good as dead!"

    Sora snorted with amusement. "Tough talk from people who resorted to gang-banging three weary and exhausted teenagers!" He tightened the grip on his Keyblade.

    "Foolish boy!" Vexen cackled. "If you only knew the other half of the story!"

    Kairi's hair rippled over her bare shoulders as she shook her head angrily. "You know what? We don't care anymore!" she spat.

    "Whatever reasons you may have had, it doesn't matter." Riku pointed his Keyblade at Vexen. "Everything you've done to us, to the worlds, is unforgivable. Whatever happens next..." He resumed his battle stance. "...is your doing."

    Sora, Riku and Kairi stood at the forefront of their group. Xemnas, Marluxia and Saïx did the same.

    It was an unbelievable sight. Two opposing armies, forces of nature with unmatched ferocity. Every individual had their own reasons for fighting. But this battle was no longer about light and dark, good and evil, nothings or hearts. There was only one thing left to do.

    Fight. Attack with everything that was possible. The battle lines had been drawn. It was now an all-out war.

    In one synchronized thunderous roar came the combined shouts of the Destiny Island trio and Xemnas: "ATTACK!"

    As the two sides collided, the entire arena shook on impact. The unstoppable force met the impenetrable wall. Weapons and projectiles flew as chaos reigned.

    It had begun.

    * * *

    The Gambler of Fate twirled a card lazily between his gloved fingers. Despite the great shift in odds, his gamer's spirit couldn't be more thrilled. After all, he had faced worse. Taking an almost dramatic leap of showsmanship, Captain Jack Sparrow landed almost drunkenly in front of Luxord's feet with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell trailing behind.

    "Send this pestilent, traitorous, cow-hearted, yeasty codpiece to the brig," Sparrow blathered.

    "Aye aye, captain!" Peter responded, his dagger at the ready.

    Luxord stared at the Pixie Boy. "And who are you supposed to be? An 80's Batman sidekick?"

    "Not exactly your typical pirate, is he?" Peter muttered to Tink. "I can picture him with the Village People, though..."

    "This from someone who hangs around with a gnat?" Luxord thought to himself. Summoning a pair of giant cards and grabbing one in each hand, he card flipped through the air at Sparrow. Bringing down their sharp edges in an overhead arc, Luxord's weapons managed to nick the toes of the Captain's boots. "I guess you're slightly more competent than I thought," he taunted.

    "Oh, it's going to be THAT way, eh?" Sparrow swung his blade for a headshot, but Luxord managed to deflect the blow with another card. "This is all a game to you, is it?" Jack twisted his body for another attack, his blade slicing through the air. A spiral of cards flew from Luxord's sleeve, smashing Jack in the solar plexus like a blunt drill before swatting him away.

    "And here I believed you were just some haggard drunk!" Luxord suddenly took a step back and his entire body became two-dimensional, causing Peter to overshoot his target and miss his attack. The Gambler became his full form again and tapped his temple with his finger mockingly. "Sorry, but playing the numbers game won't help you."

    As the boy screeched to a halt, Jack was able to recover long enough to yank his sword back and take a stab towards Luxord. The sword's tip was only inches from a critical hit when a cold blunt object slammed Sparrow across the back of his head, knocking him off his feet. His vision swimming, Sparrow could barely make out the icy, blue shield of Vexen gliding toward him for another attack.

    Fortunately for the Captain, Cloud, Olette and Selphie were on their way to provide backup. The girls snapped their nunchucks at Vexen, but their weapons barely made a scratch through the thick slab of ice. Vexen let out his hearty laugh, causing Cloud to cringe. "No! It's Hojo!"

    "Really?" Olette ran her fingers through her hair thoughtfully. "He sounds more like this one anime voice actor that you always hear about."

    Cloud shook his head. "I've never watched TV in my life."

    The girls gave him incredulous looks. "Wow. You've been to places full of technology and you haven't even seen a single anime show?" Selphie shook her head. "What kind of metal pie plate have you been living under?"

    "Well, excuse me for trying to find out about my past."

    "Riiiiight." Olette put her hands on her hips. "If I remember correctly, you spent your childhood looking through girls' drawers."

    "Wha-" Cloud's face looked like he had been slapped, but he quickly retained his composure. "I already told Tifa that I wasn't being serious."

    Vexen couldn't help but widen his eyes in amazement. "Ooh! You do that too?"

    "Stay out of this!" Cloud brandished his sword wildly and leapt in the air. Despite the power and huge size of Cloud's weapon (just like everyone else's), his Buster Sword only managed to cut a deep groove into Vexen's shield.

    "Oh, I'm sorry," Vexen said with a tone that was far from sorry. "Did I touch a nerve? You don't seem to be Heartless or Nobody, yet I sense darkness residing within you..."

    "Who do you think you are, Sigmund Freud?!" Cloud hacked and slashed at Vexen with unmatched ferocity. "I've been through more than you can ever imagine! What makes you think you know me?!" Vexen only laughed, taunting him by gliding just barely out of his sword's range.

    "Oh, but I do know about you, Cloud Strife." Vexen raised an eyebrow at him. "I'm a scientist after all. And everything that Sora knows..." He grinned. "...I know."

    "I don't know why, but I'm getting chills down my spine every time this Vexen guy opens his mouth," Olette said in a sideways stage whisper to Selphie.

    "I think that's the whole point of the ice thing." Selphie pursed her lips thoughtfully. "I kinda see why Kairi was afraid of him." The girls exchanged glances before turning their attention back to Vexen. Using non-verbal communication, they quickly understood what they needed to do. While Vexen was focused on taunting the spiky-haired blonde, Selphie positioned herself behind him. She swung her weapon around like a grappling hook and flung the free end toward Olette. The Twilight girl managed to grab it and pull the rope tight just moments before Vexen foolishly glided right into the makeshift trip wire. He flailed his arms wildly attempting to regain his balance, but to no avail. As Vexen's head slammed into the hard, rocky terrain, the girls dashed over and began tying his ankles together with Selphie's weapon.

    "Bondage?" he muttered. As the girls attempted to pull the rope tight, Vexen swiped his shield, slicing the weapon in two, causing his would-be captors to fall flat on their butts. Gracefully rising up to his feet like a blowup doll, Vexen waved his arm out in a dramatic flourish. "Fortunately for me, I still have all of the data I collected."

    Selphie gasped as she massaged her poor posterior. "You don't mean..."

    Vexen raised his arm. A dark ball of energy formed in the middle of his palm. "Prepare to meet Kairi's dark form!" he cackled. The shadowy ball of energy burst into hot blinding light.

    The Chilly Academic's smug grin was immediately replaced with a weak snarl. To his chagrin, the only shadow creature he summoned was Anti-Sora. As the poor creature hopped up and down with its head bobbing left and right, Vexen could only stare at it in disbelief. He kneaded his forehead and sighed "Maybe I'm getting too old for this," right before being body checked by Jack Sparrow.

    "Forgot about me, have you?" As Vexen struggled to recover his balance, Sparrow and Cloud both took flying leaps and brought down their swords with windbreaking speed. The combined force of both swordsmen's weapons shattered Vexen's shield leaving the Chilly Academic wide open. Before either of them could follow up with another attack, two giant cards popped up to shield Vexen.

    "Forgot about me, have you?" Luxord echoed, mocking Sparrow. The Gambler flipped over Vexen, grabbing the giant cards and slashing them in a downward arc, forcing both Captain and ex-Soldier to deflect the attack.

    Meanwhile, Anti-Sora hopped around like a frog on meds, unable to stay still.

    "Eww!" Selphie crinkled her nose in disgust. "Not that thing!" Anti-Sora's head snapped up and its peering yellow eyes locked onto hers. "Me and my big mouth," she muttered fearfully. Without warning, the faux Sora galloped toward her, an almost hungry look on its non-existent face. Before the poor girl could ready her weapon, Anti-Sora rushed toward her, covering the distance between them in seconds. A soft scream left her lips as the creature tackled her to the ground and began pawing at her chest greedily.

    "Selphie!" Olette cried. As she ran to help her sexually molested friend, Vexen rose serenely to his feet, concentrating on freezing the water molecules that hung in the air to reform his shield.

    "What do you think you're doing, you imbecile?!" Vexen snapped at Anti-Sora. "You don't attack without my orders!" As he glided forward to help his creation, Peter suddenly swooped out of nowhere and managed to slash his dagger across Vexen's face, drawing blood.

    "Come on, you codfish!" Peter taunted. Vexen gently touched the newly formed cut on his cheek with his gloved fingers.

    "Kid, you're pushing it!" Vexen raised his shield. His eyes glowed an icy blue as he froze the molecules in the air to form his giant ice sword. "Come to me, Ice Blade!" Peter's eyes widened slightly at its sheer size. He barely managed to fly away from Vexen's swing when Cloud broke away from Luxord and used his weapon to deflect the strike out of its trajectory. Vexen's lip curled into a sneer as he heaved his giant blade up for another attack. "So you want to compare sizes, do you?" The sight of its enormous shape whizzing toward his skull made the Ex-Soldier instinctively bring his Buster Sword up to parry. "I guess it's true with what they say about men with big blades!" Vexen cackled. Although Cloud had experience in battling against opponents with giant weapons, Vexen's Ice Blade made Sephiroth's Masamune look like Peter Pan's dagger.

    "Obviously he's never been to Singapore," Sparrow muttered. His eyes flicked back and forth as he struggled to decide which group to help out. He pointed both his index fingers at the teenage girls. "The wee bonnie lasses ..." Then he swiveled his fingers toward the other ongoing battle between the two pairs of men. "...or them..." His mustached-lip curled at the no-brainer. "Worry about your own fortunes gentlemen. The deepest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers."

    As Jack ran to help the girls (or Anti-Sora, it wasn't clear which), Peter was attempting to hold his own against Luxord. He had fought against many opponents, but the main reason that the "Boy Who Never Grew Up" would always win was because he had always managed to make fun of them, throwing them off their game and eventually forcing them to make a fatal mistake. This wasn't one of those fights. Luxord kept pushing forward and attacking relentlessly, leaving absolutely no room for playful banter or time to recover. For the first time in his seemingly eternal youth, Peter wasn't completely sure he could win this fight.

    Noticing how hard Peter was having to work to keep up caused Luxord to smirk. "You must learn to keep your head in the game, boy," he taunted. "In this grand contest of existence, every card dealt determines the outcome between victory and defeat. For example..." Two giant cards with an orange swirl plastered on its face popped up in Peter's flight path. Before he could react, the boy crashed into them, causing them to explode on contact that sent him hurtling head over heels back into Luxord's range. "You're being too reckless. Making too many unnecessary moves. Believing you could defeat us with merely a numbers advantage." Luxord summoned another pair of cards and slashed the incoming fairy boy across the chest and back as he flew past. "As you can see, putting all your chips in the pool gives..."

    "What happened to the Shakespeare quotes?" Peter wondered as Luxord finished his combo by swatting him into the ground, filling his face with dry, dusty earth.

    Meanwhile, Cloud and Vexen were still at it. "What I would give for some Materia right now," the spiky-haired warrior thought to himself. He ran through his options. Climhazzard, Braver, Omnislash.... All of those attacks required him to be within striking distance. Usually Cloud would be able to just rush up to his enemy and start slashing away, but Vexen was being smart enough to always glide out of his sword's reach. Remembering what little he saw in Kairi's video clips, a nagging thought popped into his mind. "Do these guys even know how to walk anymore? If they're not ice-skating, they're hovering in a wind ball, surfing on geysers or standing upside down."

    Vexen was having similar thoughts. "Youth these days! What is it with them always putting their hair into outrageous hairstyles like some Japanese anime?" His upper lip curled slightly. "That blond spiky hair makes you look like some bisexual prostitute! No wonder you're always with Sephiroth!" He tapped his finger against his temple. "You could probably be his bride!"

    Cloud's eyes narrowed. "That's going too far!" he snapped. His body began to pulsate with a red glow as he twirled his blade above his head. His weapon reverberated with a dull, heavy sound as it sliced through the air. To Vexen's surprise, a small portal opened up above Cloud's head. Small meteors flew out of its gaping maw and shattered Vexen's ice blade.

    Undaunted, Vexen quickly reformed his shield and flew at Cloud. Before his victim could react, Vexen's shield scraped the ground, a chunk of ice tore straight up into Cloud's grip. The ice spike smashed into Cloud's hands, effectively disarming him. The ex-Soldier's eyes fixated on the sword flipping end over end before finally piercing the ground with a heavy SHOONK! Wasting no time, Vexen fired a freeze blast at Cloud's legs encasing them in a chunk of ice. As Cloud struggled with his feet, the Chilly Academic moved the blast upward until his opponent was encased in a mass of ice up to his chin. Vexen flipped his shield around and pointed its sharp tip at Cloud's throat.

    "Your move, soldier," Vexen whispered.

    "No!" Peter spat out a gritty mouthful of dirt, shoved himself off the ground and planted his feet for a running takeoff. Unfortunately, he had forgotten one of the most important rules in battle: "Never turn your back on your opponent." As soon as the boy took his eyes off of Luxord, the crafty gambler took his window of opportunity.

    "I think not." Luxord snapped his fingers and the apparition of a ghostly clock wistfully materialized through Peter's middle. Before he could react, the green-clad kid found himself transformed and trapped into the form of a card.

    Meanwhile, Olette had wrapped her weapon around Anti-Sora's neck and was trying to yank him off her friend, but the creature was too persistent in his quest for knowledge about the female anatomy.

    "Get off of her, you pervert!" Olette shouted as she strained her arms in an attempt to reign him in, but to no avail. Not knowing what else to do, she let go of the noose and went to grab handfuls of hair. Unlike the real Sora, the creature's tufts were extremely oily and Olette couldn't help but cringe from the slippery, disgusting feeling in her sweaty palms. She dug her knee into Anti-Sora's back pulling with all her might. Unfortunately, her fingers slipped from the grease and before she realized it, her grip slipped off and Olette's body snapped backward with nothing but fistfuls of air.

    To her surprise, instead of landing painfully on the unyielding, rocky ground, Olette felt rough, but gentle hands catch her. "Careful, lass." She looked up behind her and found herself with a faceful of braids from the pirate captain. "I'll take care of this." Olette stepped out of the Captain's path as Sparrow took a few steps toward the mismatched couple.

    "Oy! You slimy git!" Sparrow reached for his sword. "Look at what I got!" He unsheathed his blade and pointed it at the creature's throat. Anti-Sora whipped its head around at the instigator and responded with an intimidating hiss, causing Jack to flinch. As Anti-Sora turned back to his prey, the swashbuckler shot a glance at Olette as if asking her what to do. After a few seconds of awkwardness, he decided to take another approach. Sheathing his sword, Sparrow tapped Anti-Sora on the shoulder. As the creature turned to glare at the annoyance once again, Jack quickly twisted his face into what he believed to be an expression of concern. "I know how you must feel, mate. All the pretty lasses in reach...wanting to take what you can, give nothing back." The creature only stared back at him with a blank yellow stare. "I sympathize with you, really. But you could probably do better than them. Like..." Jack pointed over at Tifa on the other side of the field, who was currently in the middle of her own battle with Larxene.

    Selphie waited with bated breath, trying to keep as still as possible. Although, she couldn't help but squirm as the creature's fingers were still cupped around her right breast. As Anti-Sora stared in Tifa's general direction, his head flitted back toward Selphie's scared face before turning back to the Captain...

    ...and the nozzle of his pistol aimed point blank between the eyes.


    As Anti-Sora's form burst into hundreds of tiny bubbles, Sparrow coolly put his gun away and extended a hand to Selphie, helping her to her feet. His braids rippled across his shoulders as he shook his head in amusement.

    "I'd like to see Johnny Depp explain THAT one to the fanbase..."

    * * *

    Luxord reared back with the giant card in his hand, intending to slice its edge into Peter's virtually useless form, when he suddenly felt a sharp prick jab the side of his face. "What the..." The tiny, sparkling form of Tinker Bell was doing her best to protect Peter by slamming flying kick after kick into Luxord's skull. Annoyed and amused at the same time, Luxord summoned a normal-sized playing card and with an almost lazy flick of his wrist, he swatted Tinker Bell, sending the fairy flying. Fortunately for her, the trajectory caused her to hurtle straight towards Cloud. With glittering fairy dust trailing after her, she landed safely in his sharp, yet poofy hair.

    Vexen's eyes followed the pixie dust trail back toward the giant playing card. "Another girl?" he muttered. To Peter's horror, Vexen was staring right at him!

    "Okay, I'll admit before that animated feature film about me came out, I was always played by a girl on stage..." Vexen glided effortlessly toward him undaunted. "...but I've always been a boy!"

    "Your card form is quite interesting," the Chilly Academic muttered wistfully. "A little dissecting seems to be in order..."

    Cloud struggled to break free from his icy block of bondage, but without his sword, he didn't have much leverage. While both Vexen and Luxord's attention were focused elsewhere, Jack Sparrow trotted up toward Cloud and gave the ice casing a wary eye. After studying it for a few seconds, he smiled slightly.

    "Something I've learned in my travels..." Captain Jack wrapped his fingers around the handle of Cloud's buried sword. "Pixie dust is quite flammable."

    With some difficulty, Jack heaved Cloud's giant sword on his shoulders. The incredible weight made him stagger back a few steps, but he eventually caught his balance. In an amazing feat of strength, Captain Sparrow managed to swing the blade along the side of the ice crystal, scraping the sword against the pixie dust and initiated a spark. The entire block erupted into a giant fireball before dissipating into nothingness, revealing Cloud's body covered in soot, but completely unharmed.

    Selphie stared at this phenomenon before noticing the same stunned expression on Olette's face. "That should've been physically impossible, right?"

    As Cloud brushed himself off, Tinker Bell shook the soot off her wings and posterior, causing a sweet, musical tinkling sound. The Captain handed Cloud back his sword. "I don't know how you wield that blade, mate." He gave him a look up and down. "Especially with that cabin boy exterior."

    Cloud smirked. "It's all in the balance." He twirled his sword above his head and blitzed at Vexen. "Thanks for the ice pack. All you did was numb the pain." Before the eldest-looking member of the Organization could react, the Ex-Soldier cracked the giant sword into the already weakened shield with a powerful blow, shattering it to pieces that tinkled into the breeze.

    "How dare you!" Vexen snarled. He started toward Cloud, ice crystals spurting from his fingers, when Luxord shot out his arm in his path, halting him in his tracks.

    "Let me do it," Luxord said. "Since you don't want to play, maybe you'd rather spend the rest of the battle as children's trading cards..." He shook his hand out of his sleeve and readied to snap his fingers.

    Olette glanced over at Selphie before sharing a collective sigh of exasperation. "If you were able to do something like that before, why didn't you just do that to begin with?" She frowned in annoyance. "I mean, all of you have these powers to slaughter us a million times over, yet you keep wasting time playing all these stupid games with us."

    "She's right," Selphie added. "You guys are pretty lame when it comes to using your powers at full potential."

    Vexen crossed his arms. "It's not my fault that they never listen to their elders."

    Luxord bristled his fingers through his chin. "You're not trying to pull rank again, are you?"

    "Well, if everyone had let my Riku finish Sora off at Castle Oblivion instead of conspiring against one another, we'd probably have our hearts by now!"

    "I thought we already had our hearts," Luxord argued. He whipped out a playing card out of his sleeve and pointed it at Vexen. "Or have you been lying to us this entire time?"

    Vexen cringed at the accusatory stare, but quickly regained his composure. "Of course we have our hearts. That was why Kairi was kidnapped in the first place." Luxord's eyes narrowed slightly with suspicion.

    "Good. Because I don't like throwing a game when there's a chance of winning." He glared across the battlefield where Sora was involved in his own fight. "Especially to him." Luxord waved his right hand, the card disappearing into thin air. "But the girls are right. This would be so much easier if the opposition were immobilized." With his fingers at the ready, Luxord prepared to transform everyone else in range into cards...

    There was a loud crash and the next moment, Luxord crumpled to the ground in an unconscious heap. On closer inspection, shards of glass embedded in a brown pile of dirt was caked throughout the short, bristly hair. It took a few seconds before everyone realized the Captain standing directly behind Luxord's fallen body, brushing the dirt off his clothes. "See? Good luck charm." His mustache quivered as he licked his lips. "Well, I'm parched."

    Cloud gave a sideways glance at Tinker Bell. "Do you think he plans it all out, or just makes it up as he goes along?" he wondered out loud. Tinker Bell only shrugged. While the heroes were distracted, Vexen took the opportunity to fall back and regroup with any other member that might help. Olette walked up to Peter, who was still trapped in his card imprisonment. Gently tapping the card, she frowned slightly.

    "Since this guy's defeated, shouldn't Peter be released yet?"

    "I don't think it works that way in here," Cloud said solemnly. "Judging by what Sora's told us about Luxord, the card form is only temporary, but annoying and restricting." He looked at the poor fairy boy's card. "All we can do is wait it out." Tinker Bell flew toward Peter's card and sat on its top edge, pulled her knees up to her chest and sighed.

    Captain Sparrow pulled out a giant jug from seemingly nowhere and popped open its cork. As Jack took a swig, Selphie gasped. "Isn't that Mr. Auron's?"

    "Your point?"

    "But that's..." Before she could finish her sentence, the Captain's eyes rolled back in its sockets and he immediately fell on top of her. The jug fell lifelessly from his grip and began draining out onto the ground. Olette's nose wrinkled as the strong whiff of alcohol wafted toward her nostrils.

    "That smell..." She had to will herself not to throw up. "It reeks worse than one of Hayner's special omelettes!"

    "Can someone get this pirate off of me?!" Selphie cried. As Cloud went to help out Olette with Jack, it dawned on him that although they had managed to take one of the Organization members out of the fight, three of their own side were disabled in the process. They weren't getting out of this without casualties.

    It was victory...or oblivion.
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