A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future: Sora and Kairi's Wedding

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    So I WAS right about Kairi's weakness!!

    Truly excellent chapter that was. Yamikai's death was clever and I'm happy the little witch is finally gone. Too bad that the Keyblade Trio has to take down thirteen Organization members...AT THE SAME TIME, no? The next chapter will be epic, I can feel it.

    I'll be waiting impatiently for the next update. Oh, how good it's going to be!

    Love your siggy, too. ;)

    Way to go, DF.

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    That was... INCREDIBLE. More than Incredible! It was genius, I'm amazed. And the Tickle Torture wins again! lol i totally love this story and wait impatiently for the next chapter.
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    O_o OMG!! You have been given special powers...and with great power comes great...fan-fic writing. Keep amazing us!!
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    A bit extreme with the whole Organization thing being 'revived' but I like it XD
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    ._o How's copy Roxas gonna fight? With lasers alone?

    o: *Plot-hole'd*
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    If Yamikai could summon copies of Roxas' Keyblades, who's to say that Org. Roxas can't do the same thing? :sly:
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    That Tickle Torture was.... Unexpected

    Ive Been Reading For Days And You Are Officially A Writing GOD
    Cant Wait For The Org. Roxas Fight!
    You Rock!
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    Great writing, Destiny Force. As funny as some parts were, it really is all put together very well and you have a nice ability to make your words flow. I love how you brought back Organization XIII as well and the characters all do really seem to act very canon.
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    zomg i finally caught up

    but nooo... i wish the story wud go on forever coz its like my addiction!
    seriously its like 1am nd i cant go to bed coz i need to know what happens... nooo ill go mad

    man i need to get a grip

    great story.. my favourite part? Marluxia outburst of "for the millionth time, I AM NOT GAY"

    oh that cracked me up

    DF your the cooliest! well done with all your fanfics!!!
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    Current Update Status...

    I believe I owe you all an explanation of why it's been taking me so long for an update. I've been working on this next chapter for the past couple weeks, but progress has been pretty slow. Although everything has been leading up to this point, I underestimated how complex this battle was going to be.

    I mean, sure it wasn't bad doing a two-on-one battle. Kairi and Naminé versus an Organization member was pretty manageable. Three-on-one wasn't so bad. Sora, Riku and Kairi versus Yamikai wasn't bad either. But trying to write a battle of three versus ALL thirteen is a bit much. It's not impossible, but trying to direct eighteen different personalities and movements...

    Let's just say this is taking me longer than I originally thought. It'll get done. But I want it to be as great as I hyped it up to be. Thank you for your patience. :)
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    Wow...I just read through this whole story in the past few days and I must say that you are an excellent writer! I really loved the beginning chapters. The disgustingness kind of was a turn off for me...but other than that, that was the best fanfic I have ever read. I can't wait for more!
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    Dude, you rock

    I have to applaud you on a job well done so far with the story, especially the consistency of the character's personalities. I have dabbled in some fiction writing myself(but never in fan-fiction) and found that to be one of the more difficult aspects. Also, I like how you took the original characters and both emphasized things that were noticable in the games, as well as, in some cases, took the characters into a new direction by fleshing them out a bit.

    major kudos dude.

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    Against the Odds...

    "Hey, little dude! Just the person I've been looking for!"

    "Xiggy? What's the rush?"

    "Well, I...wait. What exactly are you doing?"

    "I like to play my sitar. You know that."

    "That's nice, but can't you do it with your pants on? I mean, come on! Amber-squiggled boxers?"

    "What? I love amber! Compliments my aqua blue!"


    "Okay, fine. I'll put my pants back on. Happy?"

    "Yes. Definitely. Anyway, here."

    "Um...a cup? For what?"

    "Xemnas' orders. All the members are supposed to fill that cup up with samples for some secret plan of his."

    "Secret plan?! I love secrets! Tellmetellmetellme! Pleeeease? I'll be your bestest best friend!"

    "Calm down, little dude. To tell the truth, I don't know myself. He's being extremely secretive about this one. Saix tried asking and he got sent to bathroom duty."

    "Ouch. Saix? Bathroom duty? That seems a bit harsh."

    "Considering the Superior treats him more like his number two than me, it means that he's totally serious about it. But..."


    "I DO know that Vexen is in on this. If I had to guess, I'd say that he believes there's a slim chance that the brat with the Keyblade might actually manage to defeat us and he just needs samples from us for a backup just in case."

    "Is he..."

    "...off his rocker? Xemnas? Pfft! As if. He may be spending a lot of time in the Room of Sleep lately, but there's always a method to his madness."

    "Hmm...so about this cup. Everyone's done this already?"

    "Well, Xemnas had Axel's sample from very early on. And he got samples from the members that were stationed at Castle Oblivion beforehand. But the new kid..."

    "Who? Roxas? What exactly has he been up to anyway?"

    "Who knows? The Superior keeps sending him out to collect more hearts with Axel. I haven't seen him around for so long that I almost forgot what he looked like."

    "Well, that stinks. I kinda wanted to get to know him better."

    "Eh. Leave him be. I think he's already got enough pressure on him as it is."

    "So you think that the Superior might be right in taking precautions?"

    "Well, I've got to admit. This plan seems a bit desperate, even for him. But if Roxas is any indicator of how good the real deal is, it wouldn't hurt."

    "Okay, but...when you mean sample, do you..."

    "Oh, yeah. Drop your drawers and let 'er fly."

    "What?! Now?! B-b-but, I can't perform like this! Can't you leave and come back later?"

    "Relax, Demyx. It's just a sample, not a drug test. And besides, your element is water. Going shouldn't be a problem for you."

    * * *

    "We're gonna die, aren't we?" Naminé asked. No one bothered to answer as the Keyblade wielders competed in the staredown of the decade as both sides waited for the other to make a move.

    "This is just too weird," Roxas commented as he glanced at his Org self through Sora's eyes. "It's like looking in some weird funhouse mirror."

    "The only difference is that he's better looking," Sora teased.

    Riku gave him a sideways glance. "Not the time, Sora."

    Suddenly, Xemnas barked out, "Xigbar! Zexion!" The Organization's number two and six stepped forward, auras of power emanating from them. Before they knew what was happening, a slow, blinding haze of white engulfed the Keybladers vision. When the light finally subsided, the Destiny Island trio found themselves standing in the middle of a spacious, barren chasm save some giant rock formations littering the new arena. Brown, rocky cliffs surrounded the battlefield as far as the eye could see. It almost looked like a surreal desert painting, as if centuries had taken its toll to form the naturally eroded landscape. The Organization members were nowhere to be seen.

    A heart-shaped moon hung in the sky, blanketing the area with an eerie blue radiance. It reminded Kairi of the Organization's undamaged Kingdom Hearts as she felt a slight energy force pulsating from it. "Where are we? What is this place?" Kairi wondered.

    "Is this some sort of illusion?" Naminé asked.

    Sora laughed. "It's gotta be! That guy with the book has the power of illusion, right?" He floated calmly up to one of the rock formations. "Watch!" Sora took one of his Keyblades and swung, expecting the weapon to pass through air. It came as a shock as the blade smacked against the rock, flecks of gravel fell away from the impact.

    Riku crossed his arms and shook his head. "Zexion created the illusion, but Xigbar can manipulate space." A grim frown appeared on his face. "It kinda makes you wonder if events would've happened differently if they had fought together like they are now instead of against each other."

    Kairi's eyes widened. "Are you saying we don't have a chance?"

    "Other than Luxord, Sora wasn't able to take any of them on individually by himself and I wasn't able to finish Zexion or Lexaeus alone either." Riku's eyes were still constantly scanning the area as he said this. "I think the only person who could actually turn the tide of this battle is you."

    Kairi gave a nervous laugh. "You're joking, right?" When she saw that Riku wasn't kidding, her bottom lip quivered from nerves. "But I had Naminé to back me up all of those times."

    "And vice versa," Naminé added.

    "You're a lot stronger than you believe, Kairi." The Princess' face slightly flushed at Sora's praise. "You might not think so, but look at what you've accomplished over the day. Your power's grown and you have abilities that neither me or Riku could ever hope to duplicate." Sora flashed his charming smile at her. "Face it, Kairi, you're a true Keyblade master now." Kairi was in a state of shock. She was so completely taken back by Sora's compliments that all she could do was start giggling like a girl with a crush.

    Riku rolled his eyes. "Kinda laying it on a little thick, aren't you?"

    "You know how Sora is with girls by now," Roxas said. "A real charmer when he doesn't think about it..."

    "...and a complete spaz when he does," Naminé finished.

    "LOOK OUT!" Riku shouted suddenly. Giant shockwaves of earth and lunar flames formed by the berserk fury of Saix and Lexaeus blazed in from different directions. The trio barely had enough time to scatter themselves out of the way as the force of the attacks crossed each other and obliterated the rock that they had been standing next to.

    "Looks like the final boss battle's begun," Kairi thought. As she landed on her feet, Kairi felt a presence behind her. Her body reacting on instinct, Kairi swung the Keyblade around parallel to her body and managed to deflect Larxene's strike. "Not you again!" the Princess grunted. Undaunted, Larxene slashed at her with relentless ferocity, forcing Kairi to backpedal quickly to maintain her balance.

    "What's the matter, girl?" Larxene teased. "Tired of playing the heroine?" Sparks leapt from her body with malicious intent. "Well, nighty-nighty, you sham!" The Nymph let loose an electrifying whirlwind kick that caught Kairi full in the stomach. A powerful jolt shot throughout Kairi's nerve endings as she felt the air in her lungs being roughly forced out of her, sending the teenager collapsing to her knees. Before she could gulp in fresh air, Kairi felt herself being slammed off her feet by a giant ball of wind. Her limbs flailed around helplessly about as she soared through the air. Diving in to continue his combo, Xaldin soared in and slashed his lances in a sweeping motion, tearing a deep gash across Kairi's side. The Princess hit the ground rolling, clouds of dust appeared in her wake. With her muscles aching in the process, she struggled to get up on one knee. Becoming aware of a slight stinging sensation where Xaldin had just cut her, Kairi looked down and saw that the wound was more serious than she thought as it began to bleed freely.

    "What's the big idea, Xaldin?" Larxene shouted, glaring at the hovering Whirlwind Lancer. "She was mine!"

    Xaldin only grinned. "You were going too easy on her, Larxene. She should be fought with the seriousness that she deserves."

    "Butt out!" Larxene snarled. "You'll get your chance when I'm done with her!"

    As they were busy arguing, Kairi could only clutch at her side, pinching her skin together with one hand in hopes of having her injury scab over quickly. "That dirty rotten..." she growled.

    "Kairi!" Naminé cried. "We've got to heal!" Kairi nodded and started to raise her Keyblade. Unfortunately for her, she had momentarily forgotten Larxene's abilities and paid for her carelessness by being smashed across the side of her face by a black boot, causing her to fall unceremoniously flat on her butt. Although her vision was slightly blurred from the dirt and tears in her eyes, Kairi could make out that the assailant was none other than another Larxene clone.

    The original Larxene broke off from her argument with Xaldin and let out her trademark giggle. "Oopsie!" she laughed as she merged back with her double. "Looks like the widdle pwincess fell on her bum-bum!"

    As agonizing as it felt, Kairi staggered up to her feet. "We're not through yet, witch," she growled as she wiped a trickle of blood from her mouth with the back of her hand. "Time to get serious." That's when she felt her entire body freeze up. "What the..." Everything around her seemed to grow and stretch out until she realized that she had been transformed into a die once again. "Oh, for the love of..."

    As if on cue, the Gambler of Fate flipped in out of the shadows and landed right in front of her. "I wasted time, and now doth time waste me," Luxord quoted.

    "Again with the freakin' Shakespeare..." Kairi groaned as she struggled to move. "What's the matter? You can't quote Twain?"

    He tapped a corner of Kairi's Dice Form with the toe of his boot. "It seems the odds are finally in our favor, Princess." In Kairi's limited vision, she could see Larxene running up to her and pulling back her leg, fully intending to boot her. Kairi braced herself for the unforgiving impact...

    "BACK OFF!" Sora flew in like a Nikita missile and tackled Larxene, ramming her with such barrier breaking velocity that they both ended up exploding straight into a canyon wall. When the dust cleared, Larxene's face was written with surprise at the intense glare of Sora, but quickly regained her arrogant composure.

    "Just as I remembered," Larxene taunted. "A brainless idiot with..." Her sentence was cut short as Sora interrupted her with a flash kick to her jaw. As the Nymph exercised her mandibles, Sora hovered there with his fists clenched and an intense glare, no pity or remorse in his eyes. Larxene wasn't laughing anymore. She clenched the kunai between her fingers and summoned giant bolts of lightning at where Sora stood.

    "DEFEND!" Sora's body was encased within a crystal sphere of light, absorbing the energy from the attack before instantly exploding outward, hitting Larxene back with her own strength. As the last of his Reflega spell vanished, Sora charged in and began walloping both Keyblades on her. The Nymph deflected as much of the onslaught as she could, but Sora's wielding speed had ultimately increased since the last time she had fought him.

    "What's the matter?" Larxene huffed. "Pissed off that I was about to hurt your girlfriend again?" Although the clashing lasted only seconds, eventually she had enough and shot out another vicious kick to his midsection. Sora telepathically ordered his Keyblades to parry the attack. However, sensing an attack from behind that Sora wasn't aware of, the Keyblades disobeyed their master's orders and rushed to defend Sora's back leaving his front wide open.

    WHAM! The Keyblade wielder was hurtled backward as he felt the wind knocked out of him. With no friction to slow him down, Sora ended up crashing straight into Marluxia, whose scythe had been pushing against the two Keyblades when he tried to sneak attack from behind. As both Marluxia and Sora got to their feet, the Graceful Assassin glared past Sora at Larxene. "Do you mind?"

    The blonde smirked and made a mocking bow. "He's all yours, Marly." Marluxia grinned at Sora.

    "Your heart may have protected you this far, boy." He twirled the scythe in his hands as flower petals swirled around him. "But you are no match for the full power of the Organization!" Marluxia rushed at Sora with his weapon raised.

    "Let's go, you transvestite," Sora said as he reciprocated the charge, his Keyblades swinging back into a forward position.

    * * *

    Riku had managed to evade Saix and Lexaeus long enough for him to get to Kairi. Before Xaldin or Luxord could react, Riku snagged Kairi's Dice Form in-between his hands with a "Yoink!" As he turned to run, the dice he was clutching began to twitch, causing him to almost lose his grip on Kairi. "Will you stop squirming?" It came to a surprise when he heard Kairi giggling. "What's so funny?" Riku asked seriously.

    "Yo-ho-ho-ur ha-hands! Th-they're t-t-tickling meeehehehe!!!" Kairi shrieked.

    Riku immediately shifted his grip so Kairi was being clutched underneath his arm. "That better?"

    Kairi let out a sigh of relief. "Thanks, Riku." After a few seconds, the dice disintegrated and Kairi returned to her human form. Unfortunately, her body had reappeared backward, so that her behind was thrust forward, and Riku's arm was wrapped around her chest. As she bounced around, Kairi's face reddened slightly at the fact that her butt was exposed and Riku's forearm was causing an uncomfortable feeling the longer it remained where it was. "Um, Riku? You can let me down now."

    Riku looked down in surprise as he finally noticed Kairi was back to normal. He screeched to a halt and set her back on her feet. "Sorry about that," he murmured. Kairi self-consciously brushed herself off and realized that her bleeding wound had finally scabbed over and no longer stung. She started to thank Riku, but his head suddenly jerked up and he roughly shoved Kairi away from him. Seconds later, Riku was enveloped in a puff of smoke and trapped within one of Zexion's books. Kairi started towards him, but Riku shouted, "I'll be fine! Just go help Sora!"

    The Princess of Heart hesitated. Usually Riku's plans worked because he knew his opponents well enough to counter them. But at this point in time, Kairi felt she knew more about the Organization's attacks than he did. Despite his protests, Kairi took a giant leap and used her Keyblade to cut through the book cleanly like a hot knife through butter. Shreds of paper scattered out everywhere as Riku was released from his imprisonment. Kairi grinned at Riku. "And you said you'd be fine."

    But Riku gave her a stern look. "I thought I told you to help Sora! Now look!" He pointed over to his right. Kairi followed his gaze and she instantly felt her jaw drop. While she had been freeing Riku, Sora had been ganged up on by Marluxia, Xaldin and Luxord. Riku beckoned Kairi to follow him. "Come on!" The two of them hurriedly made their way for Sora.

    * * *

    Despite Sora's best attempts at defending himself, his efforts were futile as the Keyblades couldn't keep up with all three opponents at once. "Question?" Roxas muttered. "How exactly are we getting our butt kicked? I mean, we've went up against 1000 Heartless at once! Three Organization members shouldn't be that hard to take down!"

    "Not...helping!" Sora grunted as he felt Marluxia's scythe whiz by, buzzing off the top of his bushy hair. Not knowing what else to do, he tucked his arms and legs in. "DEFEND!" Casting the Reflega spell again allowed him to maintain temporary invincibility and eventually knocked the gang bangers away from him, giving him enough breathing room to High Jump into the air and Glide away towards Riku and Kairi. Unfortunately, the skies were no longer a safe haven for him.

    "Take this!" Out of the corner of his eye, Sora saw Xigbar aiming his gun arrows at him from atop a rock formation. His neon blue Charge Shot sped straight for the Gliding teenager, forcing Sora to drop straight down into the waiting form of Demyx, who had his sitar reared back. Sora tried to regain his Glide, but he had already dropped too far into range.

    THWACK! Agonizing pain shot throughout his body as Sora felt the sitar crack straight into his spine. "What's the matter, traitor?" Demyx taunted. "No more quips in you?" Sora was about to Aerial Dodge back upright, but before he could react, a pillar of flame burst out of the ground, blasting Sora with intense heat. His entire world was a whirling blur as his flailing body spun around and around in the air.

    "What's the problem?" Roxas' heart skipped a beat as the familiar voice of Axel reached their ears. As Sora struggled to regain his bearings, the fiery red-head came riding into view on a wave of fire, his chakrams at the ready. "C'mere! I'll make it all stop!"

    "Axel!" Roxas cried. Sora's body began to pulsate with white light as Roxas tried to take over.

    "Roxas, don't do it!" Sora cried. "If we switch, we'll..." But he was talking to a brick wall as Roxas' sole thought was to get Axel to recognize him. An internal struggle took place as Sora tried to retain his Final Form while Roxas was trying to get out.

    "I know he'll recognize me!" Roxas said excitedly. "Just let me try!"

    Riku, Kairi and Naminé saw what was going on and tried to quicken their pace. "Roxas, no!" Naminé yelled. "That's not Axel!"

    "Roxas...stop..." Sora groaned. But his other half wouldn't listen.

    "I know I can do it!" After a few seconds, the exhausted Sora felt the control slip from him as Roxas reappeared in the physical world. Of course, without Sora, the Keyblades no longer had Final Form to sustain their automation, causing them to clatter onto the ground, their life taken away from them. "Axel!" Roxas shouted. "Don't you recognize me?" The two of them stared at each other for a moment that seemed to stretch on for eternity.

    Finally, Axel said, "You're Roxas..." Roxas let out a sigh of relief. However, his heart sank when Axel finished with, "...but you're not OUR Roxas." Roxas barely had enough time to summon the Keyblades "Winner's Proof" and "Fated Encounter" back to his hands before Axel blitzed in and swiped a chakram at the teenager's midsection.

    Kairi and Riku's rush to help was suddenly halted when Zexion came gliding into their path. His expression emotionless as always, the lexicon in his hand floated up a few inches and faced towards them, its cover beginning to open. "Kairi! Get behind me!" Riku ordered. As Kairi hastened to obey, the Nobody's seal formed in front of Zexion and began to glow. "Just have to time this right," the Dawn warrior muttered.

    "Fio libri vultus!" The seal flashed as Zexion attempted to trap Riku and Kairi in book form.

    But this time Riku was ready. He shot his hand forward. "Dark Shield!" Almost like Sora's Reflega, a wall of light made up of small polygons appeared in front of him, deflecting and negating the spell. Before Zexion could glide away and try again, Kairi leapt out from behind Riku and fired a Blizzaga at him. Zexion instinctively raised his Lexicon to block the attack. Unfortunately for him, the spell caused his weapon to become completely encased in ice, rendering it unusable. As he struggled to get it open, Kairi and Riku rushed past the Cloaked Schemer.

    "That's one down!" Naminé shouted enthusiastically. However, her optimism was cut short when the Organization's Roxas immediately leapt out of nowhere and into their path. To make matters worse, Vexen serenely glided in from behind them, cutting off their escape route. Kairi and Riku stood back to back as the two Organization members began to circle them.

    "I'll take Roxas while you take care of Vexen," Riku said.

    Kairi gave a nervous laugh. "Um, could we switch?" Expectedly, Riku had already charged at Roxas before she could finish her sentence. She chewed her bottom lip thoughtfully, trying not to look at Vexen's wrinkled old face.

    "Well, Princess," Vexen chuckled. "Are you ready for another round?" The very sound of his voice sent chills throughout her body. Kairi mustered up her courage and gave the Chilly Academic a hard look.

    "Give it a rest, Goldilocks," Kairi snapped. "Just because you figured out my weakness, doesn't mean you've already won the fight." She held her Keyblade steady in front of her. "Nice job on giving Yamikai my weaknesses by the way. It made it so much sweeter to dish out the same punishment that you gave me."

    Vexen raised an eyebrow. "So you enjoyed it, yes?" He let out his signature bone-chilling laugh. "Then why do you fear it? Is it the loss of control? The feeling of helplessness? You don't feel the sensual thrill pumping through your loins when..."

    "Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa whoa whoa...whoa!" Kairi couldn't help but look disgusted at him. "What is wrong with you?! How the hell do you live with yourself, you perverted pedobear?!" She swung the Keyblade for emphasis as she shouted, "I don't care if it feels like crushed ice! One way or another I'm going to tear that thing off and puree it!"

    Vexen made a mocking bow. "By all means, you're welcome to try." Enraged by the old geezer's pervertedness, Kairi tightened the grip on her Keyblade and charged with intense ferocity.

    * * *

    Riku and Org Roxas circled each other with their Keyblades ready scanning each other, waiting for an opening. "Well, this brings back memories," Riku said. "Only difference this time is that I've finally got a Keyblade of my own to fight with." Roxas only responded with a cold, icy stare. Riku raised an eyebrow. "What? The Organization not give you a personality?" he mocked. Finally, Roxas stopped in his tracks.

    "For the glory of the Organization..." He tucked the Keyblades under his arms. "...your heart shall be shattered." Riku was only given a split-second to jump before Org Roxas whipped out his Keyblades crying "TAKE THAT!", forming a slashing whirlwind of energy that surrounded his body, slicing into anything within a twenty foot radius. A couple of rock formations behind him split in half, toppling over like cherries on a sundae.

    As Riku landed on his feet ready to strike, Roxas suddenly transformed into pure white light and easily dodged Riku's swing. "What the..." Riku's eyes could barely keep locked on Roxas as the Org member quickly zigzagged around him before retaining human form and began pummeling away at Riku. The Dawn wielder was slightly taken back from the ferociousness of his opponent and managed to break off the assault by ducking underneath and attempting a sweep kick. Roxas saw it coming and immediately backflipped out of range, landing back into his battle stance without missing a beat. "So you have a few new abilities," Riku said, brushing some dirt off his shoulder. "Doesn't mean anything if you can't connect."

    Org Roxas only narrowed his eyes. Suddenly, a Nobody symbol made of light appeared hovering in the air a few feet above his head. Not wanting to find out what was about to happen, Riku took the initiative and fired a stream of Dark Auras at Roxas. Before they could get near him though, the Nobody symbol split off into multiple copies, each of them shooting a shaft of piercing blue light that cut deep into the brown, cracked earth, negating Riku's attack.

    "Okay..." Riku couldn't believe his eyes. "...that's different." The beams circled around Roxas, protecting him within a cage of light. Riku hesitated, unsure of how to counter. The lasers burst out in every direction, slicing through anything in their path. What was left of an already damaged rock formation a few feet away ended up cleaved.

    Another stray laser managed to snip off some of Vexen's dirty-blond locks from behind, causing him to belt out a girlish shriek. "Hey! Do you mind?!" he yelled at the Roxas clone. Roxas promptly ignored him and sped off toward Riku in his white light form.

    Beam after beam zigzagged across the ground at Riku, forcing him to go on the defensive. It didn't help matters when the black cloaked Roxas came blitzing in with Keyblades swinging. As a laser clipped off a piece of his shoelace, Riku's mind was a whirling dynamo as he struggled to find a way to attack back. Unfortunately, he was so focused on the lasers that Riku didn't notice Roxas come flipping towards him from behind, Oathkeeper and Oblivion sticking out like spikes on a hedgehog. Only noticing his opponent's presence at the last moment, Riku felt unbearable pain shoot throughout his nerve endings as Roxas' Keyblades smashed into his collarbones. The silver-haired teenager grunted as the sudden shock to his system caused his Way to the Dawn to slip uselessly from his fingers and clatter to the ground below. Unable to use his arms to balance his body weight, Riku ended up crashing down to earth, landing roughly flat on his back.

    "Riku!" Kairi began to run towards him, but Vexen annoyingly glided into her path, forcing her to stop in her tracks.

    "Going somewhere?" Kairi was feeling extremely ticked off by the smug attitude he was giving her. "Before worrying about your 'friends,' you should be more concerned about yourself."

    "Kairi, above you!" Naminé shouted. Kairi glanced up and saw Saix's silhouette against the bright backdrop of the moon come barreling down toward her. She backflipped out of the way as Saix's claymore slammed into the ground, blue shockwaves streaking out from impact.

    Vexen whirled around on Saix with a sour expression. "What do you think you're doing, Saix?"

    "You're taking too long to disable her!" Saix roared ferociously under the influence of the heart-shaped moon glowing eerily above them.

    "I don't remember asking for your help!" Vexen snapped back.

    Saix's pupils contracted with berserk rage. "You're letting your emotions cloud your reasoning again, Vexen!" he snarled. "It shouldn't be taking this long to defeat someone who's worn out, let alone three of them!"

    Vexen chuckled. "My emotions are in check, thank you very much. But what about yours?"

    "Quick, while they're arguing!" Naminé whispered urgently. Kairi quickly hoofed it toward Riku with a Curaga spell ready.

    Meanwhile, Riku lay sprawled out on the ground, his silvery-gray hair scattered over his face. As soon as feeling came back into his arms, he rolled to his stomach and used his legs to push himself up to his feet. With his collarbone smashed, it was agonizing to even lift his arms. "Grrr..." Riku expected Org Roxas to continue his assault, but fortunately, Number 13 only stood there, waiting for Riku to pick up his weapon. Riku would've smirked if he weren't in pain. 'Guess this Roxas actually has some honor in him,' he thought to himself. And then Kairi came running in.

    "HEAL!" Kairi let out a sigh of relief as she felt her entire body becoming smooth and whole again. Looking down at her injury, she watched as the scabbed over tissue disintegrated into new skin. Of course, her outfit remained ripped. She also felt the dirt and sweat still layered over her body, especially in the creases which made it uncomfortable to move around.

    Saix and Vexen broke off from their spat and were slightly shocked that they had let Kairi go unnoticed. "Fool!" Saix roared at Vexen. "You see what happened?!"

    "Appreciate it, Kairi," Riku thanked, "but that leaves us at a disadvantage." With the pain subsided, he snatched up his Keyblade and quickly assessed the situation. In his peripherals, he noticed Lexaeus running towards their position. Roxas' double was preparing for another attack. Vexen and Saix began storming in. Zexion was still trying to chip the ice off of his lexicon. Xigbar and Xemnas were nowhere to be seen. Kairi used up her magic. And the rest of the Organization was busy observing the real Roxas fight to the death with Axel. Even with half the Org out of the picture, Riku and Kairi were still outnumbered two-to-one. Not knowing what else to do, Riku said, "Wrap your arms around my neck and don't let go."

    "What are you..." Before Kairi could finish her question, Riku pulled his weapon back and fired off a bombardment of Dark Auras straight into the ground. Heaping clouds of dust began to form and blanket the Organization members who were about to pounce on the two Keyblade wielders.

    All that was heard in the next few seconds were great fits of coughing and the line "Where'd they go?"

    Under the cover of dust, Riku had managed to make his way onto a rock formation beyond the Org's current field of vision. He gripped the tip of the rock with his free hand, letting his weapon hand drop loosely to his side. Kairi hung onto Riku with as much will as she could muster. To make it slightly easier, she managed to plant a foothold with her inside leg as to take some of her weight off of Riku.

    As the two hung there with their heads above the clouds, Naminé sighed in a hopeless tone, "This is starting to look impossible."

    "There's gotta be a way to win this," Kairi murmured.

    Riku only shook his head. "If there is, I'm not seeing it."

    "Well, it's official," Naminé said. "If Riku can't figure out something, you know we're screwed."

    * * *

    "Are you sure, Tron?" Leon asked. "You're reading more life signatures now?"

    Without tearing his eyes off of the screen, Tron gave a curt nod. "One of Kairi's readings have disappeared, but in its place are thirteen more."

    Donald looked extremely worried. "The Organization?"

    "But I thought we were monitoring the real world now..." Yuffie said.

    "I considered it being another glitch, but there's no doubt this time." Tron's eyes narrowed. "There are a total of sixteen occupants in the room below us."

    Tidus was coping with freaking out by pulling at his hair. "Come on, Pence!" he yelled impatiently. "Can't you type any faster?"

    Pence only gritted his teeth. "Unless you want to try hacking this yourself," he snapped, "I suggest you keep quiet and let the professionals do their job!"

    Tidus was taken back by the usually calm boy's outburst. "Man, what crawled up y..." Before he could finish his sentence, Selphie and Olette yanked him away by the ears.

    "He's doing the best he can," Hayner said, defending his friend. "That's all we can hope for."

    "Aerith?" Cloud noticed Aerith looking slightly pale. "What's wrong?" She took a couple of slow, deep breaths before looking straight up into his eyes.

    "You don't feel it?" She placed her hands over her left breast. "Their hearts' strength...it's fading."

    "See?!" Tidus shouted. "They're in trouble!" He broke away from the girls and was about to start choking Pence with enthusiasm, but Wakka managed to hold him back.

    Selphie placed her hands on her hips. "Calm down!" She didn't know what else to say. "We all want to help them, but right now, all we can do is wait."

    At that moment, Pence slammed the keyboard with his hands and let out a groan of frustration. Turning away from the screens, he began rubbing his eyes. "I just don't get it..."

    The kids looked at him with weary concern. "What's up?" Hayner asked.

    "I've tried using everything I could think of, but the system just doesn't have enough power to teleport all of us at once!" He massaged his temples. "Most of the power's being diverted to the shields!"

    "Wait..." Selphie gave Pence a look. "You've been trying to get all of us there at once? As a unified group?" Pence nodded. Selphie exchanged a glance with Olette who seemed to have come to the same conclusion.

    "What's the maximum amount of people that you'd be able to transport at a time?" Olette asked.

    Pence shrugged. "I don't know. Probably three or four at a time..." Olette smirked as it finally dawned on him. He smacked his forehead. "Duh! Of course!" Pence whirled around back at the monitors. "Just give me a few more minutes!" he said excitedly. "I've got it now!"

    Tidus grinned. "Does that mean..." Sensing his friend wasn't struggling anymore, Wakka let go of him. Excited, Tidus began to rub his hand along the handle of his sword.

    Selphie stood to her full height and shouted, "Everyone! It's time!" There was no hesitation as the entire room filled with clinks and clanks, the comrades preparing themselves for battle.

    "Sora...Riku...Kairi..." King Mickey had never looked more serious than he did right now. "Hold on. We're coming..."

    * * *

    "How long do you think you can do your imitation of Spider-Man, Riku?" Kairi asked.

    Riku gave her a cocky smirk. "As long as I need to," he replied. Although his calm demeanor sounded like there was no problem, it was obvious by the way his arm was shaking that he was getting tired. "Have either of you come up with a plan yet?"

    "We should be able to beat these guys, right?" Kairi felt her palms becoming slightly sweaty from having to maintain her grip around Riku's neck. "I mean, Sora's been able to do this with three people. Why can't we?"

    "Maybe because we're still outnumbered four to one?" Naminé guessed rhetorically.

    "How about this time, you take Vexen and I'll take Roxas?" Kairi suggested.

    Riku gritted his teeth as he felt his hold beginning to slip. "Look, I know Vexen scares you two, but you've already beaten him once. You can do it again!"

    Kairi was about to retort when a slight movement of neon purple caught her eye. "Look out!" Naminé cried.

    The unmistakable shape of Xigbar's gun arrows were aiming straight at Riku's free arm. The Freeshooter chuckled. "Gotcha now!" Before they could react, the projectiles pierced Riku's skin, forcing the teenager to let go which sent both him and Kairi plummeting to the ground once more. "Found them!" Xigbar called to the other members. Poking his hands through separate wormholes, Xigbar's disembodied appendages pointed the Org at Kairi and Riku's location.

    It took a few moments for Kairi to regain her bearings. "Well that could've gone better," she thought. The first thing she noticed was that for some odd reason, her face was buried in denim. Pushing herself up, Kairi realized in horror that she had landed face first into Riku's crotch. "Oh my gawd! Riku! Are you okay?!"

    Writhing in agony, all Riku could do was wheeze out a weak "I'm fine..." Unsure of what to do, Kairi threaded her hands under Riku's arms and attempted to lift him to his feet. The sudden sound of footsteps made her head snap up as the Organization members came rushing toward them.

    "Come on! Can't you recover any faster?" she grunted, struggling to keep Riku upright.

    Riku bit his tongue to prevent himself from screaming obscenities at her. "This is more painful than you can imagine, Kairi," he said through gritted teeth. Then under his breath he added, "You try growing a pair sometime..."

    "Hey, compared to childbirth, I don't see what you're complaining about," Naminé replied.

    "And what would you know about being pregnant?" Riku countered. "Have you told Roxas yet?" He stopped himself and shook his head. "Man, I'm starting to sound like Sora." As soon as he could stand under his own power, Riku aimed his Keyblade at the charging members and fired off a line of Dark Auras in the hopes of slowing them down.

    Unfortunately, they were ready this time. "A simple sleight of hand..." Luxord summoned up giant cards to intercept Riku's barrage, rendering the attack useless. "...and the deck must be cut again." The other members stared at him.

    "What was that supposed to mean?" Vexen shouted.

    Luxord shrugged. "I use card game clichés. It's what I do." Instead of standing like anime idiots waiting to get hit, Riku and Kairi made a mad dash towards the dueling Roxas and Axel.

    * * *

    Roxas was attempting to fight back by using his Keyblades to parry and counter Axel's attacks. "Geez, I don't remember him ever being this serious!" Roxas groaned.

    "This was a bad idea, Roxas," Sora said nervously. "I don't think I've got enough strength to use Final Form again."

    Using his trademark quickness, Axel quickly circled around behind Roxas and let his chakrams fly. Being extremely familiar with this move, Roxas pirouetted backward into the air, flipping up and over the attack, twisting his body to face his opponent intending to bring down Winner's Proof down on Axel's head before the chakrams could return. Unluckily, Roxas ended up being completely blindsided by Demyx, who came riding straight into him along a wave of water pillars, knocking the Keyblade wielder out of his natural trajectory. "Gotcha now!" Demyx cried gleefully.

    Roxas rolled across the dirty terrain, his white clothes becoming caked with brown earth. Eventually able to bring himself to a halt, the disoriented Twilight Keybearer struggled up to his feet. "Sora, why didn't you warn me?" he muttered angrily.

    "I'm still not used to being back here!" Sora replied defensively. "He just came out of nowhere!" As he shook the cobwebs out to clear his vision, Roxas looked up and couldn't help moaning out loud in disbelief as he found himself royally screwed. On one side, Demyx had summoned a wall of water pillars that began to burst its way closer. On his other side, Axel had summoned a wall of fire pillars that mirrored their water counterparts, effectively trapping Roxas. At one end between the two walls, Larxene's body was crackling with electricity as she barred one of the escape routes, grinning like a lion who finally had cornered her prey. And to finish off the perilous situation, Xaldin had appeared on the other end riding atop his dragon; its jaws opened wide as it charged up for its Winds of Despair.

    Roxas groaned as the inevitable conclusion struck him. "Oh, f-" In one giant elemental burst of power, Roxas' entire body was bombarded with fire, water, thunder and wind all at once.

    "ROXAS!" Kairi, Naminé and Riku froze in their tracks, watching helplessly as Roxas' body flew end over end through the air. Sora's Nobody ended up slamming painfully into a rock formation and plummeted to the ground. After crashing into the hard, barren earth, his entire body lay limp like a rag doll. Unable to maintain his focus, Roxas' clothes and features melted and shifted themselves back into Sora. Although Sora's body was repaired from damage, he had absolutely no energy left and was now too exhausted to even move a finger. The Keyblades had merged back together and reverted back to its default Kingdom Key state.

    "We did it!" Demyx shouted, pumping his fist enthusiastically. "We finally beat him!"

    "That's enough Demyx," Xaldin replied curtly. "Merging back with his other self has made him sentimental and weak. Unfitting for one whose potential had to be halted so early."

    Larxene laughed. "Whatever gets the job done. Besides..." She walked up to Sora's limp form and gave him a sharp kick. "I never liked this brat anyway."

    Kairi's pupils contracted at the sight of Larxene kicking her boyfriend. "YOU WITCH!" Before Riku could stop her, the enraged Princess of Heart blitzed at Larxene.

    "Kairi, wait!" Riku started after her, but he had temporarily forgotten about the other Organization members that were chasing after them. Trying to move his feet, his eyes widened when he realized that his legs had become encased in ice. Rotating his upper body to look behind him, his face fell as the black-cloaked Roxas, Lexaeus and Saix all leapt at Riku with their weapons raised. Although he usually wouldn't have panicked, the unmistakable power coming at him had finally struck fear into his heart. "Damn it!" Riku cursed as he tried to desperately chip away at the ice holding him imprisoned. "Not like this! I won't go down like this!" In a last ditch attempt, he fired Dark Aura after Dark Aura at his opponents, bombarding them with everything he had. Riku's efforts were in vain as his projectiles were easily deflected and knocked away.

    Ten seconds later and it was all over for Riku. Beaten, battered, and bruised, he collapsed to the ground, dust clouds rolling up from his body on impact.

    "RIKU!" Naminé shrieked. The sheer terror in her tone caused Kairi to screech to a halt. She whirled around and was stunned at the sight of her friend's fallen form. She tried to convince herself that it was all an illusion. It was unthinkable that someone as powerful as Riku was taken down and out of the fight. But the truth hit her full in the face as Kairi realized that there was no one else left to help them. She was fully naked and exposed, completely vulnerable to whatever the Organization could come up with.

    Larxene shoveled up Sora with the toe of her boot and kicked his raggedy form at Kairi, the body landing with a small grunt at the Princess' feet. "Well, girl? You must be delusional if you think you can take all of us on at once by yourself!"

    "Empty words from an empty shell..." Kairi growled. She got into her battle stance as Organization XIII surrounded her in a large circle. It didn't matter which way she turned, there was no escaping from this one. Out of magic, out of stamina, and finally out of luck. That was her situation. "If I'm going down..." Kairi took a deep breath to calm her shaking grip. "...I'm going out fighting!" The entire area became pitch black as every Organization member began to charge up for their Desperation Moves...

    "WAIT!" The sky brightened again. "Stop using your DMs at the same time!" Xemnas' voice rang out. "You might end up hitting each other!"

    Xigbar glanced upward at Xemnas who was standing atop one of the cliffs looming over the arena. "Hey, Superior! You gonna come down here?"

    Xaldin crossed his arms and raised a bushy eyebrow. "Why aren't you down here with the rest of us?"

    "Do not question your Superior!" Xemnas snapped. "I will come down there when I am needed!"

    "Geez, no wonder Marluxia wanted to overtake the Organization," Naminé muttered. "Being able to cower back during a battle and sending your underlings to fight for you must be a real appealing upside to being a leader."

    "Well, the thing about cowards is they usually manage to stay alive," Kairi replied.

    Luxord stroked his beard in thought. "As much as I hate to admit it, these girls have a point. Why don't you ever fight alongside us?"

    "Because I can turn the lot of you into Dusks," Xemnas responded wearily. When the other members only stared up at him, the Superior's eyes narrowed for a few seconds before letting out a sigh. "Fine. If that is what it takes." He leapt from his perch and glided down to complete the circle surrounding Kairi. "No more complaints about me not being involved." His Aerial Blades shot out of his hands as Kairi braced herself. Knowing there was no chance that she would survive anyway, a warrior's battle cry erupted from her throat as Kairi leapt fearlessly at Xemnas, her Keyblade shinning palely under the moonlight.

    The next couple of minutes ended up being more like a slaughter than an actual fight as Organization XIII beat every inch of her body with a weapon (or in Larxene's case, a boot) along with a few strikes at her private areas ("Vexen," Naminé moaned). Eventually the gang-banging finally ended, leaving a fully mutilated Kairi twitching flat on her back like a dying turtle. Unable to take the abuse, her outfit had been reduced to tatters and threads once again, barely enough material to cover what was needed.

    "And for good measure..." Larxene kicked Kairi's disarmed Keyblade far out of reach.

    "We know you can't summon the Keyblade," the Roxas clone said. Kairi's ears were ringing and the taste of blood and dirt filled her mouth. She could barely open her eyes as her field of vision swam with black boots and cloaks.

    Naminé let out a roar of frustration. She hated the feeling of helplessness, the inability to help Kairi anymore. Switching was no longer an option as both girls' strength was literally gone from them. All she could do was hear Zexion ask, "Now that we've got them at our mercy, what do we do with them?"

    "They killed us," Marluxia stated solemnly. "It's only right that we return the favor."

    "Correction. They only killed most of us," Axel said. Other than Xemnas and Roxas, the other members seemed shocked by his statement. The Flurry of Dancing Flames gave Vexen a look. "We're just like that replica of Riku, right? Artificial bodies implanted with real-time memories from our original selves. Real and yet not real."

    "Oh, who cares?" Demyx chuckled. "What matters is that we're all alive and moving!"

    But Larxene didn't look so thrilled. "Are you telling me that I'm nothing more than some toy?!" Her lip curled in anger. "Whatever! I get first crack!" she snapped. "Anyone object?"

    "Sora..." Kairi whispered. She could barely make out the familiar shape of Sora's hand. Willing for her body to move, she began scooting along her back, inching toward her heart's true affection.

    "Awww, isn't that sweet?" Larxene cackled sarcastically. "She wants to spend her final moments holding the hand of her 'hero.'" Sparks seemed to erupt from her eyes. "How utterly pathetic." She raised the kunai in her hand, lightning bolts flying from her body. "You and that witch have irked me for too long!" A sadistic grin appeared on her face. "DIE!" Her hand plunged toward Kairi's body.

    At that exact moment the Princess of Heart felt Sora's fingertips meet her own as her eyes squeezed shut and only one thought blazed through her mind: 'Sora, I love y...'

    SMACK! Larxene's neck snapped back as a Blitzball slammed her full in the face, sending her reeling. As soon as she recovered from the blow, she tightened the grip on the kunai between her fingers and shot a pissed off stare at the source. "Alright! Who else wants to die?!" However, her angry glare immediately became a face of astonishment as she realized what she was looking at.

    Kairi couldn't make out what was going on, but she could sense rough vibrations of movement happening around her. The next thing Kairi was aware of, she felt her body being lifted upright into a sitting position. Familiar tones swirled around in her ears. A few seconds later, her eyes fluttered open and was stunned to see the faces of both her friends from Destiny Islands and Twilight Town. "Are you okay?" Selphie asked gently.

    "Selphie?" Kairi croaked with a raspy voice. She couldn't believe her eyes. "Is it really you?"

    "You're not alone, Kairi," Olette said. "Not anymore." Kairi felt a smooth, thirst-quenching liquid being poured into her mouth. She was surprised at how dry her throat was until the Megalixir soothed it.

    "What is this?!" Vexen shouted. "Who are all these mongrels?!" Despite his anger, he and the rest of the Organization were forced back into a defensive line as the rest of the calvary began transporting in.

    Aerith and Tinker Bell both healed Sora and Riku before joining up with the others. Kairi was completely astonished at all the people that had come to rescue her. "All of you...came for me?"

    "Well, what'd you expect?" Yuffie grinned at her. "We didn't want you having all the fun!"

    "Oh, yeah. It was a blast," Riku replied sarcastically.

    Sora gave him an incredulous look. "Riku...making jokes?" He patted Riku smartly on the back. "Now I know things are serious."

    Kairi blushed as she became aware of her current state of undress. Luckily, Donald came waddling in, muttered a quick spell and to Kairi's relief, her outfit was restored to its whole and modest state. Kairi shook her head trying to make sense of things. "But how?"

    "Me and Tron cracked their system," Pence said as he heaved around Cid's flamethrower. "There's a hidden portal beyond this illusion from here to up there." Pence pointed upward. "Believe it or not, you've been a hundred feet below the Garden of Assemblage."

    Riku facepalmed himself. "Nice going, Pence. You've just told the Organization how to escape."

    Pence only raised an eyebrow. "Don't worry about it! A barrier on this side of the portal automatically goes up to prevent escaping." Olette and Hayner tried to shush the next part, but were unsuccessful when Pence said, "The only way to get out is by hitting it with enough force to disrupt the barrier."

    "PENCE!!!" the teenagers shouted causing Pence to jump.

    Tidus shook his head. "And you guys say that I'm the dumb one..."

    "Get to that portal!" Xemnas ordered. "It's the only way out of here!" Before the Organization could even make a move, the rest of Sora's allies had finished appearing and had formed a wall that barred their path.

    First, King Mickey, Donald & Goofy took a step forward...

    ...then, Jack Sparrow, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell...

    ...Jack Skellington, Cid, Leon...

    ...Olette, Hayner, Selphie...

    ...Aerith, Yuffie, Tifa...

    ...Tron, Pence, Tidus...

    ...Tarzan, Beast, Cloud...

    ...Aladdin, Simba, Auron, Hercules...

    ...Mulan, Mushu, Ariel, Wakka...

    ...and finally, Sora, Riku and Kairi.

    Demyx shuddered. "Thirty versus thirteen?! We're outnumbered two-to-one!"

    Larxene snorted. "Most of them are just little kids. Quit overreacting!"

    "Kids?" Yuffie stomped her foot. "At least we're more mature than an old hag like you!"

    Larxene gritted her teeth. "I'll make you regret that, you underdeveloped bimbo!"

    Although they had the numbers advantage, the Organization's members were worth at least three of Sora's friends in terms of power. However, Kairi couldn't help but smile. It looked like this was finally going to be a fair fight.

    (Note from author: Over a month since the last update and this was the reason why. Hope you guys forgive me for the long wait, but I had to be sure this was as near perfect as possible. And before you ask, no, the next chapter is not the ending. Far from it. I've gotta say, this chapter is probably longer than the Vexen one. I can't guarantee the next chapter will be as long as this one, but come on! This is how the semi-final battle should've been! Everyone versus everyone! Right? And in case you're wondering, I'll put the Roxas vs. Roxas fight in the next chapter. ;) Anyway, hopefully this lived up to everyone's expectations and I'll catch you later! :sly: )
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    ...a reference chart. Huh.

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