A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future: Sora and Kairi's Wedding

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    Pretty simple. "Yamikai" = "Yami" (another word for dark) + "Kairi" (taking the first syllable). I mean, Dark, Shadow and Anti were all pretty much taken by the boys already and I didn't want to use any of those prefixes again. :xp:
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    Shadow is not stolen yet. She could use shadow.

    Anyway, like the story. I actually read all of it in a day!
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    Two words: "Shadow Roxas."

    Hence, why I didn't use it. But thank you! :)
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    no it means it's reading the real Kairi and Yamikai. my head would explode if they made another Kairi:bangbang:
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    The Light Within the Darkness

    "Show me what you got, girlie!" Yamikai laughed.

    Kairi's eyes narrowed as she gritted her teeth. "You are so freakin' dead," she growled. Pulling her arm back, she charged at the imposter as her double did the same. As the Keyblades locked together, Yamikai raised the claymore for an early finishing blow. Sensing what was going to happen, Kairi released the pressure she was giving and whirled around outside the attack, aiming for the kidneys. Yamikai countered by Dodge-Flipping forward, causing Kairi's swing to hit nothing but air.

    As the dark twin leapt to her feet, she gave the Princess of Heart another little giggle. "Not bad, Real Thing," she taunted, "but you are so predictable! I mean, come on! I know you're better than that!"

    "I'm liking this girl less and less," Naminé muttered. "She reminds me too much of Larxene."

    "Tell me about it," Kairi agreed. "Well, if we can't fight her hand-to-hand..." She trained her Keyblade on Yamikai. "FREEZE!" Kairi shot out a Blizzaga spell toward Yamikai. Her opponent only cackled as the weapon in her left hand transformed itself into Vexen's shield which only absorbed and effectively nullified the spell. In her right hand, she switched Saix's claymore for Lexaeus' tomahawk. Then like a bullet train off its tracks, she lunged at Kairi.

    The tomahawk missed its target as Kairi Dodge-Flipped out of range and prepared a counter of her own. Her Keyblade whirled around at the opponent, only for her attack to be parried by Vexen's shield. Using the shield as leverage, Yamikai knocked the Keyblade back, switched the tomahawk with Larxene's kunai and slashed at the midsection, ripping a deep gash into Kairi's stomach.

    Kairi clutched her stomach in pain and was aware that she was finally bleeding. "What? You thought you'd get off with just being stripped this time?" Yamikai immediately traded in the shield for Xigbar's gun arrows and took aim. "I know the boys would love seeing that, but the Organization's been too lenient on you."

    "Kairi!" Sora yelled as he pounded on the barrier.

    Yamikai rolled her eyes as she lowered her gun arrows slightly. "Shut up, loser." Sora looked like he had been slapped. "I don't know which is more pathetic: a boy who's thick-headed not to know when he's been played or a so-called chosen one who's arrogant enough to think he can fight alone." She glared at Riku. "You're a hypocrite, you know that, Riku? You fight against the dark and yet you wield it like it's your toy. You're no better than the Organization you murdered."

    Riku's eyes narrowed. "At least I've regained my light," he said curtly. "You, however, have no chance of becoming whole ever again."

    Kairi's twin only smirked. "You know, I prefer being dark. After being weakened by my heart's desires, it feels nice to finally let loose of all the anger that's built up over the years."

    "There's no point in talking with you, is there?" Kairi asked. "You were born from the darkness the Organization implanted in my heart. And now that you're finally your own being, you think that wielding all that power makes you special."

    "Using the dark for your own sick desires leads you to the path of self-destruction," Naminé added. "You're not a complete being without light to balance your dark."

    "Empty words from someone who preferred to sacrifice her own happiness for a meaningless existence in another's body," Yamikai retorted. "You don't have a body of your own, so you have to share one now. You can't do anything for yourself besides think your little thoughts in the back of your host's brain, never being able to reach out and touch the world." The leather-clad beauty laughed. "You're so pitiful, it's pathetic." She re-aimed her gun arrows. "Die."

    Kairi only had a split-second to react at the projectiles flew at her. She backflipped out of the line of fire which caused her wound to open up slightly. Using one hand to fire gun arrows and the other to throw kunai, Yamikai ran after the dodging Princess, her footsteps echoing throughout the mirrored arena.

    Meanwhile, Sora reached out to summon back his Keyblade from the other side of the barrier when Riku quickly grabbed his arm to stop him. "What are you doing, Riku?" He gave the Dawn wielder an incredulous look. "She needs our help!"

    Riku shook his head. "If you summon the Keyblade back to your hand, then Kairi won't have any advantages left."

    Sora didn't get it. "What are you talking about?"

    "Think about it, Sora." He pointed at Sora's discarded Keyblade. "Right now the weapon advantage is in Yamikai's favor. She technically has thirteen weapons at her disposal. All Kairi has is the one Keyblade." Riku could almost see the gears ticking along in Sora's mind. "Get it now?"

    Kairi didn't hear any of this as she was too busy dodging projectiles to notice. Fortunately, Naminé heard every word. "Kairi! Get up on the Hydra's back!"


    "I mean, grab Sora's Keyblade!" Kairi whirled around and quickly looked for the weapon.

    "Where is it?!" As if answering her question, Sora's Keyblade started to emanate a powerful light. Wasting no time, Kairi quickly dove for the weapon.

    Unfortunately, Yamikai spied it too and switched out her kunai for one of Axel's chakrams and immediately threw it at Sora's weapon. The Princess of Heart was mere feet from the Keyblade when the chakram blazed in and knocked the weapon from her reach. Kairi pounded the ground in frustration and hastily started to get up, but her double swooped in on her sprawled out form and punted her in the ribs with enough force that Kairi could feel her insides rattling around. "You're not going to get away with a cheap save this time, Real Thing." Using her foot, Yamikai flipped the wincing Kairi onto her back, held her steady and aimed her gun arrows point-blank at the throat. "Any last words?"

    "BURN BABY!" Naminé yelled. Fireballs erupted from Kairi's Keyblade and protected their master, causing Yamikai to shriek in pain. Kairi took advantage of the situation to sweep the Keyblade underneath her clone's legs, knocking her flat on her back. Kairi quickly leapt to her feet and tried to plunge the Keyblade into the monstrosity's chest, but was knocked back when Yamikai's boots slammed into her stomach, sending her flying back a few feet.

    "You little witch!" Yamikai roared. She push-flipped her way upright and was about to fire her gun arrows again when Kairi smacked her wrist, disarming her left hand of its weapon. Kairi followed up with an elbow dash to the side of the face, stunning the girl.

    "I almost feel sorry for messing up your face," Kairi said sarcastically, "especially one so dazzling!" She finished off the combo by jumping slightly on the ball of her foot and letting loose a flawless super kick to the chin, snapping Yamikai's neck back. And with that, Kairi dove for Sora's Keyblade once more. Yamikai switched out her chakram for Demyx's sitar and with a flying leap, she raised the weapon over her head with the intent of slamming it straight through Kairi's skull.

    The instant Kairi's fingers made contact with Sora's Keyblade, a brilliant blast of light erupted out of nowhere, engulfing everyone's view. Yamikai felt her sitar make contact with something, but it wasn't at all pliable. The brightness faded slightly to reveal the clone's weapon pushing against Kairi's Keyblade. "What...?!" Before she could react, the second Keyblade shot out of the light and slammed her with so much force, it sent her hurtling across the battlefield. Yamikai managed to land on her feet, but there was astonishment etched across her smooth features. "Of all the times to unleash it now..." she growled.

    Kairi looked down and was stunned to find herself hovering a few inches off the ground. "No way..." She was even more stunned that her outfit had changed completely as well. Instead of the pink ensemble that she usually wore, her outfit had been replaced with a flowing silver evening gown that covered her from Kairi's bare shoulders to trailing seamlessly a few feet along the ground. Angelic wings had erupted from her back supporting her with its own will. The outfit formed so well against her body that it felt like a second skin. There was enough give for complete freedom of movement. However, due to the feeling of skin rubbing skin, she quickly realized that she was completely naked underneath the dress. No shoes or underwear at all. Kairi felt slightly embarrassed, but was grateful that the dress wouldn't accidentally reveal anything private due to its length and custom fit.

    Then she noticed that floating behind her were two Keyblades: hers and an unfamiliar-looking one. It was not Sora's Kingdom Key or anything else that seemed to resemble it. It had a rainbow of colors over its surface. However, the colors themselves looked like they were drawn on or somehow splashed on. It wasn't jagged or sharp like Ultima Weapon, but it gave out the same aura of strength while at the same time a feeling of peace. That's when Kairi realized that the Keyblade hovering right beside hers was...

    "Mine?" Naminé whispered. "I...have my own Keyblade?"

    Yamikai was able to regain her composure. "Huh. Looks like since all the darkness was finally expelled from your body, your light's true power's finally been released."

    "My...true power?" Kairi repeated with confusion.

    "We're a Princess of Heart, right?" Yamikai asked. "You have untapped hidden abilities that even the so-called "Heroes of Light" couldn't begin to imagine them. Smile for them, Red. You've got something that they can never hope to acquire."

    Kairi's eyes narrowed. "You're not a Princess of Heart, let alone a Princess of anything!"

    "Oh, I beg to differ. I came from you, remember?" The weapons in her hands began to reshape again. "I guess you can call me a Princess of Darkness."

    "Honey, you're nothing more than a wench!" Naminé snapped.

    "Yeah, and you're a witch," Yamikai replied curtly. "Doesn't change anything." Weapons reformed in her hands to reveal once again Oathkeeper and Oblivion. "Since we're both dual-wielding, we might as well make this a true Keyblade battle, right?"

    Responding to their thoughts, Kairi and Naminé's Keyblades quickly brought themselves to their owner's front in a guarding position. Kairi didn't have to lift a finger. "There's time to be impressed later," Kairi told herself. "Let's show this fake that she's no match for the real thing!"

    "Ready when you are, Kairi," Naminé replied.

    Meanwhile, outside the barrier, the boys were awestruck. "That's almost exactly like your Final Form," Roxas said. "I mean other than the dress, of course."

    "Yeah, but her outfit changed completely," Sora said. "Not just a color change but a total makeover."

    Riku gave a sideways glance at him. "Aren't you glad you didn't summon back your Keyblade?"

    "No kidding," Sora replied. 'And that outfit accents a lot more of her cuter features,' he added silently.

    Riku smirked. "That look on your face says that you don't seem to mind what she's wearing one bit."

    "What?! What makes you say that, huh?" Sora stammered with a guilty look on his face.

    Riku looked downward at Sora's pants. "It shows."

    "WHAT?!" Sora was shocked at the accusation. He followed Riku's gaze downward and was stunned to see something poking through the fabric. Determined to prove him wrong, he jammed his fist down into his front pocket and whipped out...

    Riku couldn't believe his eyes. "A Codebreaker?"

    Sora only grinned. "How else do you think I managed to hold Final Form for so long?" he chuckled.

    * * *

    "You know, there's something that's been bothering me..." Rikku was pondering. While everyone else had charged inside the mineshaft, the Gullwings had decided that it wouldn't hurt to have some backup for the calvary. Now they were zipping along the rocky chasms unhindered as all of the Heartless and Nobodies were being concentrated to where the fight was taking place.

    Yuna looked at Rikku curiously. "What's that?"

    "Why exactly are we faerie-sized anyways? Why couldn't we be our regular size like we were in our solo game?"

    Yuna air braked to a sudden stop. "You're still worried about that? We were designed so that we wouldn't crowd up the screen and use up any unnecessary pixels."

    "What?!" Rikku pouted and put her hands on her hips. "Are you saying that I look fat?"

    "Wha...NO! Of course not!" Yuna exclaimed. "I'm just saying that Nomura thought that we'd look weird if we were our full size."

    "Now you're saying that I'm weird looking?" Rikku looked like she was about to cry.

    "Wait! That's not what I meant either!" Yuna didn't know what else to say.

    "You're so mean, Yunie!" Rikku palmed her face and began to make sobbing noises as her shoulders heaved sadly.

    "Rikku! I'm so sorry!" Yuna reached out with one arm and wrapped it around to console her friend. "I didn't mean..."

    Suddenly Rikku's sobs instantly faded away into giggles. She lifted her face up to reveal that she was only faking. "Sometimes you make this too easy!" Rikku laughed.

    Yuna let go of her and shook her head. "I can't believe I just fell for that."

    Paine rolled her eyes. "If you two are finished, can we get back to the situation on hand?"

    "You think that Tidus is alright?" Yuna wondered out of the blue.

    "HA!" Rikku poked Yuna in the ribs playfully. "I knew you thought he was cute!"

    Yuna couldn't help but blush furiously. "It's not that...it's just..." she stammered.

    "Yunie and Tidus, sitting in a tree..." Rikku sang.

    "Besides, it wouldn't work out for us," Yuna said sadly. "He's a human and I'm a faerie. There's no way for either of us to literally see eye-to-eye."

    "Well..." Paine had her arms crossed and her head drooped down in thought. "There IS one way..." There was a shadow of a smirk playing on her lips. "It's not a difficult spell, but it is exhausting."

    "You mean it's possible?" Rikku asked. Paine gave her a little nod.

    "The magic will allow the faerie in question to take the appearance of a human. However, the longer you hold the form, the more energy that'll be drained. Even more so if you use any of your magic abilities." She gave Yuna a stern look. "So if you need to fight, you'd need to make it quick."

    Yuna seemed intrigued by the idea. "How long would it last, though?"

    "Depends on the user. It could be as much as two hours or as less as five minutes." And then Paine's head snapped up. "However, shouldn't we be concentrating on getting them, though?"

    Rikku shook her head. "I still don't know why we're even bothering. They seemed PRETTY lame to me."

    "Whether they like it or not, this whole situation affects them too," Paine said grimly. "Their world's at risk just as ours is."

    Yuna pursed her tiny lips together. "Are you sure they'll do it?"

    Paine shrugged. "It's not like they have a choice in the matter."

    * * *

    "I possess every weapon that the Organization has! I have all your powers and abilities; memories and strengths; your attacks and spells!" Yamikai's eyes glistened with loathing. "The only way to win is to be able to defeat yourself!"

    "You may believe you have everything," Kairi stated, "but there's one thing you lack!" She patted the left side of her chest.

    "A killer rack?"

    Kairi's eyes widened in horror. "NO! Don't be so crude! I'm talking about a heart!"

    "Well, then..." Yamikai twirled the Keyblades in her hands. "Let's see which is truly more powerful. Your light or my dark!" And with that, the two charged at each other like a tiger and lion unleashed.

    The next few minutes were a blur. Keyblades slashed and clashed at each other, sending out sparks and sonic booms through the air. There was nothing much to say for these dueling divas. Kairi's eyes were flaring with determination. "I refuse to believe that a creature like you would come from me!" she snapped.

    "A creature, you say? Then what does that make you?" Yamikai shot her arm out. "Dark Firaga!" A fireball of pure darkness was shot out straight toward Kairi.

    In response, Kairi's wings spread themselves to their full length and flapped themselves at the projectiles. "Heaven's Wing!" Thick feather bolts shot out intercepting the projectile's paths causing them to explode on contact.

    Yamikai rushed at Kairi, her nostrils flaring with malice. "You don't get it, do you?!" Her Oathkeeper and Oblivion slammed into Kairi's Keyblades. "I'm the manifestation of your inner darkness! I know exactly how you've felt over the years!" She grinned as their weapons locked together in a test of power. "You were always jealous of the boys when they did their sword-fighting or their marathons. They always saw you as the girl who couldn't do anything but look cute and pretty. Completely useless when it came to strength or agility!"

    Kairi shoved Yamikai away with her Keyblades and began to whirl them around her body like a propeller. "Did it matter?" Kairi asked rhetorically. "Did it matter if we seemed weak to them? They're our friends! So what if we couldn't do much? They stood up for us and were always there when we needed them!" The orbiting Keyblades forced Yamikai to leap away from their owner.

    "They turned their back on you!" Yamikai spat. "They left you on the Islands, sheltering you from the cold reality of the outside world! They didn't want you to come with them or you'd just be in their way!"

    "But I never stopped believing in them!" Kairi shot back. "Just like they're believing in me, in us, to take you down!" She flapped up into the air and aimed her Keyblades at her target. "TAKE THIS!" The two Keyblades began to circle one another like a ritualistic dance before letting loose a single beam of intensely compacted light that shook the air with its power. The energy beam blasted into the malleable reflective surface causing an explosion that knocked Yamikai off her feet.

    "Enough games." Yamikai charged her Keyblades with pure darkness and hurled them both at Kairi who instinctively raised her own to block. Unfortunately, free of any excess weight, the Princess of Darkness managed to do an "Instant Movement" technique to quickly get behind the airborne Kairi and fire out a ferocious kick to her back. The maneuver caught Kairi off guard and she flew right into the oncoming Keyblades path. Oathkeeper and Oblivion sliced through her angel wings, shattering them on contact. The action caused a huge explosion of light that sent both combatants flying.

    "KAIRI!" Sora and Riku shouted. When the light faded, Yamikai was still on her feet. She was breathing rather heavily, but managed to stay upright. Kairi, however, was sprawled out on the ground, half-conscious. Her clothes had switched back to its beaten and ripped state. Her Keyblade was inches away from her right hand while Naminé's Keyblade had reverted back to Sora's Kingdom Key.

    The doppelganger walked calmly across the battlefield to where Kairi lay. The Keyblades were covered with darkness once again as she formed a new weapon. "You put up a decent fight. I'll give you that much," Yamikai said. "But you should've already known that you would never have beaten me. The closer you are to the light, the larger your shadow becomes." The only weapon she had in her hand now was Marluxia's scythe. "A fitting weapon for your death, wouldn't you say?" She raised it over her head. "Goodbye, my weaker self." The scythe sliced through the air at the helpless girl...

    CLANG! Yamikai couldn't believe her eyes. Instead of her weapon impaling Kairi's head, the scythe was now pushing against Riku's Way to the Dawn. "But...how?" she wondered before Riku blasted her away with one of his Dark Auras.

    Riku smirked. "That explosion of light shattered your barrier," he explained. "Which gives us the chance to have OUR say."

    Sora summoned back his Keyblade to his hand and raised it over Kairi's weakened form. "HEAL!" With all her wounds healed, Kairi slowly pushed herself up off the ground. Sora extended a hand and helped her up. "You okay?"

    Kairi nodded. "Yeah...a little shaky, but I'm fine." She tightened her grip on the Keyblade. "Naminé? You doing okay back there?"

    "Considering we just used everything we had against that girl and still lost..." Naminé's confidence was a bit shook up. "How're we supposed to beat her?"

    "Look sharp!" Roxas warned. Sora and Kairi turned back to the enemy at hand, getting back into their battle stances.

    "Hmph." Yamikai switched her scythe with Lexaeus' tomahawk and Vexen's shield again. "Altogether now, are we?" Yamikai mocked. "The spaz, the ditz and the tits."

    "Um...which of us is the ditz?" Sora wondered.

    Riku and Kairi both gave him a pitying look. "Only you would wonder about that, Sora," Kairi sighed.

    (Note from author: Yup. This battle isn't over. Not by a long shot. Naminé having her own Keyblade and Kairi her own Drive STILL wasn't enough. And if you think THIS surprised you...:sly:)
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    ... Wow.
    x.x I still suck at commenting.
    Kairi's drive form is awesome!

    And so is Namine's keyblade.

    lol yesterday my cousin had asked if Namine had a keyblade and I was like "No, but that would be cool!"

    So when I read that I laughed at myself.

    I love how you tie the Final Fantasies together...

    I'm curious to see how that turns out :)
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    It's a long shot yet he said, Pika, you'll have to be patient...

    Seriously, we don't want such a good story to end too quickly. It seemed just like yesterday I've read this fanfic! LOL!

    EDIT: Oh, and by the way, I think I know how Yamikai is going to be defeated. Not even three on one could defeat her because her double is pratically Kairi even though with her annoying manner. It would be funny and... ... ...

    *scratches hair, not sure to reveal answer or not*

    Let's just say Sora would be defeated in a very funny way (Duh, easily imagined, even though in the real game he's much more powerful than here), Riku's going to have a hard time but still in controlled (The O-level English test starts! And ends), and Kairi's PROBABLY (Unsure) going to be the one who end it all... In a very... ... ...

    *scratches hair again, getting frustated for he can't get his point out*

    Never mind, I'm out...

    *Shrugs and begin to drink rum because didn't make it into the Final of a RPG Competition*
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    well well....the fight continues it would seem, nice inclusion of a keyblade for Namine and a drive form for Kairi.

    Well done man.
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    DF. You just rock. =D

    Die Yamikai! XD
    Even if she's awesome. <3

    Kairi's drive form was like. WOW! =D
    I read chapter comments before reading the chapter and i figured you'd given her Valor form... :3 (Did ya see Dead Fantasy II? :D)

    I can't wait for the next update! ^-^
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    Okay, so. Everyone was talking about how awesome this Fanfiction was, and I was always like "Meh", because I thought it was actually about an actual wedding. >_>;;

    Obviously, I was wrong. Excellent Narrative style, good descriptions and battles. I also loved the little side stories featuring the FF/KH/Disney characters, as they made their way to the Computer Room.

    I only have two problems with this entire fanfiction as a whole.

    1) You bold and color/color/bold stuff. It makes it hard to read, and then I have to highlight the text, and then I accidentally end up at the top of the page....

    2) Too much breaking of the 4th wall. It was funny, but after awhile, it felt overused.

    Besides that, it was really really really really really awesome. :X

    Keep up the great work!
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    1) Okay, noted. I just did it so it wouldn't blend so much with the rest of the text and it'd be easier to distinguish between spells and the like.

    BTW, if you're talking about the earlier chapters, remember the old skin? I've just been too lazy to go back and change the text into a readable color format. :xp:

    2) Hmm...maybe...I'll try not to go overboard in the future. I felt it was one of those running jokes that would never get old. But alright. Duly noted as well. :)
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    I think it would have been funnier if you put something about 'censoring parts' during the YRP conversation, but w/e.

    Nice touch with the Codebraker thing lol.
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    [​IMG]GAH! Why didn't I think of that?! [​IMG]
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    Very impressive. Is that what you were aiming for? :sly:

    But seriously, that chapter was extremely good. Yamikai is a little witch. Grr. Hopefully the three of them will smash her. She's an evil little bugger, that's for sure. Anyway, the plot's coming along well and you're making this seem almost unpredictable. I give you props.

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    The term "breaking the fourth wall" in theater generally means when a character is showing his/her awareness of the audience. In fiction that usually refers to a character talking about events or situations about themselves or others that they would never be aware of in the video game world. This includes all the jokes of Nomura, the FF characters talking about aspects of their respective games and storylines outside of KH, or the Disney characters talking about their movies or relatives that were never mentioned in the KH world at all.

    Ditzy or ditsy is defined as "eccentrically silly, giddy, or inane." i.e. Those blonde jokes you hear about. In other words, absent-minded or clueless.
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    Loving it so far! Really like the game-play use. Though, I'dlike to see Kairi bring on some uns een moves (mind you, I'm on the Kairi VS Larxene battle....)
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    "TAKE THIS!" Sora's Keyblade flashed through the air and cracked Vexen's raised shield while Riku's Way to the Dawn was parried with Lexaeus' tomahawk.

    "Pathetic," Yamikai mocked. When Kairi came flying in down the center, the Princess of Darkness leapt back, sending both boys off balance and colliding into Kairi's path. "I can't believe I was ever friends with a couple of losers like you two."

    "We've got to coordinate our attacks," Riku muttered to Sora and Kairi as they untangled themselves from their disorganized heap. "If we don't, we're going to end up attacking each other by accident." He stood up and got back into his battle stance. "I'll take the left side. Sora flanks the right. Kairi charges straight through. Agreed?" Without waiting for an answer, he charged at Yamikai, his steel-like gaze focused on target.

    Seeing this, Yamikai switched her tomahawk to Saix's claymore. "Bring it on, 'friend.'" She swung the claymore at the ground, causing blue shockwaves to appear in his path. Riku leapt up and took aim.

    "Dark Aura!" He fired off a series of purplish fireballs at Yamikai who raised her shield from the aerial assault. Sensing movement behind her, the dark Kairi whirled around and ended up with the flat side of Sora's Keyblade slapping her across the face. She gave him a terrified look.

    "I can't believe you would hit me so hard!" she cried as crocodile tears welled up in her eyes. Yamikai's lips started to quiver.

    Sora was completely taken back at her response and lowered his guard. "Oh, sorry about..."

    Yamikai smirked. "Idiot." She slammed the handle of her claymore into Sora's midsection, sending the Keyblade master to his knees. "I knew you were too soft." She raised the weapon over her head.

    "Leave him alone!" Kairi slid in from behind and swept her leg around, making contact with Yamikai's calves and sending her crashing backward to the floor.

    "Hurry!" Naminé yelled. Kairi twirled her Keyblade in her grip and proceeded to stab Yamikai in the chest again, only to be deflected by Vexen's shield. Before anyone could react, Riku dove in from out of nowhere and bashed at the shield with his Keyblade until the ice finally shattered, spraying shards everywhere.

    "GRRAAAH!" Yamikai looked furious. Kairi and Riku swung again for the finishing blow, but the doppelganger summoned Xaldin's lances to protect her, blocking both of their attacks long enough for her to flip back onto her feet.

    Sora rubbed his stomach, wincing from the surprise attack. "I'm starting to think we can't beat her with conventional methods," Sora said. He closed his eyes and felt his heart's inner strength rush through him. "LET'S GO!" Sora's body encased itself within a sphere of light that shattered to reveal his Final Form once again. However instead of Fenrir, Roxas' Fateful Encounter had appeared alongside Sora's Ultima Weapon.

    "It's time to duel!" Roxas yelled. Sora nodded and flew at Yamikai. The Keyblades automatically protected their owner by constantly parrying any lance that tried to stab through him.

    As soon as he was able to get past Yamikai's guard, he made a fist and punched the girl's stomach with all his might. "Sorry, Kairi," Sora muttered. Evil or not, it disgusted him that he had to attack Kairi with his bare hands. However, the guilt quickly passed when Yamikai began to laugh.

    "THAT was your punch?!" she giggled. "That was so...pathetic! I mean, my grandmother could punch harder than you!" Larxene's kunai appeared in-between her fingers as she tightened her hand into a fist. "Now THIS, is how you punch someone!" Sora's eyes widened. "FALCOOON PAAUNCH!" Kairi and Riku could only watch helplessly as Sora found himself zooming across the room, traces of electricity sparking from his body. His Ultima Weapon and Fateful Encounter trailed after their owner.

    Yamikai quickly transitioned the lances and kunai into Luxord's cards and Zexion's lexicon which began to attack Kairi and Riku with their own mindless aggression. "You know, I never liked these games!" Kairi shouted as the giant cards zinged after her like buzzsaws. Riku only grunted in response as he was bombarded from all sides by the multiplying books.

    On the other side of the arena, Sora winced as he began to hover back into an upright position. He looked down at his stomach and saw that he was bleeding slightly from where he was stabbed. "Well that...was humiliating," he muttered under his breath.

    "What? That you punch like a girl?" Roxas asked.

    Sora rolled his eyes. "No, the fact that she tried to pass off a copyrighted catchphrase as her own." He cringed again as the pain slowly throbbed from his abdomen. "That girl is CLEARLY evil." Seeing his friends in trouble, he commanded both Keyblades to rise above his head. "THUNDER!" Streaks of lightning rained down over the battlefield, clearing out both the cards and books from their onslaught. Sora quickly Superglided back to the group.

    "Glad you decided to rejoin the party!" Naminé cried as Sora flew back into range.

    "YOU @$$#o!&$!" Yamikai roared. "I'M GOING TO &@$%^!* KILL YOU!" Larxene's kunai and Saix's claymore reappeared in her hands.

    "Why's she furious all of a sudden?" Roxas wondered as Sora began to dodge the tiny knives flying around randomly.

    "A little...busy right now!" Sora's Keyblades circled around their owner as they shielded any incoming projectiles from reaching his body.

    Kairi racked her brains for the answer. "All that's happened so far is..." The thought struck her like a bolt from the blue (or the orange and the green). She whirled around at Riku. "Knock the weapons out of her hand!"

    Riku was puzzled at first, but then realized what Kairi meant. He leapt at Yamikai and swatted an underhand strike at the hand holding the claymore. The girl instinctively loosened her grip enough for Riku to kick it out of her hand. "NOOO!" Yamikai shrieked as the Dawn wielder pirouetted into the air and sliced straight through the disarmed weapon, causing it to self-destruct. Unfortunately, he was rewarded with a bone-crunching strike to his spine with Lexaeus' tomahawk.

    "Riku!" Sora shouted. He was still confused, though. What was Kairi talking about? Fortunately, Roxas wasn't as slow-witted as his Somebody was.

    "Haven't you figured it out? Yamikai's weapons can only be summoned once! Once you knock them out of her hand and/or destroy them, she can't summon it again!" Roxas was pleased that he knew something that Sora didn't know. "Why do you think she hasn't summoned Vexen's shield? Or that she was furious when you destroyed the cards and the books?"

    "But what about the kunai or your Keyblades?" Sora wondered.

    "I said if WE disarm her," Roxas explained. "If she willingly throws them, she can still summon them back to her hands."

    Yamikai was starting to look scared now as she swapped the kunai and tomahawk for Demyx's sitar. "Shut up!" She swung the heavy end toward Sora's skull. However, due to its weight, Sora was able to back away just in time, slapping his Keyblades across Yamikai's wrists. Kairi managed to slide underneath and snag the sitar from her dark half's grip. For the second time that day, she took the weapon over her knee and snapped it in two.

    Riku managed to recover from his back-crunching blow and cast Curaga over him and his teammates. Working together, the Destiny Island trio systematically disarmed Yamikai's weaponry from her until she was down to her last weapon. Xemnas' Aerial Blades shot out of her hands. "I applaud you in figuring it out," she breathed. "But these Aerial Blades are welded to my hands. And despite your healing, I know you're completely worn out."

    Sora, Riku and Kairi couldn't hide the fact that Yamikai spoke the truth. They were breathing heavily as much as she was. A Cure spell would be able to heal all external wounds, but they had used up most of their stamina and didn't have any chances to recharge their magic properly. "We've...gotta keep...keep it...together," Sora huffed. His body seemed to be hovering closer to the ground than usual and his Keyblades behind him were moving sluggishly. A few lucky shots and he would've been defeated.

    Kairi didn't know how much longer they could last against this girl. True, they had stripped her of every weapon except Xemnas', but as long as Yamikai held even ONE weapon, they wouldn't be able to finish her off. "We...won't give up," Kairi growled. Both Naminé and Roxas were doing their best to figure out a way to end this battle, but they were both coming up blank.

    "What was that you said earlier, Sora?" Riku asked suddenly. "We can't beat her with conventional methods?" Sora and Kairi looked at him curiously. "Penalty game?" the silver-haired teen suggested. Kairi had no idea what he was talking about, but the sly grin on Sora's face meant that he knew exactly what to do.

    "Give it up! You three couldn't...HEY!" Sora tackled Yamikai in mid-rant, his Keyblades slowly trailed after him. The Keyblade master and the Princess of Darkness wrestled on the ground for a few seconds, the Aerial Blades shredding Sora's white outfit. But despite her power, Sora's body was still heavier than hers. Finally, the bushy-haired youth was able to get himself into position by sumo-dropping down on Yamikai's arms while Riku rushed over to pin her legs down. "What are you doing?!" she snarled in surprise. The light sabers retracted back into her palms. "Get off of me!"

    "You may possess all of Kairi's strengths," Sora said, "but you also possess her weaknesses too!"

    "And since we were always a bit stronger than Kairi," Riku added, "your so-called strength can't lift us."

    Kairi suddenly realized what was going on. She slapped her forehead in astonishment. "I totally forgot that you guys..."

    Apparently, Yamikai knew exactly what was running through their naughty little minds. "NO!! DON'T YOU DARE!!" she shrieked. Kairi's dark half struggled furiously, but the combined weight of the boys was too much for her body.

    Kairi gave her a hard look as she walked up with a false sense of calm. "Vexen said that my heart wasn't my only vulnerability," the Princess of Heart said as she cracked her knuckles and loosened up her fingers.

    "NO!! DON'T!!" Yamikai screamed. But Kairi paid no mind. Sora and Riku were a bit stunned to see such a serious look on their friend's face. Without a word, Kairi straddled her dark half's body and slowly moved her clawed fingers toward Yamikai's exposed underarms. "NOOO! STAAHAAHAAHAA..." Yamikai's protests quickly dissolved into gut-wrenching laughter. Kairi was slightly amused by this. She hadn't even made contact yet and the anticipation made the pinned girl break down in seconds. There was a slight amount of guilt for what she was doing. But after all the pain and suffering her dark half had caused her, the guilt imploded into nothingness. Her fingers made contact with the smooth surface of baby-soft skin and Kairi was almost bucked off from the violent jerky reaction that exploded from her twin's body.

    Undaunted, Kairi set to work on torturing the helpless evil girl that had once been inside her. It was a surreal moment for her. She was literally beside herself and hearing her very own screams of laughter coming out of someone else's mouth. She also took note of the funny expressions her face made as she bucked around, begging and pleading, tears streaking down her face. It felt familiar, but this was different. This wasn't like Vexen when he tickle-tortured her. The entire situation reminded Kairi of her younger days when she used to be gang tickled by everyone else. But this time, the ticklee had become the tickler. And Kairi realized that she was enjoying every second of it.

    In the back of their shared consciousness, Naminé found out that she was enjoying being on the other end for once. The "experiments" that she had been forced to bear and here she was finally venting out all of her frustration through Kairi's body. Meanwhile, Riku was busy squeezing around the inner thighs and behind the knees. Although he should've found the entire situation strange and disturbing, he had no problem causing torment like he did to the real Kairi years ago (Mainly he was still sore about being called an emo).

    As Kairi's hands traveled down to the ribcage and the sides, Sora replaced her as armpit tickler and began a slow and steady approach. "NAAHAAAHAHAHA! FUHAHAAHAAHA..." Yamikai twisted this way and that, but she was overpowered three-to-one. Kairi suddenly realized what Riku had meant by a "Penalty Game." Yamikai had finally lost this battle and now she was being punished for her actions. Punished with a "Penalty Tickle." That's when Vexen's words finally clicked. The "research" he had claimed to be doing was in actuality giving Yamikai a weak point. Probably to control this girl in case she became too powerful for the Organization to handle or something. A curious thought popped into Kairi's mind. She knew that she was deathly ticklish on her hips. But what if...

    Kairi's hands began pinching downward until she reached the hipbone. She gave it a tender squeeze and found herself almost being bucked off by Yamikai's explosive reaction. She also found it slightly amusing yet disturbing to see her own face becoming more pink than her outfit. Kairi's hands gripped as hard as she dared and rapidly squeezed for all its worth as Sora continued the upper body assault. There was no taunting or verbal teasing from the Destiny Island trio. They just tickled and tickled with merciless restraint.

    Behind Kairi, Riku had managed to rip off Yamikai's high-heeled boots and socks, exposing her feet. "Calling me an emo, huh?" he grumbled. His fingers just barely grazed the surface of her soles when Yamikai's body made one final buck before going limp from the overstimulation. Her eyes were rolled back and her mouth gaped open as if her very soul had been ripped from her body. The battle was over.

    Kairi's dark form finally dissolved back into the darkness from whence it came. Sora, Riku and Kairi sat there in silence, each of them still hearing Yamikai's dying laughter ringing in their ears. After a few quiet seconds, Sora asked Kairi, "You okay?"

    The Princess of Heart found herself breathing heavily as if it were her that went through the torture. Suddenly she burst into giggles. "I see why you guys love doing that! That was actually pretty fun!" She let out a sigh of relief.

    "So you don't mind us doing it again when we get home?" Sora asked with a sly grin.

    "Hell, no!" Kairi snapped, waving a disapproving finger at him. "If you do that to me again, I'm going to get Naminé to rearrange both of your memories!"

    "True 'dat," Naminé added.

    * * *

    "How much further?" Alice asked the chipmunks.

    "Not far!" Dale answered back. The Princesses of Heart, Sora's summons, Queen Minnie and Lady Daisy were all following Pluto and the chipmunks down a secret passageway underneath the Safe Room. After passing through numerous doorways and long staircases, they finally ended up in front of a giant steel door that displayed the King's symbol.

    "A dead end?" Cinderella asked. Instead of responding, the chipmunks guided Pluto to a tiny control panel in the bottom-right corner of the door.

    Chip and Dale stood up on Pluto's head and cleared their throats. Suddenly they sang out, "Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip and Dale's: Rescue Rangers!"

    A retro-sounding female voice acknowledged the chipmunk's password. "Voice activation code accepted."

    "Nice to hear Gadget's voice again," Chip commented. The heavy steel door retracted upward. The group was blinded by the sudden brightness of the room before them and had to blink a few seconds to readjust their eyes to the light.

    The chipmunks waved their arms toward their final destination. "Ta-da!" Everyone was in complete shock at the sight.

    "Is this our secret weapon?" Belle wondered in awe.

    Chip nodded enthusiastically. "Yup! The King asked us to keep this hidden here in case of a real emergency."

    "Like something big threatening Radiant Garden!" Dale added.

    "Well, I'd say this would qualify as a real emergency," Chicken Little said, rolling up his sleeves.

    "Are you sure this'll work, though?" Lady Daisy questioned. Chip, Dale and Pluto only responded with goofy smiles.

    "We just have to trust the King," Queen Minnie stated. She took in the sight of the room. "But in my personal opinion, I'd say this would be more than sufficient."

    "Can't let those guys have all the fun, right?" Jasmine giggled.

    Belle patted her shoulder. "I'm just glad that we finally get a chance to show them what we're capable of!"

    "Then what are waiting for?!" Genie twirled around in front of them, overjoyed that they would get some action. "Alright ladies and party animals! Let's make some magic happen!"

    * * *

    The group stood up and brushed themselves off as Riku and Kairi picked up their discarded Keyblades. As Sora stood upright, his Final Formed body automatically began lifted off the ground again. "Is it finally over?" Kairi asked. As if in response, a thick fog rolled out onto the battlefield, blanketing the group. "What's happening?!"

    "I don't like the looks of this," Roxas said. Although tired and weary, the Keyblade wielders stood side by side and got into their battle stances.

    "Show yourself!" Sora shouted into the void. At first, the only sound was the teenager's hearts rapidly thumping against their chests. Then suddenly, a familiar laugh began echoing throughout the arena. It started out quiet, but was soon joined by more hauntingly memorable voices.

    Riku's eyes narrowed in recognition. "It's not possible," he muttered.

    Kairi glanced over at him. "What's not possible?" She turned her gaze back to the front and stared in horror as familiar shapes began to make themselves clearer in the fog.

    THIRTEEN familiar shapes.

    "You've gotta be kidding me!" Naminé cried. "THE ORGANIZATION?!" Indeed, thirteen cloaked figures now stood before them, every one of their faces shrouded by their hoods. The one standing in the center pulled back his hood revealing the Superior himself who gave the astonished trio a maniacal grin. Following their leader's example, one by one, the other twelve dropped their hoods, staring at their prey with pitiless expressions. The two groups glared at one another, the tension thick enough to cut with a knife.

    Finally, Xemnas spoke. "We must thank you, Princess."

    "For what?" Kairi barked, never taking her eyes off of his face.

    Larxene gave her another one of her annoying little giggles. "It hasn't dawned on you yet?"

    "Tell us!" Naminé shouted. "How are all of you here?"

    Larxene wagged a finger mockingly at them. "Oh, but I just HATE spoilers. It'd be a shame if I had to spell it out for you."

    "Another game, perhaps?" Luxord chimed in.

    "No!" Kairi yelled as she tightened her grip on the Keyblade. "No more games!"

    Larxene was about to retort, but Xemnas held up his hand. Not liking being interrupted but not wanting to face the wrath of her Superior, she ended up only pouting. "We used your body as a catalyst to bring back ours," Xemnas explained.

    "A Princess of Heart made an excellent vessel," Vexen added. "Your heart, so pure of light, was the ideal container to grow our very essences that were trapped in that cursed electronic prison."

    "We warned you," Marluxia said with a grin. "This entire ploy was to test your worthiness of becoming the one person that would bring us back to our full glory."

    "That was their master plan all along," Riku realized. "It wasn't the clone of Kairi they were after. It was Kairi's heart!"

    "My...heart?" Kairi couldn't believe what she was hearing. But something in what they had said nagged at the back of her mind.

    "It all makes sense now!" Naminé cried. "They tainted our heart with darkness to create Yamikai. She was an avatar that held all of the Organization's powers."

    Roxas gasped. "But when we defeated Yamikai, all we did was release the Organization's personalities and data into new bodies that they had created for themselves!"

    "You mean to tell me that they used my heart to create bodies for themselves just like you and Naminé were created from Sora's?" Kairi was stunned, but it was too...unthinkable to disprove the point.

    "That would explain all of those heart pangs," Naminé continued. "The more darkness that seeped into our heart, the more stronger we made them."

    Even Sora understood what she had just said. "So let me get this straight." He took a deep breath. "What you're saying is that Kairi's heart was the oven and the Organization's 'essences' were the buns being baked in there until Yamikai burst out of Kairi's womb as some type of concoction made up of all thirteen members of the Organization and her body became unstable enough to split off into the Organization members that are now standing before us, glaring at us like swiss cheese?"

    "What's the matter, Sora?" Kairi asked. "Hungry again?"

    Sora's face dropped as a flash of red caught his eye. "Oh, snap." Through Sora's eyes, Roxas was stunned to see...

    "Axel?" Roxas wondered. "Axel, is that really you?" But the usually fiery red-head remained silent.

    "That's not the only weird thing about this," Sora said. "Look!" At the far end of the line stood an all too-familiar face.

    Roxas couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Is that...me?!"

    Xemnas spread out his arms as if he were a prophet about to preach the fate of the universe. "Unlike the original traitors who abandoned the Organization, I transformed the hearts and minds of those that needed...adjusting into obedient followers, loyal to no end."

    "He's right," Riku said. "Look at their expressions." The Axel and Roxas that were staring at them had no flicker of recognition on their faces.

    "No way..." Roxas was slightly unnerved at the sight of himself. "Have my shoulders always been that broad?"

    "Wait a second!" Kairi realized what was bothering her. "You just said from 'that electronic prison.'" Her eyes widened. "You don't mean..."

    "Yes! We are no longer inside the dataspace of the computer!" Vexen laughed. "You have been and are standing in the REAL world!"

    "And thanks to you, we are finally complete!" Xemnas gloated. "Free to walk the realm of light once more!"

    Kairi raised an eyebrow. "Really? Because from here it looks like you're the same old Nobodies."

    Xemnas blinked at the statement. He took another long look at his revived Organization before whipping around at Vexen. "You assured me that using the Princess of Heart as a catalyst would allow us to become whole again!"

    Vexen massaged his forehead with his thumb and index finger. "Indeed. We should be complete." He raised an eyebrow. "This is a clearly unexpected development."

    Larxene laughed at him. "Figures. Just another of your failed attempts as a scientist."

    "Now really, Larxy," Xigbar said. "Haven't you learned to respect your elders yet?"

    The Savage Nymph shot a death glare at him. "I told you never to call me 'Larxy!'"

    Xigbar rolled his eye. "Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?"

    "Enough." Xaldin stared at them with a steely tone in his voice. "Stop acting like you've got hearts to mislead you."

    "True, we may not have real hearts," Saix said. "But for the sake of our existence, our purpose must be carried out."

    "Ol' Wolfie's right," Axel said with his trademark grin. "Right now we've got only one mission to fulfill." Bursts of flame exploded from his hands as he summoned his chakrams. "And you can commit THIS to memory."

    But it was the Organization's Roxas that finished the thought with their true motive. "Revenge." The XIII Order, Organization XIII summoned their weapons, causing the outnumbered Keyblade-wielding teenagers to cringe.

    Riku smirked at Sora. "Reminds you of that old wedding tradition, huh?"

    Sora nodded. "Something old..." His Ultima Weapon went forth to protect its master.

    "Something new..." Roxas indicated the Fateful Encounter that trailed along.

    Kairi twirled her Keyblade. "Something borrowed..." She tightened her grip.

    "And something blue," Riku finished as he drummed his fingers on the handle of his Way to the Dawn.

    "We are so screwed," Naminé added.

    (Note from author: This is the last time I'll be doing any more tickle torture. I promise...maybe. :sweat: But now the master plan has finally been revealed. THIS is what it's all been leading up to. A reborn Organization XIII vs. the battle-weary Keyblade wielders. Is this a fight they'll be able to win? (Like I have to ask.) Let the final epic battle begin! :sly:)
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