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    of my poems, sorry if i have posted any of these i dont think i have but still
    here we go 5 different poems that connect in one way or another

    Poem 1

    To Inspire the Lazy

    I am so sick of being called lazy
    And being told that I only sit around all day long.
    So what if right now I’m just taking my time growing up
    Instead of being born and
    Shoved into the world of the working.
    I am so sick of being told to grow up and get a job.
    Sure I may need to think about this stuff but
    I will not let it take over my life like they say.
    I am so sick of being so sick of all of these things
    And sometimes when I just about burst.
    I think again, and realize that some day
    When I finally do decide to grow up
    That I may tell some kids
    To stop being so

    Poem 2

    To Dream of a Reality

    People were always telling him
    To keep his head low and to never let his imagination roam.
    He lived in a world where up was down
    The sky was green and the grass a deep blue.
    Yet sadly everyone around looked just the same.
    It must have been destiny
    On that one dreary day
    He decided to dream and dream away.
    It was a wonderful dream of a world just like ours,
    With people of different shapes and yes sizes.
    The boy loved his dream, and he never let it go
    And sadly after many years of being alone
    People stopped caring for the boy and they let him
    For no longer were they real to him
    No they were only a dream.

    Poem 3

    The Winter Marsh

    It was cold
    Just as it always was that time of year.
    I began to stare out the window as the violent snow
    Shook the house and made my heart flicker on and off again.
    There was then a loud crash bang and boom outside
    Of my small yet cozy tomb of a cottage.
    After throwing on some warmer clothes
    I ran out side to see what the ruckus was all about.
    I searched through the seamless for several minutes
    Before noticing on the ground my favorite ancient oak tree.
    A single bitter cold tear escaped my eye
    As I reminisced of the time I spent sitting under that tree as a young boy.
    Several months passed, and eventually with it the cold did too.
    Curious of what had happened to my tree I strolled down
    The boulevard to the tree.
    And much to my surprise and delight
    Right where the old tree’s base had once stood now stood a tiny oak sprout.

    Poem 4

    Alone and Yet Un-afraid

    “Hello†I whisper once again
    As your ghost turns and smiles back at me.
    I motion for you to sit next to me
    But instead you stay in the same position
    That you have for years and year before.
    I’m haunted by all the space that I will live without you.
    Others may find me crazy, and others insane.
    But just to talk to you makes me feel almost
    Whole again.
    I carry on our conversations
    Your words too of course.
    I beg over and over again to your ghost
    “Please come back to me, please come and sitâ€
    But it just continues to smile and wave
    As if to say “I truly am sorry but we have left you
    Both of us of courseâ€
    So as I sit and beg to you going steadily insane
    I realize that you have left me alone forever and ever still.

    Poem 5


    It all falls apart
    As the darkness surrounds.
    She stole out my heart
    And left me to drown.

    I wont call for help
    No I promise not to make a sound
    Tears soak my eyes
    As my body hits the ground

    She lets out a gasp
    Had this all gone much to far
    But after a thought comes a laugh
    As she forgets and turns away afar

    I let it all out
    My last hope for air
    I drown underwater
    When will they notice?
    No when will she care.