A Cold Room

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  1. Mathias Jay beauty is in everything

    Oct 22, 2006
    A man stands before another with no expression. One bound, the other standing freely. Thick liquid covers objects, along with the sound of popping filling the room. The cold room has no color. The cold room has nothing in it, but the man standing before the other. The bound man looks at the free one and asks quizzically:

    “Who is truly free: The man who beats the other to obtain freedom, or the man being beaten because of his own existence?â€

    A cold room is filled with chains. The two men hanging upside down have no expression. The unbound, unharmed man stares at the men. The cold room is clean. The cold room has no color. Filled with the sound of rattling chains, the cold room has one purpose: to contain and liberate. One man looks to the other, hair touching the floor, and asks quizzically:

    “What man is liberated: The one to kill for the approval of God, or a man hung until he lets go of a poor life in purgatory?â€

    A cold room is without color. A cold room is clean, and empty with the exception of a table. A man, holding onto the table for dear life looks into the eyes of a man of no expression. The table, worn from use, is clean and without stain. The man upon the tabletop looks to the expressionless man and asks quizzically:

    “What is it that you require: Liberation or freedom?â€

    A cold room is clean. A cold room is without color and is empty. An expressionless man steps into a cold room. An expressionless man that has not come to terms with freedom. An expressionless man that has not come to terms with liberation. An expressionless man who neither fears nor knows anything. This expressionless man recalls his existence. This expressionless man truly has only one expression: a frown. This expressionless man hears the click of metal set to pull and colors a cold, colorless room.

    A howl is heard during the night. Not only by an animal, but a machine as well. Colors fly into the night sky as howls and whistles fill the cold air.

    A cold room is no longer empty, but was filled from the start.
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    Jul 24, 2007
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    It's a case of too much meaning that I see here. Philosophy inspires thought and the drawing of conclusions. There is too much philosophy here because I could think all day on the ideas you scraped together for this piece. If they were original and mindblowing ideas then maybe it would be worth it, but overall I just see you expressing some kind of love or fascination with thought whilst referencing people who share the sentiment.

    Yeah, this wasn't really a writing piece so much as a philosophical one and I have neither the time, inclination nor the education necessary to go into it in further detail really.