A chance at KHII:FM, and Re:COM.

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    Sep 25, 2006
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    Our one chance: http://community.livejournal.com/0kingdom_hearts/706448.html

    Guys, before you say anything.. give this a chance. It's an entire livejournal community dedicated to getting KHII:FM and Re:COM to come to the States, and Europe. Maybe even more.

    They have a petition going, which is well over 2000 signatures. Also, they have sent Square-Enix approximately 4000 e-mails, if not more. I say we give this a shot. I have contacted Damien at Kingdom Hearts Ultimania (kh2.co.uk) and he is willing to help, and maybe get cow to put it up on their main page.

    I am taking this very seriously. It's nice to see an entire community, quite like ourselves, working together for something they love. I say we join in. This is important to us. We deserve these games too. Not just Japan. We are a fandom too. So once again..


    Show your support. Get this going. At least try! We do have a chance! GO PEOPLE! Do it for your love of this amazing, and worth-while franchise, which we've been dedicating our lives to with these forums!!
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by *Sora*, Sep 27, 2006.

    1. Roxas
      I signed, this is very very important and I hope kh2.co.uk posts it on their main site, as they are the biggest fan community out there!

      I was signature 2111.
    2. Cin
      I signed as well, thanks for giving us this *Sora*!

      (Btw, I was 2116)
    3. Xehsin
      yup i did the petition in KHU aswell. So nice find bro. :)
    4. Kokotankuu
      Hey thanks for putting that up, I was number 2600. Maybe if we beg then hard enough they'll bring the other Final mix over. If only they knew how much money they'd get. lolz.
    5. Mari
      Yo! More news. Nomura said in an interview that he want's the North American and european fans to experiance some of the japanese cast as well, and he said he plans on releasing it to the states. I got this from Livejournal somewhere and I'm still looking for it. But yeah, we may have a chance! :D
    6. Tallian
      That sounds awesome. Thanks for the news Sora and Kairi.....
    7. johnboy3434
      Unless I'm thinking of a different interview, he only said that he was "puzzling over what to do for the NA fans." While the way it was worded strongly suggested that we'd get something, it wasn't an out-and-out confirmation. He mentioned about wondering how we'd respond to the Japanese cast, meaning we might get a subbed version of R:CoM, but that would exclude KH2:FM, since it will be in English.
    8. SplitOverload
      Well I think I'll do it. Just I don't know how...Anyone help?