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    Hello, and welcome to the 2018 hiring season! Due to some recent staff departures, restructuring, and changes to the site as a whole (for more information, see The Future of KHV) we’re looking to take in some new recruits.

    Applications are open to all members of the forum at this time, even if you are not a premium member. Every application will be looked at and considered. Even if you have applied in the past, I encourage you to apply again. Regardless of whether or not you are selected to move on to the interview stage you will be contacted. Until then we request you give us time to review the applications. If you have something you want to add after submitting, feel free to contact us!

    The positions we are hiring for are as followed:

    News Reporters: The job of the news reporter is to keep an eye out for the latest Kingdom Hearts news and to write up a thread reporting on this news as soon as they come out. Updating the social media with this news as well will be important. If you like being the first to know all the latest news, this job might be good for you.

    Discord Moderators: A Discord Moderator’s job is to keep an eye on the discord server, make sure things run smoothly, and kick up some friendly conversation to keep things lively. If anyone wants to try hosting Discord games as well, that would be encouraged. Unlike the trial period in the past, Discord Moderators will have access to everything on the forum that other staff members have. Discord and forum staff would work together to make KHV function to the best of its ability.

    Media Manager: The role of Media manager is mainly to handle media outside the site. You will be in charge of making content for our social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube. Keep the community engaged with our site through means outside of the forum itself. Video Editing experience is highly recommended for this job.

    If any of these positions interest you we encourage you to apply. After a few weeks, or when the applications stop coming in, we will review them and start the interview stage.

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