13 ways to drive Organization 13 to the edge and beyond

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    13 ways to drive Organization 13 to the edge and beyond :-D
    Author Note: Created by Myself & Elemental Queen
    DISCLAIMER: We don't own anything..
    This is INSANE. Repeat...INSANE, please respect our crazy random stuff!
    Got it memorized?! And yeah we totally stole that line.
    US:.... RUNNNNNNN!!!!

    1. Everytime they show up sing "We are the winx! We are the Winx!!" Believe me thats enough to drive anyone mad.

    2. Make sure that they can't see you and you sound just like Demyx. Watch as they attack.

    3. Join in the battle and trip and kick everyone you can, get the guys in the sensitive area. Don't get near Saix or Larxene-you don't wanna die. (Emo people do it to your hearts content, or any brave others!)

    4. Go to a fangirl association and give them the orgys address.

    5. Bring orgy back to life after Sora pwns em and lock them in room. Then go get Sora. Riku afterwards. Repeat process eight times. Bring camera.

    6. Bring back to life again,this time in a room full of Yaoi loving fangirls.

    7. Make sure the girls are asking embarrasing questions and wearing Deviant art t-shirts with member on member graphics.

    8. When Xemnas puts on his black and white suit,sing "Ice cold milk and an oreo cookie!!!!!!" Very, very loudly.

    9. When he is pissed and summons his "sabers" Sing/hum something from star wars.

    10. When he comes closer get out radio and play Jaws theme music.

    11. Once again lock em in room. Set loose the sora supporters and lovers of "good over evil no matter how hot the enemy" Tell them that Xemmy killed Sora. Get out fast.

    12. Dress up as many Dusks you can as possible in inappropriate looking clothing. Watch what happens next time an orgy member summons a dusk....they will never eva be taken seriously again.

    13. Help them get their hearts back, and when they're partying let loose some heartless. (every kind you can catch) What fun! So bad....but so good. Hee Hee.


    *Ahem* In control...in control....in control.....please review....please review.
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    These ones are the best