♦Final Moments♦

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    Sep 30, 2007
    Making AMVs. :P
    Sitting in
    This empty room
    The air is calm
    I'm engulfed by darkness

    All alone
    Nobody's around
    Can someone help me?
    I'm feeling lonely

    All by myself
    I'm scared
    The darkness is frightening
    I wish you were here

    Please protect me
    Save me from the dark
    Help me escape my fate
    Rescue me

    I can't breathe
    My vision's blurred
    I can feel blood on my neck
    I'm dying without you

    We made a promise
    When one of us dies
    We die together
    But you're not here

    My heart is aching
    I miss you so much
    I want to share my final moments
    With you

    I'm lying here
    On this cold, stone floor
    Nobody's here
    And I'm dying without you


    Just a short little poem I made... for anybody who doesn't understand, the story is about two people, a guy and a girl. They made a promise that they'd stay by each-other's sides forever, even when they die. But one of them is dying and the other isn't there, so that person who's dying is feeling lonely and sad, because the only thing they wanted was to share their last moments with the other person...

    Yes, I know it's a bit sad... but I'm in the mood for a sad poem this morning... comment please? or anything I should work on...?